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Auxiliary Light Protectors, Black
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    • Part # 42838002
      Auxiliary Light Protectors, Black

    • (4.7) 12 Reviews
    • $90.95

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      Caution! Our Auxiliary Light Protectors, Black does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.


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    Auxiliary Light Protectors, Black

    • DOES NOT fit with NANO Aux Lights - If uncertain please give us a call (828) 489-3747
    • For NANO light protectors please see part # 42839302

    ONLY FOR VEHICLES PRODUCED PRIOR TO 08/01/2017 (find build date badge on your bike to confirm)

    ** PLEASE NOTE: these are easily broken if you try to force them onto a NANO light  **

    Mountable lamp guards for the original auxiliary lights (LED). A whirled stone from the vehicle in front of you or offroad excursion could end up costing you some serious money for repairs to your auxiliary lights. Our foldable light grill protects the lights from flying debris and adds a great design feature to your bike. These light protectors are specifically made to fit the optional Original BMW Auxiliary lights.

    Additional Details:

    • Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with domed and polished VA-grid (grid wires individually welded)
    • Simply snaps onto the original auxiliary lights. No screws, etc. necessary. Can be easily removed.
    • High protection for the original fog lights.
    • No reflections or risk of glare.
    • Easy cleaning of the headlight and grill.
    • Lamp matrix for original LED auxiliary lights.
    • Made in Germany.


    • ONLY FITS with BMW part number 63 17 8 532 147 (63178532147)

    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F800 GS20172017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    F800 GS Adventure20132017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    K1600 Bagger2017 2017 -2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    K1600 Grand America2017 2017 -2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    K1600 GT20102016-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    K1600 GT2017 2017 -2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    K1600 GTL20102016-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    K1600 GTL2017 2017 -2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    R1200 GS20132016-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    R1200 GS20172017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    R1200 GS Adventure20142017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    R1200 R20152017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    R1200 RS20152017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO
    R1200 RT20142017-2017 not compatible with LED-Lights NANO



    J. Green
    Verified Buyer
    Auxiliary Light Protectors
    The product is well made and the fit is very snug. It also looks good, and blends in with the light.

    John Stokes
    Verified Buyer
    Tight Fit
    Took some effort to get these aux light protectors installed but they do fit just have to finagle them into place with force. They look good and it is a needed accessory for the roads driven in my state.

    Alex Graves
    Verified Buyer
    Good protection
    Very easy installation on my 2016 K1600GT. I powdercoated the screens white to match my bike prior to installation. Both clicked right onto the light housing.

    Ed P
    Light protectors
    I could not get these to snap on. The website was a little confusing on original purchase. Wunderlich did refund my purchase in a very timely manor. I will purchase from Wunderlich in the further due to their customer service. Thanks!

    Verified Buyer
    I'm happy with them
    They are not supposed to fit on the 2018 K bikes, but after I tried to force them to fit, unsuccessfully, I reversed the assembly order of the seal and the screen (putting the seal in before the screen) and they snapped right into place with less force

    Verified Buyer
    well designed and made
    looks great, simple design and well made. Make sure you hear the SNAP to make sure they are on securely.

    Verified Buyer
    fit great
    took about 5 minutes to install

    Alan Rogers
    Verified Buyer
    Auxiliary Light Protectors
    It's a snap. Just follow the instructions and don't overthink the assembly. After experiencing a thrown rock from a gravel hauler I knew this purchase would safe a lot of money in the future. Great product. Thanks Wunderlich!

    William Streefkerk
    A perfect fit
    The installation instructions were very clear and they installed easily. They were simple to remove for cleaning of the lenses of the driving lights as well. A great product that I would buy again.

    Rudy Hassen
    OK but not vital IMO
    I dropped my bike and dmaged one of the aux lights. I bought these hoping to prevent or reduce and damage in case I drop it again. It's a close call as to whether these are worth the cost. I think I paid under $100 for a new OEM complete aux light. Well, I'm still glad I boght them because they look like they'd protect the lenses from road damage and they look cool if you notice them at all. I couldn't get them on using reasonable force but I did get them n REVERSING the install order. I clicked the top before the bottom. I think/hope I can get them off without damage when that time comes. I's buy them again but only if they stay at or close to or below this price.

    Alan Kanter
    Aux light protectors require force fit
    Tolerances are very tight. The first set would not snap into place but the replacement set finally did with a lot of strong arm force. Once on, the protectors look good and do their job, but I do not look forward to taking them off to clean the lenses.

    Alan Kanter
    Challenging fit but does the job
    The guards protect the auxiliary lights once you manage to get them on. One bottom tab easily snaps in but getting both of two top tabs to snap into their respective recesses can be difficult. Customer service promptly sent me a second set since one guard would not go on; I got it on but will now be reluctant to remove. Once on, they blend nicely.

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