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Throttle Lock, Black Aluminum
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      Throttle Lock, Black Aluminum

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      Caution! Our Throttle Lock, Black Aluminum does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Throttle Lock, Black Aluminum

    This is a simple but effective cruise control solution. On long rides, the throttle hand can become tired and cramped. With the Throttle Lock installed this becomes less of a problem. The Throttle Lock simply replaces the right hand side bar-end weight, and by turning the adjustment wheel, the Throttle Lock applies pressure onto the end of twist grip and the force of the throttle return spring is reduced or eliminated.

    The adjustment wheel has wide spaced teeth that allow easy turning of it even while wearing a glove, so it can be dialed in to exactly the required pressure. To disable, the adjustment wheel is simply turned in the other direction and in a matter of seconds the twist grip returns to normal function. For safety reasons, our throttle lock is designed such that tension is applied by turning the adjustment wheel in the opposite direction of throttle action. In this way, tension can only be intentionally applied.

    The entire assembly is made of anodized aluminum and a matching left side weight is included. Being made of aluminum, these bar end weights are lighter than the original steel parts. Installation requires a T55 Torx wrench or socket and takes only seconds to carry out.

    Installation Hint 1: Our throttle lock and matching left weight are slightly shorter than the original bar end weight on some models. This in itself is not a problem however, the bar end weight bolt is installed with thread locking fluid at the factory and in some cases, there's an excess amount of hardened thread lock on the inside of the handlebar. Because in some cases the bolt needs to be screwed in further than it originally was, you may feel that the bolt is bottoming out. In this case, we suggest that you use a tap to break up the thread lock and clean the threads. You'll then be able to fully screw the bolt in and tighten it. It is a good idea to apply fresh thread locking fluid on the bolts to ensure that the bar end weight bolts do not accidentally loosen.

    Installation Hint 2: For optimal operation, it may be necessary to adjust the position of the throttle sleeve in order to achieve the proper end gap. Watch the video for information about this procedure.

    Tip: We also offer blue anodized bolts to replace the original T55 bolts. The blue anodized finish adds yet another stylish accent and compliments the adjustment wheel of the Throttle Lock. You will find these bolts under the Related Products.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    R1200 ST20052008not with top yoke conversion

    *Installation estimated at 15 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Weight to light
    They work as intended, however I do not like the light feel on the bars. The OEM weights are very heavy where these are light. Need option for same weight as OEM bar ends.

    Bruce Kennedy
    Throttle Lock did exactly as promised
    Just had my 1200 for a month and needed a good throttle lock to releive my right hand. It installed in about 15 minutes and has worked as expected and finish is first rate. I do have a little trouble activating with my finger to the extent it holds but it still allows me to then adjust a little tighter with a couple fingers. I like that I can make little speed adjustments for a hill or a downhill and relax.

    Easy to insall, difficult and dangerous to use
    The operation is backwards and jacking with it trying to set it while riding is dangerous. Threw it away. Bought a Kaoko. This is the only Wunderlich product I have not given 5 stars.

    Sunday Obazee
    best piece ever
    This thing is wonderful how do I go without it. It fits my r1150rs perfectly this is a life saver. Product arrived very fast and the color match my bike. You won't regret it good product!!

    Ray Ward
    Black Throttle Lock
    I just received the Throttle Lock that I ordered for my BMW R1200R. It was very quick and easy to install, and it works just fine. Quality seems to be excellent. The BMW MOA discount was a pleasant surprise. Excellent transaction!

    Working good, install not so easy
    Good device at the moment working very good.Install not so easy I had to use a couple of extra washers on my G 650 GS.


    John V
    Like the product, difficult to use
    Still trying to get the hang of this.

    Fine product
    This is the first time dealing with Wunderlich and I was impressed with the very speedy delivery and and the quality of the throttle lock. Installation was a breeze and works as advertised, very satisfied.

    Stephan Proulx
    Did not work on my K1300R
    I ordered the model that was recommended for my K1300R 2009. Received it, installed it. With the bolt tightened normally, the lock was too tight and my throttled was always locked. After mounting, dismounting, lubricating, etc my throttle was still locked all the time. I ended up loosening the bolt a bit and took a test ride. The thing worked well for a bit, then 15 minutes later I realized it had fallen off. I am very disappointed by the product. I would be happy to update this review if Wunderlich were to send me a replacement unit with specific instruction to make it work.

    Good product a must for long rides..looks great on my bike

    Carl Crowe
    Throttle Lock for BMW F540
    Installation was only about 5 minutes. Precise easy fit. I mostly use the throttle lock to reduce the tension on the throttle. It works great and since the threads are close together it's easy to find the sweet spot you need.

    Augusto Brunacci
    Throttle lock set w/bmw hands guard
    Wunderlich excelent seller. Muy friends ,quality excelent, but with glooves at 65mph. Almost impossible. Riding at 35mph is easier. Thks

    John Hartley, 1997 R1100RT
    Throttle Locks Rock
    The Wunderlich throttle lock is easy to install and works perfectly to allow for some relief on those long strecthes of highway.

    Great product
    Just added one t m 2012 GSA prior to 4000 mile ride to MOA INTL and back. Loved it and saved my hand during long days ride. One da on way back logged 730 miles and it saved the day!!

    Froze while engaged
    I purchased the silver version about 6 months ago.. Up until today I would have rated a 5.. It froze while engaged. When I got home, I pulled it off and found a small set screw had come loose and wedged in the mechanism. I don\\\\\\\'t know if they changed the design on the black version, but I\\\\\\\'m going back to Throttle Meister..

    Spike DeClue
    Surprisingly bad
    After just a few weeks of regular riding, the aluminum was being worn down by my gloves. Both the black color and the blue, and a surprising amount of the metal below it, was being rubbed right off. Besides that, activating this in the opposite direction of the throttle movement makes this awkward. There's a similar product on the market with a name that rhymes with bottle heister and that should be the only throttle lock you spend any of your money on. Quite a disappointment considering the quality of all the other fantastic Wunderlich items my bike is outfitted with.

    Throttle lock
    Easy install with no issues. It works well and sure relieved my throttle hand and arm on those long trips.

    RE: Trottle Locks for my K1200S BMW
    I purchased the trottle lock kit for my 2008 K1200S to give my wrist ones in a while a break on longer trips. The 10 minute install was easy, but had to make minor trottle position gap adjustments on the handle. I install a month later some Heli handlebar risers and had no issues transferring the trottle locks to the new handlebar set. I like this type of locking design over the trottle meister version on my old 1150GS. It avoids an accidental locking of the trottle. I wish Wunderlich would also offer the trottle locks in hard anodized flat black.

    John Harpold
    Agree, using it is not intuitive
    The device installed easily. I agree with several folks who mention its use is not intuitive. I have never resolved the jerkiness engaging and disengaging it. Maybe the folks who have no problem don\'t wear gloves.

    Highly recommended
    I've had this model of throttle lock on three different bikes, and today or tomorrow will be buying my fourth. I've had one on a specific bike for 25,000 miles, so longevity of the product is top notch. I've used them on several 1,000+ miles days on more than one bike. They are a lifesaver on long trips. I've read that some people think they are counterintuitive compared to throttlemeister type locks. Wunderlich got it right. By rotating the lock the way you do, rolling off the throttle is the opposite of the direction friction is applied. This is a huge safety issue for emergency braking, and this throttle lock is perfectly designed from that standpoint.

    Tom M
    Does not work
    Very dissatisfied. Not the same product shown in the video. Does not work.

    Brian W
    Does what it's supposed to
    I've had one of these on my R1200GS for over years and 100,000 miles. It does exactly what it's supposed to. For me, this is a must have on any new bike. Over time, the unit gets dirty and required cleaning with a little WD-40 but once that's done it's as good as new. Well worth the investment.

    excellent throttle lock.
    I installed this last week and have used it on several ride. The install was clean. Directions straight forward. It looks cool and stock on the bike. Best of all it works exactly how it\'s supposed to. No problem turning it on with my right ring finger or pinkie finger. Great product. Can\'t comment on longevity but it was made very well.

    Glen Kahn
    Works fine; not machined well enough.
    Easy to install, works fine (like most and by the same principle). Like: blue anodized finish. Dislike or disappointment: there is too large a gap between the blue knurled wheel and the bar-end weight. Yes, you can slide the throttle grip-but that leave too large gap on the other side. This is just an issue of aesthetics and better machine work; better tolerances. AKS Engineering makes a better lock. The best I have seen is from Bob's BMW called Bob's Wrist Rest. Wow, really well made and looks and works great (for 1/2 the price). But, both of those are not available for the 650/800GS twins with factory hand guards. So, I am keeping this one--it does work fine.

    Brad Emmons
    Works Perfectly
    Simple install and easier to use than the Throttlemeister on my Dakar. Very pleased, thanks

    Product is great.. I have a 2011 k1300s with heated grips and Helibars. Needed to shim out the throttle side. 1.05mm worked for me.. Luckily I had the shims from the throttlemeister I'm now selling...

    Needs to be revised
    I got my throttle lock for my 2009 R1200GS at the BMW MOA in Sedalia, MO (2012). I had been looking around for one for a while and finally decided on the this one. I had seen it on the demo bike at the rally and really like the looks, the feel of the locking ring as it was very smooth, and I liked they used white, teflon washers that reduced ware between parts. I also liked how pressure was applied evenly around the throttle end as you turned the lock ring. Unfortunately, I eneded up taking them off for two reasons. The first, because they are so light they don't have the vabration dampening effect of the stock bar ends. The second reason is that it is difficult to engage because it locks forward. If Wunderlich's designers can fix these two issues, I would by it again.

    I like it
    I read all the reviews before buying this one ane I'm not dissappointed. Except for the fact that it only comes in one color, howabout black? I left the left side stock (Black). Who gives a shit. I don't wear plaid golf pants.

    John Isgrigg III
    Nice addition
    This is a nice addition for super slab or long rides. I get to rest my throttle hand now. Installed in 5 minutes, no problems.

    Robert Plaisance
    Don't Waste Your Money
    This product is worthless. In order to set the cruise control you have to reach accross with your left arm while holding the throttle in position with your right hand. Not very safe in my book. If I hadn't opened this package (which violates the return policy) I would sent it back. A complete waste of $110. On top of that, the handle bar weights are about half of what comes stock. Have no idea if this is good or not; but don't waste your money on this item.

    Nice piece!
    Looks great. Excellent fit, finish and nice looking machined piece. Straight forward installation. Still getting used to it with practice. Seems to be counter intuitive to use than the Throttlemeister. Decreased the size of the stock bar ends. A little increase vibration in bars noticed.

    Josh Sieck
    Wunderlich Made it Right!
    The installation of the throttle lock was a bit of a journey for me. There was a defect on the unit from the factory, yet I still rated it with five (5) stars. How is that possible you ask? I was able to contact customer service via email. I was able to include a few images uploaded from my phone. The representative was knowledgeable, courteous, professional, prompt, and helpful! He diagnosed the issue as a manufactures defect, sent me a return label, and withing a few days the replacement part was in my hand and installed on my R1200GS Adventure. Now that the throttle lock is installed, i have used it for my daily commute of over 90 miles (one way!). I am impressed by the quality, the fit, the finish, and the effectiveness of the unit. Exceptional work on the part of Wunderlisch to do everything to make my expereince "right". I tip my hat to the customer service team for setting the standard for customer service!

    Doesn't Fit K1300R
    I ordered this set for a 2011 K1300R and it doesn't fit the bar end. I returned it and received a refund for the purchase price (but I'm out of pocket for shipping costs in both directions). I'd usually not take issue with any of this as the customer service was good and it is a case of buyer beware - however it is a bit of a burn since the year, make and model of the machine was provided during the order process and I would expect that there would be some form of validation that the part ordered would actually work with the bike specified *prior* to shipping.

    Outstanding quality. Easy installation. Works great. Highly recommended.

    James Garner
    Throttle lock
    I looked at a lot of different options for some long distance relief on my 1200 GSA and just couldn't find the right thing for me. I bought a Wunderlich throttle lock and am extremely pleased. Not only are they very well made, but installation was a breeze. I took a 200 mile ride the other day and it worked perfectly!

    Adrian Fatan
    Easy to install. Locking forward is kind of weird.

    Throttle lock 2005 650 GS
    I love it, it was easy to install. Very high quality. My fingers and wrists thank you. I use my bike for long commutes (45-55 min. one way) which was hard on my wrists. It has made the ride much more enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

    Throttle Lock
    High Quality, works as designed. Took hours for me to discard the simple insert that is shipped with the set. I checked the instructions 25 times, nothing said discard or install, micro manager me says if it comes with it-- make sure to do it right, use every piece correctly. Wrong---Just pitch it, it was packed to protect the machined surface, between the unit and the grip.

    Peter Garratt
    Throttle Lock for R1150RS
    Was so easy to fit. Looks good on the bike, and works as advertised. I'm happy with it. Practise makes perfect. I'm getting better at using with every ride.

    Robert Flegal
    Throtle lock for 2012 f650GS
    The throttle lock is just what I wanted ... it's well made, works perfectly and even looks nice on my new ride. The installation was as advertized (easy,easy,easy).

    Jeff Eisenbaum
    Love it!
    Prior to buying, I read the other reviews on ADV and some people complained about it being hard to use or counter-intuitive in terms of the direction that it engages. I've also had the Throttlemeister and Kaoko. This one is actually the best of the three. It's totally easy to use. It's simple to engage with your pinky finger while maintaining steady throttle position with the rest of your hand. The machine work and action kick ass and it's way more streamlined than the Kaoko. Nice piece.

    James Clark
    Throttle Lock
    This piece of equipment is easy to install. It does take some getting use, but by using it frequently it becomes second nature. I do wish they provided different colors as my bike is black and orange, but it is of little consequence. The reason I am only giving it 4 stars is it has a tendency to back off until you have adjusted it several times. That being said, it works just fine, and to all the whining cry babies above, take your panties off and grow a pair.

    Law Dawg (ret)
    Good fit for the F800GS OEM handguards.
    I've been using a faucet washer as a friction lock for some time. This set up is pure joy to use in comparison. It took a bit of adjustment to make it work the way I wanted but now works fine. An earlier review I read said it was difficult to use when riding...that has not been my experience. Locks well with no vibration slip, unlocks with ease. With any moto equpment learn to use it well (which direction locks it and which unlocks) long before an emergency makes you have to. It is as good as it gets on the OEM handguards and the quality is very good. One point for installation; do an assembly dry run to figure out how to set it up before putting blue Locktite on and doing final assembly. Don't skip the Locktite.

    George Chandler
    Works well, easy to install
    Takes a little while to get used to it (remember which way to turn it) but after a while it's second nature. you can set it so it's just a high friction instead of a lock. It's well made, easy to install.

    Troy Akers
    Throttle Lock - R1150GSA
    This throttle lock is easy enough to install and looks OEM. I recently completed a 1000km (600 Mile) ride using after fitting the lock and found that it was fantastic at reducing the cramping in my right hand. I would recommend this throttle lock to anyone that is looking to clock up the miles on their favorite machine, it make the journey just that little more enjoyable.

    Easy to insall, difficult to use
    The product is great quality, easy to install, and looks like the perfect solution. For me the problem is I find it difficult to set while I'm out riding. I can't hold the speed and tighten the device at the same time while in motion. Ultimately I took it off of my bike.

    Jeff Kampion
    The blue anodized knurled adjustment knob clashes with my plaid golf pants; Otherwise perfect!

    Jim Reynolds
    I agree with Tom's assesment 100%. I've used several different "throttle locks" on many different bikes over the years (including the Throttlemeister on my R1100S). Piece of cake to install, straight forward to use.

    Tom Gregory
    Simple, purely functional.
    I've used other "throttle locks" on other bikes but this one is perfect for the GS. The knurled adjuster is easy to work with and the device quickly and cleanly holds the throttle in place. There are simply times when your right hand needs to come off the throttle for a moment and this is a significantly better option that holding the clutch in a coasting while adjusting a mirror, etc. It also, of course, takes the strain off your throttle hand during the tedium of cruising. A great device, well worth the money and it only takes (literally) two or three minutes to install.

    Andre Boening
    Good but with a major design fault
    This throttle lock is a beautifully machined piece of metal and fits perfectly. It installed with very little trouble, and while locked, keeps the throttle in place so my hand can take a rest. has a major design flaw. To lock it, you have to turn it in the opposite direction of the throttle. For example, you have to simultaneously turn the lock clockwise, but turn the throttle counterclockwise to use it. One experiences a jerky throttle while you first let loose of the throttle, twist the lock one way, and then return the throttle to its original setting by turning it the opposite way. It is not intuitive either. If you want to unlock, you have to twist in the opposite of the lock. Consequently, you ride like you cannot control the throttle. What should be one fluid motion becomes two separate actions. Other throttle locks do not have this design fault.

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