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Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat
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    • Part # 42720402-502
      Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat
      Available in: Standard, Low, Tall, and Passenger

    • (4.6) 5 Reviews
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      Caution! Our Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT  Seats

    Available in:
    • Rider Standard
    • Rider Low
    • Rider Tall
    • Passenger

    We manufacture our seats with a characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour. The shape and angle of the carefully crafted, progressively structured, dual-layer seat core support the ergonomically beneficial, natural posture of the back. One special feature of our passenger seat is the integrated support contour on the front of the seat that provides an additional secure hold while braking.

    Integrated, riding is a relaxing affair and thus also active. And there's no doubt that relaxed sitting adds a serious plus to passive safety. With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials. We also have a passenger seat in the range to go with this.

    The same applies to all AKTIVKOMFORT seats: The "buckling" of the cushioning is reliably prevented via the sophisticated construction and the sitting pressure is equally distributed over a large area, resulting in noticeably lower specific pressure load to your behind. Comfy! Also typically Wunderlich: The incorporated concave profile for relieving the pressure-sensitive coccyx is another outstanding trademark!

    They offer perfect hold and active, reliable control during accelerated riding, also and especially when braking: who hasn't experienced it, when your passenger suddenly slides forward on braking and you immediately have to brace while simultaneously having to steer in what could be a hairy situation? With Wunderlich's very own support contour, these scary moments while braking are now a thing of the past. The innovative, ergonomic 3D contour also ensures that pressure points on the inner thighs while standing at the lights are now a distant memory.


    • A relaxed and active riding experience adds a definite plus to passive safety
    • Ergonomic 3D contour to support the natural posture of the back and comfortable leg position while riding and standing
    • Progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and rigid core guarantees comfort because the seat doesn't buckle
    • The sitting pressure is equally distributed over a larger area, resulting in noticeably optimized weight distribution and lower specific pressure load
    • Distinct concave profile to relax the coccyx
    • More comfort with ThermoPro: With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials
    • Refined, dropped "Cut" seams
    • Embroidered Wunderlich logo
    • Made in Germany.

    Technical Information

    • Cover material with ThermoPro coating
    • Sweat-reducing, grippy cover material, combined with pin-tucks in Alcantara, dropped "Cut" seams
    • Taped and welded seams for 100% tightness on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines
    • Material of seat shell: High-strength "RoburC" shell of our own construction
    • Progressive, dual-layer seat core structure
    • Wunderlich premium product. Small batches. Made by hand.
    • Wunderlich design. Integrated and functional.
    • Made in Germany

    Wunderlich product category

    • Ergonomics
    • Design


    Rider Seat Standard Height

    • Standard Seat Height for the R1200 GS & R1250 GS
    • -20 mm seat height for the R1250 GS Adventure & R1200 GS Adventure

    Rider Seat Low Version

    • -30 mm seat height for the R 1250 GS & R 1200 GS LC
    • -50 mm seat height for the R 1250 GS Adventure and R 1200 GS Adventure

    Rider Seat Tall Version

    • +25 mm seat height for the R 1250 GS & R 1200 GS LC
    • +5 mm seat height for the R 1250 GS Adventure and R 1200 GS Adventure

    Passenger Seat

    • Standard seat height


    Deb Campanella
    Great Seat, Exceptionally Comfortable, Would not recommend for smaller riders
    5'5" Female - 2022 BMW R1250GS - Stock Low Suspension, Purchased low seat from Wunderlich, as well as passenger seat. Rider Seat is gorgeous, extremely comfortable, but is almost an inch wider then the stock BMW seat which makes seat very uncomfortable for my smaller stature when not actctively riding (traffic, stops, etc) Passenger seat has a longer attachment pin then stock seat so it has a larger gap between rider seat and passenger seat, simply looks unsightly from the original lines of the stock seat.

    I had the seat about a month but waited until I had my first long trip to write this review. My initial impression was great looking, high quality and an install fit like stock. I bought this seat in tall because it is the same height as a stock GSA seat. I am 6'2" with an about 35 inch inseam and weigh about 220 pounds. I have a prosthetic left leg below the knee and this seat height gave a very good leg position while allowing me to easily touch the ground. For my ride I did about 250 miles on dead straight freeway and found the seat comfortable for 175 miles or about 2.5 hours. The next section was secondary roads allowing me to move around a bit for cornering. This was another 250 miles and I was comfortable for 200 miles or about 3 hours straight riding. This was a comfortable 500 mile day when the stock seat had me squirming at about 70 miles or 1 hour. On then way back the seat had broken in some and I did around 220 miles straight on the secondary roads only standing once for about 30 seconds. This was a great investment in long term riding comfort. It was expensive and worth it with quick delivery. I debated about the heated seat but found this seat was warn enough while wearing Klim Badlands pants and a heated vest in 38 degree weather. If cost is a factor for you opt out of the heated seat but definitely get the unheated version.

    James S
    Low Seat for GSA
    High quality product. If you legs are like mine (30” inseam) you will be happy every day you’re on the bike. And way nicer than the OEM seat in terms of construction and quality.

    Aktikomfort low
    Foam is firmer than stock. Considerably more comfortable. No difference in height from BMW low. Material provides good grip, definitely stays cooler in direct sunlight. Good workmanship, fit & finish.

    Dave Groleau
    8 hour rides
    I have a 2015 R1200GS and have put 20k on with the ERGO seat also had a 2013 R1200GS and put 30K on it with the ERGO seat. I find in much better then the OEM seat and would recommend it to long day riders.

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