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Wunderlich Gift Guide

BMW Motorcycle Gift Guide

BMW motorcycle gifts from Wunderlich America are what any BMW motorcycle enthusiast would love to receive. The high quality materials and design that Wunderlich is known for resonates throughout their products, whether it is made to be used on the motorcycle or in their workshop. Our products provide inspiration for adventures even when the motorcycle is parked. Whether it is a Luggage Bag to prepare them for their next ride, or Muc-Off Spray to keep their ride protected over the winter months; a Wunderlich gift shows you understand their love of the open road.

This Holiday Season Make Life Easy for Your Friends & Family!

Create your own Holiday Wish List: Hundreds of great parts & accessories. Simply create an account or login to get started. Add to your Wish List, edit your wish list and make "Public". Once your Wish List is public, you will be able to email your Holiday Wish List to your Friends & Family, helping you complete your BMW.

Some parts may only fit select bikes you can use the "SHOP MY BIKE" tool in the upper menu to select Year and Model and narrow down the items to those that work with your Adventure Rider's motorcycle.

Find the perfect gift for the BMW Enthusiast

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Muc-Off - Silicone Shine Part #37130095

Silicon Shine not only leaves your bike looking factory fresh, but it also acts as an amazing friction reducer for suspension parts and reduces dirt adhesion. Spray it onto your fork stanchions and rear shocks to reduce resistance for a silky smooth, World Cup performance.

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Muc-Off - Speed Polish Part #37130094

Muc-Off Speed Polish is a quick, easy to use motorcycle polish and wax in one. It contains pure Carnauba (the hardest naturally occurring wax) for durability and Beeswax to ensure a deep, glossy shine on your entire bike. It’s been specifically formulated to leave a hydrophobic water resistant barrier, on all of your motorcycle’s bodywork and metal parts. Now with Bubblegum Fragrance.

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Wunderlich Multi-functional Cloth - Black View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Wunderlich Multi-functional Cloth - Black Part #25250102

The practical multi-functional cloth, in tubular form. Can be worn as a head scarf, head covering, face mask, or storm hood. Easy transition between helmet and jacket. Conforms nicely and sits perfectly. Made of 100% quick-drying and elastic synthetic fiber. Indispensable accompaniment for all times of the year.

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Muc-Off - Chain Cleaner Part #37040287 Muc-Off Biodegradable Motorcycle Chain Cleaner has been specifically formulated to quickly and safely remove dirt, lube and heavy chain grime using advanced solvents. Its unique formula breaks down oil and grease to leave the entire chain sparkling clean and contaminant free. Now with Watermelon fragrance.
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Muc-Off - Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner Part #37040288 Using our state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula, Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner cuts through grime quicker than you can say “OMG!” regardless of the weather or riding conditions. This classic pink bike cleaner has incredible cleaning power because it contains our revolutionary Nano Technology that breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels, while also caring for your motorbike’s delicate finish.
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Muc-Off - Dry PTFE Chain Lube Part #36050078 Muc-Off Dry PTFE Chain Lube is formulated to hold up to the extreme pressures that are applied to a Motorcycles drive chain. It’s a highly versatile, Dry weather chain lubricant that has superior penetrative qualities ensuring that every part of the chain link is lubricated.
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BMW Style Socket Kit View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
BMW Style Socket Kit Part #8600670

Here's a simple accessory outlet kit, perfect as an additional or replacement outlet for your BMW. Also well suited for other brands of bikes to which you may wish to connect your BMW plug equipped accessories. This item is also just what's needed on bikes with the Can Bus electrical system. It connects directly to the battery and it will reliably power your electric accessories, with or without the key switched on.

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Fuel Tank Protector Part #7224827

A great way to keep your tank's painted surface protected and clean while working on your bike.

  • Specially coated with an anti-slip material to protect the tank surface from scratches and damage.
  • Fits almost all tank sizes and finishes (aluminum, steel, GRP)
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Wunderlich T-Shirt Part #WTWL-XXL
Support your shop and show you know the best in the business for BMW parts and supplies.

Pick up a Wunderlich t-shirt, available in Small to XXL.
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MD Insulating Multi Tape, 5m Roll Part #459007 MD MULTI-TAPE is a self-amagamating tape consisting of PIB (polyisobutylene) and rubber. Layers unite immediately under tension to an airless, homogenous insulation without the need of added temperature or increased pressure. Butyl rubber insulating tape, weather and water resistant tape with excellent electrical properties, self-sealing within 12 hours. Ideal for work on vehicle electrics.
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BodyDry Thermoactive Storm Hood View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
BodyDry Thermoactive Storm Hood Part #7590000-003

Available in Small, Medium, or Large

High-tech balaclava BODYDRY winter/motorsport specially designed with seamless bi-component thermal insulation technology. This unique and seamless two-layer structure of the fabric in combination with the use of micro-fibers polyamide and polypropylene effectively ensures that moisture and sweat are wicked away to the outside, so that the skin remains dry and body heat is stored, what protects the body from negative consequences.

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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Part #2980498

The facts:

  • Digital air pressure gauge in bar, kg / m and PSI
  • Very high accuracy
  • With automatic shut-off, reset button and backlight
  • Includes 3V Lithium Battery
  • Measuring range: 0.05 - 7 results (+/- 0.1) bar
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