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Vario 3D+ Deflector
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    • Part # 42350101-102
      Vario 3D+ Deflector
      Available in: Tinted or Clear

    • (4.6) 194 Reviews
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      Time 20 minutes*

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    Vario 3D+ Deflector

    Available in:  Clear or Tinted

    The Wunderlich Wind Deflector has been one of our most popular products worldwide. The wind deflector effectively addresses most turbulence and buffeting issues.

    The biggest issue with many original windshields is that the airflow break-away edge cannot be individually defined, and the result is turbulence. We have carefully studied and then optimized and noticeably improved the airflow properties with this part. The new and improved Vario Wind Deflector bracket makes it possible for all riders, with all windscreen shapes to enjoy the highly praised benefits that the addition of a Wind Deflector can provide. The brilliant design of the bracket allows it to adapt to any windscreen as the base is adjustable from 180° to 90°. See the More Views Tab above for additional information.

    Recommendation: If you are happy with the height, width and other proportions of your existing windscreen but are bothered by turbulence or buffeting, you will benefit greatly from the addition of a Wunderlich Wind Deflector.

    The facts:

    • Multiple adjustments for individual needs: Angle, height and distance to rider.
    • Optimum stress relief for helmet and upper body.
    • Removes turbulence and disturbing wind jets otherwise present.
    • Easy to adjust.
    • Dimensions: (245 mm, 105 mm)(lxh)
    • Fast attachment and removal from screen.
    • Strong and secure attachment method.
    • Lightweight precision CNC-machined adjustment mechanism.
    • High quality anodized aluminum alloy.
    • Shatter-proof Lexan deflector screen.
    • ABE approved for use with original BMW screens.

    *Installation estimated at 20 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    mark marty
    I installed the Wunderlich Marathon Windscreen (tinted) and now that the 3D TINTED WIND DEFLECTOR is installed and adjusted the turbulence has vanished easy install on both items the tinted shields really compliment the bike. the previous tall aftermarket windshield i bought from competitor does not compare to the shorter wider wunderlich windshield with the wind deflector

    Mac Robinson
    Vario 3D Deflector
    Great product beautifully designed and works no more buffering. Thank you.

    Felipe Olaciregui
    Excellent Quality !
    Very high quality and do the work. Keep in mind that is a PLASTIC extender and for that reason looking through will be not 100% free and clear. Other than that I am extremely happy with it.

    Jose A. Aguilar
    Good, but not for me
    This deflector comes with the quality you'd expect from Wunderlich. It is a high quality product, the steel parts are crafted very nicely, they all fit perfectly, have great shine. The deflector material is also of high quality. But for me, it didn't work as the different angles in the visor distort the vision quite a bit and took away concentration. Also, in rain it became almost imposible to see through it.

    Ann B
    Good, but would make 1 change
    This device REALLY reduced the "bobble head" feeling on my helmet at highway speed. The only thing that I would change is to offer the bracket in a matte black. With the sun directly behind me, there is a BLINDING reflection off the silver bracket. I will be painting mine before my next ride!

    Clive Scott
    Expensive, but worth it.
    Worked well to reduce wind noise and buffeting on my R18 Classic. Installation was quite straightforward. Quality of build is quite high.

    John Sands
    Simply awesome!
    Not sure why this company is mostly focused on BMW? It makes its harder to find the right wind deflector for other bikes. Went with the Vario 3D+ Deflector for BMW S-1000rr because it had a similar shape to the Double Bubble on my Suzuki Bandit 1250. When I first purchased this bike I thought it was my helmet causing the deafening wind and turbulence noise but after an unbearable 3 day headaches I started doing some research and found this is a big problem with the newer Bandits. After a couple of windshield changes and other wind deflectors With no improvement I thought I was going to have to sell this bike. A came across the Vario 3D+ Deflector and thought I would give it a try. I Was reluctant as it was $370 after exchange rates, taxes and duties to get it to my home in Canada. However, 30 mins after installing and a few stop to make adjustments I hit the sweet spot and the noise was gone and now I can enjoy my bike. So it was worth every penny and made the difference between keeping and selling my bike. Thank you Wunderlich. John

    Verified Buyer
    review 3e wind deflector
    The metal work is beautiful. It also reflects a lot of light--a dark finish, matt, would improve the item and reduce glare. Cannot see through--the 3d version has many angles and to work properly, unless I am positioning it incorrectly, i have to put it up just under my line of sight and when i need to see through it, i cannot. i may cut something else clear, no angles, to fit into the clamp. I like it, improves but does not eliminate buffeting noise. I will likely paint the metal a light gray/matte finish. I will change the lens to something i can see through.

    Ralph OPetty
    Verified Buyer
    Wind Deflector, Clear
    This deflector greatly improves the wind screen (in low position) on my 2018 Honda CB500XA. I now have a sweet clear smooth spot behind the screen, with the air flow over my head and no buffeting. One nit pick: the cutting and placing of the sticky tape and shims (I understand why they are necessary) was very finicky. They should all be custom cut and not require trimming on a product that cost two bills. It came out clean, but it required some delicate trimming and placement.

    andrew Salmon
    Verified Buyer
    wind deflector clear part no 8110025
    if your looking for a wind turbulence and wind noise solution, look no further, awesome defector

    Sid Welch
    Verified Buyer
    WInd Deflector
    Very satisfied with the quality and performance of the wind screen. Add this to the stock windshield really reduced wind buffeting at high way speeds. Great quality and easy installation!

    Verified Buyer
    You will not be disappointed
    If you have ever have trouble finding a tall shield your troubles are over. Even a reasonably close windshield is made perfect with this spoiler.

    Bernie Bjornsen
    Version 3
    I have a version 1 and version 3. love the version 1 but hate the version 3.

    Excellent Product
    I have owned 5 BMW GS bikes since 1988 and my latest is a 2018 GSA Rallye. Only 1 of the 5 (the 1988) was free of wind buffeting at highway speeds with the stock windscreen. I have tried nearly every windscreen solution on previous bikes without much success. While I was skeptical about such a small wind deflector making a difference on the 2018, I ordered the mid sized unit and it is brilliant! No buffeting...100% gone. Winds reaches the top of the helmet and I still have airflow on the shoulders. If I want more air on the helmet, I just lower the screen. The screen doesn't seem to need supports...very little vibration even above legal speeds. I am 5'10" but with a 30" inseam and a long torso.

    Vince Dye
    Verified Buyer
    World of difference on for my F800 GSA
    I installed and then rode 150 miles in a new world of comfort. I am 5'9" and the wind stream over my helmet was very loud. Almost to the point that it hurt my ears at the higher speeds. It is amazing what a difference it has made, just fine tuning it now. I went with the version 2 model per the Wunderlich's advice. I was concerned that it would look a little goofy, but it fits the style of the bike.

    Verified Buyer
    Outstanding addition to the F800GSA
    While expected, the buffering and noise on my 6' 2" frame was uncomfortable over 60 MPH on my F800GSA. This extension is an impressive addition. Don't let the small size confuse you. It raises airflow to the top of my helmet and not in my face and torso. It reduces fatigue and increases the pleasure of the ride. A must have!

    Kevin Querry
    Verified Buyer
    Highly Recommended
    I put this on the Fly Shield of my Triumph Speed Cup, I like to Metal touches the shield and no holes to drill. Very Adjustable. Found a spot where it look like it belongs and really reduces the wind blast. Instructions were great, really glad I put this on.

    The products from Wunderlich match the quality of OEM parts. I purchased the Touring Screen R1200 R LC (Part Number: 30450101). The product is made very well, performs great, and looks like an original part. The windshield blocks the wind to my shoulders. I could feel turbulence at the face level, which I wanted to eliminate. I added the Wind Deflector, and the noise and turbulence are all gone. I am still stopping often to make adjustments, to find the best angle/height combination. Based on the performance, quality of manufacturing, adjustment flexibility, and the option to select the Version that looks best for your bike, I am highly recommending this product.

    Great product! Best way to go. (BMW F800GT)
    I bought this last year for my BMW F800GT. The sport bike windshield they put on this bike is absurdly low, and the wind and bugs hit me (5' 10") square at the bottom of my face shield. The buffeting was really loud and fatiguing. This deflector eliminated all of that and puts the airflow just over the top of my helmet. There is a lot of adjustment to this deflector that takes some experimentation to get to the optimum position for your height and riding position, but it's easy to do on a ride or two if you bring the tool with you. At last, quiet and smooth air! I read the reviews about cracking windshields during installation, and I can see why that would be. However, I used blue thread lock on all the mount screws, and turned them hand tight. I've never had anything come lose or change position, and no cracking. I really don't know why these deflectors don't come standard on a lot of bikes, especially this one since BMW didn't see fit to give us any adjustability. I considered an after-market windshield for the bike, but they are much more expensive, and you still don't know if it's going to fix the problem until after you've installed it. Many manufacturers won't let you return a windshield after it's been installed, so I really think this deflector is the best way to go; and you can adjust it!! Very high quality and easy to install. The mount on mine is the satin silver color, and it can reflect the sun light in some cases, so you may want to think about that. Otherwise, this is a very nicely made product.

    Verified Buyer
    looks better than expected . . . and it works!
    Mounting was easy and it doesn't look nearly as dorky as I expected. It adds a bit of wind protection on my Street Triple, which is really needed on long trips.

    Thomas Cook
    S1000XR Sport Screen & Version 2 Wind Deflector
    I decided to buy the S1000XR Sport Screen and the Version 2 Wind Deflector together. On a passably controlled experiment, the sport screen on its own was much better than the OEM screen. It cut the 65 mph+ wind turbulence (and lesser MPH's) I had been experiencing around my head by a noticeable degree. (And personally I think it looks much better than the OEM screen ... aesthetics are half the fun anyway aren't they!). I added the Version 2 Wind Deflector and WOW! Magic! Even in sort of a default post installation position, without experimenting with the innumerable positions this thing can be put into, it had to cut the turbulence by 60-70 percent at a minimum. This goes a long way to making this wonderfully versatile machine a viable long range tourer in my book (without looking like you're riding behind a barn door day-to-day). I think now the only danger to one's hearing is the engine of this thing. Which I guess is part of the faustian bargain. I'm not sure there's even much of a need to put the screen in the high position with this combination. I love when stuff works. And I think this combo does just that.

    Antonio Carrera
    Verified Buyer
    Great Air Deflector!
    Very well made, a video with tips to install would be helpful. But overall I highly recommend this product.

    GS man
    Verified Buyer
    Hard problem to solve
    I got the large version on my GSA. The adjustability is insane and an overkill. The rubber feet design strikes me an engineering solution tailor for an engineer. Works but its unusable with the screen on the high position. Impossible to safely see through it.

    Make it thicker on the mounting spots
    Be really really careful installing. I got to use it for 200k before it cracked. Temperature change/vibration was the suspected cause,,,, pisses me off. Lots of room for improvement.

    Bill Brown
    Verified Buyer
    Looks goofy but works surprisingly well
    I installed a Trophy fairing on my R1200R thinking that this would make my 33 mile (each way) commute more pleasant. It looked good but the wind buffeting and noise was much worse. The wind was directed right at my Schuberth helmet which I bought because it had a reputation for being quiet at speed. Amazingly, this little gadget made the difference. I did need to adjust the deflector to its tallest setting in order to direct the air over my helmet. Looks a little weird but I'm getting used to it.

    Jai Haissman
    Verified Buyer
    Returned because of design flaws, return policy could use improvement
    I took a chance on this based on reviews. Not sure if my unit was bad, but the wind deflector warps and lenses the view through it, a major problem when its directly in line of sight. This created so much distraction and challenge judging distances I had to return after a fairly short time. Pros: Limited wind deflection Cons: Creates hazard: warps/lenses line of sight directly ahead, had to return for this reason. Must be locked into position, when it should have a tensioner clamp so screen can be raised or lowered and clamped in position for use as needed. Item was returned in as new condition, yet they refunded $110 on a $154 purchase. I can't recommend this based on current design. If a tensioning clamp and clear optics are introduced I might give it another try. However, if you buy it, don't expect to recover your investment if it is installed.

    Michel Dozois
    Verified Buyer
    Works as advertised
    Only had it installed on the bike a few short weeks before it started snowing but so far so good... might get 5 stars in Spring time!

    Verified Buyer
    While it doesn't look like it would help much with airflow, it actually does an excellent job of pushing the incoming air up, and over my helmet and that's on its lowest setting! I'm 6'3", so this is impressive. I didn't have any of the problems some others have stated, with the windshield cracking, rubber isolators and metal backing plates are provided to ensure the bracket is secure without cracking your screen. I'm running a tinted Puig screen on my 14 12GSA, and love it in combination with this product.

    Verified Buyer
    great product
    works great. metal a bit large / in the way ...could be made finer/smaller. great product though

    No more bobblehead
    Installed this on my 2016 f800gsa stock windscreen and went out on a 200 mile ride today. First impression, WOW! It made a huge difference on the hwy. Cruising at 80mph + is super comfortable and at lower speeds even more so. After first installing and sitting on the bike, I thought it would take a couple rides to get used to the bracket being there, but it never once distracted me going through the canyons or along the highway. Install was super simple, no issues. Glad I didnt wait longer to order this part. I went with the version 2 model. Would definitely recommend.

    Works as should
    Keeps air flowing over my helmet which is why I purchased. Had to add bracing on factory windshield to prevent wobbling which was an added expense. No issues with installation. Unit works as described.

    Great screen
    I have a S1000RR and I have tried several aftermarket wind screens which i have all removed. This is one of my favorite products. It takes a while to file the right setup but afterwards, it works great. I only wish it had hand/thumb knobs vs. having to pull out my allen key when i want to adjust the screen.

    Easy install, multiple positions for wind deflection, great product

    Ross Sullivan
    Great product
    The quality of this product is outstanding, I'll get another if I sell this bike.

    Paul Gross
    Small crack in deflector during install. 2013 R1200GS WC
    Love the increase in quiet of the cockpit. I installed it right before a 2500 mile ride to TN and back. Even though I used the prescribed torque setting I still aquired a small crack at the base of the deflector. Hardly a problem by a little frustrating none the less.

    Jerame Kornegay
    I purchased this product a several days ago and brushed off the negative reviews. Many people complained about the deflector/windscreen cracking during install and that's exactly what I experienced. I'm a maintainer by trade and came prepared with the proper torque wrench and was overly cautious during the install, but to no avail. I'm sure this product works when it's not cracked.

    Good addition
    Well made, easy to install and adjust. I use it on my F800ST aftermarket windshield to adjust airflow for the more upright seating that comes with bar risers. Reduces helmet buffeting nicely.

    art warner
    Yes it cracked
    just installed the new addition to my windshield and it cracked, about a inch. I followed instructions and I have had these deflectors before with no problems. I'll callwunderlich tomorrow .

    Works great!
    I am 5'5" and ride a F700GS with the stock windshield. The Vario Wind Deflector was recently installed and appreciated on an 1200 mile maiden voyage. No more wind pressing on my chest at speed and a dramatic decrease in faceshield bugs! The screws did need tightening after 600 miles and I will heed the advice to use loctite. Used a Laminar Lip on a rental bike for a tour and it flew off and onto my tank bag! Rode with it in my hand for about 30 minutes until the next rest stop. Would highly recommend this deflector.

    Bryan Van Dussen
    Good not perfect
    Installation was a breeze (not sure why others found it hard. But you'll find a good Youtube video that I found helpful I like that I can adjust the thing in innumerable ways, which helps to ensure good line of sight. I often adjust while riding. I fit mine to a z-technik after market screen for a K1200rs. I still get quite a bit of noise when the screen is extended at high speeds (70mph or higher). Given all the possible variables, I can't say that its a failure of the Vario. Indeed, I wonder if its the Arai helmet, the z-technik windscreen, or it just is. However, I am thrilled at lower speeds and when the z-technik screen is NOT extended. Its a marked improvement.

    Works well on my Tiger XCx
    Bought this wind deflector not long after buying my Tiger XCx. Creates a nice wind eddy that lets me open my face shield up to 80 mph and keeps the bugs from splatting on the face shield. And I'm still able to look over the top of it. Recommended!

    Dave Wright
    Great at reducing wind buffet with V-stream windscreen
    I like this thing a lot. I had to scratch my head a bit before installing it, but once I figured it out the installation was a snap. It's a very clever design, beautifully machined from excellent materials, and looks great when installed. It dramatically reduces buffeting even in the lowest position.

    Larry Skagen
    Ordered the Wind Deflector for a 1985 Honda Sabre with Hondaline fairing. Really can not get an alternative wind screen fro this bike with 5000 original miles. Have a neck problem and the full face helmet aggravated my condition on long rides from wind buffeting. So far so good. Have yet to do a long ride but what I am experiencing so far I am hopeful. Good product, well made and easy to install and adjust.

    George DeVeny
    It works for me but a tedious install
    I don't consider this a mature product. If it were, there wouldn't be the loose rubber pads that easily get out of place during installation. Once installed, the wide range of adjustments enables fine tuning until an optimal position is found. I'm 6'1" tall and have it currently mounted on a Tiger 800 ABS with the touring windshield. Because of its effectiveness, I had hoped to use it on one or more of my other bikes but the tediousness of installation has dampened that hope.

    Lewis l
    Does the Job
    The Wunderlich Wind Deflector is a nice after-market accessory. I installed it on my BMW F800GT. Install was simple although the directions would have been more helpful written in English. The Deflector has reduced turbulence around my helmet. The multitude of adjustment points for the deflector allows you to customize the deflector's position on your windshield. Quality aluminum hardware looks good and works well.

    Questionable results
    I have this installed for over a year now. It is very well made, and is easy to install. Still, i have not noticed a signifficant i provement, and will purchase a taller and adjustable windscreen

    T. Randolph
    Tall r1200gs owner
    I'm 6'4", and encountered plenty of wind buffeting even with the stock windshield in the highest position. Installed the Vario wind deflector, used blue locktite and was careful not to over tighten the hex bolts. Presto, problem solved, but had to position the wind deflector in its lowest position to see over the top. Well built and engineered product, very clean lines and not as bulky as the Touratech. Very happy with the product, would recommend to other tall riders.

    More like a 4.5
    I ride an XT1200Z and the stock windscreen is much better than my GS was. I had to purchase a +4 inch wind screen and then added 5 additional inches To stop buffeting. Should have bought the wind deflector. Now that I have it I have lowered the screen 2 stops. My only complaint is that if you have it in your line of sight this not as optically clear as it could be if it were thinner. Otherwise, this is one of the most functional products you will ever purchase. It can be switched between bikes making it even more functional.

    bmw r1100s
    added this little wind deflector to my s and it looks good and mounts up very easy a little concerned about how it will work with my carbon fiber windscreen. going to look into the reinforcement piece. since I am 6'1" and the s screen is very short this should help as I have used this type of product on other bikes I have owned and the difference is remarkable. the titanium and smike combo works great with my screen.

    R. Shuff
    Also cracked the windscreen while installing
    Didn't solve the wind flow problem. I am 6 ft. Just part of owning MCs.

    Jim Whitmoyer
    Cracked the screen installing. Fail!!!
    I bought this for my 2014 R1200GS after trying a Puig screen that wouldn't stay put even with the wunderlich arm. This is a great addition for touring, but I have a couple of issues. The first one is that when installing, you have to be very careful or you'll crack it. The instructions say torque to 3nm, but I just went with feel. It cracked about an inch, so drilled a small hole at the end of the crack and filled with superglue. It looks like crap. My second issue is that when riding off-road it really is a little tall. I find myself looking around it when riding rougher terrain.

    A little bit of heaven
    Installed on 2014 BMW GSA LC.I am 5' 9" tall and like my windshield in the lowest position but that causes buffeting around the head area,this product takes away all buffeting around the head.A little pricey,but hey you get what you pay for.On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 10 plus.....Get out and ride!

    Vario Wind Deflector on 2014 BMW 1200GSA
    Even with the windscreen at its highest point on the 2014 BMW1200 GSA, my head was in the turbulence of the airflow coming over the windscreen. (I stand 6'1" tall). So the standard GSA windscreen (not the smaller GS windscreen) was not tall enough. I purchased this wind deflector to help keep my head out of the turbulence. It was a very easy install. I have the tinted BMW GSA windscreen so I got the tinted wind deflector. Its not quite a perfect match in darkness of the tint--but not much different. I also ordered the larger deflector (the "rainbow" shape version). It looks fine on the bike. The only thing you need to be careful of-- is that the adjustable windscreens found on the 2013- GS/A models are not a very stable windscreen. At high speeds they bounce around quite a bit. With this extra wind deflector, the windscreen bounces a lot more because of the increase surface area of the windscreen and wind deflector. I might have to invest in the Wunderlich Screen Reinforcement (Part Number: 43520002) to help stabilize the windscreen. Overall, I am very pleased with the product and how it has performed. No more turbulence and a lot more quieter ride. I would recommend this part for those who are suffering from air flow turbulence.

    Frank Angelone
    Absolutely amazing!
    When I first ordered this deflector I was a little concerned about the probable cost/benefit ratio. However, after installing this little gadget I was blown away by its effectiveness. I ride a 2014 r1200gs and I just couldn't find an optimal position for the stock screen. I figured that I was probably headed down that dreaded road of trying out half a dozen different windshields before getting it dialed in to my liking. With the Vario deflector I'm able to get clean/calm air flow and still retain the cool looking stock screen. It's one of those few times when you get to have your cake and eat it too. Great product!

    William P. Fusselbaugh

    Bob D.
    Best Accessory I've Ever Purchased for a Motorcycle
    I'm embarrassed to leave a gushingly positive review for such a simple little widget, but the darn thing has been a small miracle for me. I have a 2012 Triumph Bonneville SE and have been trying for over a year to find a reasonable level of wind protection for longer highway trips. Three windscreens later, I got a "pretty good" result with the multi-adjustablea Rifle SoloShield X, but I still hoped for better. By adding the Wunderlich deflector, I got pretty close to perfect. The air now flows very smoothly and just where I want it and I can adjust it as needed. For those concerned about price, yes it is a simple device, but elegant in its simplicity, and the craftsmanship, in both materials and assembly, is impressive. It is one of those mechanical items that when you hold it in your hands and work it through its range of motion you immediately know it is well made. I'll be ordering another for my second bike. Very happy to have discovered this product.

    Kevin Montgomery
    It works
    The wind deflector is good quality but not as good as the factory windshield. The bracket has great adjustment. I wished it mounted and dismounted easier. With my height I am looking through it and on the highway it does a great job reducing the buffeting but I ride mostly on trails and back roads. I keep mine off most of the time. Great for Highway use.

    Perfect little addition
    I bought this item to add a few inches of calm to the BMW F800GS Touring Windscreen for freeway and highway riding. It works just as I hoped. This lets me enjoy the breeze on surface streets and off road without the deflector and then quickly add it for a critical bit of additional comfort on the highway or for longer trips.

    Dave Galloway
    Great product
    Works very well on my Aprilia Mana GT. High quality materials and workmanship.

    Paul Sherman
    Moto Guzzi Stelvio
    I was looking for something to block just a little more noise on my MG Stelvio NTX during long trips. This is a very high quality item that did the job in spades. I'm 6' and when at almost the highest setting it sends the air stream over my helmet with out it getting too hot. Highly recommended to fellow MG NTX riders.

    william ross
    precision designed air deflector
    surprisingly effective,overblown price pitifull excuse for installation instructions. however it works wunder fully,thanks

    I like it very much.
    I love to controlled. I like the easy assembly. This product is a very useful product tour.

    Easy to install and it truly deflects the airflow. I ride a BMW C600 Sport, and at 6' 3", the standard windscreen would push the air directly into my face. The Wunderlich pushes the air over my head. The make a huge difference in the comfort and wind noise.

    Rob Rautenstrauch
    Works well, great product!
    I installed this on my 2002 F650GS. I had my doubts but it adds some great additional wind deflection. It is highly adjustable, and a great quality product. I did have to download the installation instructions from the website because the instructions that shipped with it were a little unclear. All in all, a great purchase that I recommend to anyone looking for a little more relief from the wind!

    Wow So small but does it work...
    When I received the Wind Deflector I was thinking the other reviewers must have been talking about something else. Installing if you read the directions, what a concept, it goes quick and easy. Really like the engineering and application of the Deflector on the GIVI windshield. Thinking I needed it high as it would go I was a little disappointed on the first results, granted better than without but was it worth $$$. I then tried different settings and WOW a big difference. I now can run at 85 and not be blown off the bike nor suffer super wind noise. Wish I would have tested before ordering the $600.00 Shoei helmet I have yet to wear. This will not out do a big as a barn door windshield but for people like me who want some of the protection of a GoldWing like windshield but also like to be able to look over and around when riding off-road a pleasant and cost effective addition. Now I know why some say they removed the Deflector from their old bike to the new bike before selling the old bike.

    Eric V
    Wind deflector
    I have the oem windscreen for the R1200GSA. This deflector took care of all buffeting. This is a great product and I have no reason to spend more money on a new windshield.

    Billy Conerly
    Works great
    Works as advertised. Easy install, however instructions are poor and in German

    Mauricio Molina
    i bought this item to try and minimize the wind buffering but it did not do the trick, besides it affects visibility when driving. i guess i lost my money this time. :-(


    Richard Friedman
    Complex to Install and set up but works well
    I had a Touratech unit on my previous R1200 GSA and was looking for something a bit more robust. This is a very complex unit and takes a bit of installing and setting up. All the Allen screws came loose and loc-tite is a good idea. Also one size of Allen Key would have been better engineering rather a 4 and a 5 mm on different screws. However once on it appears to work well although I have to wait for a longer trip.

    Fernando Rodriguez
    I have a GS1200R. I bought it because I was going to travel with my wife from Monterrey Mexico to Telluride Colorado (4,000 miles) and she was complain about the air on the top of her helmet. It works perfect!!, Also works great with the GoPRO in my helmet...

    Richard Olthoff
    Triumph 1050 Tiger
    This was what I posted on the Triumph Forum website: Ive read with great interest all of the posts concerning wind protection and Ive been working on the solution without an answer until this morning. Just to get my information up front, I have a 2010 Tiger. Im 62 and wear an Arai and, when not wearing the Arai, a Shoei helmet. I initially tried the raising of the stock shield off of the fairing like others have done. I did mine a little different as I raised mine with L brackets. All from Home Depot 1.OOK 1/2IN. Metal Offset Clips 8 pieces to a box/Model #50235 Internet #202341245 2. 030699697489 Screw SCT CAP SCREW BUTN HD 10/32X1/2 3. 030699400683 Lock nuts 10/32 ZINC This install worked extremely well as far as fit. No bending or forcing the screen to line up with the holes because I had that offset. Lifting the shield had limited success as far as wind protection though. So next, I purchased a Triumph Touring Screen off of eBay. Installed it using the raised L brackets. Better, but not great. Debating on the next step and looking at all of the screen options and not wanting to go with the MadStad, I went out on a limb after reading many reviews and a high recommendation from a friend in our riding group, I purchased the Wunderlich Deflector. Wunderlich Deflector I was rather un-impressed and expected very little from a small piece of Lexan mounted at the top of the screen, especially since I just paid $129.00. I was impressed with the mount to attach it to the screen. No holes to drill and no screen damage needed to attach it. Flexibility for different positions is also rather impressive. Installed it last night for a test ride this morning. I am amazed and blown away on how well it works. I was surprised to find myself cruising at 80mph this morning without the turbulence. Keep in mind, my reference point for clean air was my previous bike, BMW K1300GT with a Cee Baileys windshield. That bike was like riding in a bubble of air. My initial impressions are my Triumph is now not to far off from the BMW vacuum. I rode with my faceshield up at 70 and it was ..wonderful! Im posting this to let you know that this works for me. Im curious if the Wunderlich would work as well with the stock screen. I may never know because my current setup is so good, I have no reason to experiment.

    Lloyd Streit
    Great solution for excessive wind.
    Great product, works exactly as advertised! I installed it on my BMW R1200R to minimize wind blast. The wind used to hit me right at neck level, not it hots mid-helmet. Big improvement, easy install, high quality.

    Lenny Greene
    Its a winner
    My passengers and I were very unhappy with buffeting on my F800. This did the trick. I agree with other reviews that this little pearl did the trick and yo do need to take allen wrenches along to re-tighten after the first long ride.

    James Copple
    Almost perfect.
    I am 6ft and ride a 2006 BMW R1200GSA. I wear a Schuberth C3 for road trips and a Shark Evoline convertible off road. The deflector and mount are made of high quality materials, well packaged, and with good instructions. Note: half the instructions are found underneath a cardboard base in the packaging. I only found them when I was breaking the box down for recycling, after I had already done the installation from downloaded instructions. Without the deflector, the airflow hits around the base of the helmet, causing plenty of noise from turbulence. In the summer, I take the screen off completely and it is quiet because the helmet is in smooth air. In the winter, I like the deflector for road trips because it raises the screen and reduces the turbulent flow around the helmet. I used to put the screen on its highest adjustment, but now I put it in the mid setting with the deflector on. This has had the added benefit of improving the aerodynamics in cross winds, because I am a little closer to the screen, so I remain protected a little more in cross-winds. In calm conditions, I ride in a bubble of still air in quiet comfort. It's startlingly effective, especially given the diminutive dimensions of the deflector. Off road I take the deflector off, for two reasons: first, I want a clearer view of the track in front of the bike. Second, the additional weight of the screen with the deflector on causes it to move just a little too alarmingly when I hit rocks and holes in the track. I am worried about over-stressing the screen mountings off-road with the deflector in place. I leave the metal mounting in place though because it is held on one side by double-sticky-sided foam tape which would be impractical to replace every time I remove or replace the mount. One thing that could improve it further: it is nice to be able to grab the deflector and move it up and down. For example, riding through town it is nice to lower it and have more air in my face, but on the open road, raise it again. If I tighten the adjust screw just right, I can do this for a while, but inevitably the screw loosens up and the deflector flops around until I tighten it just right again, even if I use thread lock to stop the screws vibrating loose. If it could be engineered so we could set a tightness that doesn't change with vibration, it would be even better. One more thing: when I placed my order, the website claimed the item to be in stock, delivered in 2-3 working days. This turned out to be false. After 5 days, I emailed the company, and they casually told me they were awaiting stock from Germany, as if this is completely normal - and I expect it is. It took 2 weeks. The company has a lackadaisical attitude to the accuracy of the delivery time, so be prepared for a frustrating wait, made worse by unapologetic customer service.

    2014 F800GSA
    The stock windshield on my bike was just a bit low, as I'm 6'2" the air was deflected right into my helmet causing a lot of noise and buffeting. This little windshield extension was just the ticket. It is adjustable and mounts easily. I'm quite happy with the resulting reduction in noise.

    Mainly bought for passenger
    I use on two different bikes, mainly to eliminate helmet buffeting for passenger. No complaints of buffetting on 700 mile weekend trip. The benefit for me was a lot quieter both from wind noise and passenger complaining. Easy to install but carry Allen wrench with you to tweek it as needed.

    Wind Deflector
    Im very happy with this item,reduced the noise in my helmet.very comfortable.

    Genady L
    Good quality and service
    Nicely machined aluminum part. The screen itself is also appears to be made of the high quality material. One improvement I would like to see - is for spoiler to go lower, be able to use it in a manner similar to the laminar lip. Adding height to improve airflow is not always best option, I do not like to have anything in my direct field of view. So if your screen already pretty tall, that may be a problem. Another notice on shipping charges from Wunderlich - seems to high for such a small package. It is also available with free shipping through Amazon.

    Erik Lewis
    Typically perfect quality...
    ... from Wunderlich and its suppliers. The machined parts have a quality inspiring heft and attention to detail. I'm 6'-2 and typically have to deal with wind noise because of my height, especially with the aftermarket bar risers on my K1200S. But with a couple of stop-and-adjust sessions I've found that the deflector has reduced the low-frequency "ripping" wind noise at the rear of my helmet to nil. Exactly what I was hoping for. Worth every penny.

    Vario Wind Deflector
    I have installed this wind deflector on 2 bikes to stop the wind buffeting on my helmet and to stop the wind noise. This wind deflector works great. Easy to install, simple to adjust, then just leave it. Make sure you use loc tight on the screws.

    David Watson
    Wind deflector on a R 1200 GSA
    This wind deflector greatly reduces wind noise and buffeting on my helmet. I am 6'2" tall and sit high on the GS. I highly recommend it if you are subjected to wind buffeting and wing noise.

    Tim K
    Vario Wind Deflector
    The wind deflector was very easy to install. This unit eliminated wind buffeting on my helmet with the wind screen just up from it's lowest position. Would highly recommend the Vario Wind Deflector.

    Paul Rutschky
    This deflector is awesome! It accommodates my slightly larger touring windshield perfectly. The blast on my face has been replaced with buffeted air while the majority of air flows right at and over the top of my helmet eliminating neck stress during windy rides. One thing... the instructions are terrible! Please fix.

    Emma Abernethy
    Highly recommended. Can now ride with helmet open. It's made it that quiet. Easy to fit and lots of adjustment available.

    Steve Bickford
    '92 R100GS
    Easy fitment. I love the adjustability and the quality is top notch. Reduced buffeting and wind noise greatly. I've been off-road and haven't had an issue.

    My First Thought... WTF?
    When I first unpackaged the Wunderlich Wind Deflector I thought WTF because it's so small (not even as wide as my helmet) but the reviews I read stated it worked well so I mounted it and after a few adjustments... What a Difference it made in both the wind and the noise level. I have a pony tail and even though I always wear a helmet, my hair would always get tangled in knots... not any more. I used to have to keep my face shield closed / latched because in the unlatched position the shield would rattle from the wind... not any more. Used to have to keep the shield closed when the temperature dropped... not any more. Bottom Line- I should have purchased this in 2006 when I bought the bike... Great Product that Functions as Intended and Very High Quality as Well. I ride a 2006 Yamaha Roadliner w/Corbin Fairing.

    BMW F 800 GSA - significant improvement
    Noticeable relief from helmet buffeting on the new higher stock wind screen on the 2014 F 800 GSA at freeway speeds! The "zone" is fairly narrow so with strong cross winds you have to shift your head a bit to find the sweet spot, but all-in-all very pleased with the performance of this product. I'm 5'11" tall and it seems the F 800 GSA stock wind screen is designed for persons a couple inches shorter.

    Wind Deflector
    I have an R1200S and was experiencing quite a bit of buffeting on the highway. I tried a Puig Double Bubble which helped but that broke after hitting a rather alarming bump (no other damage by the way). I have dealt with Wunderlich before and was very satisfied and decided to try this deflector instead using the original, robust windscreen. It is a well made bit of kit and works very well. If I had one request it would be to make it adjustable with something other that a 5mm Allen key.

    Alex Martin
    Great Deflector
    The deflector works as advertised. It is very adjustable and solid. I set it and made a few adjustments and it works fine.

    Michael Jessup
    Mike - Tassie down under
    I purchased the wind deflector after searching the net for some product that would raise wind deflection off my upper body without having to change the contour lines of the existing bike. The ride over the Nullabor to Perth really tested my strength to hold into a constant prevailing westerly that blows across the Great Australian Bite, - builds neck muscles where Hercules never had 'em! When this wind deflector arrived, placement on the Dn-01 shield was easy/simple; adjustment was reviewed several times, the final setting, (which doesn't have to be permanent by the way), giving a most satisfactory result for a more wind protected ride. Benefits are over 90 kph. Recommend to anyone who wants to keep the original fairing setup but gain an improved wind deflection advantage without aiming for race speeds.

    Ken O'Malley
    It Works!
    I needed an extension to my after-market windshield to reduce wind noise and to keep the bugs off my face shield and this is just the ticket. Installation is a bit tricky but with patience it ended up fitting great and working great. A good value for the price.

    k.d. mcallister
    same as a previous review. my windscreen was a bit to short. fine in town. the wunderlich is the perfect addition for longer rides. takes a few rides to get the adjustment just right. that is the advantage of this unit, plenty of ability to get it just where visibility isn't compromised and proper deflection is attained. huge difference. rode the honda silverwing from seattle to portland and back, same day. no problems.

    Small invention. HUGE improvement
    I didnt want a large touring screen, but for long hwy stretches of riding wanted more wind protection than my KTM SMT factory shield provided. This is the perfect addition. Goes on and off quickly and does not affect the overall look of the bike. AWESOME. Highly recommend

    Wind Deflector, Clear
    We bought these for our F650 GS Twin and F800 GS. As stated in the description, they don't fit on the stock windshields for those bikes. So, we filed a small section in the center of the windshield down flat, the width of the attachment bracket. Then, we epoxied the bracket on along with the screws. Works perfect. So, for long, touring rides we can roll with the windshield and deflector (which works very well) and for short rides I can take the windshield off entirely.

    Wind Deflector works !
    Small and unobtrusive. Mounted on my S1000RR to make highway riding a bit more comfortable. Really works well and makes a big difference in wind and noise at highway speeds. Almost turns an S1000 into a touring bike ! Almost...

    6'-4" 1200GS Adventure Rider
    THE best comfort/function item in many years. After 2 different windshield tilt changes and a couple of configuration changes to the universal mount system I added a couple of drops of blue loctite all-round and could not be more pleased with the nearly complete loss of wind noise AND barely a bug strike on the face shield. Money wisely spent. I had noticed that nearly every motorcycle in the hinterlands of Europe had some sort of wind deflector added on. This product is the slickest of the bunch.

    Ren Roy
    Significant improvement with air flow and turbulence using with the standard screen on my new 2014 F800GS ADV.

    William Mobery
    Get your head out of the wind
    Previous owner was a midget and cut several inches off the windshield. This apparatus solved the problem, although it takes a little getting used to. Better than replacing the whole windscreen.

    I am 6'4" all and the stock screen on my 2012 GSA is too short. I recently add this wind deflector and ode 4000+ milestone the MOA INTL and back. Absolutely love it!!

    Skip Gregoire
    Great Product!
    I just purchased a 2013 BMW F800 GT with standard windshield and was annoyed by the amount of bugs hitting my face shield right at eye level. The wind deflector has greatly reduced my issue with the bugs. I have now ridden 2000 miles with the deflector installed, and am very satisfied with its performance.

    Outstanding purchase
    I mainly purchased this to ease the wind buffeting and cut the noise down. I ride with either an aria XD-3 or an RXQ so one gets buffeted pretty hard and the other is noisy due to my height 6'3". After I added the wind deflector it's smooth sailing again my neck doesn't get sore and I don't have to wear ear plugs. Oh and the instructions did take a second to make sure I was installing properly.

    Tom Deckard
    \'09 Kawasaki Versys 650 w/Givi windshild
    I have dealt with Wunderlich before, needed items for my '94 R1100 RSL. So I knew I could depend on quality materials and craftsmanship. For my first long distance trip on my Versys I wanted a little more protection from the high speed buffeting I get with my Givi shield. After tweaking the Wind Deflector to find to optimal performance, I was very happy with it diminishing the buffeting to almost nothing. But I didn't count on it being in my field of vision. Just one thing to get use to. There were a couple of disappointments. In foul weather, it's tough to see through in the rain. I will be trying some Rain-X to see if that will help shed water off. Also, it does such a good job at keeping the wind off, it allows rain to stay on your helmets face shield. Yet another thing to get use to. So, you have to duck out into the wind to clear the water off. I did carry a 5mm hex so I could remove it easily. And did after it became too annoying. So, fair weather, two thumbs up. Foul weather, the jury is still out until I try the Rain-X.

    Mike Curl
    Wunderlich Wind Deflector
    I own several bikes, but the one I purchased this item for is my 2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA. The issue with the Suzuki is there are few aftermarket windscreens and of those, I have not found any that offer excellent protection against wind buffeting. So, I installed an X-Creen on my stock windscreen. This provided about a 60% reduction in wind, but there is a big gap between the stock windscreen and the X-Creen where wind comes right into my face. So, I added the Wunderlich wind defector right behind the X-Creen and now I have about an 80% reduction in wind in the face - still not perfect, but much improved. My video can be see at if you are interested although it doesn\'t clearly show the Wunderlich mounted behind - but if you look closely you can see it. Viel Gluck!

    Does what it is supposed to do!
    I am completely pleased with this product. It was easy to install, although there was a bit of head scratching with the \"Ikea\" type pictorial directions. Once installed a quick test ride revealed much less wind buffeting to the helmet and the ride is MUCH quieter = much less fatigue at the end of the day\'s ride. Great product.... highly recommended.

    Bob Simpson
    Great accessory!
    Works great on my K1600GTL. Removed the wind buffeting around my helmet as advertized.

    Works great
    This has made a world of difference in reducing wind noise. I am rather tall so the air used to come off the top of the windshield right into my helmet. Adding this has reduced it significantly. Directions aren't great but still easy to install if you just look at the picture.

    Try this first
    If you\'re considering a new windscreen, try this first. It might be just the thing to rid yourself of some troublesome buffeting. Easy to install and remove. Give it a shot. 4 stars for instructions in only in German.

    2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200
    I am 5\'10\". 240 pounds. I do mostly freeway riding. 65-85 mph. it worked for me with stock Ducati windscreen adjusted to the highest position. I didn\'t notice a difference with the bikes windscreen at the bottom position. it worked best with my Givi tall touring screen. 90mm taller than the stock Ducati windscreen. but with the Givi windscreen, I am looking through the Wunderlich wind deflector. The combination of the Givi and the Wunderlich completely eliminate the wind buffeting to my helmet, but looking through the Wunderlich was not comfortable to me. I mounted the Wunderlich wind deflector back on my stock Ducati windscreen with my windscreen in the highest position and the Wunderlich mounted in the lowest position and that seems to be the perfect combination for me. it stops 95% of the wind buffeting to my helmet and I can still see over the top. Now I can actually enjoy riding without a helmet buffeting headache at the end of the day. My helmet is a Shoei RF-900. I would recommend this product to anyone around my height with a bike similar to mine. It worked for me. Thank you Wunderlich.

    Does the job
    A high quality, well built product that works as advertised. It takes a while to find the adjustment that works, but once you do wind noise and buffeting are greatly reduced. It took me a half hour to figure out the instructions, and then three minutes to install it.

    Tim Walker
    wunderlich wind deflector
    Bought this deflector for my 2012 Honda NC700X. I already purchased a taller windscreen but needed a few more inches & this deflector was the perfect size. It works great, easy to install & the quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this item. Thank you!

    Worked for me
    Mounted on a MRA Customshield on a Hyosung gv250. Completely changed riding experience in a positive way. Much less wind noise and head buffeting. I was somewhat skeptical but pleasantly surprised that such a small piece of equipment could make such a big difference. Installation was easy.

    Great addition
    I purchased this wind deflector for my 2002 Harley Sportster 883. My windshield was too low and funneled the wind, bugs, dirt and whatever else straight into my face and my neck was always strained from fighting the wind. Installation took only a few minutes (no problems with the instructions) and I keep a hex wrench in my saddlebag for any adjustments. I\'ve only had the bike out a few times but the difference is amazing. Less wind noise, no neck pain, no bugs in the face. I did notice the front of the bike seems to feel \"lighter\" but believe it\'s because I\'m not fighting the wind; no other difficulties with handling and, although the device was a little distracting at first, I barely notice it now. Great product!

    Bill Thedford
    No difference
    Mounted this on the stock windshield of a Yamaha V-Star 1100 and tried every adjustment available, the full range of adjustment, testing it over the course of two weeks adjusting and testing removing and testing and really could not tell any difference at ranges of speed up to 70 mph except at one adjustment level I got a change your shorts feel of riding on ice so I removed it and it now is for sale on Ebay for 100.00 free shipping I probably needed a larger size and my review is only for my experience and is in no way a reflection on the quality of craftsmanship of this great idea. It just didn\'t work for me.

    Just what I was looking for
    After installing an aftermarket Cee Bailey's windscreen on my 2009 GS I noticed that I was still getting buffeting and noise at speed. I noticed a number of riders using the Wunderlich wind deflector and decided to give it a try. It works! I'm not sure if I would prefer a taller windscreen or even if that would solve the problem but this product did the trick.

    Burton Cleveland
    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Bike is 98 R1100GS with Aeroflow screen. The kind of riding I do demands driving on slab to get to a nice off-road spot to tool around. I have long been irritated by the buffeting that occurs at speeds higher than 75 MPH on the highway - so bad that it caused blurred vision and, eventually, a killer headache. I just installed this deflector and went for a 700 mile loop in the Texas Hill Country and was very pleased with my purchase. Buffeting has been minimized to an almost negligible state. While offload, it is easy to just remove the deflector so there is no line-of-sight interferference. My only word of caution is that you should take care to secure the set screws after removing the deflector because they can walk themselves out and be lost in the dirt - totally my fault and in no way a reflection on the product.

    OK overall
    Wunderlich as a company was very helpful, I had a good experience exchanging an item, so I would say they have very good customer service. Product is OK, kind of small, I was expecting something bigger. Installation is a little akward, specially since the picture instruction is not very clear. I tried it in different positions and it helps a little with cutting down on the wind noise, however, if I would have to do it again, I would probably go with cee the baileys screen instead, especially since the price is not that much different. So, would I recommend it? I don\'t know, if you are looking for specific small adjustment, yes, otherwise I would revommend trying a bigger screen first.

    Cory Wheeler
    No More Sore Neck!
    I mounted this on my F800GS with a Touratech Windsceen and the wind buffeting at highway speed wearing a Shoei Hornet DS is gone! Definitely worth the price!

    Alain Dumais
    Systme de dviation du vent bien pens
    Je viens de recevoir le "wind deflector" J'ai bien hte de l'installer. La construction de ce dflecteur m'inspire confiance +++. J'ai opr d'autres modles avec des rsultats mitigs.

    Wuncerlich Wind deflector
    Now bear in mind your hearing from someone who has no mechanical skills what so ever, (you might as well put a cucumber in my hand as a spanner, I really am that bad) I fitted the wind deflector in mins, and it works great, open face helmet at 80 odd mph and no wind or buffering, it really is that good. 86 well spent in my humble opinion

    Wind Deflector
    This deflector is expensive but now , I do not need a helmet visor and my glasses are not wobbling any more . Mutch more quiet also . Very good buy .

    Nick Bidmead
    excellent aerodynamics
    Significant improvement with air flow and turbulence using with the standard screen on the Yamaha Majesty. Works for a Victory Cross Country too! Saves a bundle on bigger screens.

    Gary S
    Don't Hesitate
    Installs nicely, very stuurdy and adjustable. If you\'ve heard negative things about this deflecctor just chalk it up to dufus installation.

    Nigel D
    Wunderlich - It's easy and it works!
    I am very pleased to report the Wunderlich wind deflector was easy to install and adjust. With the minimum of easy tweaking, the annoying buffeting was eliminated with my large after market switchblade cruiser windscreen. It has stopped the eyesight de-focusing constant rattling of my head and helmet for speeds up to at least 120km/hour. I have not tested it above that speed but given the absence of the previously persistent problem I expect it will continue to function admirably even when I give it a squirt.

    Peter Wylie
    Awsome product
    I am turning a Ducati Hypermotard 1100S into my version of the new Duc Hyperstrada. I already had a small aftermarket windshield and a California Cycleworks 6 gallon gas tank. The addition of the Wunderlust wind deflector is magic. More protection and no buffeting. A home run.

    James Doc Daugherty
    It Actually Works!
    This wind deflector is a miracle! It works so well in eliminating wind buffeting on my 2009 Stratoliner S. I have a mid-sized windshield and wear a Shoei full face helmet and because of my height, my head was getting \"tossed\" around each time I rode. I found this product on the web and because it was adjustable, I decided to give it a try. After mounting and tweaking it, I can now enjoy a \"quiet, peaceful ride every time. Even without the helmet there is absolutely no wind noise or buffeting of any significance! I have mine slightly tilted forward about mid-height of the extension and it works perfectly for me. Buy won\'t be sorry!

    on a cruiser
    I've put the deflector on a mid height Triumph Thunderbird OME windscreen that was dumping turbulance right at the centre of my helmet and a problem to the degree that vision would blur over 110kph. It works pretty well and solves the problem. Doesn't even look to crazy. The multi adjustable mount system is a real attribute.

    Hiroki Miura
    excellent !!
    It is easy installed parts and works great. Value for pay. Thank you Wunderlich !! I am so happy.

    Wind Deflector - nice wind screen extension
    The wind deflector performs its task well by allowing the user to adjust its position to conform to just about any angle a person can imagine so you can experiment and get the exact result you desire. I would have rated this deflector 5 stars BUT the directions left a lot to be desired - there were vinyl pads and metal spacers which a person has to attempt install which I found the directions completely failed to explain. Obviously this is a German product but it is being sold internationally and the directions need to be clear and intelligible in other languages beside Deutch. My wife speaks some German but even she had trouble interpreting the instructions and I was left to guess from the few pictures where to place the vinyl pads versus the metal pads. For such a quality product someone needs to take the time to creat instructions which at least show some pictures that can be understood without having to understand broken English that makes no sense. How hard could this be? I would have taken a few pictures and show where the various pieces need to be installed if this was my product then no explanation would be needed. As I said, this is a great product but I am not sure I got it installed correctly - even though it appears to be working the mounting screw seem to not grip the vinyl and metal spacers and I have to tighten the screws every so often.

    Wind deflector
    I purchased the Wunderlich wind deflector severalo weeks ago. I have a touring windshield on my R1150R and it offers good protection, but at interstate highway speeds I was getting turbulance across the top of my helmet that caused a low pitch roar that was unbearable. The wind deflector removed all traces of turbulance. I am totally satisfied with the performance of this deflector.

    Good but not ideal
    I installed the deflector on an Aprilia Mana GT with the longer Puig windscreen. Without the deflector, the wind hits me at the neckline. With the deflector (various positions tried), wind now hits me at eye-level. I am 5\'11\", 32 in inseam. I had hoped to move the wind above my shield so I could ride with open shield at speeds above 60 but, alas, it\'s not to be.

    Nice Wind Deflector
    This wind deflector is nice, it is almost infinately adjustable. I wanted one that was small, yet I could rotate to deflect air down to chest level on really hot days. This fits the bill, easy install, great quality. The other brands stay at a fixed position. This deflector can deflect air up and over or any of several positions.

    Scott korn
    great add on
    High quality, easy to install, adjust and works as advertised in taking the airflow off my helmet.

    Dr. Joe
    Worked well on a rental 2009 650 Versys
    Rented a 2009 Versys to tour Nova Scotia. Stock windshield too low. Took a gamble that the windshield extender. Worked surprisingly well. Able to ride without face shield on full helmet. Needed ear plugs above 50 mph.

    John Pit Jr
    Satisfied Customer
    I was a little skeptical about buying this item but in the end I am very satisfied with my purchase. The deflector helped with the wind buffeting on the top of my helmet and reduced the wind noise caused by my helmet air inlets. I would recommend a support for the windshield since there is an increase in vibration with the added weight on the top of the windshield.

    Rich Thomas
    Wind Buffeting
    I have a Triumph Tiger with a Cee Bailey touring windshield and needed some added height to reduce wind buffeting. I really didn't want to purchase a new windshield and needed another option. Using the wind deflector did the trick. Now the buffeting has been reduced to a level that makes riding even better. The deflector was a great fix to an annoying problem.

    D. Smith
    Great value!
    I just got back from a 1200 mile ride around Lake Ontario. This product was great! It took some fidgeting to get it right, but once I did it was so much better. This device REDUCES noise and buffeting, not eliminate it. I can adjust it so the wind hits the top vents of my helmet or goes over me. I used a paint marker to line up my 3 preferred positions and will etch the marks after further testing. FWIW, I am 6'1 w/ 32"(or so) inseam. I ride with ear plugs 99% of the time. Max speed used was 85 mph. Would have been 5 stars if the set screw could be adjusted w/ a tool already in the kit and installation and if the clamp could be black anodized. Hopefully a wider version is in the works. Maybe using 2 clamps instead of one? *hint hint*

    Works as advertised.
    I have to say I was not totally surprised this windscreen works, given the amount of praise in the reviews. But I\'m still impressed at how well thing is made and how well it actually works - it saved me from having to buy a new windscreen, that\'s for sure.

    Gary Fisher
    Wunderlich Wind Deflector on a BMW R1150GS
    This little gizmo surprised me with how well it worked. I have tried several after-market windscreens and even worked with plexiglass companies to make modifications to them and all left my head getting buffeted above 65mph. I actually like this deflector on the original equipment, which is quite small. It allows my arms and body to feel the wind but my head is in a zone of no wind. It's easy to adjust, and it took 5 or so trips to get to the best position for me, which is almost vertical and as high above the main windshield as the adjustment allows. I'm 5'10", use high and low seat settings depending on conditions, and use a full-face Scorpion EXO helmet and these run very large, so buffeting is a big problem. I like the original windscreen the best anyway, for looks and gas mileage - it was a 5mpg penalty to use some large after market windscreens.

    Wind deflector Ducat Diavel
    I have the touring windshield and added this unit as an accessorie.The regular Touring screen deflects some of the window but nowhere near enough.Not that I am tall standing at 5` 6\". Well made product and definately helps with the wind deflection. Very happy that I invested in this. Recommended.

    Kellie White
    Wind Deflector
    Great service, easy to order online and part came much quicker than we expected.

    David Enns
    Buffeting much reduced
    I installed this deflector on a 2007 Ducati GT1000 with the factory touring windshield. Previously the buffeting coming from the top of the windshielf made touring unpleasant and now the turbulence is a minor issue. The deflector itself was easy to install. The workmanship and attention to detail is very much evident. For reference, I am a 5 foot 10 inch rider.

    Kevin cole
    Very happy
    I received the wind deflector within a couple of days of ordering it. Sooner than I expected. Installation was a breeze (pun intended) and it didn't take but a couple of short rides to find its optimum position. I then took a 900 mile ride including hwy 1 along the coast and was delighted with the quiet. No more ear plugs are needed. I probably should have taken it off for a ride last Sunday that was on a narrow forest road with lots of large pot holes. It obscured my ability to see them up close to avoid some of them.

    German Engineered. Works For My 2011 BMW F650GS Twin & Cee Baiely's Windshield.
    I just finished installing my Wunderlich Wind Deflector on my 2011 BMW F650GS twin's Cee Bailey Euro 18" windshield, and going for a two hour ride. My initial impression is VERY good. Fantastic product. I am so delighted. This is with my initial setting. So, I have not explored other settings to find the sweet spot. I am looking forward to trying some other settings. My initial setting puts my Wunderlich deflector infront of my Cee Bailey Euro screen. At the lowest setting; so the Wunderlich deflector is in line with the top of the Bailey's windscreen. I pushed the deflector angle slightly forward so as to push the wind up and over my helmet. Installation was easy and no surprises. As others have noted, the installation instructions were missing. But, I went to the Wunderlich America website and carefully reviewed them. So, before you go sticking and cutting the various shims, read the Installation Instructions carefully. The quality and precision of the aluminum hinge demonstrates German engineering. I purchased the clear Wunderlich wind deflector to match my clear Bailey's screen. As those who own a F650GS / F800GS know, the bikes are tall. The bike seat puts the rider in a very high position and exposed to the wind. I thought the 18" Euro style Cee Bailey windscreen would be adequate for my 5'7" frame. Either my upper body is taller than your average 5'7" person or my F650GS seat really boosts me up. I suspect the bike seat is the issue. Before installing the Wunderlich wind deflector, I could hear wind buffeting around my ears around 35 mph. At 60-65 mph, the noise was way too loud. I am relatively new to riding. So, I did not recognize how loud the wind noise was around my helmet. Even with the visor on my SHOEI Qwest down. With the Wunderlich wind deflector I can hardly feel the wind on my face with the visor up at speeds up to 60 mph. About 60 mph, the speed starts to push the wind deflection down towards the crown of my helmet. I put my hand in front of my face, visor, and crown, and the wind deflection is definitely noticeable. I can not feel the wind until my hand reaches the crown (top) of my helmet. I am sure I can do some additional adjustment. But, overall the riding with the Wunderlich wind deflector is a 1,000% improvement over before. As others have noted, with my visor up I can hear the sound of my F650GS engine and muffler. Before, the wind buffeting around my ears washed out everything. One of the big observations is in my improved eyesight. I guess before installing the Wunderlich wind deflector, my head was buffeting enough to slightly blur my near vision. My instrument gauges and GPS looked a bit fuzzy when I looked down ( at speeds above 45 mph). With the Wunderlich wind deflector, I can see the gauges and GPS just as clear as in a car (behind a full windshield). To me, this is a huge safety bonus. I can both hear and see better. Perhaps someone should tell the Motorcycle Safety Foundation about the merits of the Wunderlich wind deflector. I am looking forward to experimenting with different settings. I am also looking forward to quieter longer rides. I highly recommend this product. A bit pricy, but I have not found anything else on the Internet (market). Kam, Great Falls, VA

    75% immediate improvement on R1150 GSADV
    lovely workmanship and very effective great Wunderlich quality farkle and easy as to sit

    Steve Burgett
    Much better
    Installed on 2004 GS1150 Adventure with stock windscreen and it has made a definite improvement in air flow around the helmet area. Much less buffeting. For reference, I\'m 5\'11\" and have the high Sargent seat installed.

    John Raymond
    wind deflector
    I installed this on my 2012 Triumph Tiger 800xc. It stopped the wind buffeting that made my eyeballs rattle while I was on the highways. It's a nicely machined piece and very adjustable.

    Dan Petterson
    High Quality - Works Excellent
    This is a very high quality product, lots of adjust-ability to get exactly what you want. I installed this product on a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere.

    Wind Deflector Works Perfectly. Light Tint is Perfect.
    I wasnt sure this was going to work but now that I have it installed and adjusted to the hightest possible setting. It works most excellent at reducing wind buffeting!! I have ZTechnik med screen and its the perfect attachement for me. Im 6'2 31.5 inch seem. Turned out to be better than I expected.

    Russ Stewart
    Helped with the buffeting
    I just completed a 3,200 mile trip from Seattle, WA to Anchorage, Alaska. I installed this deflector on the stock shield of a 2011 BMW R1200GS. Worked wonderfully! Reduced the wind buffeting by 90%. I love the adjustability of the deflector. You can adjust it all day long. Make sure you use lock tight on the screws.

    Does the trick
    My R1200 GS Adventure stock windscreen generates so much buffeting that my neck is sore after every ride. Put this deflector on (easy installation), and took an epic 3,000 kilometre ride from northern Alberta into Montana and Idaho and back. Even at "highway speeds" there is little to complain about behind the screen. With visor up, the ride is calm and more enjoyable. High cross winds seem less of an issue. My only caveat is the wind noise seems louder in my helmet (ear plugs are essential) at higher speeds.

    jason defilippis
    wind deflector
    I'm very happy with this. I'm 5'9, it brings the wind up to about my face-shield which does the trick. Thanks.

    Don McNabb
    Huge improvement in highspeed riding. Visor up with sunshield down at any speed! Need to play with it to find sweet spot.

    Eric Laporte
    it works!
    I installed it on my 2012 Kawasaki concours14 and I can now wear normal sunglasses while driving. Really satisfied.

    Stephane Roux
    Just did 1100 miles with mine
    This wind deflector added what was missing. I now enjoy a much quiter ride and less strain on the helmet, much more inviting to check me dead angles! For reference, I'm 5'5'', have the PEM low seat with stock suspension. Item as easy to install and very fast delivery.

    Finally, quiet air
    Riding my '08 GSA with OEM windscreen I often get a sore neck from buffeting, even on the calmest days. Probably the peaked visor on my Shoei Hornet DS. Installed the wind deflector and went for a long freeway ride yesterday - one of our windiest days so far this season. What a change for the better! I put the deflector in the lowest position, with the mini screen vertical in front of the OEM's top edge. Didn't have to adjust it. Package instructions are a bit obscure. Went on-line to Wunderlich site for more details.

    Chris D.
    Wind Deflector Does As Advertised
    Installed on Triumph Tiger 1050 with CalSci aftermarket (medium sized) windscreen. The buffeting was awful, causing headaches. The air flow hit me in the lower part of the helmet. Upon installation, with no fine tuning, there's very little buffeting (perfectly comfortable). It's a very adjustable item, so there are gains to be had with a little fiddling. Very high quality product, and worth the price.

    Great Product
    THe quality of this product is excellent. The articulation / adjustment of the hardware is infinite, it can be adjusted forward or behind the windshield. Overall just what I needed.

    J. U.
    Extremely Well Manufactured
    Incredible workmanship on this product. Attached mine to a 2006 Yamaha FZ6. The wind coming off the windscreen would hit me right in the neck and push my jacket into me making it almost hard to breath and swallow. Put this on and solved the problem. A little noiser in the helmet, but nothing unbearable. Had to do a little modification due to a lip on the top of my windscreen.

    Jack Weidenbach
    Great addition for me
    I installed this on a new (2012) GS Adventure after riding an '08 Adv with just the stock windscreen. This is a definite improvement - quieter, no buffeting, and very few bugs hitting my faceshield. I would buy it again, no question.

    Terry Mroz
    Very Good Solution
    This product is very well made and fast/easy to install. Takes a few rides to get it adjusted to your needs but is then great. I have it installed on a BMW Touring Windshield on a 2009 BMW F650GS Twin.

    Warning, Doesn't work on Stock F800GS!
    Installed this on my wifes F800gs and it came off the 1st time we hit speeds above 70kph. I followed the instructions to the letter but I've come to the conclusion that the stock F8GS windscreen with the crease (Bend) in the center won't allow for a tight fit for this deflector bracket. I ended up modifying (cutting) the windscreen to make it work so it could have a larger contact patch. Ended up loosing the metal plate and rubber it comes with on the 1st run, so had to make up something else. If your windscreen has any kind of bend in it at the top where the bracket mounts this will NOT work. Make sure it's good and secure before heading out on the hwy.

    Bob Jones
    Recommended product
    Fitted to a Yamaha FZ600 Fazer with a stock standard windscreen. A short ride with the deflector fitted and at various adjustments certainly convinced me that the product works as claimed. At optimum adjustment I was able to ride with the helmet visor up without my eyes becoming watery due to excessive wind. Also appears to deflect air borne particles eg: dust etc,.

    deflector review
    I mounted this on an adventure screen on my non-adventure R1200GS - and it does the job as stated. I would say that it does also transfer a tiny little bit more windscreen 'feel' through to the rider (like in big wind - or 'turbulent wind' from passing trucks) .... but overall - it's a very valuable addition and has the Big Pig feeling way more comfortable overall. With Adv screen - plus winglets - plus deflector - I'm sitting in a very comfortable, wind-free, noise-free position. recommended 9.5/10.

    Craig Burney
    Wind Deflected
    Mounted on a +9" Calsci windscreen on my Triumph Tiger 1050 the Wunderlich Deflector completely removed the wind flap hitting my Shoei helmet. The turbulence was quite annoying (not the fault of the Calsci) until I mounted the Deflector. Now I ride in smooth comfort. Would I recommend this for every motorcycle? Would I recommend beer with bratwurst? YES!

    Gary Alley
    It works!
    I was impressed with the improvement and reduced buffeting. I was not sure what "angle" to lock it at so had left it a little loose so it could be adjusted by hand during my first ride. Just by chance when I hit 80 mph it automatically "adjusted itself". I've lock it in that position and am very happy with the performance.

    great product
    the wind deflector works great just made a 2200 mile trip to daytona for bike week on my v rod muscle. the deflector pushed the wind above my helmet and made my ride that much better.A little pricey and instuction on installation should of had a english version.

    Andrew Klein
    excellent wind deflector
    My neck has been hurting after riding, and I didn't know if it was my Arai helmet or wind buffeting. Hoping for the latter, I purchased the Wunderlich wind deflector, attached it without difficulty, and went for a long ride, stopping to adjust it and to try multiple permutations. I ended up calling Wunderlich and they offered great advice - place the deflector down low, not as high as possible as I erroneously thought, and tilt it. Voila - it's great and no more neck pain.

    Adrian Fatan
    Very good product. I have one for each of my bikes

    Steve Painter
    Good but could be better
    Installed this on my K1200RS because of my height put me well above my windshield. The piece is very well made and very adjustable. Helps the buffetting, but still getting more wind than I would like. If the deflector was a bit taller or me a bit shorter, would probably be great.

    Geoffrey P. McCloud
    Very Effective Add-on
    I have a shortened wind screen on my Vespa 250 GTS. I was getting much more wind over the top of the screen than I anticipated. The wind deflector, although a bit pricey, solved my problem. Has a clean and neat installation, well engineered and is a topic of conversation with the scooter crowd.

    Works great
    Works even better than you would think. 100% satisfied. Deflector offers an option of using the deflector for windy days (including headwinds) and then removing it when not needed. Instructions could be clearer, and I wish the backing plate between the windshield and aft side was retained on the bracket. That's the only (minor) criticism.

    Wind deflector
    I am very happy with the product, took the wind out of my face in my Versys Tourer approved.

    Ted Perlinger
    A Solid Piece Of Equipment
    Shipment was prompt and item received within days. Looks and feels solid. Mounted it on a Honda PC-800 which has fairly good wind protection as it is. Being over 6 ft tall I needed a bit extra windshield height and this fits the bill. Installation was a cinch even for a two left thumbs guy. Adjustments are almost infinite so I have left it after trying three or four different positions. However, I carry a 5mm hex key for my next long trip -just in case I want to fine-tune a little more to find the sweet spot for my bike.

    Bob H.
    Works as advertised
    Cut down the wind noise by 90%. Was having hard time hearing bike to bike communications. This helped. A stout product.

    John S.
    Works as advertised
    Easy to install. Nice range of adjustment. Well machined. I only gave it 4 stars because of the cost. It was back-ordered, but I was sent an email telling me when they expected them in, and It came a day early.

    Small Item, but Big in its effect
    A big cumbersome to take on and off, but once installed properly it worked great with the Cee Bailey 20" screen. BMW F800GS

    Gustavo De Gennaro
    Life before and after
    Last week I bought my W-Wind-Deflector with the hope of ending the noise and buffeting problem on my almost brand new F650GS. Every time I used to ride above 130 km/h the noise on my helmet (a Nolan N93)was terrible and disturbing. Once installed the WWD on my Touratech windscreen, and after a small struggling on the installation due to the some kind of "v" shaped of the upper side (where it is mounted) my life has changed. Yes it has changed. I can now go over 150 km/h (and more) with a super nice wind low sound (and not disturbing at all) which allowed me to use back the headphones (installed in my helmet) and listen to the music with such an enjoyment that make thank very much for such simple buy efficient accesory. I can also talk by phone (handsfree of course) with no noise and hear all my wifes calls so as to answer her and chat before dinner... EXCELLENT DEVICE - HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. thanks Wunderlich.

    Wymoth Palmer-Pilgrim
    Wind Deflector
    If you ever want to buy something that really works, buy this Wind Deflector. Cuts out all wind noise and buffeting. It is so adjustable that it will suit any height of rider or screen. Been using this for over 2 years on my GSA, wont ride without it.

    Wind deflector
    Marginal item, ineffective. Does not do much of what it's supposed to. Played around with the various positions, made no difference. Better to get a Laminar Lip.

    Pete Phillips
    BMW Part on a Harley?
    I recentley purchased the wunderlich wind deflector for my HD V ROD, my bike has the Super Sport windshield.The winshield did a fair job of reducing the preasure of the wind on my body at speed, however there is a lot of turbulence on my helmut which can give you a giant pain in the neck and a very uncomfortable ride @ highway speeds. The addition of the deflector has made a huge differaece. I recentley did a ride arround Lake Ontario with our HOG group, a total of 1400 kms/ 850 miles over three days. Excellent product, easy mounting, and very well made, I would highly recomend this product.

    I have a BMW F800ST, and attached the Wind Deflector to the stock screen. After trying various angles, I find that setting the deflector nearly straight up does a pretty good job of deflecting wind from the helmet at about 70, which is what I was hoping to accomplish. The wind deflector doesn't look as good on the bike as my smoked Skidmark Double Bubble replacement screen, but I find it a bit better solution. I'm 5'9", 155 lbs.

    Tony Carey
    Very worthwhile and needed farkle!
    I bought this piece of gear after completing my first ride where I bought the bike from Tx to MD - over 1800. The buffeting is known for the R1200GSA windshield but it's really bad when passing or following non-aerodynamic vehicles, like pick-ups with ladders on top, mini-vans etc. I ordered this as soon as I got home for 2 reasons. First due to the reviews that stated how well it worked. Second, honestly, because it's a beautifully machined piece. So let me tell you the difference. I commute daily 42 miles RT. I had become accustomed to the quiet. I went to the BMW MOA Rally in Blooomsburg and took off the deflector to go play in the dirt. I left it off and went for a long ride on some back-country hard-pack dirt roads and some lovely country-road twisties - wow! The noise! I ride with a Schuberth too. The buffeting was really noticeable. So for the 5-hr back-road ride home, I re-installed the deflector - man what a difference! This really works. This is a fantastic piece of kit. I highly recommend it for your daily riding and taking it off when going off-road. Much cheaper than buying a new windshield.

    Axel White
    Wind deflector
    A handsome and well made product that performs as advertised. Better looking than the Touratech equivalent. Wish that it did not require an Allen wrench to adjust, but once you have found the right position for it, no other adjustments are necessary.

    noise reducer
    Excellent sport touring accessory. For a major reduction of buffeting and wind noise,simple to add on yet effective. I bought one for each of my R100RS bikes. I plan on buying another one for my K1 Beemer.

    Gino Pignataro
    What did I do wrong?
    I wish I had a chance to experience the Wind deflector but after I mounted on my K1200GT, following precisely all the instrucions that came with it,on the very first run it came undone from the bike shield and flew off and was then run over by a car. I wish I could buy onother one but can not afford it right now. Guess I have to wait to find out how good it could be.

    Rodger M.
    Easy to install
    Very easy to install on windshield and works wonders. Amazing how such a small product can block so much wind. Highly recommend if you are having issues with wind buffeting over the top of the windshield.

    Micko Andrews
    Excellent design
    What a great product. Very solid build and easy to mount on the screen. I bought one for my new Multistrada to cut some of the noise behind the screen. It works well. The only down side is that you need allen keys (hex) for any minor adjustment to the screen. Overall, a great little device.

    michael C
    great little product
    like this very much works very well cheaper than a new screen !

    Pam Blakeley
    Adjustable Wind Deflector
    After debating getting a taller windshield, I opted for this in combination with my 2005 f650gs Dakar shield. I didn't want a taller shield, because I do venture off road - but my neck is shot and needed something to help with buffeting. I honestly cannot believe how well this works. Even with this spring's extremely windy conditions, the buffeting has been cut down by 90%, with crosswinds being the only time I feel any movement. Cannot recommend this enough - it is by far the best thing I have added to my bike.

    Wind Deflector
    I bought this for my KLR650 to add height to an aftermarket windshield. With Spring just arriving, I have not had much time to ride and try this out. My current windshield is thinner plastic than the ones that BMW uses, but this wind deflector doesn't seem to cause it to vibrate to the point that I worry about failure. So far, the only time I noticed vibration on my windshield was in a nasty crosswind. I have not had the opportunity to ride enough to tune the deflector to the position it will minimize the wind on my helmet so how much reduction I will experience is still an unknown. The deflector is a well built piece of equipment. Construction and materials are first-rate.

    Northwest coast
    Works perfect
    This deflector replaced my stock screen along with the Aeroflow off road tall screen. It solved my helmet noise problem along with the buffeting problem. I have it set all the way up and bent back against the wind. It took about 20 rides to identify the right position, but now I realise that I could have just started with the tallest position and worked down. It's completely stable and the hardware hasn't budged. Great product.

    Put 2 on a Givi Windscreen
    I put 2 of these on the side of my Givi Windscreen to increase the protection around my body and shoulders. This was a fantastic addition and the design and quality of the product is excellent.

    2003 F650GS w/ Dakar Screen
    Fits nicely with the 01-04 Dakar screen and decreases wind turbulence when adjusted properly.

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