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Oil Cooler Guard
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    • Part # 8500149
      Oil Cooler Guard

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      Caution! Our Oil Cooler Guard does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Oil Cooler Guard

    One of Wunderlich's signature products, the Oil Cooler Screen is also now available for the R1200 RT. Rather than just create a screen to fit over the oil cooler, Wunderlich went all-out on this elaborate and attractive design. The screens are securely positioned in a precision formed plastic housing that fits right over the existing gill, perfectly. The result delivers not only protection for your oil cooler and the inside of the fairing but also gives the bike a strikingly unique frontal appearance.

    The high quality plastic housing is silver in color and it has a flawless finish. The plastic can be painted if desired but the silver finish compliments the other parts of the bike very well. Installation is extremely easy: simply cut the included double sided foam tape into six pieces of equal length, attach them to the original grill and then, after peeling off the outer layer of tape, push the screen assembly into place. The fit and finish is superb.


    Please Note: Fits up to 2009 models only. 2010 and later models require part number 8500168, available under the Related Products.



    Kris Seymour
    Verified Buyer
    Looks like factory BMW
    I just installed this today and I'm very impressed with the quality and appearance when on my 2005 1200RT. It doesn't look like an aftermarket piece and really compliments the RT. My bike is a dark grey and this matches the silver plastic housing next to the oil cooler. I do all my long distance touring in the summer and have had the bike overheat to the point I've had to stop and let it cool down when in construction zones on the highway. I'm not sure I would've purchased this if i didn't just install an RTP oil cooler fan to my bike. Now that I can turn on the fan whenever I'm stuck in construction traffic, I can turn it on and not worry about overheating.

    G. Carr
    2012 R1200RT cooler guard
    Fits perfectly and matches the silver finish of the bike. The only downside is the two sided tape to hold in place. Could be difficult to remove when cleaning out debris. My advice would be a rugged brand of Velcro so it can be removed and replaced. That’s my two cents. Other than that I would give this. BUY recommendation!

    David Andler
    Verified Buyer
    Not for the newer RTs
    I have several parts from Wunderlich. I was disappointed in the oil cooler guard. I specifically asked if it would fit the newer RTs (Ihave a 2016). I was told it would fit. It does not fit.

    Keith Thompson
    2013 R1200RT Oil Cooler Guard
    Perfect fit and matching color. The added protection will protect me from pebble hits denting up my radiator fins. Great mold fit!

    Jim Meister
    A nice piece of work ...
    This is a little pricey but very pretty. Tired of picking wayward animals out of the oil cooler. Slick looking, easy to install and makes the bike look better !

    Oil cooler guard for 2012 R1200RT
    Excellent product. Goes on without any issues. Matches perfectly to the silver and dark blue colors.

    Good Protection
    I added the oil cooler protector as part of preparation for a trip to the lower 48 from Alaska. I used Velcro tape instead of the supplied double sided tape, thinking it may be nice to remove it easily. It's holding up fine so far and seems to hold well. As others have noted, it does blend in well with front of the bike.

    Looks good and functional
    I mounted thie unit on my 2012 R1200Rt and I think it looks great. I prefer the silver color to the black and the screens will make cleaning the bike much easier.

    Yeeha! Stephen
    2012 Oil Cooler Guard
    Nice item received as advertised. Easy to install and didn't require any bodywork removal. Grill-work was a little too bright for my tastes so I painted it black and left the outside silver/grey. Looks good on the bike.

    nathan margolis
    Two Screws Needed
    I was very pleased with the grills and ease of installation. Will admit that I do get concerned with double sided tape that is used in the install because over time it goes bad with heat, cold, water, and age. For that reason, I used in the title- two screws to catch you attention. Underneath the bottom lip, I drilled two 1/16th or so holes and inserted two stainless sheet metal style screw about a 1/4 long. This cannot be seen and gives me confidence it will permanently hold the screen insert in place for live and if or when double sided tape does give way, you will notice with the "play" in the insert. Like the product very well.

    Highlly Recommend
    Received the Oil Cooler Guard, not only does it look great, but it does the job well!! I highly recommend this seller and product. Thanks!

    James G
    Nice Looking and Functional
    Easy to install, great looking - make the front of the bike look nicer. I live in Arizona and did not see a degradation of cooling with it in place

    Doug Stracener
    Expensive, but nice product
    This item mounts easily using velcro type tape, and looks good on the RT.

    Robert Shook
    RTs should come with this from the factory!
    This is a great solution for protecting the oil cooler on your RT. Quality production, finish matches the matte silver on the bike and looks like original equipment. Very easy install and great fit, actually snapped into place on the intake of the bike, ultimately held on by 3M adhesive strips. Very elegant design. Highly recommended

    Edward Frost
    Great Product
    I am very happy with this product. It took less than 5 minutes to install, looks great, and is functional.

    Mike Trainor
    Small price to pay to protect your oil cooler
    Fitting couldn\'t be easier,looks great and the engine temp hasn\'t changed one bit.Got to be cheap insurance if it stops a rock or anything going through the fins of the cooler.

    Looks like a oem part!
    Easy install and looks great. Painted it black, looks better with my polar metallic paint. Highly recommend.

    Oil Cooler guard
    Purchased this about 2 weeks ago and while the oil temp increased a bit, it doesn't seem to be too bad. Looks and ability to clean the bugs out of it is great. Dresses up the front of the bike nicely

    Rob Chapple
    Buy it
    Very good looking addition. Silver colour makes a very nice addition to my 2011 Thunder Grey 1200RT

    Israel Salas Flores
    Util contra las palomillas
    Además de darle una vista, es muy útil donde las palomillas se insertan en el radiador. Facil limpieza. Debería tener algún clip para quitar o poner a presión sin llegar a tener que aplicar pegamento.

    Yousef al Najdi
    Over heat !!
    I fixed this piece on my bike direct before I took it from the show room, what I mean is that I have never ride my RT without it 'the oil cooler gourd'. Since that time I have feeling that the bike have overheat temp. Then one of my friends advice me to remov it, the I did !! The surprise was that my bick become sooooooo cool !! :( .

    Robert Charron
    Cool Looking Oil Cooler Protection
    Very easy to install and protect the oil cooler.

    Fit and Finish A+
    Super easy installation! Makes the bike actually look better in my opinion. Definitely easier to clean the bugs off the painted surface than the factory matte plastic. It seems that the wire mesh protecting the oil cooler would allow excellent airflow as well. The only thing I wonder is if I have to remove it for any reason, if the 3M tape would let go or if something else would first. Quite sticky tape!

    Ian Mitchell
    Cool Piece
    Looks excellent. Fits perfectly. A little tricky getting in position with the sticky strips in place, but it worked. Importing to Canada was very smooth with no hang ups.

    Looks Wunderful!
    I was hesitant to get this at first. It said on all the covers that they could cause overheating. This piece is top quality. The screen is very sturdy. The spaces are very wide getting plenty of air through to the cooler. It is also a perfect fit and nice that you don't have to remove any pieces to install!

    Gabi Meron
    Very cool. Provides an aggressive new look to the RT's front, however a close look & feel reveals no more than a piece of plastic + some metal net. I give it 3 stars simply because its outrageousness price.

    Ronald Allen
    Jury is Still Out
    The oil cooler guard looks great and installs in just a few minutes, if that. However, the tape used to install the oil cooler guard to the bikes fairing is in question. With the temperature changes, we see here in the mid-west along with the rain and miles of riding will the tape hold, is the question? I thought about using a bead of RTV to attach the guard to the oil cooler but I opted to go with what Wunderlich provides. Time will tell, after a summer of riding I will be better able to make a decision on the worth of this neat looking and protective accessory.

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