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Stebel Nautilus Horn
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    • Part # 44720002
      Stebel Nautilus Horn

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      Caution! Our Stebel Nautilus Horn does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.


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    Stebel Nautilus Horn

    R 1200 RT-LC (2014 - )

    The Nautilus Horn ensures with its 139 db that you get the necessary respect and that you won't be overlooked. The horn is perfect for motorcycles because it is small and easy to install.

    Requires the installation kit part number 44720102.

    Dimensions: 12cm high, 3cm width, 8cm long


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    K1600 GT20102016-11/2013
    K1600 GTL20102016-11/2013



    K Brown
    Verified Buyer
    nautilus horn update
    Had this horn on my 16' bmw 1200 rt for a while now and only other problem i had to fix besides the cheep relay was putting a higher amp fuse in. When you have to lay on the horn for awhile to really get someones attention it blows the fuse. Stronger fuse fixed this problem and i tell you when people hear this horn they jump about 4 feet and look right at you !! I have decided to install this on my two other bikes for safety reasons of course and I get a laugh out of the looks on the drivers face!!! I can see how other buyers might have problems as it is a little tricky but its worth the "frieght train comin" blast!!

    Christopher Younger
    Verified Buyer
    Loud horn, tough install
    I tried three times to install this horn with the recommended wiring kit. No luck, always had to back out and put original horn back. Installed a Denali CANsmart and tried again wiring the Nautilus directly to the horn connector and the horn functioned as advertised. Very loud every time and easily heard at highway speeds through cars. In my searching during installs I saw a lot of threads about failed relays in the wiring kit from the factory. I believe the relays in the wiring kit are sub-par--so save trouble and purchase your own relay at an automotive store or use a Fuzeblock or CANsmart--you'll save a ton of time.

    Garen Deweese
    Verified Buyer
    steel nautilus horn
    A piece over over priced junk! Does not work for longer than a day, craps out. Worked on it 3 times and wasted hours trying to get it to work. Don't waste your money on this.

    K Brown
    Verified Buyer
    Stebel Nautilus Horn
    Installed on my 2016 r1200rt. Instructions are not very detailed but helpful none the less. Horn is VERY loud and worked well except relay would sound horn when I hit a bump so had to replace that with a better quality one from napa. Otherwise it works fine.

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