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      Time 12 minutes*

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    Reliable protection for the side stand safety switch. The interrupt switch for the ignition is mounted on the pivot point of the side stand and it is in a very exposed position. This essential electronic device can be easily damaged by a collision with an obstacle, resulting in an engine shut down or your bike unable to be started. The SwitchGuard can eliminate your concerns and keep you and your BMW moving forward.

    The SwitchGuard is made of hard anodized aluminum and it securely attaches to the frame at two points. Watch the video to see how robust this part is.

    Made in Germany.

    *Installation estimated at 12 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Verified Buyer
    It's a quality product and easy to install. I bought it because it's the only one I have found with the bracket on the back. Others use zip-ties and they get old and disintegrate. I do think it's overpriced for what it is.

    Was thinking about the Touratech side stand guard, but after viewing the video of the SwitchGuard getting hit with a sledgehammer that sold me. Like another reviewer stated, the Touratech uses the side stand switch mounting screw which in my opinion is not a good choice when compared to mounting it to the frame. Well worth the money even at $95.

    Verified Buyer
    The Best Switch Guard I Found
    This switch guard is the only solution that I found that didn't mount to the switch itself. This switch guard mounts to the Crash Bars and provides the best protection of all the solutions that I reviewed (Touratech, eBay, etc).

    Greg Partalis
    Verified Buyer
    Wunderlich Side Stand Switch Guard
    This switch guard is pricey but very stout and installed easily to the frame of my 2015 GSA LC in minutes. It is hard to understand why BMW engineered the side stand switch to be so exposed on a bike designed to go off-road. Seems like a no-brainer to protect an obvious point of failure.

    Paul Mason
    SwitchGruard for 2015 GSA LC
    A friend of mine had a rock hit his side-stand switch during an extended tour in South America. After some research, I decided the SwitchGuard was the best option as it attaches to the frame and not the side-stand switch itself. Just fitted it and it is a solid, well-made piece of kit. It looks bomb-proof! A couple of notes: Firstly, the instructions now appear to come in English in addition to German. Secondly: It's fairly easy to figure out if you need either of the two spacers required - the SwitchGuard should be in line with the frame rail. My 2015 GSA didn't require either. Thirdly: If you have engine guards, I recommend loosening the forward engine mounting bolt in addition the rearward bolt that you attach the SwitchGuard to. Attach your SwitchGuard and then re-tighten each mounting bolt little-by-little until you can hit the right torque values for each.

    SwitchGuard -> one of a kind
    I have a R1200GS lc 2013 silver color. The guard is first of all easy to put in, the instruction are in german "why!", you don't need the spacer which is included, this is for an older model. It does look great and not just that, it does indeed protect the swith. This guard is well design, 2 points of attachment so it stays in place to protect that switch.

    George Heinrichs
    Excellent hardware - very poor customer support
    I bought the switchguard which is solid construction. The instructions arrived in German - when I contacted Wunderlich for assistance - no reply - ever. There are some extra parts (spacer and washer) and I was unclear whether they were needed or not - simple instruction page doesn't seem too much to ask for a $100 part - turns out they were not needed (I found someone who was fluent in German who explained the instructions which suggest the parts were not needed for my situation.) C'mon Wunderlich - you have great stuff - can't you answer your email or provide instructions in English???

    Gaurdconcept side stand switch for R1200GS LC
    All I can say about this switch guard is WOW 😃 I had the touratech switch guard and when I saw this one in person right away I bought it and got rid of the touratech one don't get me wrong I'm a fan of touratech but was very disappointed on their switch protector it's very thin and attaches to the switch while the guard concept one is much thicker and attaches around the whole switch and can take a beating. I highly recommend this part as a protector to your switch as I and few of my friends have done.

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