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BMW R18 Wunderlich Edition - The New Age of Cruisers

The R 18 complements the typical characteristics of a cruiser with the virtues of a BMW. This is exactly what distinguishes this motorcycle, what makes it better and what distinguishes it from its American competitors: safe chassis, decent brakes, no twisting of the frame, predictable and good-natured.

R18 Wunderlich Edition

R18 Wunderlich Edition
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Please note: Products listed below is NOT filtered to show only products that fit a specific bike model. Parts listed below were used building this Wunderlich Edition. Please note multiple color options may be listed.

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

R18 Wunderlich Edition R18

Anyone who is familiar with BMW history - and we know that many of you are - can see this bike, can read the history of BMW in this bike. It cites the successful history of the BMW Boxer since 1923, first and foremost the almost 100-year-old concept of the longitudinally mounted boxer with cardan drive, whose shaft and universal joints in the case of the R 18 rotate open and clearly visible outside the swing arm for the first time in a long time. The pushrod tubes above the cylinders are reminiscent of the sports machines of the 1930s to 1950s.

If you approach the BMW R 18 and get involved with it, the fascination that emanates from this motorcycle is very complex. It concerns the brand, the authenticity, it concerns the philosophy, the appearance and it concerns the history of BMW. You see us quite enthusiastic about BMW's latest offspring, about this BMW, which differs from all other model series and yet remains a BMW. Our developers are very happy to develop and implement our numerous ideas for rebuilding and equipping the R 18.

Engine Protection as Strong as the Engine

The first bar made of 32 mm tube! We decided on this tube dimension for two reasons: for strength reasons, in order to optimally protect the R 18, and for aesthetic reasons. Because only the 32 mm tube looks balanced and aesthetic on the imposing R 18 - and in the surroundings of the mighty manifold tubes.

In addition, we deliberately decided on a closed, one-piece shape for the protective bar, which, apart from its dimensions, contributes additional constructive rigidity. In this way, the high-quality protection bar blends discreetly into the overall style of the R 18 and yet sets a coordinated accent of its own. It is no coincidence that the spade-shaped design is reminiscent of the guards on the classic air-cooled BMW boxers.

Both Wind Protection and Good Looks

Our cockpit fairing is an exceptionally designed, handlebar-mounted fairing that has a high recognition value at first glance. It combines a noble appearance with sportiness in a balanced way. This results from picking up and continuing the white double line of the R 18 on the matching deep black (Blackstorm metallic) background. The two lines of different widths are applied by hand by an expert in his field, who is a perfect master of the art of using drag brushes. The paintwork itself is also done by hand. We achieve the sporty note through the unusually narrow, elongated shape and form, which is angled towards the rider. The whole thing blends naturally into the high-quality design of the cruiser and at the same time sets its own accent in the front and side silhouette of the big boxer.

Seating with Cruiser-Style

Our Sissybar for the BMW R18 not only lets the pillion travel much more safely, comfortably and relaxed thanks to the comfortable cushion, it also accentuates the appealing rear end of the R 18 with its high-quality design. The design perfectly follows the styling of the R 18, with the construction providing a coordinated accent. With an eye for detail, we have used the same high-quality upholstery material as the seat. Our upholsterer has joined the sections with the matching seam pattern, i.e. adapted to the seat. Discreet and refined!

  • Comfortable, ergonomic back support
  • Stylishly integrated into the R18 design
  • Shapely, sturdy construction with solid 4-point mounting
  • The material and stitching pattern are perfectly matched

R18 Big Boxer Spirit
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