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Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat
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    • Part # 30891002-012
      Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat
      Available in: Standard, Low, and Tall

    • (4.5) 6 Reviews
    • Starting at: $714.95

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat

    Available in:
    • Standard
    • Low (-25mm)
    • Tall (+25mm)
    • Passenger+ (standard height, passenger +40mm wider)

    We manufacture our seats with a characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour that lets riders and passengers become one with their BMW. The shape and angle of the carefully crafted, progressively structured, dual-layer seat core support the ergonomically beneficial, natural posture of the back. Integrated, riding is a relaxing affair and thus also active. And there's no doubt that relaxed sitting adds a serious plus to passive safety. The integrated wind channel on the seat provides pleasant ventilation while you ride. Grippy cover material also increases the comfort factor. With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials. The low version is perfect for riders looking for stable standing.

    The same applies to all AKTIVKOMFORT seats: The "buckling" of the cushioning is reliably prevented via the sophisticated construction and the sitting pressure is equally distributed over a large area, resulting in noticeably lower specific pressure load to your behind. Comfy! Also typically Wunderlich: The incorporated concave profile for relieving the pressure-sensitive coccyx is another outstanding trademark! They offer perfect hold and active, reliable control during accelerated riding, also and especially when braking: Who hasn't experienced it, when your passenger suddenly slides forward on braking and you immediately have to brace while simultaneously having to steer in what could be a hairy situation? With Wunderlich's very own support contour, these scary moments while braking are now a thing of the past. The innovative, ergonomic 3D contour also ensures that pressure points on the inner thighs while standing at the lights are now a distant memory.
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    ThermoPro coating: the temperature of this seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials

    • Relaxed and active riding experience adds a definite plus to passive safety
    • Ergonomic 3D contour to support the natural posture of the back
    • Comfortable leg position while riding and standing
    • Improved passenger contour for better hold at the front
    • Progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and rigid core
    • The duel-layers guarantees comfort because the seat doesn't buckle
    • Sitting pressure is equally distributed over a larger area
    • Noticeably optimized weight distribution and lower specific pressure load
    • Distinct concave profile to relax the coccyx
    • Uncompromising long-distance comfort
    • More comfort with ThermoPro
    • Embroidered Wunderlich logo
    • Made in Germany
    Technical info
    • Cover material with ThermoPro coating
    • Sweat-reducing, grippy cover material
    • Combined with pin-tucks in Alcantara, dropped-cut seams
    • Taped and welded seams for 100% tightness
    • Produced on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines
    • Material of seat shell: High-strength RoburC shell
    • Progressive, dual-layer seat core structure
    • Wunderlich premium product
    • Produced in small batches
    • Made by hand
    • Integrated and functional
    • Wunderlich design by Nicolas Petit
    • Made in Germany



    Frank Holdgate
    I ordered the low seat because every bit helps. Thinking it might be rock hard , I was prepared. The original seat was torture, so nothing could be worse. Surprise- the seat is a dream , feels great and looks amazing. Nice work on building a top quality product. As I noticed in another review, the left side under the thigh is a high spot. I am hoping it will break in. So is the other fella! Other than that , perfect.

    I have the BMW low suspension and factory low seat. The stock BMW seat is terrible. I need a low seat, a more padded/taller seat makes me nervous every time I stop. I bought an Aktivkomfort low seat and it is much more comfortable than the stock board. It's not the most comfortable seat I've ever had, but for a low seat it's a big improvement. After 5,000 miles on the stock seat, now I really wish I had bought this upgrade a long time ago. Aside from the comfort factor, it's also great looking. And the quality of construction is typical of Wunderlich. You really do get what you pay for with this company.

    Excellent seat
    Was not at all happy with the stock BMW seat on my F900 XR as the seat was to narrow to provide adequate support (and my wife says I have no butt). The Aktivkomfort seat is the answer to my prayers. It has a wonderful shape that slightly cradles me without looking like a tractor seat: ie C**bin. It distributes my weight over a much wider area and is truly an all day seat. It is also extremely good looking IMHO. Excellent quality! You get what you pay for.

    Premium high quality seat
    Very high quality well made premium seat. My initial reaction to the seat are very positive. I’ve taken a few rides on it and other than the seat needing to break in some (especially on the left side. I don’t know why but the left side felt a little stiff) it is a vast improvement over the stock seat on the f900xr. My wife loves it and that’s what really matters lol.

    Manfred Hettenkofer
    High quality seat that provides more comfort
    This seat is one or even two steps up from the standard seat that comes with the motorcycle. Even though it does not feel much softer than the standard seat, the shape is different and that leads to a more comfortable ride. My behind does not get soar after two hrs of riding as it did with the standard seat. I got the higher seat (+25mm) option and I love it. My head is more out of the turbulence from the windshield and my knees have a more relaxed angle. For me, that was another positive aspect of why I bought this seat. The only negative is the price. It is the most pricey seat option for the 900 XR out there right now, but also probably the highest quality aftermarket seat as well.

    Seat review
    Ordered the Wunderlich seat. Install was take stock seat and put new seat on. The fit and finish of the seat is outstanding. Took my XR for a short ride and the difference was dramatic.

    Bike Fitment

    F900 R

    2020 · 2021 · 2022

    F900 XR

    2020 · 2021 · 2022

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