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MultiPod Adaptor
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      MultiPod Adaptor

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      Caution! Our MultiPod Adaptor does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    MultiPod Adaptor

    K1600 GT/GTL, R1200 RT (2010 - 2013) & R1200 RT LC (2014 - on)

    This adapter allows easy and secure attachment of our versatile MultiPod system. It is made of high quality machined stainless steel and it simply replaces the original handlebar attachment bolt of the K1600 GT/GTL or 2010 and later R1200 RT. Once installed, the MultiPod can be attached to this adapter.

    The MultiPod allows a secure and fully adjustable basis to attach a camera or most any other electronic device.




    Theodore Harvey
    Verified Buyer
    2014 R1200RT
    Works great. Very nice hardware quality. Quick shipping

    Verified Buyer
    Multipod Adapter 2016 R1200RT
    Fits perfectly. Positions my phone exactly where I wanted it. Ridiculously easy to install. If you are using a Ram brand bolt through ball you will need a longer M8 bolt than is provided with the Multipod Adapter. I have the TackForm phone cradle system which uses all aluminum parts and the M8 bolt provided with this adapter fits perfectly. Great product!

    Graziano Iezzi
    Verified Buyer
    Multi Pod Adapter
    Super easy installation and well machined product. Utilized it to mount my Ram Ball mount to Quad-Lock adapter.

    Scott Jiggens
    Multipod Adaptor K1600
    This product worked wonderfully with my new RAM ball. Perfect fit and well made.

    Verified Buyer
    Love it and perfect fit! 2018 R1200RTP

    Verified Buyer
    Perfect! My RAM mount loves it. 2013 R1200RT

    Russell Cox
    Verified Buyer
    Phone Adaptor
    Quick and easy way to attach Ram phone mounts. Use to install and is very secure.

    Jay Chaplin
    Verified Buyer
    Impeccable quality, price however is ridiculous
    I have given this product three stars because there is no way to separate the two polar opposite feelings I have about it. 1) Yes, the fancy screw (sorry "Multipod Adaptor") is impeccably machined, functions perfectly, and is a very slick solution to putting a Ram Ball mount on the handlebars of my BMW K1600GTL. Well done! Five stars! 2) $29 plus tax and shipping for a screw... WTF. Yes, you have a well-designed part that I needed and no one else supplied. Supply & Demand and all that... But more than $30 for a screw? Come on! Even for BMWs where everything is inflated that's ridiculous price gouging. 1 star, I'd give it negative if I could. There you go, the average of 5 and 1 is 3, a three star review.

    Mickey Breece
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect Solution for RAM Mount and iPhone
    Perfect hardware to install my RAM Mount product to hold my iPhone 7. I bought two MultiPod Adapters and installed on both sides of handlebar for future second electronic device. Thank you Wunderlich!!

    Phil Stearns
    Verified Buyer
    Your part plus a Ram Ball - perfect
    This part is exactly what I needed to amount my phone to my K1600GTL. This plus the Ram Ball that takes an 8mm Bolt worked perfect! Simply adding the Ram arm and finger clamp and I’m up and running. Looks and works great.

    Steven Burnside
    Verified Buyer
    Just what I needed to add a Ram ball for my phone holder.

    Brian Hauke
    Verified Buyer
    Top Quality
    Excellent product, top quality craftsmanship! I purchased two of these one for a cell phone adapter an another for a radar detector.

    Danny Graham
    Excellent product. Would highly recommend

    MultiPod Adaptor
    Needed a mount for a Ram Mount iPhone Universal X-Grip and the MultiPod Adaptor worked perfectly. Remove the old BMW bolt, add a bit of Loctite to the MultiPod Adaptor and tighten. Simple, quick and looks OEM. Highly recommend.

    Oscar Fleury
    Muito Pratico
    Infelizmente comprei errado, minha RT 2008 no serviu,

    Bon Walker
    Multipod adapter R1200RTW
    very well made. Mounted Spot Locater holder on left handlebar. A very sturdy mount looks good on the bike. A little pricey but nice .

    Ken Crosby
    Quality piece of hardware
    Worked exactly as advertised...provided an attachment point for the MultiPod where none exist in the 2014 R1200RT cockpit. The product could be improved IMO with the head machined to accept a socket rather than an open end wrench in order to get the correct torque on it with a normal tool set.

    Ross Moore
    Great Fit
    Bought 2 to support a bracket to hold a 2nd GPS on my 2014 R1200RT , fit was perfect and provides plenty of stability.

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