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Turn Signal Cancel Lever
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      Turn Signal Cancel Lever

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      Caution! Our Turn Signal Cancel Lever does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Turn Signal Cancel Lever

    Here's a small part that's a big improvement:

    Perhaps you have experienced the rather clumsy operation of the turn signal cancel switch. The newer switch gear does offer some improvements over previous versions but the position and function of the cancel button seems to have taken a step backwards.

    Therefore, we created this turn signal cancel lever and it offers vastly improved function and ergonomics. The part simply attaches to the right side mirror perch and now instead of contorting and trying to find the small cancel switch, you simply press on the easy to find lever and presto, riding enjoyment is once again improved by Wunderlich.

    Some Facts:

    • Easier to cancel the turn signals
    • 1.5mm thick, high quality spring steel
    • Powder coated black
    • Easy to install
    • Made in Germany

    Note: Please click on the Applications Tab to make sure this part fits your bike!
    (Will not fit some models produced after 01/2012 with M6 brake lever perch bolts!)


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F650 GS Twin20082012Does not fit models 01/2012- with brake fitting M6 attachment
    F800 GS20082011Does not fit models 01/2012- with brake fitting M6 attachment
    R1200 GS20102012Does not fit models 01/2012- with brake fitting M6 attachment
    R1200 GS Adventure20102013Does not fit models 01/2012- with brake fitting M6 attachment
    R1200 R20112014Does not fit models 01/2012- with brake fitting M6 attachment

    *Installation estimated at 15 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Alex Mamourian
    The right tool
    I was a bit skeptical about this device but after too many awkward accelerations and decelerations as my throttle hand moved about searching for the turn signal cancel button, I figured it was worth a try. I am very pleased to say it fits perfectly on my GS F650 and I can now hit the cancel button by just pressing in the general vicinity of the switch. As they say, "if something is hard you probably have the wrong tool". This is the right tool.

    Verified Buyer
    Installed on K1200R
    Coming from 35 years of riding Japanese bikes, I found my BMW K1200R turn signals counter intuitive. I couldn't lose the muscle memory developed over the years. This simple turn signal cancel lever is perfect for me and it fits my bike perfectly.

    Maureen "Moto Mo" Wright
    Do it your self Product!
    I feel safer having this small item attached to my moto. It was really good to be able to review the video on installation a couple of times first. Then I got to it. Just needed to figure out which side, top or bottom, that the plastic bushing went on. After was installed in a jiffy.


    Rob C
    This works
    No longer have to take my eyes from the city streets to cancel the signals

    Installed on a 2012 R1200R
    I just installed the cancel lever on my 2012 R12R. The Application lists says that it will not fit. The only reason that it will not fit is the top hole is too small. I just drilled it out, slapped a dab of paint on it and installed it without any problem. Have yet to try it in the real world (weather today was crappy) but just sitting on the bike, the new cancel lever is much easier to reach.

    Pepe Perez-Sanz
    A great improvement over terrible OEM design
    This thing works for me. I no longer face the threat of a wheelie when I cancel my turn signal. The alignment is much improved so I don\'t disrupt my throttle input.

    Hory Aycardo
    Not for a 2012 F650GS
    No matter how I tried, this doesn't fit on a 2012 F650GS. The application section should be more specific about the year model this fits.

    Judith Wallace
    great looking addition, but not a huge improvement
    The turn signal cancel lever looks great. It fits well once everything is lined up. The mechanism is quite stiff and a thicker pad for the back of the lever might make it easier to use. On the whole, I still have to move my thumb/hand (a small female hand) more than I want to in order to cancel the signal.

    Not A Solution
    When I first used the stock turn signal cancel switch on my new R1200 GSA, it felt a little awkward and I was excited to find that there was a possible solution. I installed this product and used it for five or six hundred miles to give it a good chance to win me over and it never did. I actually found it more awkward than the stock cancel switch. I removed it and the stock switch seem like perfection. No hard feelings. I gave it an honest attempt and it showed me that the stock version was just fine.

    Dwayne Dyer
    Not Much Improvement
    I wish I could rate this product better, but I found that it is not much improvement over the stock unit, and in all likelihood I will be removing this product and going back to the stock setup.

    Great idea! Works well, but wish it was even longer, still have to stretch a little to cancel the signal. Now what we need is one for the HORN button- it's tough to reach/feel it with gloves on.

    Ian Russell
    Makes cancelling turn indicators easier
    A definite improvement over the awkwardly-placed BMW cancel button. Not quite a perfect solution, but I'm not sure how it could be improved further. Installation is pretty straighforward, even for me. I'll probably continue to use it.

    Dan Gruzd
    Great product
    Does what it was designed for well. Can you make one for the horn button?

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