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Copper Seal Rings
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    • Part # 8888010-949
      Copper Seal Rings

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    Copper Seal Rings

    These are high quality copper seal rings to fit the most common drain bolts and fittings. It's good to have an assortment of these on hand so that you are can properly re-seal the drain bolts and fittings when performing maintenance on your bike. These seals have many applications and work in various applications on most all European vehicles.

    The most common applications on BMW Motorcycles are:
    • 24 x 30 - Commonly used for: Oil Drain Plug
    • 20 x 24 - Commonly used for: Oil Drain Plug
    • 18 x 22 - Commonly used for: Oil Drain Plug, Transmission Fill Plug, Final Drive Fill Plug
    • 16 x 20 - Commonly used for: Oil Drain Plug
    • 14 x 18 - Commonly used for: Final Drive Fill Plug
    • 12 x 16 - Commonly used for: Oil Cooler Hoses
    • 10 x 14 - Commonly used for: Brake Line Fittings
    This is just a general list and it is not all inclusive.


    Wunderbarer Preis!
    Überprüfen Sie Ihre Größe zweimal vor dem Kauf! Kaufen Sie immer genug für Ölwechsel im Wert von einem Jahr. Bewahren Sie sie in der kleinen Tasche auf, in der sie geliefert wird, und schreiben Sie, an welches Fahrrad sie geht. Thank you, Wunderlich Super washers!

    Before you click "buy".
    Not a review, but a bro-tip. Apparently, it is not a good idea to use copper washers for aluminium oil pan/bolt as it can lead to unusual corrosion. I was looking for an OEM replacement for my S1000RR which came with an aluminium one from the factory (part no.: 07 11 9 963 252). Not saying the washer is bad (thus the 5-stars) - just a word of caution before others buy.

    Dave LaMorte
    Gotta Have 'Em
    If you don't use a new seal ring every time consider doing so. A few pennies that allow proper sealing and the proper CRUSH when torquing the oil drain plug to specs. For folks that come to us for maintenance we attach the OLD rings to their key so they know a new one is installed (many shops skip this to save a few pennies). If you do your own maintenance don't skip the seal ring - if you have it done for you, ask for your old one back. ; )

    Michael Walling
    wrong size for drain plug
    Somehow I got the idea that this was the one for my G650gs drain plug. Wrong. I guess I expected Wunderlich to know what size my drain plug was, just like they knew which oil filter fit my motor. It would have been convenient to be able to order the right seal ring without taking my drain plug out to see what size.

    WA Note: This has been corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    The correct size for the G650 GS is 24 x 30

    Bike Fitment

    Fitment not model specific.

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