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Handlebar Quick-Adjust 55mm
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      Handlebar Quick-Adjust 55mm

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      Caution! Our Handlebar Quick-Adjust 55mm does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Handlebar Quick-Adjusters - 55mm

    Sold as a pair

    When riding off road, better control and best results can be achieved when standing on the pegs. When standing however, your arms reach the bars at entirely different angles than when sitting and therefore, the levers should ideally be repositioned for optimum comfort and control. The best tip, and one well known by experienced GS riders is to simply rotate the bars up and forward when traversing the technical off road sections and then rotate them back again when returning to the paved or gravel road. This trick does two things: it effectively raises the bars so that you don't need to bend over as much and also positions the levers down, so they can more easily be reached while standing. As good an idea as this may be, it normally still involves the use of tools and stopping to dig out the proper wrench.

    With the Wunderlich Quick Adjusters, you'll be able to rotate your handlebar quickly and easily with only a brief break in the action. Once installed, you'll be able to loosen you handlebar clamps, adjust your bars and tighten them again, without the use of additional tools.

    The handles have an internal spring and ratchet mechanism. By slightly lifting the handle against the spring, the lever can be positioned in one of 22 positions. This allows you to rotate the lever position and achieve the ideal point of leverage and also to position the levers to your liking after adjustment has been completed.

    Please note this important ordering information! There are multiple sizes available. If your bike has bar risers made by someone other than Wunderlich, Remove one of the bolts where you intend to install the quick adjust and measure the length from the base of the head to the tip and order the closest match based on the information provided here.


    Fits the following bikes with Wunderlich* 25mm bar risers:

    • F650
    • F650 ST
    • F650 CS
    • F650 GS
    • G650 GS
    • R1100 GS
    • R1150 GS
    • R 1200 GS + Adventure up to 2007
    • R1200 GS LC 2013 -on
    • R1200 GS LC Adventure 2014 - on

    *The reference is made to Wunderlich bar risers. If you have a different brand, please measure the clamp bolt manually to determine the correct size.



    Verified Buyer
    2nd pair so all good
    Have a set on my 2013 1200GS Adventure and loved them so bought a pair for my 2019 1250GS with RoxRisers. I expect the same level of satisfaction....

    Billy Phillips
    Verified Buyer
    1250 gsa works perfect
    Works perfect can move them anywhere out of the way. Pull the back for on the road raise them up when hitting the back roads. Very fast no tools required

    Michael Crawford
    Verified Buyer
    Great Idea but is not working with Wunderlich 40mm Risers
    These parts are high quality and the ratchet lever adjustment is well engineered. However, I am still experimenting with trying to adjust the handlebars without loosening all 4 of the attaching bolts...not just the 2 upper bolts that these parts replaced. The handlebars bind and will not move with just the top quick-adjust levers loosened. I'm still experimenting with lowering the torque on the lower bolts and/or using a powdered graphite lubricant. From a safety standpoint I'm a bit concerned with employing either of those options and I'll decide whether I'm keeping these by the end of the week.

    Timothy McClure
    Verified Buyer
    This is a great add on to anyones who goes off road.

    Mike McAllister
    Verified Buyer
    Handle bar quick-adjust 65mm
    Very good quality and fit my GSA perfectly with my risers! Nice to adjust the bars quickly without having to reach for tools.

    Loved the concept but did not work with Rox Speed FX 2' Risers
    Truly loved the idea of a quick handlebar adjustment for a 2014 R1200GSAW. I installed Rox Speed FX 2" adjustable risers almost a year ago. I just purchased the 35mm Quick Adjusters and realized that with Rox risers that the handle bars can't be adjusted without loosening all 4 handle bar clamp bolts. I tried many different adjustments but was never able to adjust the handlebars with just the 2 levers so I returned them. If anyone figures out a solution please post. Happy Ridding

    Tracy Williams
    Not long enough? No problem...
    I bought the 65mm version for use with BDCW 40mm risers. They only caught about 4 threads. Not to worry! I unscrewed the supplied threaded bits (long set screws, turns out) and made my own 100mm screws from a threaded rod I bought at the local industrial fastener store. Works great. Love these things. Makes the on/off road transition quick and easy.

    Donald Moe
    Easy to mount and use
    These adjusters work very easily, even after mounting the Rox 2" adjustable risers.

    Mac Evans
    absotutley what I needed
    Worked just as promised, quick release-quick tighten. Takes less than a minute to go from laid back tour mode to standing on pegs and ricocheting off the rock trails. Expensive, yes, but worth it.

    David Wright
    Do Not misplace those little spacers!
    Somewhere after opening the package one of the two spacers went missing. No 'adjust' riding until you get a proper replacement, and, yes they charged me for it, too. As they should!

    Put these on my 2011 GS1200 - worked as advertised. I need to see if they'll fit on the newer Water Boxers, or if I'll need to get a new set.... :)

    Bill Carson
    Handlebar Quick Adjust
    These work great. It's nice to be able to adjust your bars quickly, and securely, when switching from pavement to dirt. As always, great product and great service from Wunderlich.

    Jens Housley
    Handlebar quick-adjuster for BMW 1200 GSA
    This is a great product, especially if you ride off road a lot with a dual sport bike. It allows you to ride on the pavement, with the handlebars at normal height, and then you can quickly adjust the handlebars for a standing position when you go off-road. I have a BMW 1200 GSA, and it works great for me!

    Handlebar Quick Adjust
    Easy to install. Good quality product. Now...adjust the bars is about a 15 second process. Would buy again...if I had just already done so!

    Antonio Drummond
    May interfere wuth ROX risers
    Great product, excellent quality, easy fitment. Will allow you to adjust the bars in a second. I have 2" Rox risers installed, got the 35mm as indicated for my GSA but it is larger than the riser screws it replaces, by around 10mm. It interferes with triple tree screws below, if riser is adjusted at a shallow angle. I avoided the problem by moving the risers to a more upright position, but will probably shave 10mm off the adjuster so I regain full range of adjustment.

    I will never go back.
    You can adjust a steering wheel in a car, right? Well you should be able to without tools on a bike. These cinch down tight and don't rattle or move at all. They are easy to adjust, only taking a few seconds. When I hit a dirt road, I love being able to stand up comfortable and be in control.

    Very good- just get the right size
    Originally ordered the 35mm as the site suggests they work with risers. Of course my risers are different (from Touratech), so had to exchange for the 65mm. The only bummer was paying shipping 3 times, but the product is very strong and makes it so much easier to adjust the angle of the handlebars. Worth it!

    Handlebar Quick-Adjust
    Good product. Makes optimal positioning of bars for street or dirt an easy, tooless task.

    Bob Peekq
    Really transforms the 1200 GS for duelsport operation
    They're great for being able to get your bars in position for dirt riding

    Mark O. Jensen
    This transforms your dual sport motorcycle.
    I put these on my Kawasaki KLR with ROX risers. They are outstanding. I can adjust the handlebars for highway and then raise them for standing on the pegs very easily. If you want to stand and have your bars conform to your hands - this is the best way. I now put them on my Triumph Tiger 800 with ROX risers and again am very pleased.

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