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Wunderlich Gift Guide

BMW Motorcycle Gift Guide

BMW motorcycle gifts from Wunderlich America are what any BMW motorcycle enthusiast would love to receive. The high quality materials and design that Wunderlich is known for resonates throughout their products, whether it is made to be used on the motorcycle or in their workshop. Our products provide inspiration for adventures even when the motorcycle is parked. Whether it is a Luggage Bag to prepare them for their next ride, or Muc-Off Spray to keep their ride protected over the winter months; a Wunderlich gift shows you understand their love of the open road.

This Holiday Season Make Life Easy for Your Friends & Family!

Create your own Holiday Wish List: Hundreds of great parts & accessories. Simply create an account or login to get started. Add to your Wish List, edit your wish list and make "Public". Once your Wish List is public, you will be able to email your Holiday Wish List to your Friends & Family, helping you complete your BMW.

Some parts may only fit select bikes you can use the "SHOP MY BIKE" tool in the upper menu to select Year and Model and narrow down the items to those that work with your Adventure Rider's motorcycle.

Find the perfect gift for the BMW Enthusiast

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TFT Display Protector - Tempered Glass, Anti-Glare View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★

Wunderlich License Plate Frame View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Wunderlich License Plate Frame Part #MLF

Our Raised Plastic Motorcycle License Plate Frames are custom molded from high impact polystyrene plastic with Wunderlich and complete your BMW hot stamped onto the raised portion of the frames in contrasting white letters.

Complete with UV inhibitor in the plastic, which prevents our black frames from fading.

Ditch that old faded dealer plate cover and complete your BMW with Wunderlich!

Made in the USA!

Not in stock, we have more coming soon!

Place an order to reserve.

Cotton Balaclava View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Cotton Balaclava Part #7590011 One size fits all and made of 100 percent cotton. This black balaclava features a very thin material that works well with your motorcycle helmet. Helps add an extra layer of warmth on those cold mornings and great for adventure riders for a dust free ride.
In Stock

Biker on Board Sticker View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Biker on Board Sticker Part #9001206

In the spirit of the Baby on Board stickers and signs, we offer this Biker on Board sticker that you can place in or on your car to let others know your connection with motorcycling. This is a comforting symbol for motorcyclists to see in that it lets them know that you are one of them and can be considered safe.

This is a good quality sticker that is made in Germany, measuring 4" wide x 4-1/2" tall

In Stock

Wunderlich >>JOLLYTANK<< Emergency Liquid Container Part #20864002

When folded, this helpful emergency bag takes up almost no space and can be accommodated in a variety of ways! In an emergency, it takes up a full 8 liters of liquids and thanks to the material used, it is safe for food such as water or wine. Once filled, it can be hermetically sealed with the functional lock and conveniently carried, transported or simply put down safely with the practical, sturdy handle.

In Stock

Muc-Off - MO 94 Spray Protector Part #37040290 Muc-Off MO-94 covers all the bases with it's incredible formula that quickly and effectively penetrates moisture, lubricates moving parts and leaves a long lasting protective film. MO-94 prevents dirt adhesion and also drives out excess water to keep rust and corrosion at bay. MO-94 isn’t just for bikes, motorcycles or cars. Nope. It works on just about anything.
In Stock

Wunderlich Luggage Bag - Blue View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Wunderlich Luggage Bag - Blue Part #44000100-200

Available in two practical sizes volume of 8 or 30 liters

With this universal luggage bag you’re always on the absolute safe side: whether it’s in a tank bag, a side case, while camping, in a canoe or wherever you need a water-resistant solution. Made of water-resistant, PU-coated polyester 75d, the Pack Sack with the guaranteed tight-sealing roll closure with key lock keeps all of your contents totally dry.

In Stock
Starting at: $14.95

Wunderlich Heavy Duty Coat Hanger View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Wunderlich Heavy Duty Coat Hanger Part #42321000

Perfect for storing your heavy riding gear.  Jacket, Pants, Helmet and Gloves - NO PROBLEM!  Hang it all on this one hanger for a perfect storage solution and end the era of broken and warped hangers.  Wunderlich America's Heavy Duty Coat Hanger is an oversized hanger for broad shouldered gear and features co-polymer construction for ultimate strength and durability. Each hanger has a 140+ pound load capacity, thanks to the I-beam design. Better yet, each hanger is 100% made in America and this is hands down the coolest, strongest coat hanger made.

In Stock

Analog Tire Pressure Gauge View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Analog Tire Pressure Gauge Part #2980175

With reset button

Measuring range: 0.5 - 4.5 bar
Weight: 70 g

In Stock

Muc-Off - Silicone Shine Part #37130095

Silicon Shine not only leaves your bike looking factory fresh, but it also acts as an amazing friction reducer for suspension parts and reduces dirt adhesion. Spray it onto your fork stanchions and rear shocks to reduce resistance for a silky smooth, World Cup performance.

In Stock

Muc-Off - Speed Polish Part #37130094

Muc-Off Speed Polish is a quick, easy to use motorcycle polish and wax in one. It contains pure Carnauba (the hardest naturally occurring wax) for durability and Beeswax to ensure a deep, glossy shine on your entire bike. It’s been specifically formulated to leave a hydrophobic water resistant barrier, on all of your motorcycle’s bodywork and metal parts. Now with Bubblegum Fragrance.

In Stock

Wunderlich Multi-functional Cloth - Black View Full Product
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Wunderlich Multi-functional Cloth - Black Part #25250102

The practical multi-functional cloth, in tubular form. Can be worn as a head scarf, head covering, face mask, or storm hood. Easy transition between helmet and jacket. Conforms nicely and sits perfectly. Made of 100% quick-drying and elastic synthetic fiber. Indispensable accompaniment for all times of the year.

In Stock

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