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BMW R 1200 RS — the sports tourer is back!

In 1976, one of the best-loved BMW model series of all time was launched. The R 100 RS was the first big series motorbikes with full frame-fixed cladding developed in a wind tunnel and established the sports tourer segment. In 2015, a new RS made its way to the start line — the R 1200 RS LC. And this one has a great chance of becoming a legend too. We of course took to the RS immediately and created a broad range of products geared at BMW's newest sports tourer.

BMW R1200 RS Wunderlich Edition

R 1200 RS LC
R1200 RS Wunderlich Edition
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Please note: Products listed below is NOT filtered to show only products that fit a specific bike model. Parts listed below were used building this Wunderlich Edition. Please note multiple color options may be listed.

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

R1200 RS Wunderlich Edition
R1200 RS Wunderlich Edition R1200 RS


Personalize your ride comfort just for you!

Life for motorcyclists below or above today's standard size has not become much easier in recent years. The average seat height of a motorcycle in the eighties was still between 750 mm and 800 mm, today you climb on average to 800 mm to 850 mm in height. On a standard R 1200 RS LC one sits in 820 mm height. And even the lightest of all current BMW enduro cars, the G 310 R, has a respectable 835 mm in the series trim.

Shortly after launch, we offer high-quality components for the R models: windshields and handguards against wind, weather and annoying swirls, handlebar elevations for relaxed sitting and for standing, ergonomic benches and footrests for a relaxed knee angle and much more.

Total protection and security

If you move your Enduro away from paved roads, we offer excellent components to protect your R 1200 RS LC. Whether motor or tank guard, engine and manifold protection, axle protection pads or our radiator protection, in case of a case they avoid major, costly damage to the machine. What's more, our high-quality protective components help prevent damage to the engine or units (for example, the exposed water pump), so that it is essential to continue driving despite a fall. An important aspect, not only for long-distance travelers who are stranded in the desert ...

Of course, our side stand extension can not be missing on any enduro: no matter on what kind of surface, the machine will stay securely even when fully loaded.

Innovative luggage solutions

Wunderlich is well-known for its innovative luggage solutions specialized in BMW. This includes the all-rounder among the tank rucksacks: the extremely adaptable ELEPHANT tank rucksack. No matter if it's a card slot or photo insert, there is nothing that does not exist. For everyday trips, we recommend the tank bag Sport or the practical, functional rear bags.

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