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Handlebar Risers 35mm Black
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    • Part # 8160047
      Handlebar Risers 35mm Black

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      Time 30 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Handlebar Risers 35mm Black does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Handlebar Risers 35mm Black

    The almost invisible change with a big effect. Handle bar risers are a much needed option to change and improve riding and seating comfort. Combined with our lower/higher seats and foot rest lowering sets the best riding comfort can be achieved. There are two types available, in 25 or 35 mm height. Machined from solid aluminum and then anodized black or silver. They are easily fitted to the original handlebar clamps. The increased height allows further adjustment with the tilt of the handlebars. Set includes 4 new clamp bolts.

    Brake line fitment is as follows:

    8160900 R1100 GS with ABS
    8160901 R1100 GS without ABS
    8160902 R1150 GS with ABS
    8160903 R1150 GS without ABS **Complete set of stainless lines.

    The 25 mm risers can be installed on all models without the need for a longer brake line. In some cases, due to models specific tolerances, it may be necessary to replace the brake line with a longer one when installing the 35 mm risers.
    To be safe, you may want to order a brake line. Then install the bar risers and check, turning the steering lock to lock. If the brake line is not needed after all, you can return it as long as it's still in the un-opened package.

    *Installation estimated at 30 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    More comfort and confident
    Purchased these for my R1150 GS Adventure. Install was simple. Already had stainless brake lines that turned out to just be long enough so did not order the extra brake line. After installing the risers I adjusted the rotation of my bars a bit and found I had a lot more control and comfort riding especially in slow maneuvering and in turns at speed.

    Excellent product
    I purchased these risers to give my handlebars a much-needed lift.These risers were a perfect fit, unlike another pair I had purchased beforehand The bike is now much more comfortable.

    Joseph Savant
    Excellent quality
    Typical Wunderlich quality and they were the only ones offering the 35mm height I needed for my GS. I knock a star off because I needed the longer brake line, which I purchased along with the risers. I was very disappointed to discover that the braided brake line was not sheathed. I had to leave on a major trip and didn't have time to return and purchase another brand of sheathed brake line. Instead I cut clear tubing and slipped over it to protect the line from dirt and also rubbing the frame. No issue as to the riser quality.

    Douglas Williams
    Airhead use
    Although not listed as a fit in the product specs, the risers work with the airhead handlebar mounts.

    JR in Memphis
    Awesome risers, silver bolts
    These risers are perfect. I'm 6'0", and these risers make a very subtle change to the cockpit/seating geometry on my '94 GS. Much more comfortable! No conflict between the bars and my stock windscreen after installation. No problems with the stock clutch/choke/throttle cables either. One start ding for silver bolts, which are impossible to source from your average hardware store. I ended up getting some flat black enamel spray paint to keep the black theme coherent. Would be nice if black bolts were offered as an option.

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