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Side Stand Enlarger
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      Side Stand Enlarger

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      Time 10 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Side Stand Enlarger does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Side Stand Enlarger

    Your F800 has an especially small side stand footprint and can really benefit from one of these side stand enlargement plates. Hot asphalt or soft sand can cause an unsafe situation when parking on the side stand. If your bike tips over it's not only a huge inconvenience, it an unnecessary expense too. This Wunderlich part solves the problem by increasing the surface area of your side stand foot. It is designed to fit perfectly and be easy to install and that makes this accessory a sensible improvement for your bike.

    When installing, apply a drop or two of Loctite or similar thread locking fluid to the retaining screws to ensure that they do not loosen and fall out. (available under the Related Products)

    Note: Please see the Related Products for the optional Spike Set. The spikes not only offer additional grip with the ground, they also add some height which can reduce the amount of lean angle.

    *Installation estimated at 10 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Matthew Stuckens
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect Fit
    Expensive but it addresses the need. Custom fit, easy installation, good improvement for stability when deployed and easier to lower for use.

    Ron Gawer
    Verified Buyer
    High quality part
    I bought this to keep my stand from sinking into the asphalt in my bike spot at work during the summer, where it can go over 100º in the afternoon. This works beautifully. It is very well made and fit well. I used Loctite 243 quite liberally on the screws and it has stayed in place firmly. Recommended.

    Victor M Uranga
    side stand enlarger
    for the price, this enlarger is not worth it, it is too small, it hits the muffler, and it falls off easily, I will have to continue to carry a plar=te in my tank bag for the times i have to park in soft dirt. 81 dlls including tax and shipping is a rip off

    Verified Buyer
    Well made, good fit.
    Didn’t enlarge a great deal but cleared muffler and added a bit of needed length to the side stand.

    LTC Andy
    Verified Buyer
    Just remember to add LocTite
    Good fit and exactly what I needed. I bought a similar product a few years ago and installed without LocTite. It got lost between Montana and Idaho.

    Verified Buyer
    A must have item
    The stock side stand is so small and can sink into gravel or soft dirt, this is a great way to prevent your bike from tipping over. Mounting is extremely easy

    Verified Buyer
    Good, except for the nut under the kickstand
    Certainly improves the stock foot pad, which is WAY to small if you ever park in a dirt/gravel parking spot. Totally simple to install, just remember to use the locktite. HOWEVER, it is very difficult to properly tighten the T25 nut directly under the kickstand rod.

    Verified Buyer
    What the doctor ordered
    Bought this for my G650GS Sertao, as the angle at with the stock kickstand sat was far too severe. I am extremely happy with the less severe lean angle of the kickstand, which makes it much easier to get the bike upright with a full gear load. I have not had any problems with the nuts vibrating loose, but I followed the instructions and made sure I put loctite threadlocker on the bolts when I screwed them in. I had read that some people had them vibrate out. I'm very happy with the quality and the fit, but I'm a lot more lighter in the wallet at the price asked. It seems a bit steep. I am extremely happy with its performance, though.

    Verified Buyer
    Does the job and looks solid
    Bought for and installed on my F800 GT, it is a much improved visual appearance than the little peg of a kickstand foot. Used thread locker, and horsed the screws down until very solid and tight. I like the heel catch ridges, makes it much easier to lower the stand while mounted. This foot enlarger does provide more peace-of-mind that my bike will still be upright when I come back to it. So far it hasn't failed me. The appearance is nice too, a machined look rather than a cast piece. My husband has one on his K1300 S, and it's stayed put for the last several years. When we installed mine we made a check of his, and things were beginning to loosen, so we took the opportunity to reinstall his with new thread locker. Best recommendation is to periodically check it, don't just set it and forget it. Very useful and necessary item!

    Maureen Wright
    Stability Matters!
    Easy installation of this accessory will have you feeling better about parking your ride on any kind of surface.

    Much easier to kick down now
    Addition makes it a lot easier to grab the stand with my foot at stop.

    David Witmer
    A must have item
    This is a great item. easy to install. Now you can park on any surface without any worries.

    Side Stand Enlarger
    This is a high quality product. Easy to install, the looks match the quality of the bike, and it works! Highly recommended.

    Chen chang
    Easy to install works very well

    Good, just expensive
    It's frustrating that BMW chose to put a teeny tiny sidestand to support a 600+ lb motorcycle, forcing us to buy something on the aftermarket. But... the Side Stand Enlarger really does the trick. On asphalt or slightly soft surfaces, I am no longer afraid that my bike will tip over. On the other hand, $52 for a tiny piece of metal is ridiculous, but hey: German-made BMW accessory.

    Good but...
    I got the big one for my Sertao, I was exciting about this product, but during the installation I noticed the washer or screw will hold this thing in place was very small, but ho well, tide with trade locker, looking good, bike it's way easier to take out from the side now. Left for a 2 day ride in Baja, gravel/dirt roads only (not off road ) and the thing was gone! Didn't last a full day and I lost $90.00 the attachments to the kick stand are NOT secure. This is must be reviewed. I will remove the stock cut and re-welding for better angle, and will be cheaper. Sorry can't recommend this product.

    Excellent Product
    Expensive, but very well made product.

    Dick Stenson
    A must for any bike with a small foot on the side stand
    I have an 1150RT with 74,000 miles. These enlargers are a must if you don't want to have to look for a flat rock, smashe pop can when you are parking off pavement. On hot days even asphalt can sink under the narrow base of the factory stand. I don't know why BMW doesn't fix this in future models? I had another side stand enlarger. It always looked like a rube-goldberg fix; simply a flat plate with screws and washers to secure it to the stand. It fell off on a trip somewhere... This one is better designed with an indentation for the stand base and a cushion to help with a better fit. The screws and washers are similar in design but look better for the job. Lock Tight is a must for any of these!

    Colin Card
    Side stand enlarger
    Works perfectly and very easy to install.

    Perfect for my G650x
    Got this form my G650 xChallenge and it works great, stands better and super on dirt and gravel. Highly recommended

    Dr. Richard J Atkins
    Excellent Replacement For Junk Bought From Another Seller
    I bought a lower-priced sidestand foot from a large Maryland BMW supplier. It fell off once. It fell off twice. The third time, it fell off on a 60-mile commute, so it was gone! The seller refunded the price, but I let the parts manager know that the "washers" that held it on were flimsy, and that they shouldn't sell that item any more. Wunderlich's was $20 more than the competitor, and worth every penny. This item is built to last and will stay on forever!

    Side Stand extender
    Works great and looks good

    Joe T
    Fits like a glove.
    The unit fit very well. I prepped the existing stand as recommended and attached the new foot. My first impression was, "This was worth it." My first real test was on some gravel at a campsite and it was wonderful to feel that confidence that the extension provided. Well done Wunderlich.

    mick truel
    side stand enlarger
    Item was super easy to install and is made of substantial material. It decreases sidestand lean by about 1/4 inch or less but is not enough to be bothersome. Much better than the "spike" end of the stock stand.

    John Burns
    Side Stand Enlarger
    Easy to install. Quality materials. Looks good and improves the stability of the my BMW R1200RT regardless of surface I park on. Very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.

    Side stand foot for BMW R1200RT LC
    Nice unit, but make sure you get the proper one. My order off the page got me the part for the pre-water cooled RT and had to exchange.

    Side Stand Enlarger
    Nice quality. Does what it is intended to do. However, i had to grind down the base a little bit as it was catching onto the double stand.

    Wm. Mllenholz
    F800 GT Side Stand Enlarger
    The BMW 800 series has an especially small side stand footprint, almost as small as those used on Ducatis. I am afraid that when fully laden with bags and touring gear, the slightest nudge would topple the bike. Further, when parked on asphalt on a hot day, it looks as if it would easily sink into the hot pavement and the bike would fall over. Wunderlich to the rescue with a sidestand enlarger that easily doubles the size of the footprint. It is easy to install and is of the highest quality of material and workmanship. Though it may seem a bit pricey, it is far less expensive than bodywork repair. Have a BMW 800? You NEED one of these!

    Side stand enlarger
    Matched with the spikes Well built fits properly and works A good inexpensive addition Gets my recommendation 2002 BMW K1200RS

    Paul Olson
    A must for Dakar and Sertao
    This product makes uprighting my 2014 Sertao a breeze now, no more grunting or pushing against parked cars to get it upright. It does not interfere with my center stand and does not bounce around over speed bumps. It is pricy, but well made and increased the foot print by 1/2 inch all the way around. I added some grip tape to the bottom to give it more traction on concrete.

    Martin A. Lpez
    Great product
    It took me a whole 3 minutes to get this accessory installed. Since then I have parked on grass, gravel and sand without issues or concerns. I'm literally a happy camper!

    Frank Campbell
    F800 side stand enlarger
    This item is much needed on the F800. I came to realize it after finding my own bike tilting dangerously after being parked on a hot tarmac parking lot for an hour, the side stand sinking about 3" into the pavement. A couple of bystanders luckily helped me extricate the bike from this mini sinkhole without further consequences. After installing the foot enlarger my confidence in parking on soft surfaces has increased considerably. Well worth the investment.

    Ray L
    Great little product
    Takes the worry about sinking into hot asphalt or into dirt when off the hard surface. No interference with riding position. Easy installation. Only complaint is that it is installed using Allen head bolts instead of Torx head bolts... come on, Wunderlick, get on the bandwagon, products I've purchased from you are the only Allen heads I have on the bike.

    F800GT Side Stand Enlarger
    Works perfect, looks good, easy to install. Of note, there was some weld on the side stand foot that needed filed down in order for the retention screws to sit flat, so I filed that down and repainted it, then installed the enlarger. Recommended!

    side stand enlarger
    Excellent product. It does the job. Easy to install. Great service as well.

    Bob Angell
    Great Purchase, Wonderful Product
    Purchased a new bike, and added engine guards and the side stand enlarger. A must have for any bike, and the fit/finish is excellent!!

    Should be standard issue
    Excellent product. I feel so much more confident putting the bike on its side stand now. Very easy to install. Very precise fit. Thanks!

    Perfect fix
    I ordered this item to enlarge the stock kickstand - perfect fix and well worth the money. High quality product.

    Louis A. Sousa
    Great product
    Easy install, much more secure and now easier to deploy the stand. Looks great.

    Affordable, Sleek Peace of Mind
    Install was a no-brainer for this nicely machined side stand enlarger. I brushed some small rust spots off of the original side stand foot with some steel wool, primed the bare metal with some black paint (per the instructions so rust does not form in between the foot and the enlarger), and installed the enlarger using a drop of locktite thread locker on each screw. The final result is very practical and sharp.

    Claude Bodley
    Side stand enlarger
    Works like a charm !

    A Quality Accessory
    I've purchased this product for other cycles, and the quality, and ease of installation was as expected. An excellent addition to an F800GT.

    John Dancoe
    Fine product and service
    Ordering was easy, delivery was prompt, installation trivial. I tested in some soggy turf that would be a ridiculous place to park a motorcycle; it sank in an inch or two and then appeared to stabilize. This probably won't work in really soft mud but using reasonable discretion I won't have to be nearly as fussy about where I park from now on.

    Don M
    Good fit on X C hall engle and easy to install
    Th is side stand enlarger is a Good fit on X C hall engle and easy to install. I did fill the base with silicone prior to,installation thinking it would help keep water from accumulating infer the foot of the factory stand.

    Al Campbell
    A great addition for my BMW F800 GT. I have far more confidence using side stand in other than concrete surfaces. Money well spent. Wunderlich service to me here in Canada was superb.

    Paul Garnier
    Easy Installation
    Installed this item on my F800GT in minutes - all you need is threadlock and the correct size Torx driver. A sturdy piece of metal, and fit the OE shoe on the sidestand perfectly.

    Jonathan D. Howell
    Lean on me!
    The CS does lean far over on its sidestand. This sidestand enlarger is just what is needed to keep the bike from tipping on uncertain terrain and it is sharp looking too!

    Scott Van Malssen
    Good buy
    We run into a lot of gravel and rock parking spots on our mountain trips, and living in Florida many sandy parking areas. The big footprint saves the hassle of digging out the "disc" and kicking it around to secure the side stand. Expensive but worth it.

    Brett Wilson
    Brett W
    Excellent extender, enables more stable platform for the R1200S which has a stiletto type stand OEM. I used this on a recent trip where we had dirt on the shoulder of the road and snow in some sections and it performed even better than my expectations. Really useful addition to your bike.

    Look no further!
    This thing fits like a glove on the side stand. The little gadget functions in a big way to prevent dumping your bike on odd surfaces. I actually paid more for a different brand that looked great but didn't fit well and also hung up on the ground a lot. In the end, it's sitting somewhere in the garage and the W Side Stand Enlarger gets to travel around with the GS.

    Doug Baliko
    Foot peg enlarger
    Decent product and the installation is easy enough. I'm not sure how long that piece of foam is going to last.

    Rockster Guy
    A pleasure to look at
    The piece is so attractive to look at,I considered using it as a paperweight and conversation piece on my desk. On the sidestand, it could be somewhat larger for soft lawn and sand but I'm still quite happy with it.

    Peter Zazanis
    Top quality
    Same top quality product I've come to expect from Wunderlich. Don't hesitate to buy!

    Expensive but worth it...
    This is one of those products that seems wildly over-priced...until you actually see it and use it. The Wunderlich Side Stand Enlarger is beautifully machined, fits perfectly, doesn't interfere with your centerstand or exhaust, and performs a vital function. Installation is simple, and it looks like an OEM part. Highly recommended overall...

    Side Stand Enlarger
    Perfect fit? Excellent Service.

    Jim C.
    works and necessary
    A little pricey but fit and function is good. Looks a lot better that the hockey puck I put on my GS.

    Mark Herring
    K 1300 Side Stand Enlarger
    As mentioned in some of the other reviews, I also can't believe the side stand foot is so small on a K1300, especially since the bike has a steep lean when it's on the stand. But, no problem, Wunderlich comes through with a great side stand enlarger that is easy to install, looks good and does the job. I'm much more comfortable about parking on various surfaces now.

    Does the job
    I put this on my 1150GSA and it works great. My only complaint is that when you put the kick stand up the side stand enlarger now hits the exhaust. I'm either going to grind down that spot on the enlarger, or try to adjust the kick stand to not go as high when put in the up position. These last few days I have been riding and the foot works great up here on dirt roads in Washington.

    Charlie Schlatter
    Very nice quality, fits well
    This is a nice enlarger, well made and it fits the bike.

    Ron F
    A much needed item
    The Side Stand Enlarger is a necessary item on the F800ST and GT models. it stabilizes the bike on soft ground and is very easy to install.

    Wells Coalfleet
    Why This Stand Foot?
    There are about a million side stand foot enlargers out there for sale. I chose this one because it seemed to be the best value on finish quality/design vs price. Its arrival and instalation confirmed this. It mounts well without odd gaps or hanging up on anything. It does what it is suppose to and is unobtrusive. You can pay $10 less or $10 more but this one is the best value.

    Frederick Oppido
    Side Stand Footprint
    Again Wunderlich comes through. Great addition for my K1300S. Very prompt in their shipping and customer service. Just want to say thanks and keep up the good work.

    Side stand enlarger for 2013 G650GS lowered
    Fitted easy, reduces the lean nicely. Little on the heavy side and would be nice if it was honeycombed or hollowed inside to reduce mass (reduce side stand bounce)... This is just minor potential improvements for the R&D lads... If you fit this to a factory lowered GS expect it to strike on corners, not aproblem as eventually it will wear the edge like a pair on knee sliders and problem solved. Overall wife very happy with this mod... Cheers

    Easy Install that Works
    The Wunderlich extended foot arrived quickly, and, other than going to this site to watch the video to see the proper placement of my R1220R side stand within the extended foot, everything went very smoothly. This was after I had bought (and returned) an extended foot from another vendor that did not fit properly. I have checked the Wunderlich foot several times and it is still very tight. I did use the blue thread material when installing the screws. The extended foot does not hit the center stand or exhaust when raised. Very satisfied!

    Larry Banister
    Easy fix to prevent a real disaster
    Great produce, easy to install and certainly expands the foot print of the \"dinky OEM side stand foot\". Can\'t understand why BMW makes such a great bike with a completely undersized sidestand foot! This accessory fixes that problem!

    Great Product!
    Super easy to install, looks great, and really helps reduce the side lean. It interferes a tiny bit when moving the center stand up and down, but just have to make sure it\'s all the way up.

    side stand enlarger
    Product works well.. provides a bigger landing pad and also a bigger target when putting the kick stand down in your boots

    Excellent Side Stand Enlarger
    Attaches and works as advertised.

    Best thing since sliced bread, and works better !
    Absolutely brilliant , if only other of life's little dramas could be fixed as easily with a large foot and a couple of screws.

    Andres Freire
    Big, black, and awesome!
    Easy install, nice peace of mind for the bike when asphalt gets hot. It also doesn't look out of place either. Great product.

    jamie sibley
    great product
    Works as advertised. This is a hard to find piece for the s1000rr. I\'ve had bike stands sink into the pavement down here, and this type of item can save your bike. It really increases the pad size quite a bit, and clears the chain, with plenty of room.

    Excellent quality
    This is a well built Side Stand Enlarger. Thread loc is a must. If you mark on soft asphalt, gravel or grass this is a must have.

    Not all that it seems!
    Must say I am a tad disappointed; foot size is increased, but I am not happy that the product is rubber-based. I thought it would be a solid substance; time will tell if it wears out too quickly.

    Jim G
    One of my first purchases with every bike
    I get one of these for every bike I've owned. The extra footprint is reassuring. A bit pricey but worth saving a tip-over.

    Side Stand Enlarger
    The quality and craftmanship are excellent. Easy to follow installation instructions. I now have piece of mind when I use my side stand. Excellent idea.

    M Welsch
    Hard to mess this one up, right?
    Pretty simple. Works fine.

    George Pidge
    Side Stand Enlarger
    The foot of the BMW side stand only works on very hard surfaces. It is unstable on anything else. This foot enlarger is such an obvious addition to the bike. Especially, if you have tried to balance the bike and struggled to get the accessory pad under the foot. The Side Stand Enlarger is very well made and I look forward to years of worry-free parking.


    Alden Hingle
    Great Piece of Gear
    This product works very well for the 2012 G650GS. It reduces the amount of lean significantly and makes it much easier to get the bike off the side stand for my wife. Easy to install and work as advertised. Highly recommend this product.

    OK, but expensive
    I think this sidestand enlarger could be larger yet. Description says it doubles surface area of factory stand, but I\'d like to see it even larger. Screws are loose/sloppy fit in the base. The foam pad on the base and a liberal application of Loctite blue gel should keep it in place, but I\'m really disappointed in the sloppy screw fit. I needed this enlarger in a hurry, otherwise I would have returned it and built my own. Admittedly, this one is a lot \"cleaner\" than something I would have built on my own.

    Good quality side stand enlarger
    Much bigger than I thought it would be - installs in minutes and is very solid construction. Good quality enlarger. Install requires thread locking fluid and some light sanding/painting of underneath side stand before applying.

    James Mellard
    Good Product
    Easy to install. priced right. Does a great job.. I like like it..

    Don Harris
    Well built sidestand pad
    I was impressed with the machining and the fit of this pad. Easy to install and a perfect fit. Works great on soft ground and with the asphalt getting hotter this summer, it takes the worry out of parking.

    this is a MUST HAVE for my 2011 BMW F800R. I purchased this as my 1st accessory for the bike; it looks good, serves a big purpose, straightforward/simple install. Quality craftmanship has me looking to buy "Wunderlich" in the future.

    Lena Boone
    A Must-Have
    The f800st's side stand is soooooooo tiny, I felt like the slightest soft surface would see the bike sinking immediately. This enlarger does the trick perfectly.

    John Sarmento
    Outstanding Product!
    Great fit and finish, easy to install, and it's already saved my bacon twice!

    Needs lock-tite
    Be sure to use Lock-tite with the product. Bolts can back out and aren't easy to replace.

    Jack Todaro
    Side Stand Enlarger
    What impressed me the most was the outstanding customer service at Wunderlich America. I inadvertently ordered two of the same product. I notified Wunderlich, send the duplicate back and in a few days had the correct product. Impressive! JT

    Bruce Green
    Side stand enlarger for R1100RT
    Having only put the enlarger on the bike for a few weeks now, it seems ok. Nicely made and finished, good quality workmanship. I'm sure it will help with this bike.

    David Kelly
    The right lift
    The side stand enlarger lifts the Dakar to a much better height when on its sidestand, and gives it a better footprint for soft surfaces.

    Ian Russell
    Solid support
    Well-engineered side-stand support enlarger. Fits easily and has remained solid as a rock so far. Recommended.

    the perfect anchor for your land rocket
    when i got it i thought hmmm seams like it should be a bit bigger. After having on the bike for about a month and approximately 2000 miles i think it is the perfect size big enough to get the job done but not big enough to get in the way. Great product, would definitely recommend it if they make one for your bike. k1200s

    side stand enlarger
    This works as shown for the black side stand. The method of fastening seemed a bit cheesy at first, but it worked well.

    Bruce Beisner
    HP2 Side stand enlarger
    Works well and looks good doing it. It has been on for several thousand miles with no problems.

    Glenn Adler
    Best Side Stand Enlarger Sold
    This is the second Wunderlich side stand enlarger that I've purchased, the previous one for my R1150R. Having used 3 other brands of stand enlargers, in the past, I've found the Wunderlich models to be superior in fit, workmanship, durability and decreasing the lean of my bikes design.

    Side Stand Enlarger
    Who knew?? Such a simple idea could make THIS much difference.??? Really easy to fit (<5 mins) and it means you can practically park the bike on most soft surfaces. If you are going to a VIP ball or something - three screws to remove it. Really great product!!!

    First-time customer
    Perfect fit. excellent materials and construction. And for a '94 R11RS. NICE!

    Wish I got it before I dropped my new k13000
    Excellent product gives a wide foot print to the kick stand and makes it much more stable. Easy quick instal

    Much secure
    Now I feel the bike is much secure in soft surfaces like grass. Before it didn't even felt secure in pavement, like if the bike would move a little, the stand would move too. Now the feeling for the bike is much safer when is parked. Installs in minutes and it looks nice. I recommend this product and Wunderlich for their excellent work providing quality products for our BMWs.

    Ralph Meyer
    Great Accessory
    I've always used Wunderlich side stand enlargers on previous BMWs for obvious reasons. However on my F800ST this one offers the added advantage that the side stand, which was difficult to extend with peg lowerers installed is now easy to employ. A very definite added advantage alongside keeping the bike from falling over on soft tarmac or dirt through the tiny sidestand foot digging in!

    Don Latella
    Side stand Enlarger
    Great product. Prevents the stand from digging into the ashfalt, thus saving the bike from tipping over. Fits great without fuss.

    Dae Chung
    side stand enlarger
    nice looking side stand enlarger, good quality fit and finish, does what it is supposed to do, however I still find the OEM side stand overall slightly too short even with this enlarger in place, it would be nice if the enlarger was slightly thicker for future editions...

    D Man
    Not for G650X Series
    I purchased this item to fit onto my 2007 BMW G650X Challenge. According to the web site it is compatable. NOT! Not even close. Do not waste your money on this poorly designed piece.

    Wunderlich America note: Please read the fitment information in the description before ordering this part.

    Mike Rios

    Christopher Barrett
    Works ok
    He footprint enlarger is a useful thing and it works in practice. The space in the enlarger that the side stand foot fits into is not exactly the correct size. It is approximately 2mm too large, so the enlarger will move slightly. That's not so great. I made a simple heavy, dense rubber shim from flooring rubber scrap. It took about 10 minutes. Works perfectly. I guess they really ought to provide a shim, so minus one star, but the enlarger is nicely made, looks great, and works fine. Costs a bit much maybe, but it seems to be machined aluminum, so I think that part is ok too. Instructions are in German, but it's a simple device.

    stable foot
    the wide platform makes the bike "float" better when parked off road. The elevated height of the kick stand is also provide a big benefit however, because of the reduced lean angle (when parked) if the area the bike is parked is sloped down hill, there is a increase likelihood for the bike to tip over. just something to mindful.

    JR in Memphis
    Works, looks better than some alternatives
    While I haven't tested this yet on gravel/stone/mud/sand parking spaces, I imagine it will do the trick for providing a fatter side stand surface. As it is, it works fine for city parking situations and looks MUCH better than some solutions I've seen. I have actually already dragged the outer front surface on the pavement during a particularly frisky left hand turn, so be aware that it might do the same for you. Felt like plastic when installing but I can attest that it is aluminum now that I have dragged it a bit in the aforementioned turn.

    Roberto Alonso Jr.
    Ajuda na segurana

    It works
    As I said, it works. Gravel, dirt, grass and even sand. Deep mud not so much, but what does?

    Richard Johnston
    Side Stand Enlarger
    Easy to install, and now I'm not worried about the surface before using my side stand... big relief from before. Nicely machined part!

    John S
    Side Stand Works Great!
    Easy to install and works great on soft ground. Probably already saved me from a one tipping over and resulting damage

    Dane Knowlton
    Perfect fit!
    Nice addition, decent price and a perfect fit to OEM side stand foot. Would be nice if screws and retainers were black though... hint-hint-hint.... ;o)

    Chuck Costa
    Wouldn't live without it.
    Must have for anyone riding in hot weather climates. Added security gives piece of mind.

    Frank L. "Cranky Frankie" Palmeri
    Nice product for the K1200RS
    This side stand enlarger installs easy and takes the worry out of parking on asphalt on a hot day. I still carry a separate pad, but this is so much larger than stock I don't think I'll be using it anymore. Good product.

    Dan Webster
    As advertised
    Easy to install. Be sure to wire brush and Tremclad your stand before installing, and don't forget the Loctite! I've never given a second thought about where I put the bike now, this enlarger handles it all.

    Jeff Murray
    Cheap insurance for your bike!
    I live in the San Joaquin Valley where the temps reach 105+ in the summer. That translates into soft asphalt which is no match for a narrow kick stand foot. I have often had my stand sink into the hot asphault intil now. The side stand enlager provides a wide platform that adds much needed stability to the bike on hot days. It is well machined to provide a good fit and is easy to install. It is worthy investment.

    Steven Melnyk
    Very useful addition
    On average, you can rely on the side stand surface being adequate. The only exceptions: sandy surfaces and high asphalt. Typical solution - use a separate plate that you carry around you. This means having the plate close to you whenever you stop. This product, simple to install, ensures that the surface for the side stand is enlarged, thus preventing the bike from falling over. Very useful; highly recommended.

    Jeff Morris
    K1300GT Sidestand Enlarger
    I am really pleased with the enlarger footprint. If it stays put with the loctite I will be more than pleased. Only thing I would like to see different is that the screw head and washers should have been powder coated black to blend in. I painted mine. Otherwise, excellent product.

    They call me The Breeze
    Good, Functional Insurance
    Many years ago, on a hot summer day in Texas I came back to find my parked bike on its side. Its side-stand foot had sunk itself into the hot, soft, tarmac. Since then I've always carried some kind of side-stand foot enlarger. A squashed beer can is cheap and works well, but it quickly gets black and sticky with tar and is a hassle to carry around. This product works great and never gets lost, so long as you in stall it with a little locktite. It does look a little beemerish and nerdy, and it's ridiculously overpriced, but it works. One of the screw/washer sets would not seat completely because the washer hung on the stand vertical above the foot, but it was close enough and tight enough. This thing has a partial cut-out to keep it from contacting the bike's frame when folded up, which is a nice touch.

    Does what it's supposed to do!
    Got one of these on the recommendation of folks on the forum. One guy said he got one, but it fell off because he did not use thread lock. But he liked it so much he went out and bought another. I thought that was a strong recommendation, so I ordered one. But I used thread lock on mine and so far, all is well. Does what it's supposed to do most places. I still carry an electric switch plate on a string for parking in real soft surfaces, but for most places I don't need anything else.

    neil roderick
    peace of mind
    The foot on the side stand of the K1300gt is very small for such a big bike and I was always worried about leaving the bike when the ground surface was not good . I purchase a stand enlarger and it has made a huge difference the bike is now much more secure on bad surfaces .

    Pretty dammed good
    I got one of these for my 1150GSA back in 2003. Worked wonderfully and looks near stock. It kept the bike (even loaded down) upright in soft and loose terrain. After about 125k miles it's finally wearing out and needs to be replaced. Make sure you use lots of locktite on the screws and torque them down good.

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