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BMW Handlebar Grip Set
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    • Part # 7290612
      BMW Handlebar Grip Set

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      Caution! Our BMW Handlebar Grip Set does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.


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    BMW Handlebar Grip Set

    Replacements for models with heated grips.

    With these replacement grips, it's possible to restore your bike's appearance and comfort. Over time, the rubber wears out and the gripping qualities are reduced. Instead of replacing the entire expensive grip assembly, if you are careful, you will be able to simply replace the grip rubber and save a substantial amount of money. These grips are original equipment quality and a direct replacement for the original BMW part. Installation requires extreme caution to avoid damaging the heating elements. We cannot be held responsible if your heating elements are damaged during installation.

    The grips have an inside diameter of 24mm and they are 125mm long with an open end.

    Installation tips:

    • Remove bar end weights and or throttle lock
    • With a sharp razor blade, utility knife etc. very carefully cut along the length of the grips. Be careful not to cut too deeply or you may damage the heating element. Slice just a little at a time until you can tear the grip rubber apart.
    • Peel off the old grip rubbers
    • Remove as much of the remnants of grip rubber (if present) as you can to make the surface as smooth and clean as possible
    • Install the new grips **
    • Reinstall bar end weights and ensure that they are tight. Thread locking fluid is recommended on the bar end weight bolts and it may be necessary to re-adjust your throttle lock if you have one.

    ** When installing the grip rubbers, you will need to use something that will act as a lubricant for installation and an adhesive thereafter. Some ideas are a universal spray adhesive or rubber glue and some brands of hair spray have been known to work very well. Whatever agent is used, apply to the inside of the grip and the heating element, then quickly slide the grip on and twist and position it as needed immediately before the lubricant dries.

    Please note: Not compatible with models that have the Multi Controller on left handlebar.


    Ron L
    Verified Buyer
    R1200RT Grip replacement
    Carefully removed the old worn out grips without too much trouble. The new grips fit perfectly. Love the feel, and the heat transfer from the heating element works incredible. Definitely recommend.

    Kelly Kieffer
    Verified Buyer
    K1200S Grip Replacement
    Grips worked perfectly. I took my time removing old grips, the new grips fit great. highly recommend these grips.

    Tom Lewis
    Verified Buyer
    BMW Grip Replacements
    Was pleased when they came to see that they were quality grips. Was careful in removing old grips and used golf club grip solvent to install and they went on smooth and function well. I had made a specific shipping request and they followed through on that as well. Good purchase experience...wish all on-line purchases were as good.

    Jason Haines
    Verified Buyer
    Well Worth it..
    As long as you take your time removing the original grip, these replacement grips fit well and go on easy. The original ones on my bike (2006 K1200 R) were worn "paper thin" and were easy to slice and peel off, with no damage to the heating element.The left grip had to have a small relief cut out near the flange end so it would clear the heating element end. I used Scott grip glue for installation and this allowed the new grips to slide right on without any modification to the underlayment. Can't emphasize enough to take your time cutting the grip off a with a sharp hobby blade. Hope this was helpful, thanks!

    Breck E
    Verified Buyer
    Great grips, easy installation!
    Love these grips. Fit is excellent and they work great with the heated grips on my r1150 GS. Installation took all of 15 minutes. I’d definitely use these again!

    Verified Buyer
    F800GS grips
    Perfect fit for my F800GS. Easy install and feel nice. Good quality like everything else I buy from Wunderlich.

    Awesome Grips; Easy Install
    Just what I needed for my R1150RT, easy off of the old, slipped right into place over the heat elements, with a little hairspray. Even works well with the Throttle-miser.

    Verified Buyer
    S 1000 RR (Gen 3)
    I was pleasantly surprised when these were recommended to me. I had just given up searching for OEM replacements for my grips when these were suggested to me, and I could not be happier! These are almost tit-for-tat what came on my bike when I bought it brand new and the heating elements works good as new. I installed the grips myself and I will say the clutch grip was a breeze to install. Took all of 5 minutes. The throttle side however… it would appear the factory went overboard on the glue and I lost the heating element for it in my attempt to remove all the remaining bits of the old grip. Moving on, the new grip went on just fine and I have zero complaints. I will replace the heating element later.

    Grips for 800gs
    Great grips, but do not work well as a replacement for heated grips. Placed over the existing heating element, and can just barely feel any heat passing through.

    Nikolaos Psonis
    Verified Buyer
    Handlebar BMW GS Adventure 2015
    This handlebars do not fit a BMW GS Adventure 2015 as Wunderlich promoting. I had to cut the left handlebar in order to make it fit correctly. It looks weird. THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR BMW GS 2015 with heated grips

    SaraMai C
    Verified Buyer
    Easy to Assemble and Feel Great
    I have a 2009 g650GS - grips were cracking and peeling so I got these as a replacement. My grips were easy to remove with a little Exacto knife assistance since they were already cracked. I soaked the new grips in boiling water with a little soap, they went on easily, and I used a towel to grip and push them on the last little bit. They work and feel great! Used my heated grips with them the other day and all works perfectly. Easy installation and I'm proud I was able to do the work myself.

    Keaton M.
    Verified Buyer
    Handle bar grip set
    Worked perfectly. They look and feel exactly like the OEM

    Verified Buyer
    Perfect OEM replacement. The dealer wanted to charge me hundreds for replacement of the grips and heating elements. Careful cutting off of the old grips and proper cleaning is important. Hairspray works the best for installation. Perfect fit. Like brand new on my 2001 R 1150 GS!! Thanks for saving me $$$

    Verified Buyer
    Handlebar grip set
    Good product, easy to instal on the heated inserts and looks great

    OEM-like replacement.
    With a lot of careful work I replaced the heated grips for the low price of these grips. They look and feel like the OEM grips when the bike was new. No problems. Highly recommend. 2010 R1200GS.

    Perfect for R1200GS
    When my grips worn out, the option from the Dealer to spend $ 400.00 was kind of ridiculous, while searching the Wunderlich catalogue I came across these grips. I couldn't believe the reasonable price. Imagine how stoked I was when saw the perfect fit, great comfort and the ease of installation.

    Bill Small
    Won't Fit a Late Model K1600GTL
    Like another reviewer said these will not fit the GTL and he's correct. I think Wunderlich should update their website to indicate such....

    umut altug
    Not for 1600gtl
    These grips are not made for 1600GTL. I can not believe a compony like Wunderlich sells these without checking them firstt. Not to mention they advertise as a direct match product. After paying $14 for shipping I did not want to return them. So I tried to modify them in order to be able to use them but they didn't fit properly. My bad experience should be a lesson for you. Do not order for 1600GTL.

    Hugh Greenough
    Perfect match for my F650CS
    These grips look and feel great installed. I chose to cut the old grips off using a single edge blade (facing upward to avoid damaging the wiring for the heated grips) cutting from the end inward. As always I was cutting away from myself (to avoid injury) I recommend you do the same. It does take some strength (and a little spit) to work them into position.I couldn't be happier with the results.

    Juan correa
    No son los adecuados pa r1150gs
    La referencia 7290596 tiene diametro interior de 24mm y para mi moto con calefactables debe de ser de 26mm.

    Louis Cormier
    Not a suitable replacement
    These grips are not the exact replacement for my 2002 R1150RS. These were not "notched" to slip over the the oem bars. Much to my dismay I agree with the other reviewer posted here that for $37.00 these should fit and conform slightly better than they do.

    Good grips
    The grips are exactly as described. If you have heated grips, I suggest carefully scoring the old grips with a razor a little at a time. Take your time and you should be able to avoid cutting the heating element. Otherwise, installation instructions are easy to follow. It's not really rocket science, but be careful if you have the heated grips. When removing the throttle side grip, do not destroy the plastice spacer that caps the end of the throttle.

    Stle J.Rustadstuen
    Looking good, fast delivery :)
    It,fits perfect but it should have been closed at the ytter end.

    Alan Black
    BMW Handlebar Grip Set Part Number: 7290612
    I have a Bmw k1600 GT SE. The BMW Handlebar Grip Set Part Number: 7290612 are not as they say any use for heated grips. The right hand side will work as its a heated element on the bar it's self. But the left grip has wire running through the grip it's self. So when you cut off the old rubber you will cut the you will cut the heated element and they are prity well glued to a plastic tube that goes over the bar end. I have replaced the right side with not any problems. But I now have to bike booked in at Bmw to replace to left side. So if you want only a right side replacement they are fine but left save your money and take it to a dealer.

    Like 'em a lot
    I needed to replace the uncomfortable aftermarket dual-sport style grips the previous owner had installed of my '97 R1100RT. I used the compressor to un-install the dually grips and took the opportunity to install a grip heater set. I used a section of underground sprinkler pipe to shim the left bar, installed the heater over it and lubricated with hair styling moose (sp?). As others have mentioned the inside of the throttle grip needed trimming to fit properly but after installing the heater, a splash of moose and a shot of compressed air it fit perfectly. It works well with the Kaoko throttle lock too. Kinda spendy but if they hold up as well as my other Wunderlich purchases they will be worth it ($). Can't wait to hit the Idaho Byways and am looking forward to the MOA Rally in Billings this summer.

    Get A Grip
    Grips work as well as originals on my 98 K1200RS.Feel good and look good.I am a happy camper.

    Replacing grips on 2010 R1200GS
    Well, there is not much on the internet to help with this so I thought I would share my experience. The original grips are bonded to the inner/heater tube at the ends and in various places along the tube (1/16"X1/2") and the throttle has many more bonded contact points than left side. My heating element is the circuit board film type, not the simple wire so extra care must be taken. You must not only cut the ends off 360 degrees (extra care when cutting in all directions) around but there is a ridge you need to trim around (plastic bumps). Start (fine pair of needle nose will help pull rubber as you cut) by cutting straight down inner and outer rings and then down the length of grip but don't cut through because it will tear off). I would advise trimming down the center rubber contact points left after removing grip as they will show through the new one. I put my grips in hot water before I installed them. Hairspray works very well but on throttle I used a bit of grip glue on the ends just in case but I don't think it was necessary. I used a blade from a utility knife which worked well but extreme care must be taken. Have patience and you will end up with a very comfortable grips!

    Joe Klingler
    2003 1150 GSA
    My bike came with the spiral grips and had been split for years. The local BMW shop wanted $250.00 to replace the grips and heating elements. They claimed the wires could not be saved. I carefully cut off the old grips with #11 blade and removed a small amount of residual rubber. The inside of both grips were soaked with hairspray and twisted on easily about 2/3 of the way. The last 1/3 needed a lot of convincing. The grips are great and the heating elements still work.

    Good Replacement Option for the Ribbed Grips on Some Models
    I preferred the smooth grips on my 06 R1150GSA vs the ribbed version on my 02 R1150GSA. Because I use 30 O-rings over each grip to increase the size of the grips, the ribbed grips were allowing the O-rings to not be smooth (even) across the surface as the smooth ones do. I'm a happy customer using these on the 02 R1150GSA now.

    Stephen Webb
    BMW R1200GSADV Spiral Grip Set
    This is the grip that should have come on the BMW R1200GS & R1200GSADV models from the factory. Far superior to the stock OEM grip which wears at a rapid rate. I plan to use these per the Wunderlich Instructional as electric grips.

    B Dixon
    Great Replacement
    My grips DID have the required relief on the inner side..I replaced R 1200 GSA grips..the only thing I had to do was Dremel sand off some nubs that were on the plastic, under the grip..took two minutes..splash of rubbing alcohol and they were on..maybe twenty minutes.. A heads up on hairspray..yes it works, however it is water soluble, if some water gets down between your grip and bar, they can and will come loose..

    Not a direct replacement
    These grips are missing the required recess on the inside of the hilt end for the R1150RT. Without the recess they do not install all the way leaving a sizable gap between the controls and the grip and they hang off the bar end. Careful sculping of the interior of the grip with a razor blade provides an "acceptable" installation but for $35.00 this should not be necessary.

    Gerard Gatineau
    Kind of thin
    These look good and went on OK, but they are pretty thin. I can feel the wire and carrier for the heating element through the grip.

    Fits as described
    Its easy to change, just be careful when you cut the old ones off. I used a very sharp knife to cut through the surface of the old grips and then pulled them off. Then clean as much as you can with some alcohol. I used silicone to slide the new ones on and they get glued on with the same silicone. Works perfect, cheap solution, no damage to the heated part.

    As advertised
    Grips went on well. I used some of my Daughter's hair spray. A heavy coat of the spray on the bare surface where the old grip was carefully removed, using a razor blade followed by 91% isopropyl alcohol (from drug store) did the trick. The hair spray gave me plenty of time (much needed) to teist and push, etc. to get the grip on and straight. The grips are one of two styles that I believe were available from BMW. I thought I would try the style that did not come on the bike originally. It works OK. This is a much cheaper but just as good as "Dealer" but MUCH less expensive. I do recommend these grips.

    Ken Kucel
    Very nice grips
    These grips are a supurb replacement for your tired original grips.

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