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Auxiliary Light Protectors
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    • Part # 42839002
      Auxiliary Light Protectors

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      Caution! Our Auxiliary Light Protectors does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.

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    Auxiliary Light Protectors

    A whirled stone from the vehicle in front of you or off-road excursion could end up costing you some serious money for repairs to your auxiliary lights. Our foldable light grills protects the lights from flying debris and adds a great design feature to your bike. This new design works with all mounting bracket versions for the Original BMW Auxilliary Lights.

    The facts:

    • Great protection for the original lights.
    • No reflections or back glare.
    • Easy cleaning of the lights and the grill (just loosen the screw and fold the grill up).
    • Easy mounting.
    • Solid and coated metal construction.
    • Made in Europe.

    Please note: does not fit 2018 models with Nano aux lights.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F800 GS Adventure20132018-2017 Not for LED headlights NANO
    K1600 GT20102016Only for subsequent installation
    K1600 GT2017 + Only for subsequent installation
    K1600 GTL20102016Only for subsequent installation
    K1600 GTL2017 + Only for subsequent installation
    R1200 GS20082009LED Additional lights
    R1200 GS20102012LED Additional lights
    R1200 GS20172018-2017 Not for LED headlights NANO
    R1200 GS Adventure20082009LED Additional lights
    R1200 GS Adventure20102013LED Additional lights
    R1200 GS Adventure20142018-2017 Not for LED headlights NANO
    R1200 R20152019-2017 Not for LED headlights NANO
    R1200 RS20152019-2017 Not for LED headlights NANO
    R1200 RT20142018-2017 Not for LED headlights NANO



    michel jodoin
    Verified Buyer
    auxiliary light protectors
    very good products fits perfectly easy to install

    Verified Buyer
    Auxiliary Light Protectors
    This was an easy install and they look great. After seeing that the protectors swivel up for cleaning the lense, this was a no brainer.

    Well made and fit F800 GS Adventure LED option lights
    Good product. Installs and works as noted in the photos. Easy cleaning with the lift up grill. The main reason to spend more, makes easy work for cleaning.

    Sturdy & Functional
    Sturdy, quality construction, easy installation, great looks.

    Donald Moe
    Easy to install & look good
    Mounting these protectors on my 2015 R1200GSA was very easy. They look good and the flip-up cover lets me easily clean the lenses.

    George Heinrichs
    Awesome Protection
    Install was relatively easy. Functionality is great. Look is excellent. Quality, high grade materials. I am pleased with this purchase. A relatively small investment to protect the lamp units. During a recent long trip I took a number of "rock hits" from freshly crushed (sharp edged) large rocks thrown up by passing trucks - I am confident one of the lens units would have been shattered had I not had these guards.

    Stephen Webb
    2009 BMW R1200GSA Auxiliary Light Protectors
    Fit my 2009 BMW R1200GSADV like a glove. Look great & work great. Simple installation.

    Tom Gonzales
    Does not fit R1200GS with aux lights
    Please read the description/note carefully. These protectors, although they look great, DO NOT FIT the OE AUX Light mount. If you have the fender mounted BMW Aux lights, you're out of luck with these. Wunderlich please make this clear and not hidden below a note to K1600.

    Wunderlich America Note: The design has been changed and the version now supplied fits all of the mounting versions.

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