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OptiMate Mini 12v Tester
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      OptiMate Mini 12v Tester

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    OptiMate - Mini 12v Tester

    A simple, easy to use portable battery & charging system tester for any vehicle (or outdoor power equipment) with a 12 Volt starter battery.

    No disassembly or tools required. Just connect the TestMate Mini to the battery terminals and turn the ignition key or push the starter button to crank the engine.

    Battery strength & charging system operation can be checked in seconds without even getting your hands dirty!

    The TestMate Mini is more than just a voltmeter, it's a super fast recorder of instant volt drop during 'engine' cranking - the best indication of a starter battery's ability to deliver power when the engine needs it most.
    Once the engine runs it checks if the charging system voltage is correctly set for the battery, and whether it is able to bring the battery back to full charge.

    This unique, pocket-sized on vehicle battery & charging system tester :

    • Checks Battery Voltage - Your battery's 'rest' voltage is an indication of battery health.
    • Checks Battery Starting Power - A reading in the red zone indicates a problem!
    • Checks Vehicle Charging System - Is the charging system causing the problem?


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