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Marathon Screen, Tinted
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      Marathon Screen, Tinted

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    Marathon Screen, Tinted

    S 1000 R

    the S 1000 R is the power bike for long trips, which can now be done without the stiffness and tension in your upper body. By eliminating the turbulence the marathon windscreen is the best way to eliminate wind pressure and allow the driver to fully concentrate on riding.

    The facts:

    • Touring fairing is good for wind and weather protection.
    • Protection for the arms, shoulders, upper body and head.
    • Optically pure, 5mm thick Lexan plastic.
    • Scratch and shatterproof
    • Rounded and polished edges.
    • Easy to install.
    • Comes as a complete set with all of the necessary hardware.
    • Available in a smoke gray or clear.
    • With ABE.

    Height: 472 mm




    Verified Buyer
    Marathon Screen
    2020 S1000R. This screen is the best screen I’ve used so for. Looks good. Sturdy. Just enough wind coverage.

    Jose Toriello
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for touring trips !
    I have tried all types and brands of screens , and by far this one is the best I ever had . The wind doesi feel anymore and also the Resistance you need to put on your neck for high wind speeds . The bike look really good though. Recommended!

    Jeff McCollum
    Verified Buyer
    Marathon Screen Tinted
    What a great windshield. The quality of it is superb thick and sturdy. When you take the windshield out of the box it looks like it’s too big but it really looks great on my new S 1000 R. It almost turns the bike into S1000 RR.

    Verified Buyer
    Marathon Wind Screen
    I can't say enough about how well integrated this wind screen looks. I can safely say that it not only functions as advertised it enhances the look of my gray S 1000 R. I needed an extra plastic sleeve and it was expressed to me with no questions. Service was fantastic!

    Bme NY-metro
    Verified Buyer
    Smooths airflow
    Definitely helps with turbulence, noise and wind chill. It is very rigid; the brackets surely help a lot but the screen is also thick and rigid. It is relatively easy to mount, just a bit of fiddling (1) to get the torque correct on the upper triple clamp pinch bolts while keeping the brackets aligned and (2) to route the wires from heated grips and electronic suspension around the bracket mounting points. Though it's a large fork-mounted screen, I didn't notice any effect on steering, although I haven't encountered any severe crosswinds yet. It's more of an aerodynamic enhancer than an air blocker - you won't get a still air cockpit like an RT - but it will direct most of the air smoothly around you and I think it well achieves everything it is designed to do. I'm expecting to go more highway miles with less fatigue and I haven't noticed any effect on the R's sport capability, up to my limits.

    Walter in Canada
    Verified Buyer
    Marathon is awesome
    The clear screen is simply gorgeous on my 2017 S1000R in Motorsport colors. Functionally it exceeds expectations. Very smooth flow of air over helmet. Tested in gusty downwind, crosswind and upwind well beyond speed limits. No longer have to hold on for dear life at 180 kmh. It is flawless.

    Verified Buyer
    Marathon Screen
    Very easy to install the mounting is very sturdy, good height for me, I can feel the air hit the top of my helmet, good looking too.

    Very nice windscreen
    I have tried 2 windscreen and was highly dissatisfied. Returned both. Then I found Marathon Screen S1000R Windscreen and wanted to try it it looked to be promising. Highly satisfied with it....Fallen in love with it. Reasons I am highly satisfied: 1) Windscreen is high enough to take care of 80% of wind. With great looks. 2) No wind buffeting 3) Motorcycle looks very very nice with windscreen....looks have been enhanced. I am loving it. 4) Very high quality 5) The extra support is awesome, wunderlich nailed it....(I have used windscreen form calsci, at 70+ mph the windscreen used to bend). Nothing i did not liked...Really thanks a lot really complete my BMW..loving it. Try to lower down the price. Just make sure you have the tools to work on with fork screw.

    Great cool weather screen!
    I'm 6'1", 250#, have 1" bar-risers, and the 1" thicker BMW comfort seat. Ergo, I'm sticking up/out a bit more than most. In my search to make my S1R more S1XR-y, looked for a bigger screen. Since there's only three small tiny wee screws holding the plastic in place, I had concerns that a too-big screen would tax the screws and yank them out. There's all sorts of big barn-door screens out there for the S1R, but only ONE that was smart enough to supply upper support beams/rods to keep said screws from stripping out; Wunderlich! Finally had a chance to use this on a cooler MI day. Works great. Definitely better on the freeway than the BMW big screen, much less buffeting, better chest protection. Also, those small lower side 'winglets' seem to do a half-way decent job at deflecting wind from your hands. The upper brackets bolt to the upper triple clamp (all hardware supplied), not the handlebar, so bar-risers have no interference/effect. Gave this 4 instead of 5 stars for two reasons: 1) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (but the quality is there). 2) Instructions were pictorials, text in German. How hard is it to translate to other primary languages, like ENGLISH?? In short, I am very happy with this purchase, even if it did cost more than it should. But I understand why... this is a very low volume production product, the R&D and tooling costs would be spread over only a few hundred units maybe. Ergo, $$$. Still............WORTH IT!!

    Bike Fitment

    BMW S1000 R

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