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The new adventure models

BMW’s versatile F750 GS hit the market at the same time as the new F850 GS. Positioned as a well-balanced Enduro all-rounder, this model is also guaranteed to delight a large fan base.

In terms of the core competencies of ergonomics, comfort, safety and luggage, we have already set up a powerful product program for the 750s. All kinds of additional accessories are currently available.

F750 GS Wunderlich Edition

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F750 GS Wunderlich Edition
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Please note: Products listed below is NOT filtered to show only products that fit a specific bike model. Parts listed below were used building this Wunderlich Edition. Please note multiple color options may be listed.

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

F750 GS Wunderlich Edition
F750 GS Wunderlich Edition F750 GS Wunderlich Edition

BMW F 750 GS

Being a balanced, all-round enduro, the F750 GS has sufficient performance, a comfortable seat height and a high level of efficiency, while in the case of the more powerful F850 GS the emphasis is on higher performance, more torque, even more distinct touring enduro characteristics and a a 21” front wheel for greater offroad capability.

The new 853 ccm engine provides 77 hp in the 750 variant, while its big brother boasts 95 hp. The brand-new engine with a 90° crankpin offset and 270/450° ignition sounds as robust as a 90° V2, which isn’t bad at all!

One aspect that’s no less unobtrusive is the fact that BMW has now also opted for a welded bridge frame in this class; a lattice frame is yesterday’s news. A variety of available driving modes and the automatic stability control (ASC) provide a high level of safety, and the new LED headlamp and the TFT displays are also optional extras. New colours, new shapes and the new Rally and Exclusive style variants translate into an exciting new appearance. Numerous other features including Keyless Ride, Shift Assistant Pro, Dynamic ESA, eCall, Connectivity and much more available for buyers of the new F models.

The Wunderlich core competencies


Personalize your ride comfort just for you!

Life for motorcyclists of different size and stature hasn’t exactly gotten easier in the last few years. Where the average seat height for a motorcycle in the Eighties was between 750 mm (29.5") and 800 mm (31.5"), today riders have to climb onto a seat with an average height of 800 mm (31.5") to 850 mm (33.5"). The standard BMW F 750 GS even allows riders to sit at the towering height of 830 mm (32.7").

Not long after the market launch, we began offering high-quality components for the new F models: windscreens and hand guards to protect against wind, weather and tiresome turbulence, handlebar risers for relaxed sitting and driving while standing, ergonomic seats and footrest systems for a relaxed knee angle, and much, much more.

All-round protection and safety

If you’re one for riding your Enduro offroad, we offer excellent components to protect your GS. Whether you need an engine protection bar or a tank protection bar, engine and manifold protection, axle crash pads or our cooler protection, our equipment prevents serious and costly damage to your bike should you have a mishap. What’s more, our high-quality protective components help to prevent damage to the engine or components (e.g. on the exposed water pump) and rider, so that you can continue on your travels despite crashing. An important aspect – and not just for long-distance riders stranded off road.

Our side stand enlarger is naturally a must-have piece of equipment on every enduro: The bike remains in a secure upright position even when fully loaded, whatever the surface.

Innovative luggage solutions

Wunderlich is known for its innovative luggage solutions which are specially designed for BMW motorcycles. This includes the absolute all-rounder among tank bags: the extremely adaptable Elephant tank bag. It’s all the same whether it’s a card slot or a photo insert, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist. For everyday riding, we recommend the Sport tank bag or even the practical Elephant tail bag.

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