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R1250 R Wunderlich Edition!

You could say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!", when you gaze upon the BMW R 1250 R for the first time. On the surface you can see that the front spoiler beneath the engine and the radiator fairing have been modestly modified. The real changes are much deeper and can be found in the cylinder heads of the popular roadster. It is the latest generation with the outstanding 1250 cc engine that adds more cylinder displacement and a additional performance features: ShiftCam technology, which means the intake camshaft can add two cam profiles: one for torque-defined riding at low, moderate revolutions and a cam profile when you need power. Why did BMW do this? Because the fantastic engine improves the riding experience while increasingefficiency.

R1250 R Wunderlich Edition

You don't feel a thing when you switch the cam profile while riding. This is technology that pleases: In the city, on country roads and on long trips, fast journeys, as well as during relaxed rides across the country.

R1250 R Wunderlich Edition
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Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

R1250 R
R1250 R Wunderlich Edition R1250 R


Personalize your ride comfort just for you!

R1250 R Marathon Windscreen

The new R1250 R Marathon Windscreen developed by Wunderlich especially for the R 1250 R offers wind and weather protection minimalturbulence thanks to the well-known perfect aerodynamic design. It has been developed especially for the R 1250 R and integrates harmoniously into the design of the roadster, protecting and relieving the entire upper body, providing a relaxed ride.

ERGO Active Comfort Seat

The ERGO Active Comfort Seat is already a classic in the Wunderlich team's product range. It provides optimized weight distribution thanks to the contoured layer composition of the cushion developed by Wunderlich, which comes with integrated tail bone relief. It demonstrates perfect comfort and unrestrained suitability for long journeys. Wunderlich offers the rider and passenger seat as "Standard" in the original height. In addition the rider seat also comes as a "Tall" version with a height increase of approximately +25 mm (1"). It is especiallysuitable for taller individuals and also provides a relaxed knee angle.

Handlebar riser

The handlebar risers from Wunderlich are known for their relaxed ergonomics - and not just on long journeys - without losing any of the dynamics. They also ensure a better overview of the traffic situation through the more upright posture.

Wunderlich R1250 Sport Engine Bars

The latest engine protection bar construction from Wunderlich is available in white or black: The Wunderlich R1250 Sport Engine Bars, which follows the same design and construction criteria as all engine protection bars from Wunderlich and incorporates the contours of the newR 1250 R. In order to live up to its sporty use, it is made out of powder-coated 16 mm precision steel tubing and weight-optimized.

Tank Bag Sport

Many BMW R 1250 Rs are used as daily riders. Wunderlich offers the Tank Bag Sport, R1200R/RS LC, which is ideal for this kind of use and works as a perfect all-rounder for lots of occasions. It can be fastened in a jiffywith the LOXX quick release. With E-Connect access.

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