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Engine Bars Adventure, Black
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      Engine Bars Adventure, Black

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      Caution! Our Engine Bars Adventure, Black does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Engine Bars Adventure, Black

    All round protection for the F Series GS Twins. We call this the "Adventure" Protector and it offers the best overall protection for header pipes, fairing sides and underside of the motor. The additional mounting points on the center stand mounting points make this protector extremely solid and sturdy. Recommended for long distance touring and/or off-road riding

    The Facts:

    • Protection of motor and header pipes ("Adventure").
    • Side panels are protected.
    • Additional tubes protect engine covers on sides.
    • Solid protection for underside of bike.
    • Solid mounting points and even distribution of forces.
    • Connected to bike on engine brackets, center stand ("Adventure") and engine mounting points.
    • Regular servicing possible without removal.
    • Strong and steel tubes with durable black powder coating.
    • Light weight.
    • Does not compromise cornering clearance.
    • Easy to fit.

    Please Note: Does Not fit models with Low Suspension

    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F650 GS Twin20082012cannot be used with lowered suspension



    PDX Rider
    Solid built, look great
    Fortunately, I haven't tested how well they work in tip over or crash, but love the way they look on my 2015 F700GS. Seems like great protection and I like the lines better than OEM a version.

    M Welsch
    Good Bars, Great Headache
    Having just bought a new 2013 F8, I did a lot of research to see what best I could do to protect it and keep it in good order. Wunderlich\'s Adventure Bars seemed like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, I had a very difficult time getting them to fit. Having already experienced this problem of aftermarket farkle not being updated for the new year with TT and a couple other companies, I contacted Wunderlich\'s tech support. The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and gave me some pointers encouraging me to keep at the installation. Everyone in his company assured him, and thereby me, that they would fit. And lo and behold I was able to get them on! However, when I went to go on my first ride after installation I realized that the process had cracked the housing of the kickstand sensor, and I had to disconnect it and jump the circuit to make it worth. At this point I was into over eight hours of man time for the bars everyone was saying went on in about half an hour. I rode the bike to my local dealer (three hours away). To make a long story slightly shorter, the dealer ended up having to grind out the bars so they would fit around the kickstand and I am still waiting for the part to come in from Germany so the bike can be fixed. A brand new bike that will soon have to be put into storage for the winter. I am less than pleased. I will be happy to have the bars on the bike and still like the company, but would not recommend being a canary in a coal mine to anyone.

    Steve Stringer
    Not so easy installation.
    Now that they are on the bike I am happy with the engine bars but getting them on was quite a bit of work. A couple of the holes did not line up and had to be enlarged with a drill to get the bolt aligned enough that it could be threaded into the frame. One of the bolts is located directly in line with the engine bar making it difficult to get to to secure. I ended up having to cut the short end of an allen wrench in half to reach the bolt to tighten it. My bike had the center stand already on it and getting the bottom bolt of the engine bars bolted on along with the center stand was also difficult. But, as I said , now that they are on I'm happy with them. Just hope I never need to take them off adn put them on again.

    Dan Webster
    Update from "as advertised"
    These guards took a massive hit on a nasty getoff up on the Dalton and didnt move one bit. Even the mechanic who put my bike back together commented on how strong this guard was given what it went through. A little black Tremclad and we're back in business!

    Fit Great
    These bars were very easy to install. I had heard horror stories from a friend who bought the Touratech bars and assumed it was going to be a nightmare. The Wunderlich bars installed with minimum fuss and total time was under an hour for the Adventure Bars, Extreme Skid Plate, and Oil Filter Cover. They look very nice installed also. I haven't put the bars to the real test, but they appear to provide at least as much protection as my friends who have Touratech and SW Motech bars. The extra attachment point provides what appears to be a very solid mount.

    Matthew Roddy
    Good Bars but a tight fit
    The bars look great, haven't had to "use" them yet, hope I won't any time soon, but seem sturdy enough that any fall that would damage them, I'm likely going to be more worried about myself. I found it to be a tight fit on the left side, by the sidestand. It was actually so tight that it messed up my sidestand sensor and I had to readjust that and decided to file some of the crash bar so that it was better fit.

    Dan Webster
    As advertised
    Nice looking bars once they are on... a tough fit on the right side...took a little coaxing with a piece of 2X4 and a hydraulic jack...not sure why, followed instructions explicitly. Handled a pair of hiway pegs nicely. A very solid set.

    Paul Anderson
    Superior fit and ease of installation
    Having just installed a set of Wunderlich Adventure Engine Bars, I want to commend the manufacturer on a job well done. The quality of the welding and finish was suburb and the installation took no more than 20 minutes. This was due to the perfect fit and well thought out instructions. Very well done and highly recommended.

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