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Cockpit Bag
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      Cockpit Bag

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    Cockpit Bag

    The refined and custom taylored Wunderlich cockpit bag fills the unused spaced between the windscreen and instrument cover precisely and unobtrusively. It attaches in an instant via velcro and two and Tenax fasteners and protects those items you need close at hand.


    • No restriction of screen mobility
    • Nothing rubs or flutters
    • Safe and simple attachment
    • Blue inner lining allows for clarity and things can no longer disappear into the cracks
    • Water-repellent, Teflon-coated CORDURA, high-strength and non-abrasive, internally coated
    • Water/dust resistant zip closure
    • Approx. 25 cm wide, 20 cm deep and 5 cm high
    • Grippy zipper, can be used easily even when wearing gloves
    • Made in Germany with some components sourced from other European countries




    Verified Buyer
    It's better than a handlebar bag
    If you have a GT, consider buying this bag. It's very easy to fit, and you can put more belongings in it than a handlebar bag I think I bought it well~!!

    Bob Norgard
    10 out of 10

    Jose A. Aguilar
    Verified Buyer
    I have a 2020 K1600B with floor boards; therefore, the bike doesn’t have any small compartments to carry small items. Look no more! Wunderlich has me covered with this superb cockpit bag which allows me to place small items that are easily accessible, and to boot it has a pocket with the perfect size to store my toll tag. The cockpit bag is of very high quality, unobtrusive, and the installation couldn’t be any easier. I love the fasteners provided as they make the removal of the bag very simple. I’m delighted that I no longer have to put my wallet, tool tag, phone, etc. in the panniers any more.

    Mark Morrison
    Verified Buyer
    Better than a Bar Bag
    Excellent bit 'o kit. Small but functional. My 2019 K1600 has no external fuel ring bolts so for now this is the next best thing to a "floating" tank bag. I am most pleased with the Quality & capacity for the $$.

    Merlin Planer
    Verified Buyer
    Nice cockpit bag for the K1600B
    After the easy installation just make sure the bag is as much towards you to avoid a slight windshield touch. The Velcro pad will hold it in place. I was very happy that it holds my trifold wallet, phone, and keys which is what I like when riding. Quality look and product.

    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit Bag
    Ships fast, well made, easy to install. This is an easily accessible storage bag that will fit sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, ear buds, whatever you like.

    James Cowen
    Verified Buyer
    Great bag!
    This is a must have. It fit perfectly on my K1600B. Just the right size too. Great for wallet, gloves, phone etc. A great way to carry my Glock as well. Always super service from Wunderlich!

    Rick Balino
    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit Bag
    Looks great, fits perfect and easy to install. Love it

    Ray Buller
    Verified Buyer
    K1600 GTL Exclusive
    I agree with the other reviews, nice bag, installs easy. I have an aftermarket Ztechnik windshield which does touch the bag when fully lowered but does not put pressure on it as long as you do not over fill the bag. Seems like a quality product.

    Quality Bag
    Easy install. The spring pins that hold this on are very slick. The straps have some elastic built in and there are under a bit of tension when you clip it into place so it stays nice and tight. There is also a small piece of Velcro that secures it to the dash so this bag isn't going anywhere. This bag is a no brainer, it provides the handy easy access storage needed for all the things that you don't want to keep in your pockets.

    Scott Titensor
    Perfect fit on my K1600 B
    Great quality and perfect fit. Very happy!

    Lance Otey
    Verified Buyer
    The cockpit bag for my 2018 K1600B was a perfect fit. It is out of the way, yet easy to reach. I keep the garage door opener and a few minor accessories in it. Installation was a piece of cake, taking about 10 minutes. All of the necessary parts were there. I read some other reviews that said the bag brushed against the windscreen, but I have not had that issue. The size and fitment are perfect. It is a little pricey, but well worth the investment to me. Thank you.

    David McDade
    Verified Buyer
    Great addition to bagger
    I missed having pockets on dash for wallet, gum, etc. This is a perfect solution and easy to install. Doesnt get in way of windshield operation either.

    Tom Cowher
    Verified Buyer
    Nice Fit
    Ordered this looking for quick access storage. Keep a flashlight, garage door opener, the key fob, and a tire gauge with no issues. Nice mounting system and very easy to install, took about 3 minutes.

    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit Bag, K1600
    Installed in a K1600GA. Very easy to install. Very handy since this bike does not have easy to access storage in the front. Enough space to fit several small items. Highly recommended.

    William Stanford
    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit bag
    So cool. I take long trips and having a place to put my wallet and anything else that is uncomfortable in my pockets is great. Yet it is handy for drive up windows. There is a great enclosure inside that just fits your fob.

    Verified Buyer
    Works Well
    Installed on a new K1600 Grand America. Very easy to install and high quality bag. The windshield does touch it when the ignition is off, but as far as I can tell, the contact points are against the windshield supports. Net, I'm not too concerned about scratches.

    Mark G.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Bag
    Very easy to install and perfect size for its location. Easy to open or close and hold small items. Keep the clicker for the security gate at my apartment in there and very easy to get to. Happy with purchase!

    Charles Garalis
    Verified Buyer
    Good product, except
    Easy to install. Looks as pictured. Only concern is that with nearly anything in it, it will rub against the shield. I'm thinking it won't take too long before it scratches the shield

    Karen Hildebrandt
    2018 K1600B (Bagger)
    Installed on the new Bagger version K1600b. High quality product. Easy to install. Fits well. Only issue it would be nice if actual torque values were listed for the hold down screws. I used blue locktite.

    Art Armstrong
    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit Bag
    Not sure how it could have been any simpler to install. Fits great just the correct size for small stuff

    Mark T.
    Verified Buyer
    K1600 Cockpit Bag
    Used for the first time this past weekend. Very good quality, easy installation and like the low profile. A tad bit pricey though

    Ausif mohiuddin
    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit bag
    Perfect fit high quality bag

    Colin Crook
    Verified Buyer
    Great little storage add on!
    Quick and easy install. A great addition for storing your wallet and cell phone. I highly recommend it.

    Edward Spinelli
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect Solution
    Really don't want to have a tank bag in my face. This cockpit bag is the perfect solution to hold my cell phone, EZ Pass, etc. The mounting system is genius and it works great.

    Lee Copeland
    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit Bag 1600 GTL
    Very pleased with this bag. Fit perfectly and easy to install. Highly recommended. Lee

    Kenny Wilson
    Verified Buyer
    Cockpit bag
    Installed and fit exactly as advertised. Easy access even when riding. Zipper is easy to operate with a gloved hand. Fits a full sized 1911 plus mags perfect.

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