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CSS Tank Pads
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      CSS Tank Pads

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    CSS Tank Pads

    Specially designed to match the sharp contours and lines of the F800 GS, these tank pads are molded of high quality polyurethane in Germany by CSS. They attach with very strong adhesive yet can be removed, if desired, without damaging the painted surfaces of the motorcycle. This pad set will help prevent scuffs and scratches to the paint while adding a unique styling enhancement. They also serve to provide a firm and comfortable grip for the knees when riding off road.

    Click Here to watch a video about where and how CSS tank pads are made.

    Click on the Video Tab above for some tips on installation.



    E. David Huston
    Verified Buyer
    great product
    Got a set of pads for my previous BMW. Traded that in on a newer RT and got another set because I like the look and feel so much. And again, the company is great to deal with...prompt shipping.

    Charlie Purdum
    Verified Buyer
    As described, confidence builder
    It’s nice having the confidence to grip my tank and not losing grip when out of the saddle.

    Richard Newman
    I’m here to replace mine after ten years; the middle pad has a minor tear from wear and is starting to show its age. The adhesive on all three pads is still holding perfectly, so I only plan to swap the middle pad. I consider that excellent service life.

    Bruce Hodges
    Verified Buyer
    Look good and work great!
    These tank pads add to the looks of the bike and work great. Being able to squeeze your knees tight against the tank while cornering makes you feel part of the bike instead of just perched on it. Wished I'd gotten these sooner.

    Hal Davis
    BMW R1200RT tank pads.
    They are easy to put on and they look great! Wunderlich America sent them out instantly. Great company to work with.

    Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Well made product and does what it should on my R 1150 R. money well spent.

    Vince Dye
    Verified Buyer
    Looks great but no protection on F800 GSA
    Looks great, but there are a couple issues for me. The adhesive is not holding where the tight bend occurs. We cleaned it good and then used a hair dryer to help make the pad flexible as we applied it. Next issue, I am 5'9" and my knees do not touch the pad when I am sitting. Our installation looks just like that of the picture. The side pads are worthless on the F800 GSA unless are tall enough to get you knees up there.

    Scott L.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product.
    Nicely designed sculpted design and beveled edges give them a quality appearance. Easy to apply once you get the backing off. Very happy with them.

    Don Bowen
    2nd season still good!
    Bought these for my 1100gs 2 years ago. After measuring and marking the tank for placement to get both sides in the same relative position ( which takes care, as you only get one try ) they applied easily. Perfect fit and adhesion. They protect the tank and provide a good place to grip with my knees as necessary. The surface does not stay shiny, but develops a more "grippable" smooth mat patina where it is rubbed with your knees. Great product!

    Keith Thompson
    2013 R1200RT
    Perfect engineering to protect tank from scratches while adding leg comfort. Design adds character to bike

    Don Eilenberger
    Would be great - if they stayed on
    They fit and look good - but as others have said - they don't like to stay on, despite all sorts of techniques being tried. I replaced ALL the sticky tape on them with a double-sided foam tape. Now one side stays on (left-port-side) and the other side continues to pull away at the front edge. Next try is with some super double-sided 3M "exterior" tape I found at Lowes. It has held other things very securely that normal two-face tape failed to hold, I'm hoping the same is true here.

    Tom N.
    1150 pads
    Great addition to my bike ! Really finishes the styling of it !

    Look great but...
    These look great but take care installing. Can be scratched or torn. If you need to reposition, sticky strips can come off back and in any case will not adhere well the second time. Durability of material/finish questionable. That being said they're not too costly and as log as they last they'll protect the tank from knee scratches.

    Peter Schmidt
    Great practical addition
    I am completely pleased with the tanks pads. The installation was simple, and they look good as well. I just returned from a 5K mile trip and they did their job in protecting the paint on the tank of my 1200RT and allowing for some cushioning on my knees. Thank you for providing a great product, and I definitely recommend for quality and price.

    Goat Roder
    Insufficient Adhesive
    As the prior reviewer said, the adhesive tape does not hold the pads to the contours of the tank. As soon as they warmed up in the sun, they began to pop loose.

    Marv Stasak
    Good Product for My Problem
    I had issues with scratches on the tank caused by zippers,etc..I polished out the scratches, then added the tank protector and side pads following instructions. Installation was easy and, I think, enhances the looks of the bike.

    Tank Pads BMW F800GS
    The only pad that works properly is the center tank. The right and left tank pads don't work due for the contuors of the tank. The adhesive is not strong enough to maintain the pads in the tank.

    Ron McGilton
    CSS tank pads for 1200RT
    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product, the install was a snap, and they look good as well. I am sure they will do their job in protecting the paint on the tank of my 1200RT. Thanks for providing a great product.

    Joe Nichols
    CSS Tank Pads for R1200RT
    Excellent product and easy to install.

    Carl Harris
    excellent fit and great grip
    I purchased these pads to help me grip the tank on hard braking. They work as well as the stomp grip pads I have on my Ducati but are much nicer to look at. I would recommend them for sure.

    Tank Pads
    on my 2002 K1200RS looks good - adds traction at the knees when stopping - especially good when hard braking Watch the install video and follow the recommended steps Very much as advertised ans matches the bikes moulding colour A welcome addition for looks and functionality Gets my vote.

    Gary Barger
    tank pads
    when on easy, color of pads are uniformed and looks great

    I looked long and hard for tank pads that would no look "geeky" but would fill their purpose. These are perfect. I believe they actually add to the looks of my Rockster.

    Matthew Stuckens
    Not substantial
    I was underwhelmed with the size and texture of these pieces. They did not look like the coverage would be sufficient Or that the surface would be tacky enough. I sent them back and had to follow up several times to get my refund because they couldn't find my return. I ended up losing $20 on shipping both ways. Not a good experience.

    Mark R.
    CSS Tank Pads-Fantastic
    Nice quality. Look great. Getting the backing off the tape is a pain (and was indicated in the instructional Video), but worth it. Positioning was not critical. Just line them up where you want them, (after wiping area with some alcohol) then peel and stick.

    David Morales-Bello
    I was very happy to find these pads to replace my original 15 year old ones on my 2000 R1150GS. Fit was pretty much identical.

    For the most part, these pads are about looks. You get a modest increase in grip and comfort, but this is not a miracle product. Specifically, there is a marginal improvement in grip from the bumpy texture of the side pads especially when wearing something slick like a rain suit. As another reviewer stated, the top pad should really have been bigger. Overall there is about 7mm of bumpy/foamy padding added critical areas for a small upgrade in comfort and safety. I would purchase again. Thanks for reading.

    Mick McCardle
    CSS Tank Pads BMW R1200R
    Items sent promptly and seem very well made. Fitment is good with one, somewhat major, drawback. Even after carefully cleaning my tank and prepping it with an alcohol pad to remove any remaining wax, oil, grease, etc., the pads still do not adhere very well. I let it dry thoroughly and made sure it was spotlessly clean, but the pads still pop up along any edge that is convex or concave, and have to be continually pressed back down.

    Louis A. Sousa
    Easy install. So far I have only installed the two side pieces. Fit perfectly and look good. Easily removable if they fail.

    CSS Tank pads
    Tank pads look nice out of the box and fit like they are made for my K1300s. After a few weeks the finish on the start to wear off. It does protect the paint underneath.

    Very well crafted and a perfect fit again
    I have had a similar set of CSS Pads on my R1100GS tank for three years. No signs of fading, cracking or coming loose. I get many compliments on their look. Just purchased this set for my new Adventure Tank. Again, perfect fit, great design and function. Check out the video on how and where they are made, it's a hoot! Especially the high tech method of "seating" the adhesive strips,lol!

    Marco Zenteno
    Not Good
    I purchase this pads for my K1600 GT last 04/22 (order 31845), and , although they are appropriate for the bike, the tank pad tends to discolor with use. Perhaps the rubbing of the jacket with the pad. Who knows, but I feel it is not of good quality.

    Barry Dwernychuk
    CSS Tank Pads enhance looks, improve control
    I installed the CSS tank pads on my R1200ST because I wanted better leg control while reducing the amount of gripping force needed. The pads performed exactly as I hoped they would in this respect, allowing me to use much less leg pressure than before. An added bonus is they protect the paint from chafe caused by riding pants. Installation was simple and quick an positioning was easy. I deducted one star because of some visible bubbling on the top edge of one pad, something that good quality control should have caught.

    M. Adams
    Tank Pads
    Perfect fit, easy installation, added to the overall appearance of the bike.

    Al Literati
    Bought these for my R1200R
    These are great. They are well made, thicker than most tank pads. They are easy to apply and stay in place once applied. They look great on the bike, and provide great grip on the tank with my knees while riding.

    Jim C.
    looks good, no flash.
    I chose these over the cf or more ornate styles so they would blend in rather than stand out. They look good without drawing attention away from the machine they are mounted upon. Like a previous review, the adhesive tape does n ot hold on the leading edge of the side pieces. (There is a slight radius there). A small piece of 3M auto trim tape seems to be holding better. Overall pleased.

    Wayne olson
    CSS tank pads
    These are very small, almost look homemade and would not adhere to my tank. I ended up tossing them in the garbage and buying a different set.

    shibari rider
    Good accessory
    I basically purchased these to get extra grip on the tank sides and they do work well for that. They are also quite sharp looking, and are made from some beefy rubber. They do add a nice touch in the looks department as well. I only put the side ones on, not the center one. Installation was easy and the adhesive seems to grab very well. I wish they were higher top to bottom but all in all I am happy with them.

    David Stori
    Could be the best tank pads
    These tank pads at first glance are the best I've ever seen. They installed easily and look better than any others I've used. The only problem is the double faced tape that is used to attach to the tank is not holding. I have to push them back on every day before riding. If the mounting tape held better, I'd have given them 5 stars. As it is, I intend to try putting some of my own tape or maybe some velcro and see if that will work. BTW i did everything that the instructions said prior to installation.

    David Gross
    Good grips
    Grips fit perfectly although the center pad seems useless to me. Good for gripping the knees and taking weight off the handlebars like we\'re supposed to ala Keith Code!

    great..once you get green tape of
    see the title very professional materials well designed, except when backing tape is layered over each other, but the modification is easy but getting that tape off can test some patience would do it again

    Adam Badzioch
    went on super easy

    Easy to install and looks great on my 2013 G 650 GS. Gives you a good grip with your knees

    forrest smith
    tank pads
    reall nice easy to install and perfect for my gs

    Tony Kelley
    Tony in Mesa, AZ
    Even though this pad set is for a Beemer, I thought by its shape and size it would be a good fit for Suzuki's 2012 650 V-Strom Adventure. I wasn't wrong. I wish I could supply a picture, the pads look that good.

    CSS Tank Pads
    I\'ve used these before on previous bikes with excellent results, so no hesitation in buying again for newest ride. They rough up a bit over time from rubbing against my kevlar suit, but that\'s the point, right! - saves the paint / finish on the bike. Toughest part of the installation is removing the backing from the sticky tape. Watch the video on placing masking tape on the tank to mark proper alignment.

    Yeeha! Stephen
    Great Piece
    One of the best priced items in the catalog for visual appeal and function. Went on easy and no probs so far... Might just add a "plus" to those 5 stars.

    Gary R Weaver
    CSS tank pads
    Easy enough install,top tank pad could be sized slightly taller for my 2005 BMW F 650 GS.

    Fit perfectly and well made
    These are well crafted pads. Very sporty while being minimal in their design. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for...

    Mike Griff
    Big improvement in friction
    I'm no Ricky Road Racer but these rubber pads sure did add a nice degree of friction for my knees when leaning into a well formed and paved corner. A HUGE improvement over the slick fiberglass of the fairing. As it's mentioned in the video, the double sided adhesive strips are a pain in the butt to peel tha backing off but after a few timely prayers, they went on well, stick very well (be careful of needing to move after pressing firmly into place), and I like the way they look in place. All-in-all, a nice modification, worth the few bucks and effort. Mike 2003 K1200GT

    Brian Johnson
    well planned non-oem part
    I wish BMW had included this item on bikes delivered. The pads are an improvement for cornering and general comfort for riding. These are easy to fit and oviously designed for specific application. I would encourage BMW owners to consider these pads as an inexpensive way to improve overall ride performance.

    Great Product
    I put these on my K1200s as soon as I bought it in order to protect the paint,that was in 2006 and they are just now showing some small signs of wear after more than 6 years. Easy to apply and they work as designed. I only gave a 4 star instead of a 5 as I believe they should come in colors other than black as well.

    Greg Pinch
    Quality control issue
    Hello, I received my pad set for my R1200RT. I love the design of these pads. I have another set on my F800ST as well. The problem with this set is that you can see where the rubber was mixed together. There is a distinct line running through the pad where half the black rubber looks a bit light. I really should have sent them back for an exchange but I am in Canada so it\\\\\\\'s a pain.

    Should be a stocked item!
    I\'m still waiting for these (one month estimated wait). I have a set on my R1150GS, and they are the greatest! The material is pliable yet durable. If you\'re looking for a somewhat traditional tank pad, and don\'t like the \"Ricky Racer\" fake carbon fiber look, the CSS pads are the only game in town. Looking forward to getting them on my R1150R tank...

    Good protection
    I like the side two pads that came in this CSS Tank Pad product, but I elected to go with a different center pad this one does not cover a great deal of the tank. Still a great product.

    nice pads!
    great material, little too sporty for my taste though. But they installed easily, are very well made, and will definintely protect the tank, which is the primary intent!

    Stefano Rocchi
    Looking good
    easy to instal. Watch the video for tips. Looks great and at a great price.

    Recomendo o produto
    Produto conforme anunciado, atende a necessidade de proteo do tanque.

    james Mellard
    Good Product
    Simple to install. Looks like OEM. I like it.

    Decent, but hard to figure out how they should be applied
    The shape doesn't seem to match to the bike (K13GT). I thought I had them in the right place but after a long ride (2500 miles) I found that my knees were hitting on the body where I should have placed the pads. Nice material and a great price. Now I need to figure out how to move them.

    Easy installation, perfect shape and look.

    Rob Chapple
    Excellent product
    These pads are thicker than TechSpec pads and also can easily be mounted without wrinkles. Improves comfort and security especially over bumps when you stand on the pegs. The "two-tone" comments are likely due to the molding process - see the CSS video.

    Tanks Pad Color Inconsistent
    The tank pads arrived relatively quickly, installed in a breeze and are effective. However, one of them has an inconsistent color that's noticeable by 2 different shades of black separated by a semicircular line near the middle of the pad. Perhaps there was a problem with the mold. Would have given 5 stars if not for that.

    John Ouellette
    I like it!
    I like the look & feel of the css tank pad.Plus I also like the security of knowing the tank is now protected from Me!

    Tony B.
    Tank/fairing protection par excellence!!
    Easy to install, and does a great job protecting the fairing from my Aerostich suit. Should be installed from the factory. Provides some great knee traction when cornering. Got em as a Xmas present, thanks Hon!

    css tank pads
    This is a good product It does the job to protect the tank from knee rubbing

    good product
    The pads arrived on time, were good quality, and applied easily. The fit was good. I used isopropyl to clean the paint first. The pads give a little extra grip for my knees and protect against zipper scratches on the "tank", allowing a more forward riding position. My only complaint, having short legs, is with the F800ST bike itself: my legs aren't quite long enough for my knees to fully reach the now-padded fairing. There is a structural bracket right at the seat, so the fairing starts a bit farther forward of the seat.

    Tank pads for r1100s
    work great and protect the finish

    R1150 Rockster Tank Pads
    Perfect fit! Little expensive, but worth every penny!

    Gabe Stokes
    Great style and fit
    Very pleased. The video showing how they're made was really informative. They look great on my R1150R.

    css tank pads 1997 r1100r
    I think that the pads a too small to be completely effective.

    G. Horstkorta
    Tank Pads
    Product was easy to install, provides a nice gripping surface for my knees when riding and protects the tank from scratches. Worth the investment.

    Tim Ivie
    Overall Positive
    Works well and looks good. You'll need to keep an eye adhesive tape. The lower end of the center pad tends to lift up.

    I recommend the product
    The product is very good, easy to install and the bike changes her look

    Wyndell Williams
    Just what I was hoping for!
    I was looking for a tactile surface that I could press my knees against, to stop me from sliding forward while riding. Although this isn't their main function, the tank pads have worked great for this purpose so far. Their main function is to keep your knees & coat from scratching the gas tank, which I'm sure they will do also. They also look good on the tank.

    Robert VV
    awesome German quality
    I used these on a small (18 liter) R90/6 tank and was very impressed with the quality and ruggedness of the rubber and adhesive strips. NICE!

    Dan McKenzie
    Excellent quality!
    Very good quality pads. They look great and were easy to install. They're thick, seems like about 1/8 inch, and will protect my bike well.

    Alex Osen
    Tank Pads for R1100S
    Great product! I had a clear bra on the sides of the tank and always felt a bit of discomfort on how slippery it was going down hill. Now, I can hold my weight with my knees - I must stay, it makes quite a difference. Added bonus: the bike looks great!

    CSS Tank Pads
    Excellent addition to my 2010 K1300S, perfect fit, good looks and keeps my tank from being damaged by buckles or my clothing!

    Julian Ruiz
    excelente producto
    adequately protects the tank from the bike. more adherent help the knees when driving and is of good quality. I recommend it 100%

    Nice Tank Pads
    I received these tank pads a few weeks back and put them on. First impression is that they look great. They feel nice too when squeezing the tank in the faster paced turns. They offer protection to the tank in this area from abrasion. Very nice....

    Great protection. I like the look and the worn paint is hidden. I did not use the center tank pad. Be very careful of the placement. I began applying one side when I realized it was crooked. This stuff really sticks.

    Dick Daniels
    Quality tank knee pads
    Definitely a quality product and looks good on the bike. It would be helpful if a photo of the product on the K1200GT was available so one could see which side was up on the product. My wife and I are pretty sure we got it right. Once you figure out which side is up, I suggest sitting on the bike to see where your knees contact the tank. Hold the pads on the tank and using a magic marker trace around the pad on both sides. Then remove the adhesive backing a locate the pads on the tracing.

    JR in Memphis
    Pretty good pads
    They do the job as advertised. However, I can't help but think that they could be molded/cut a bit differently to better fit the curved area of the tank on R100Rs or R100GSs. They stick out a bit funny and I had to position them a bit further forward than I wanted to visually to fit my 34" inseam (I'm 72 inches tall). But the sticky parts were strong enough to survive pulling the pads off a few times to readjust, I just don't think they will survive being pulled off repeatedly for waxings, etc. But they will suffice for keeping my knees from scratching the paint when the going gets dusty...

    Dave Grinsel
    Tank Pads
    The tank pads are excellent. The fit on the the F800ST was good. The were also on my R1200ST.

    Robert Charron
    Paint Protection
    Easy to install, provide nice added grip while providing some protection.

    John Doughty
    CCS Tank Pads K1300S
    I was not sitting far enough forward because I was worried about scratching the tank. This product took 5 minutes to apply. Looks great and contrasts to my orange tank. Place the lower pads where the most contact from your pants will be. Bike handles better and there is less arm tension when seated more forward than aft. Nice product.

    Dane Knowlton
    Great Fit!
    Good price and perfect fit, definitely looks like they belong on the bike. Easy to place and plenty of high quality adhesive tape on back side of each pad. Not quite the right placement shape if you have a custom seat, my knees are either a bit low or high depending on my sitting position. But still works well. I only used the knee pads for now, already had a tank protector.

    Neil Roderick
    Tank Pads
    I have found these pads to very good protection for the paint work on the tank, especially being winter with the bigger and heavier clothing. Plus they enhance the appearance of the GS matching the other panels on the bike.

    Miguel Maldonado
    Great Fit
    Perfect visual accent to the bike and really helped improve control on curvy roads. Good grip. Nice look.

    CSS Tank Pads review
    I bought these to protect the paint on the tank where applied. Got the added benefit of better knee grip on the tank when off road. Looks like factory equipment. Got several complements on them during this weekends drive. Just make sure you have someone standing back watching to make sure you get them on straight - you only get one shot with the double stick tape. A must have for anyone that uses their GS they way it was designed. Or just because they look good.

    CSS Tank Pads
    This tank and side pad not only looks the part but functions as well. To me that is the best when something not only looks great but offers protection to boot!

    Dave Derrig
    CSS Tank Pads
    I just installed these, they look good and went on easy. My knees were staring to leave a dull spot on my plastic parts and this will do the job of protecting the paint. Looks like it was made for the bike from the factory. Takes a couple minutes to peel off the covering over the sticky part of the pad but really can't go wrong here and at a cheap price too!

    Gabi Meron
    Time will tell....
    First feel is nice & smooth, however I would expect a leather material at this price rather than foamed plastic. Time will tell of course its durability & quality. In addition I had to "break" my finger nails to remove the protective paper cover from the sticky areas which for some odd reason was divided into more than 10 pieces - quiet annoying.

    Work as designed
    Great pads, excellent material. Easy to install, look great too.

    Charles W. Lauro
    Small tank pads
    Item not as pictured,there are no pleats in the center one and they are very small.Don't waste your money!!

    Ricardo Safiano
    As expected...
    This is my first purchase at and I'm very happy with the quality of the product, the shipping, and the follow up from them, make me feel they care, and that is enough to keep me as a customer here for a long time. Sometimes when you buy stuff over the Internet you know the fact of not having the product reviewed in person you're taking a risk, but with Wanderlich everything went as expected... in the good way.

    Jim Reynolds
    Sharpen your fingernails
    'Cause you'll need 'em to peel off the tape backing. I put CSS pads on my R1100S and liked them enough that I ordered these for my new GS. They will show some wear after a few years, but better the pads than your tank - eh? I debated about the center pad - fat side up or fat side down? The choices we have to make can be vexing.

    Super fit and looks great
    Excellent fit, easy to install, and looks great on my 2010 GS.

    Works, But !!!!
    Works to protect but the quality was inconsistant, looks like they mixed two different batches of rubber and you can see where they were matched. Lighter and darker with a clear line between the two. This was on the tank sides only.

    Carl McAloose
    Tank Pads work!
    Couldn't be any easier..peel and stick where you want..blend in well, gives your knees more grip and comfort.

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