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Vario Luggage Rails, Black

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      Vario Luggage Rails, Black

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    Vario Luggage Rails, Black

    It is a well-known fact that you can never have enough luggage on a tourer. That is why lots of motorcyclists transport additional soft luggage such as bags, rolls, tent, etc. on the side cases. Wunderlich developed these brilliant luggage rails for this purpose.

    They mount on the original brackets for the Vario cases simply and securely without having to drill the cases. With the mounted luggage rails, even with luggage attached the cases can of course also be opened no problem and the volumes adjusted. The luggage can be tied down securely thanks to the practical lashing rings.

    The facts:

    • Luggage rail for the original BMW Vario cases
    • Set for right and left
    • Simple mounting on the case carrier
    • No drilling of the case required, so no leaks
    • No impairment of the functions of the case even with luggage attached
    • Light, high-stability stainless steel, so no aluminum dust on the luggage
    • Perfect for soft luggage such as rolls and bags
    • Four lashing rings per rail for perfect luggage hold
    • Firm, wobble-free positioning
    • Includes complete fitting set
    • Made in Germany




    Greg Carr
    Verified Buyer
    Vario case rails. Installation requires slight “tweaking”
    Ingenious ideal to allow for extra carrying capacity without drilling your Vario cases. Straight forward installation. I have a few details to allow for a better fit that are not covered in the instructional guide: 1) The Red Velcro type faster tape. The length provided should completely be utilized to allow for full adhesion and cut to the following lengths for each case installation: Cut as follows each strip with a sharp razor with both pieces attached together, four pieces at 1-1/4 inches and one piece at 3-3/16 to utilize the entire strip. DO NOT INSTALL THESE PIECES YET, ONCE APPLIED THEY ARE VERY UNFORGIVING TO MOVE OR ADJUST, THESE BOND EXTREMELY WELL AND ONCE APPLIED CANNOT BE REPOSITIONED. 2) Loose install the whole mechanism. Do not tighten down yet. Position the forward side bracket (the bracket that utilizes the 3-3/16 Velcro strip) Note the angle of the bracket as it runs perpendicular to the case. You will find the angle is too advanced outward and will need to be “tweaked” (slightly bend by hand) prior to Velcro strip being applied. If not done the Velcro will pull away over time from the strength of the steel bracket wanting to pull away resulting in the Velcro pulling apart. 2) Place the forward bracket face down on a flat surface and slightly alter the angle by hand, your don’t need to use a lot of force just enough to obtain the perpendicular angle desired. Once you have that determined, remove to whole bracket from the case. DO NOT TRY AND BEND THIS BRACKET WHILE ON THE CASE AFTER THE ADHESION STRIP IS APPLIED AS IT’S INCREDIBLY STRONG AND WILL DISTORT THE BRACKET. 3) Apply the Velcro strip pieces per the instructions. KEEP THE RED PEEL AWAY STRIPS FROM THE 3-3/16 STRIPS AS YOU WILL NEED THESE FOR THE NEXT STEP. 4) Apply the 1-1/4 Velcro pads on the top of the case per the instructions. Remove the red peel away and replace with the 3-1/6 pieces leaving an excess tail to pull away last. 5) Now, place the black foam strips where required. 6) Install permanently install the rail per the instructions but don’t remove the 3-3/16 strips on the adhesion side yet. Hard install the hardware. Once completed, using tweezer or something similar reach underneath the the rail plate and slowly remove the Red backing strip and apply pressure. Now install the forward angle bracket last. Hope this helps and isn’t too confusing. cid:16%253aX%253aRgAAAABtJ%252fJ4hUWvTZeG2VU6sYDIBwBikuAbW9WQTaTKmpbUaws7AAAAAAEMAABikuAbW9WQTaTKmpbUaws7AAEPPFyhAAAJ%253aEADHJ8VK60SvRrFnECAwEC0m

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