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Brake Caliper Spreader

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      Brake Caliper Spreader

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    Brake Caliper Spreader

    When replacing brake pads, you need to push the caliper pistons in to make room for the new, thicker pads. There are other ways to do this but as with so many things; there is the right tool for the job and that is precisely what this Brake Caliper Spreader is.

    This is a very high quality tool that is the perfect addition to any professional or hobby mechanic's tool box. It's ideal for motorcycle brake calipers nut it can easily be used on cars as well. With this tool, the piston can be pushed in squarely, avoiding damage that can be caused by using other methods that only apply pressure to one side of the piston.

    Threaded rod can be turned with the T-handle but also with a ½" drive tool or a wrench.


    Monti Macabre
    Verified Buyer
    Not great for motorcycles
    This is great for cars and trucks but is too thick to be very useful for motorcycles.

    Joe Malin
    Good but not perfect
    This tool offers excellent quality and sturdiness at a reasonable price. It's easy to use and does an adequate job of holding back the caliper pistons while one replaces the brake pads. I have two criticisms: - The paddles are too thick, which makes it difficult to get the new pads between the paddles and the rotor. - The tool could be designed better. On this tool, the tightening bolt is on one end of the paddles, which makes it more difficult to fit the entire tool squarely on the pistons. However, given that the alternatives to this tool are either poorly made or hideously expensive (or both), I recommend it for anyone who wants to replace front or rear brake pads.

    Patrick Kennedy
    Good tool
    This is a very easy tool to use and does come in handy. Also, the quality is superb, heavy duty and well made. This will last a lot longer than I'll be around and I'm sure it will work for cars as well.

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