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Handlebar Bag, Classic

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      Handlebar Bag, Classic

    • (4.4) 27 Reviews
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      Caution! Our Handlebar Bag, Classic does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    Handlebar Bag, Classic

    Easy to open compartments with extra pockets and additional storage places for pens, credit cards and more. The main compartment is locked with a water/dust resistant zipper. Furthermore, the bag has an E-Connect-input (water resistant cable access) so that mobile phones can be charged on the way. An integrated, shock-absorbing, multi-layer lining provides more stability.


    • Easy-to-open lid with velcro-type fasteners.
    • Sensible and functional pockets integrated into the underside of the lid.
    • Large main compartment that keeps its shape even when empty.
    • Quick-release fastening system: fits over the headset and attached by an adjustable Klett belt.
    • Fits many BMW handlebars.
    • Design by Nicolas Petit.
    • Water resistant zippers.
    • E-CONNECT input (water resistant cable grommet) for audio equipment and/or chargers. So the devices in the bag can be charged and protected at the same time.
    • Lined walls and floor protect the contents from vibration and prevent bulging/wobbling.
    • Carrying strap.
    • Blue lining.
    • Water resistant, Teflon-coated CORDURA.
    • Tough, hard-wearing fabric and not subject to bleaching.
    • Zipper with large rubber tag for easy grip.

    *Installation estimated at 6 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Great bag not just for BMW
    This is a great bag with nice features: Good space to fix an iPhone XR. and probably a bigger phone. It fits perfectly on my 2020 Africa Twin Adventure sports! Great construction and looks. There is couple of thinks that would make this bag perfect for me: - Space dividers on the main compartment to make easier to organize small objects without having them moving around and hitting your cellphone. - Magnetic closing. I think the Velcro will wear out, specially in muddy conditions Overall I recommend it and would buy again for another bike.

    Verified Buyer
    Nice bag looks well manufactured; however, the bar straps could be about 3/16 longer so you don't have to compress the bag to secure to handlebars. You loose a little height so some larger phones may not fit very well. Other than that it's very functional.

    Verified Buyer
    Solid product!!
    Excellent quality. Works perfectly for what I need. Will come in handy for Baja trips. The straps could be a tad longer

    Good bag straps too shirt
    It has the right size for what I need to hold handy-visor cleaner, credit card case, pen. It would be a five star item if the straps were long enough to fit around the bars on my 1250GS HP.

    Solid but straps too short
    A good bag but the straps are on the short side which means you can't mount it above the bar mounts. When you open the bag, you've lost all of that space. Expensive not to be perfect. ok-ich.

    Randy B
    Verified Buyer
    Good Bag
    Very well made bag...looks like it will hold up well. I do think that the Velcro closure straps that go around the handlebars could be made better by adding straps at the bottom to hold the bottom of the bag tight against the handlebars at the bag center.

    Erich Maier
    Verified Buyer
    Very convenient
    Love the bag. Keeps all the things I need right at hand. Had to trim the hard insert to fit my R100GS handlebars with the cross bar, but otherwise great product.

    Verified Buyer
    Excellent Product!
    Couldn't be more pleased. Holds what I need and fits perfectly on my 06 r1200gs. Very nicely made.

    Dave Tanner
    Verified Buyer
    Great product. Helps with the necessary items like my garage door opener.

    Verified Buyer
    Great Bag for R80G/S
    This bag fits my 1984 R80G/S perfectly! It's small enough yet large enough for glasses, wallet, change, etc. And the quality is excellent!

    Verified Buyer
    XL handlebar bag
    I love the location on the handle bars, easier to get to camera and phone also a great place to hold my turnpike pass. But bear in mind the XL bag is big. I agree with a previous review in that the velcro doesn't hold cover down very well, magnets would probably be better.

    Verified Buyer
    good quality bag. made of quality materials and fits on my R1200GS LC very well. I would have given it 5 stars, except the way the flap closes down with the Velcro unevenly. When you look down at the instrument cluster, the right hand side of the flap sticks up higher than the left due to the design. I would recommend adding a magnet closure rather than Velcro as a future improvement that should solve this problem.

    Chuck S.
    Verified Buyer
    Wunderlich= Wonderful
    Every item I have purchased from Wunderlich has been first class. The quality of the work more than offsets the cost. I keep a wish list going non-stop with Wunderlich.

    Reg Wheeler
    Good product,but......
    1998 r1100gs, great fit, very handy for change, small items, especially sunglasses. Got the media version but would caution others about putting phone in pocket in hot climate, my smart phone got dangerously overheated in sunny 30°c weather. Now use the media pocket for folding knife holder.

    Just what I needed
    Its not too big and holds my large Galaxy note 4 just fine. It could be a little more padded as the stuff inside hits the metal of the handle bars. The ID holder is perfect for getting out my military ID quickly when I need to show it at the gate. I cut a small indent into the ID holder to be able to grab it with gloves on and it works perfect. Havent had any issues with the bag coming off. The inside is not very water proof. I keep sunglasses in it all the time and after a rain they are always a little wet so I wouldnt trust my phone in there during rain.

    Jim Welch
    Handlebar Bag
    I've never been a fan of tankbags. Too big and a pain when refueling. This bag is a great substitute. Cell and wallet fit fine and it's sufficiently water resistant to withstand several day-long rides in the rain. The velcro straps are not quite long enough but I zip-tied it to the bar using the carry strap hooks so it's not a problem.

    james w
    no complaints
    very well constructed & fits my s1kr perfectly. roomy enough for me to stuff my jacket liner in or a bottle of water. would buy again.

    Tom Gordon
    Sometimes all I need...
    Sometimes the tank bag gets in the way, particularly while standing on my '13 GSW. This well situated bag stays out of the way, holds a few necessities like tire gauge, sun screen, pen and postits and ear plugs. Sometimes that's all I need.

    Handlebar bag
    Holds Nikon UW camera, rain gloves, snacks in large section. Paperwork in small pocket. Waterproof. Perfect fit on 2014 R1200GS. Allows me to avoid tank bag. Would highly recommend for keeping the small things you need "right now" close at hand.

    Bob Dobbs
    nice little pouch
    I have a 2013GSA and the bag fits on the handlebars but the straps are a wee short. You have to center the bag on the bar just so and then cinch the straps tightly to ensure they reach far enough into the velcro area for an adequate hold. If I were building the bag I would either lengthen the straps or enlarge the velcro patch. Others have said the small plastic inner pocket is too small to fit a phone. I have the classic bag (not the media bag) and my iphone 4S, clad in a Belkin case, will fit into the pocket snugly. Since the iphone 5 is the same width, I imagine it would fit as well. Of course, all bets are off if you use a thick phone case like an Otterbox.

    Bar pocket
    I use this on a BMW GS to keep my fuel stop supplies in: a pen, logbook and one of those "locks" for the pumps with those annoying spring-loaded retracting rubber recovery covers. Also handy for other small items.

    cute little bag
    fits my 2014 1200gs as long as it is upside down. Much easier to get into as the flap flps back towards the rider. Not a lot of room but OK for my wallet and phone.

    Great storage
    I bought this for my '14 R1200GSA. It took awhile before I figured out how to strap it down. It works great and is what I need. Only improvement please? Put longer straps on it.

    Tim Winfield
    This bag is described as fitting "many BMW handlebars." It does NOT fit the GS models with the extra cross bar on the handlebars. I don't mean that it's a bit difficult, it's not possible. Wunderlich should research the fitment of their products and not leave it up to the customer to figure out how to do this. (Duct Tape?)

    Fits 2014 BMW R12GSA
    Fits the handlebars of a 2014 R12GSA just fine. Has just enough room for the essentials (iPhone, wallet, glasses, etc.) when you don't require a full tank bag. Well made. Little difficult to get a standard USB connector through the waterproof cable grommet but can be done.

    Wayne Thacker
    Handlebar Bag
    I purchase this bag for BMW 700 to replace my current tank bag. The bag holds most of my essentials, garage door opener, phone, gum pens etc. The bag fits great and does not rub the tank or any other plastic parts on the bike. I highly recommend this bag if you don't need to carry a lot of stuff .

    Bill S.
    Handlebar bag
    I bought this bag to fit on my Ducati Multistrada and it fits and works perfectly. It fits a need for a tank bag when it just is too hard to work attachment points (i.e. Multistrada). I find the bag to be very well made and has a surprising amount of storage space.

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