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Side Stand Enlarger
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      Side Stand Enlarger

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      Caution! Our Side Stand Enlarger does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    Side Stand Enlarger

    Your R1200 can really benefit from one of these side stand plates because asphalt or soft sand can cause an unsafe situation when parking on the side stand. This Wunderlich part solves the problem by increasing the surface area of your side stand foot. The serrations on the end provide added grip for your boot when deploying the stand. The part is designed to fit perfectly and be easy to install and that makes this accessory a sensible improvement for your BMW.

    When installing, apply a drop or two of Loctite or similar thread locking fluid to the retaining screws to ensure that they do not loosen and fall out. (available under the Related Products)

    Note: Please see the Related Products for the optional Spike Set. The spikes not only offer additional grip with the ground, they also add some height which can reduce the amount of lean angle.




    Hal Davis
    Side stand enlarger
    Easy to install and works like a champ. Wunderlich is a great company to buy from. Fast shipping and good customer service.

    Much easier to kick down now
    Addition makes it a lot easier to grab the stand with my foot at stop.

    David Witmer
    A must have item
    This is a great item. easy to install. Now you can park on any surface without any worries.

    Chen chang
    Easy to install works very well

    Colin Card
    Side stand enlarger
    Works perfectly and very easy to install.

    John Burns
    Side Stand Enlarger
    Easy to install. Quality materials. Looks good and improves the stability of the my BMW R1200RT regardless of surface I park on. Very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.

    Side stand foot for BMW R1200RT LC
    Nice unit, but make sure you get the proper one. My order off the page got me the part for the pre-water cooled RT and had to exchange.

    Martin A. López
    Great product
    It took me a whole 3 minutes to get this accessory installed. Since then I have parked on grass, gravel and sand without issues or concerns. I'm literally a happy camper!

    Ray L
    Great little product
    Takes the worry about sinking into hot asphalt or into dirt when off the hard surface. No interference with riding position. Easy installation. Only complaint is that it is installed using Allen head bolts instead of Torx head bolts... come on, Wunderlick, get on the bandwagon, products I've purchased from you are the only Allen heads I have on the bike.

    Bob Angell
    Great Purchase, Wonderful Product
    Purchased a new bike, and added engine guards and the side stand enlarger. A must have for any bike, and the fit/finish is excellent!!

    Scott Van Malssen
    Good buy
    We run into a lot of gravel and rock parking spots on our mountain trips, and living in Florida many sandy parking areas. The big footprint saves the hassle of digging out the "disc" and kicking it around to secure the side stand. Expensive but worth it.

    Doug Baliko
    Foot peg enlarger
    Decent product and the installation is easy enough. I'm not sure how long that piece of foam is going to last.

    Expensive but worth it...
    This is one of those products that seems wildly over-priced...until you actually see it and use it. The Wunderlich Side Stand Enlarger is beautifully machined, fits perfectly, doesn't interfere with your centerstand or exhaust, and performs a vital function. Installation is simple, and it looks like an OEM part. Highly recommended overall...

    Jim C.
    works and necessary
    A little pricey but fit and function is good. Looks a lot better that the hockey puck I put on my GS.

    Easy Install that Works
    The Wunderlich extended foot arrived quickly, and, other than going to this site to watch the video to see the proper placement of my R1220R side stand within the extended foot, everything went very smoothly. This was after I had bought (and returned) an extended foot from another vendor that did not fit properly. I have checked the Wunderlich foot several times and it is still very tight. I did use the blue thread material when installing the screws. The extended foot does not hit the center stand or exhaust when raised. Very satisfied!

    side stand enlarger
    Product works well.. provides a bigger landing pad and also a bigger target when putting the kick stand down in your boots

    Jim G
    One of my first purchases with every bike
    I get one of these for every bike I've owned. The extra footprint is reassuring. A bit pricey but worth saving a tip-over.

    James Mellard
    Good Product
    Easy to install. priced right. Does a great job.. I like like it..

    John Sarmento
    Outstanding Product!
    Great fit and finish, easy to install, and it's already saved my bacon twice!

    Chuck Costa
    Wouldn't live without it.
    Must have for anyone riding in hot weather climates. Added security gives piece of mind.

    Jeff Murray
    Cheap insurance for your bike!
    I live in the San Joaquin Valley where the temps reach 105+ in the summer. That translates into soft asphalt which is no match for a narrow kick stand foot. I have often had my stand sink into the hot asphault intil now. The side stand enlager provides a wide platform that adds much needed stability to the bike on hot days. It is well machined to provide a good fit and is easy to install. It is worthy investment.

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