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Vario Handlebar Riser, Silver
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    • Part # 8160411
      Vario Handlebar Riser, Silver

    • (4.5) 13 Reviews
    • $263.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 45 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Vario Handlebar Riser, Silver does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Vario Handlebar Riser, Silver

    Treat yourself to a relaxed individually adjusted seating position. The adjustable version of the Wunderlich bar riser forth RT lets you find a suitable handle bar position better than ever. The ingenious but simple construction of the riser allows a wide range of adjustment: The base position has the handlebars 30 mm (1.18") higher than standard. Then the step-less adjustment allows them to be moved back towards the rider by up to 20 mm (0.78"). Additionally, each handle bar can be moved outwards by up to 25 mm (1") from standard. This results in massive 50 mm (2") overall increase in handlebar width for a true "touring" feeling.

    • Better handling.
    • Relaxed touring seating position.
    • 30 mm (1.18") higher than standard handle bar position.
    • Large step-less adjustment range: Handle bars are up to 20 mm (0.78")closer to rider and up to 50 mm (2") wider than standard.
    • Precision machined "aircraft quality" aluminum alloy.
    • Silver or black anodized versions available.
    • No need to replace cables or hydraulic lines.

    Sold as a complete silver or black anodized set with everything included for installation. No modification to bike needed. ABE approved.

    Please Note:This part fits only models up to and including 2009. 2010 and later models require part number 8160818, available under the Related Products.

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Wonderful addition
    Read instructions fully before starting, sort out the fasteners, then quick easy install. Very nice product, great for my posture and comfort.

    Adjustable and simple
    At 6'2" and too many years to count, the shoulders ache a bit after a longish ride. While not cheap, the risers are simple, straightforward and virtually invisible on the bike. Crisp, clear instructions. Good range of options for width and up/down. Clever approach. Worth it!

    Robert Henninger
    Great Barbacks!!!
    These work great! They come up and back farther than the other ones I had. And bring able to spread them out wide is a big plus too. I had to move the front brake master cylinder line back behind the fork tube on my 2013 R1200RT but that was easy enough. Great product!

    Jim Lakin
    Snug but good
    I too thing the lines on the brake side are a bit too snug, but overall, the are a marked improvement over the risers I had on before. My neck and shoulder discomfort is now gone. Definitely would buy them again.

    Not Exactly as Advertized
    Installation is fussy, instructions could be better. At full down and out adjustment you will in fact experience dangerously tight clutch and brake cables when the wheel is turned full right or left, and this is contrary to the as advertised. My Machine is a 2008 - and while lots of adjustment are in the vario risers, you can\'t use the adjustment without replacing your cables to longer units.

    Mark Neblett
    Expensive, but worth it for the extra adjustability
    Very pleased with the product -- high quality machining and finish, and more flexible with in-out adjustment than I expected. I also found the angle of the grips may be slightly adjusted (~2-3 degrees) by holding the grip in the desired position while tightening the bolts. I did a SS1000 after installing these -- much easier with the grips in the \\\\"right\\\\" (for me) position.

    Kenn Hadermann
    Bar risers
    If you self install, don't underestimate that you can get more cable length (IF needed) by finding the factory cable ties, cutting one or two and re-tie if needed. Just give the factory lines some pull and you get more than you need. Enjoy !!

    B. Wagner
    More room for big people!
    The adjustments possible with the Vario Riser make the excellent ergonomics of the RT even better. Being 6'2" I did find the cockpit a little tight. The addition of the Vario brought the bars back closer and the additional spread is incredible. My goal was to reduce hunching over and give my shoulders a break but it did that and more. My only comment is your exprot process. Into Canada I was charged a big pile of money for tax and duty (Over $100 cdn). I buy lots online and it seems UPS has one of the highest fees going, you may want to investigate a more reasonable broker so I can buy my engine bars!

    Did not like fit.
    I have a 2012 R1200RT. Unless the risers were adjusted all the way forward and inward, the throttle cables were in a bind. I did not test drive the bike to see if it mattered, but did not feel safe with the installation. Having them all the way forward did not make much difference so I did not install them.

    Jeff P
    Bar Risers on 2012 RT
    I found these bar risers to be very easy to install and they do exactly what they are supposed to do. It took me no more than 20 minutes to install both sides, although the instructions are only for the right side, so of course, I installed the left side backwards! So my 20 minute install includes that re-do. All the cables are long enough for these risers, so nothing else to buy or adjust to accomodate these risers like others out there, and I loved the variations in width of the bars that you can have. Even though there is some play in regards to how close they come to you, I only wish that they would come just another inch or so towards me, and then they would be perfect. But then the bars would be hanging off the mount too far to be stable. So this is as good as it gets. I can't imagine another product being easier to install or work any better than this.

    Bar Riser Kit Instructions
    What a great product. The risers look as good as they work. The only draw back is instructions. I found that they were in need of more parts identification and a couple more pictures. Assembled wrong once then the next time I got it right a lot of scratching my head. Good product

    F Zertuche
    Handlebar Riser
    I purchase these for my BMW R1200RT and they do just as advertise. They raise and spread the handles and you feel more relax. I notice right away. The instructions should be more detailed and the parts should be more easy to identify instead of just giving you the size of the screws or bolts in metric.

    Ed Bremer
    Great Risers
    I installed these because of the ability to not only raise the bars but also move them out and back toward me. I have a better feel when riding now and having the bars back toward me has also eliminated some neck and shoulder discomfort. Fit and finish is superior to anything I have seen. Installation straight-forward. I highly recommend these...they make my bars feel like they came off my former R12GSA. Thanks for a great product!

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