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Top Case Rack
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    • Part # 8200300-302
      Top Case Rack
      Available in: Chrome, Black or Silver

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      Time 45 minutes*

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    Top Case Rack

    Available in: Chrome, Black or Silver

    This top case rack was designed exclusively to fit the large Original BMW top case of the R1200 RT and K1200/1300 GT. It is a very elegant and simultaneously useful addition to your top case that allows you to carry additional gear along and/or those things that you wouldn't want to put in your top case, such as wet rain suits, gloves etc.

    • Seamless precision steel tubing
    • Sealed, robust attachment at four points. (the tubing has threaded ends)
    • Outstanding silver powder-coated finish and workmanship. "Made in Germany"
    • The supplied seals create waterproof attachment points
    • Includes all necessary hardware


    • Steel Tubing - 12mm
    • Rack Width - 400mm
    • Rack Length - 310mm

    NOTE: Installation requires drilling four holes in your Top Case lid at specific locations. A bit of patience and mechanical skill is very helpful. Note that the front holes must be drilled at an angle. The proper tools to do the job are required.

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Steve Groeber
    Good product, caution on installation
    Unit is easy to install but just as easy to become difficult. There is no template and all centering is done on the top of the case. Before choosing where to provide the holes for the rack, check out the bottom of your case. There are protrusions you have to watch out for so the provided special washers sit flat and do not hit the protrusions on the underside of the top case. Otherwise a very good product with adequate instructions.

    Wunderlich Top Case Rack
    The directions were simple to follow. Two Youtube videos, both linked to the Wunderlich website's Top Case Rack page, were also very helpful. This rack will allow me to travel a greater distance as I can now load light, but bulky items high up and get them out of the seating area.

    Top Case Rack
    Great construction. One major problem is grommets on front of rack are not shaped to fit the rack to the top case. This should be an easy fix

    Andy Bible
    Top Case Rack
    Great product, works great, looks great. Put off the purchase simply because of the cost. Decided to have my top case painted to match my RT and that was enough to push me to make the purchase. Very happy w/ the results. Wish a template came w/ the rack, but lining it up and angling the front screws wasn't a big deal. Measure/measure/measure then drill. Would buy again, only sooner.

    Nice match to the style of the RT, careful on installation though
    You'll need to drill your top case to mount this and ensure that it is well positioned. A template or more specific instructions (mount at least x cm from the rear of the case) would be a useful addition to this kit. In my case I made an error and placed it a bit too close to the rear of the bike. The interior of the case slopes at a certain point and you need to be at least 1/4" in front of that. I managed to correct my error without any noticeable issues.

    Thomas Komon
    Verified Buyer
    Top case rack, silver
    This rack is well built and matches finish of my engine and pannier guards perfectly. Installation was rather easy as long as one takes their time and follows instructions. Mine came out perfect. Must be a new design since there is no drilling on an angle any longer.

    Verified Buyer
    Top case rack 2012 RT
    The fit in the finish of the rack was great. Getting the placement of the holes to drill was a little tricky take some extra time make sure they're perfect overall I was very happy with it a nice compliment to the top case shipping was right on time showed up when they said it would be very quick thanks so much

    Joe Fowler
    Verified Buyer
    Nice clean styling
    Purchased this and am very happy with it. I opted for silver and it matches every thing else. Is a little tricky to drill back holes and get all aligned. Does not come with a template as described in video.

    Keith Thompson
    2013 R1200RT Top Case Rack
    Very good sturdy engineering design. The paint color matches good as well. Perfect fit

    Mr J
    Disappointed with quality
    I very promptly received this rack in powder coat silver. First thing noticed was the sloppy welds. Two of the welds also had pinholes that didn't appear to filled with the powder coat. Although the rack did not appear damaged, one leg was more than 1/16" shorter than the other three and the four mounting points (legs) were not square or equal distance. The rack would not sit flush on the top box and it could not be aligned symmetrically on the top box. The rack was easily returned and I'm waiting for another one to be quality control inspected before it's shipped to me. The people at Wunderlich were helpful, courteous and obliging when dealing with the return.

    Larry Barasch
    Got mine installed yesterday
    I installed the black top case rack on my '09RT yesterday. Installed hardware worked fine. The front legs on this newer model are apparently much more vertical than in previous models, and installing it took all of 1/2 hour. I removed the top case cover from the hinges (4 screws) and worked on it on my workbench rather than on the bike, to make it easier. It took longer to figure out exactly where I wanted it, and getting over the nerves of drilling into the cover. Masking tape worked great for the layout, and I measured about 20 times before drilling. It looks and works great. I did have to return the first one I bought, as it had some imperfections in the black coating, some scratches, and rust in the mounting holes, but as soon as I called, Wunderlich e-mailed me a UPS return label, picked up the return shipping, and cross-shipped me a replacement which was in fine condition. Overall, I'm happy with the rack, and thrilled with the customer service. A final note: don't over tighten the bolts. I did on the rear legs and noticed a "puckering" under the nylon washers only in sunlight. Loosening a thread or two, and the "puckers" went away, and its still mounted on there nice and strong.

    Top case rack
    It was a little aggravating to install, the template was left out of my order but not that big of a deal

    Top Case rack in silver for BMW R1200RT LC
    Very nice rack. Took a bit to mount. Make sure that you drill the front holes at the appropriate angle and adjust the bevelled washers to match the inner case.

    Pini Barak
    Over priced and not alined
    What Can I add to the other reviews

    Derik pomeroy
    Nice rack
    I watched the video on installlation, so I drilled the front holes at an angle, but it was difficult to get all 4 holes to align. Also, don't overtighten the bolts, or it will deform the top case. I am pleased with the rack. I would caution you that you cannot put a lot of weight up there. The topcase and its attachment mechanism just won't tolerate it. I would say 10 pds max.

    Alberto Lastra
    Honestly, I was expecting much more quality given the price and the German manufacture. The product is poorly finished, its not even, placing it over a flat surface, the legs were not properly aligned, and the problem is transferred to the expensive box, with a slight deformation. The paper pattern is a joke, its incredible that a piece of paper, folded, is able to keep the precision required to drill such an expensive piece of equipment. The rack is solid and the painting is fine, still, the price is excesive and doesnt correspond to the quality expected from Wunderlich to fit a BMW motorcycle. I installed it well, cause Im an experienced handyman, but not thanks to the product and instructions. By the way, the uneven leg leaks when it rains, still have to work on that problem. Very disappointed.

    West Frazier
    Top Case Rack Mods
    I bought this rack knowing its was made for a new R1200RT, not my 2004 1150RT. I wanted to be able to carry our extra water proof duffle more securely, so I knew mounting mods would be required. The rack is a-plus and making the mods were not difficult.Works perfectly!!!

    Dwayne Pepper
    Very dificult instal
    The rack is beautiful and functional, typical of all Wunderlich prodects. But what should be a 15 minute instal took 2 weekends. My template placed the holes in the right location. HOWEVER the front 2 holes must be drilled at a 45 degree angle going forward. Woe unto you if you drill them perpendicular to the case. BE WARNED!!! And I will mention this case we are drilling holes into is nearly $1000 dollars worth of Bavarian plastic. So in summary, great product but negligent instructions.

    Difficult to install but worth it
    After watching the install video and reading the reviews, I decided to have my wife help me! First, I threw away the template, it is just not accurate enough. I laid long strips of painters tape on the box top at the points of connection. Positioned the rack and marked the tape by drawing circles around the attach points of the rack. I then moved the rack over enough, leaving it on the box top, so that I could visually see the drill angle required for the forward holes. After drilling the forward holes, I attached them to be sure I had them right. Then I removed one front screw and moved the rack enough to drill the rear holes. Attaching is tricky and I could not have done it without help. The instruction video really should say that. The rack is great and looks terrific, we are leaving on a trip in 2 days and will try it out but it feels firm and sturdy. Take the time to think it through, if that doesn't work, call and I'll send my wife over.

    Craig Thompson
    Top case rack
    Looks great and worked well with the bag I had for carrying rain gear and light stuff. Would rate 5 stars if rack was lighter. A bit overkill as you can't carry much weight on top of the top case anyway.

    Robert Benstead
    As indicated by other reviews only use the template to get the general idea on the placement. Use some masking tape and draw around the rack supports, Mark the center of each and drill away. It's a piece of cake with anyone with mechanical skills.

    RT top case rack
    I did not read the reviews first either or I wouldn't have purchased this rack. The chrome finish is disappointing and feels rough at the welds, obviously the copper layer wasn't buffed smooth before the chrome was applied. I did watch the video but wasn't prepared for the hassle of the front attachment points. The template was okay for the rear attachment points but the fronts did not align with the template marks. DO NOT drill the front holes without first checking the position of the front legs of the rack! Because of the stress applied to the plastic box lid at the attachment points, their being at an improper angle to match the lid, I'll have to be very conservative with weight of any load placed on the rack as it make cause cracking damage to the lid near the attachment points.

    Tony Street
    2 Holes at a Time
    The template provided is not quite accurate. I strongly recommend that you drill the front 2 holes first, attach the rack and tighten it down; THEN mark the rear 2 holes; disassemble (of course) and THEN drill the rear 2 holes......

    Tony Mileur
    Top Case Rack
    Overall I like the rack, It look great and works really well, the only problem, be it small is that the timplt that is sent is 1/4 to a 3/8 inch off. What I did was set the rack where I wanted it to mount and marked it with a sharp lead pencil, drilled the holes( with a little Kentucky windage) and it fit great.

    Doug Stracener
    Nice after installed, but there are serious issues with design
    This rack is nice, BUT DO NOT USE THE PAPER TEMPLATE : 1. The paper template, even when mounted properly, DOES NOT match the holes in the rack itself. I strongly suggest taking some screws and cutting the heads off, place the rack on the top case, and mark where they sit BEFORE drilling the actual holes. My use of the paper template ended up with holes out of line over a quarter inch on one, and having to bore out all the others a bit. This requires obtaining wide stainless steel washers and using silicone caulk to fill in the holes. The other problem with this rack is that the forward mounting holes require and angle drill guide to drill into the case. A much better design would be to simply roll the tubes straight into a 90 degree curve which would make a much easier mounting. The other thing I have had problems with on several Wunderlich products, including this one, is that the screw/bolt hardware for some reason is cheap and does not go into the threads of the matching item easily. I ended up replacing it with stainless steel hardware that went in much better. Were I do do this again, I would not have purchased this item. Harley-Davidson makes a generic non-logo top case rack that is really nice, and far superior in quality, at about the same price, and looks good on the BMW top case.

    Installation could be made easier
    I liked the look and quality of the rack for my R1200RT but the installation could be made easier. The drilling of the two front holes at the required angle is somewhat difficult and if not done properly, makes installing the screw close to impossible. An easy fix would be to redesign the front of the rack where these screws attach similar to the design of the rear screws- flat to the trunk rather than the angled approach. Though a nice design, I think a little function over form is in order.

    Steve McPeake
    Review of Luggage Rack
    Based on the other reviews I checked it the screws fit into the bottom of the rack. Sure enough only one fit smoothly. I had a friend of mine tap each leg so they could screw in better. I started with placing the rear vertical legs then penciled in the front two slanted lets. Total process took 45 minutes.

    rob W
    Could be better
    First, the color I wanted was not in stock so I had to settle for black. Now, I\'ve read the installation was tough so I read all the reviews and watched the video. The video was helpful but one review was spot on; throw away the template. Because the rack is not manufactured to exact specs, it does not match the template. So, If I used the template as per video and instructions I would have ruined my top case. I checked my rack against the template and sure enough it was off significantly left to right. So, I made my own template and did the install. Even with the template the front angle drill holes were very difficult to do and I was off a little bit. This made the final step cumbersome; it did not want to line up easily. With a little adjusting of the holes, it fit. But then it leaked a little so I loosened it all, put some calking in and re-tighten. All good now. Overall, a pain to install. For the price a better template and method for the front install should be done. However, the rack did its job for a week long trip with the wife to Nova Scotia.

    Randy Vickery
    Quality product, great looking
    I received this rack 4 days before a 55oo mile trip. It installed without any problems using the screws, washers, and drilling templet provided. I secured a 25lb waterproof bag with Rok straps and never once had a problem during the trip. I hated to drill my top case but had to sacrifice for a two up trip for two weeks. This rack worked flawless.

    Top Case Rack for 49L Case
    Before installing the rack watch Wunderlich\'s Youtube video on how to install it and it should be easy if you have any mechanical ability. The rack is great for carrying something odd shaped or just to put a small round bag on it for extras.

    James Mellard
    Top Case Rack
    I watched the video and read the instructions several times. The problem is the threads in the angled legs of the rack were not straight with the angle of the legs and also one of the legs threads was burred and I needed to add washers to get it to tighten up. I can not recommend this product. With the price charged and what I have come to expect from Wunderlich and the many purchases I have made from them, I am very disappointed.

    Looks good but.....
    After reading all of the reviews, I thought I'd give this a try. If you follow the video you shouldn't have that much problem, it is tricky but doable. It took me about 30 to 40 mins to put it on I did have some longer bolts that I had to use, thats why I'm only giving it 3 stars. It looks good and performs well.

    R1200RT top case rack
    I read all the reviews, and some people had a hard time installing this rack. I don't know why, the template was perfect, and I had the rack installed in 20 minutes. Its great, holds my tent and kermit chair nicely.

    Robert B Phelps
    Top Case Luggage Rack Install
    I enjoyed the benefit of having a good buddy who recently installed this rack. He came over had a couple pieces of advice, throw away the template and install the angled (front) legs first. He had followed the factory instructions for his installation and from that experience arrived at the conclusion that I should not. We carefully measured and triangulated until placing the rack in the right spot, drew pencil around the front, spring loaded center punch to mark for the drill, finished by drilling with angle to the rear. Loosely installed purchased 6x20mm bolts, lower and marked the rear, punched and drilled. Installed bolts in the rear and tightened it all up. Under 40 minutes invested including opening the box. I do recommend getting the longer 6mm x 20 mm bolts for the front and using the longer ones in the kit for the rear. I got the black powder coat, the finish is great and the rack looks great on the machine. I recommend this product.

    James Dubick
    Poor installation instructions and short hardware.
    If I had read the reviews before purchasing I probably wouldn't have bought it. The mounting template matched my rack just fine but the instructions were not adequate in that they didn't state that the holes for the angled legs needed to be drilled at an angle. Fortunately, I had the necessary longer screws for the angled legs so I didn't have to make a trip. Once installed, I am satisfied with the rack.

    Installation Nightmare - Let the Buyer Beware!!
    There is very little I can add to the statements made by others about this rack. The overall quality of this rack is very disappointing. But because I needed this rack for a trip I decided to go ahead with the installation. I thought I could install the rack in spite of the apparent issues. Plus I had purchased the so called improved version of this rack. It appears the only improvement they made was to include slanted rubber washers in the kit. These washers caused even more of a problem and as a consequence I almost ruined the lid to my top case. If you purchase this rack I highly recommend you do not use the template they provide for drilling the holes for anything other than to get an idea about where to drill the holes. Also obtain a bit longer stainless steel bolts. I also ended up not using the slanted washers. I contacted Wunderlich America and here is their response: "Hi Richard, I have contacted Wunderlich in Germany and they have subsequently contacted Hepco & Becker who manufacture the part. They feel that the redesigned part while difficult to install meets the price vs. manufacturing capability formula of this relatively low volume part. Our technical support department agrees as well………" It appears they are well aware that this part is not correct but are not willing to redesign it properly to fix the problems. The most apparent fix to me would be to change the angle of the front legs. This is not what I expected from Wunderlich.

    Chuck Costa
    Installation Nightmare
    How tough could it be right? Well every review here is right on the money. Very poor quality control on designing the feet, mounting system and the template is not even close. 2-3 hour job, lots of modifications make this an installation nightmare. Already beginning to see potential problems after the first ride.

    Frank Lonyai
    Rt top rack
    I am compelled to agree with previous reviewers. I had purchased several items from Wunderlicht and this was the only, but worst design I got from after market suppliers. I think the concept is great and the utility of the rack is great also. The finish and chrome plating was acceptable; hopefully it will last and shine as long as I expect from a German designed and manufactured accessory. The installation and attachment points were a nightmare. I expected to be done in no more than half an hour and I kept tinkering over an hour. Let me start with the easy part of the problem: the template. The instruction suggests to use it to determine the locations of the 4 screws. Because of the back I was very cautious with the placement of the template to no avail. Recommendation: don't even use the front leg locations. Just determine the back ones, attach the two rear legs and then draw around the front legs location. The real problem started here. I could clearly see that the front legs were not perpendicular to the top case surface but when I checked the inserted nut I assumed that it was installed in an oblique way to compansate for the angled legs. How wrong I was! I struggled 4-5 to redrill the whole to enlarge in such a way that it can accommodate the slanted installations of the screws. Honestly I couldn'd beleive my eyes that such oversight can happen at Wunderlicht. Recommendation: redesign the front leg to be perpendicular to the cover. After installing it I liked it and it looks great!

    Steve Cass
    Top Case Rack
    I agree with the previous reviewers comments. I gave it a higher rating than he did simply because the end results are very good. If the installation was more straight forward and easier I would give it a five star rating. The rack it self is nice. The welds are clean and the chrome plating is smooth. The rack is sent with an installation template. I highly recommend that you check the feet of the rack to the template before your do any drilling. Also, this is very important, check the location of the holes drilled on the feet 0f the rack and mark the actual hole locations on the installation template. The holes are drilled in the center of the feet. Use these locations to drill your top case. Take you time with this as you wont get a second chance. The top case is too expensive to mis-drill the mounting holes! Once the rack is properly installed it is a very nice and functional unit! Just take your time to install it properly.

    Pain in the A_ _
    : I recieved my rack in good time. The rack looked OK not the best chrome not sure why they do not just poder coat it gray to match the top box and sell it a little cheaper. The fit of the rack to the box was not good at all. I had to tweek the rack all around just to get it to set on the box with the 4 mounting areas touching. Then I tried to use there drill templet which was not even close to where you need to drill the holes. I ended up having to use transfer screws to get the proper drill location. The Two holes at the rear of the box were easy but at the front were a real pain . The way they have the legs bent where you screw to you must drill the holes at two different angles leaning to the rear and to the out side of the box. Even after doing this I still had to pull tap the holes to get the screws to start. The screws that send are to short you can use the long ones for the front in the rear but you need to get 2 6mm x 20mm for the front. What a pain. Very Dissipointed in this product from Wunderlich. It took me 4 hours to install and I am a Tool & Diemaker by Trade. They need to rethink there design of this rack . To make instulation easier & fit better.

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