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Oil Cooler Guard, Black
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      Oil Cooler Guard, Black

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    Oil Cooler Guard, Black

    The oil cooler guard protects the delicate oil cooler fins from damage that can be caused by damage from stones, insects and other airborne objects. It's almost impossible to clean an oil cooler thoroughly without bending the aluminum fins and after the while the cooler starts to look shoddy. Fitting the oil cooler guard not only ensures that the cooler is protected but after a quick cleaning with a stiff brush, the bike always looks its best.

    The guard is very easy to install and requires no drilling or modifications to the bike. It attaches at existing screw locations on the "Beak" and looks great when installed. The part consists of a two piece thermo-formed ABS plastic frame that sandwiches a stainless steel screen. The frame pieces are solidly bonded together, making the guard virtually bulletproof. The silver frame has a smooth paint-like quality finish but can also be painted if desired, using appropriate automotive plastic (bumpers) painting materials and techniques.

    Please Note: This part fits 2008 and later models. Models up to and including 2007 use part number 8501152. (link under the Related Products)




    Verified Buyer
    20210 R12GSA
    Product arrived quickly. High quality and perfect fitment for my bike. No issues with install, although I chose to take things apart instead of following the video. Very satisfied with the product.

    Verified Buyer
    2012 R1200GS Rallye
    A beautifully made part that looks like it came from the factory (unlike the ones from other suppliers) Installation is a little tricky - as others have said, don't follow the instructions provided and take everything apart - watch the video. Gently install and under the little spoiler, insert the new bolts and washers per instructions, then bend it down. I found an Allen wrench that fit the supplied bolts an managed to slip it through the screen at 90 degrees while looking from the side. You can then hold against it while tightening the nut under the beak. A little time and patience will result in a great finished look.

    Verified Buyer
    Excellent, good looking and functional. It was difficult to install, until I bought a set of the "L" shaped torx wrenches. Then, I was able to install it without removing anything, except the thermometer. I inserted the torx wrench thru the screen and into the screw, while tightening the bolt on the other side with a small wrench. This worked quite well. It took a little practice, but again, it is installed very well.

    Verified Buyer
    Don't leave home without you t.
    Great product. The instructions weren't so helpful but we got it in.

    Bill Inverso
    Real nice 2011 R1200GS
    Great product like most Wunderlich stuff. Do not use the directions. This is a fairly easy install. Instead of removing the windscreen and dash area just remove the front beak which is fairly straight forward. Remove side cowling, both pieces, the stainless section and the black section under that. Remove bolts that hold on the beak, 2 in the side front, 2 under the black cowling on both sides, remove the dash trim which snaps out, there is a bar that holds the beak on and the beak slides over this, pull the beak out from the front. Clean the oil cooler fins with a toothpick from bugs. Once the beak is removed it's a straight up procedure, use the black rubber and the new bolts with washers just like Wunderlich's instructions. Install the grill onto the beak and now your ready for assembly. I had a bmw acc. plug on the left side of the beak that had to be removed before I could take the beak off. Apply just a bit of grease on the 1/4" diameter by 1" long bar that the beak slides onto. You may have to manipulate the cowling a bit to get back into the main cowling but that's pretty easy, don't force anything, take your time. You may have to rotate the knobs that hold on the windscreen where you can adjust the height, the knobs can get in the way if not positioned correctly, just loosen the knobs so they don't interfere with the beak as you slide it off. Should take about an hour and a half or so. Easy Peezy...PS If your not to mechanically inclined maybe should have someone help you who is, it's a great way to get to know your rig.

    Robert Bocox
    Oil Cooler Guard
    I installed a different way then instructions, or other reviews said to do...I ended up slotting the (2)holes. then buying (2)1" X 8/32 Stainless screws, (2)nuts, & (4) Washers...I loosly attached screws, washers, and nuts leaving slack on the front of Beak...then with the holes slotted, I was able to simply push the Cooler Guard onto the screws, tighten, and was done! took about 30 mins to complete (after buying the fastners)

    Stephen Webb
    BMWR1200GSADV Oil Cooler Guard
    Purchased this for a friend who has discriminating taste. I fully expect him to enjoy the box as much as the wonderful cooler. Don't get caught without one!

    Nice piece
    This is a very nice looking guard. Should have been OEM from the factory. It is a pain to install. I didn't take the headlight or instrument cluster apart except some screws under the headlight and loosened screws on the the sides of the front beak and I was able to get it in there and tighten the screws. It looks awesome.

    30 second install with out removing half the front of the bike like all the other... mint!

    Antonio I
    Good looking, not easy to instal
    I end up removing the whole beak and mounted the guard into the beak, and then reinstaling everything. I put a small BMW logo in front of the guard and it looks great.

    Roger Morrison
    Clean the beak and guard with wax and grease remover ( prepsol ) Attach double sided automotive tape to the guard covering the hole in the guard at the top and all the way around the bottom to the other hole ( basically the top has no tape ). Loosen the two nuts underneath just enough to be able to move the flap to allow the guard to be put in ( like in the video. Remove the backing for the tape to expose the tape covering the holes on both sides and install the guard, fold down into position and remove the backing for the tape....job done. Clean up whole area with wax and grease remover and allow a few hours for the tape to set if you can. I took pics and it\'s ok for my email to be given out I will email my photos.

    Jeff C.
    Looks OEM
    Installation is a little bit tricky - do not follow written directions but rather look at the video on the website. No need to remove anything except the temperature sensor. Space is a little tight but take it slow while tightening - need to use small wrench and do a little at a time until tight. Result looks fantastic and fits very well with the bike.

    David Edge
    Looks terrific
    A bit of a bother to install. While am still uncertain that was able to get the screws tight enough as it is difficult to work in the space behind the guard when the guard is raised and impossible when in position. Perhaps there is another simpler way to install? A great product and I like the presentation much more than Touratec's version which I considered before buying this one.

    Easy installation. Looks like an OEM part. Definitely an attractive addition and helps with debris.

    ... Forget the Wunderlich Instructions ...
    ... In my earlier review I made mention of reinstallation of the " Beak ". There is no removal ot reinstallation of the 'Beak " That actually was an error on my part, I meant to reference the " Flap " that sits on top of the Oil Cooler Guard ... My apologies !!

    .. Forget the Wunderlich Instructions ...
    The installation instructions that come with the Oil Cooler Guard are way off base. All that nonsence about having to remove the windscreen, popping off wires, and removing the headlight assembly make the installation much more difficult and time consuming than it should be. I'm very glad I looked at the video prior to installing the guard. Follow the instuctions on the video. Safe to say it takes much less time and is a whole bunch easier. A little patience is needed in the removal and reinstallation of the Beak along with the Oil Cooler Guard. Once its on, it looks pretty decent.

    Tim Ivie
    Oil cooler is great
    Product is well worth the effort to install.

    Marcio Zero
    Well done!
    Very good product. Easy instalation.

    Karl Perlich
    Oil Cooler Guard Installation
    I ignored the written instructions and followed the online video to install this. It was an easy installation and took under an hour. Highly recommend.

    Oil Cooler Guard
    If you are like me and want it to look nice AND protect, than this is the one. When installed it looks like it belongs from the factory! Great product! Yes it is a pain to install but worth it.

    Jim Reynolds
    A little fiddley
    The hardest part of installing this guard is not pulling the instrument cluster - it's fitting the allen head nuts, washers and bolts in proper sequence without dropping anything. I have a slick set of fine-ratchet pivoting head closed-end wrenches which make it much easier (thank you Sears). Take your time and don't rush it - all will go well. Matches the stock cover nicely.

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