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Vario Paralever Arm, Ti-Finish
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      Vario Paralever Arm, Ti-Finish

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    Vario Paralever Arm, Ti-Finish

    Chassis tuning to a very high standard. This adjustable Paralever torque arm allows you to adjust the ride height of your motorcycle while simultaneously changing the handling characteristics of your bike in a very easy and simple manner. Depending on the setting, the bike becomes a nimble curve bandit or alternatively a solid and stable highway tourer. Raising the rear end, steepens the steering angle and results is sharper steering. Lowering the rear end has the opposite effect and makes the bike less twitchy and more stable. Riders seeking to lower their seat height will find that this part can offer enough to make a noticeable difference.

    This is done with an easy to operate eccentric adjustment and laser-engraved setting scales. An eccentric is installed in the rear attachment point, which can be used to set the Paralever torque arm within an adjustment range of 14 mm:

    - tall (+7 mm): for maximum steering response (steepening the steering angle)
    - middle (0 mm): original length (motorcycle height unchanged)
    - low (-7 mm): for maximum tracking stability (relaxing the steering angle)

    With this part, the original stamped steel strut is replaced and the already unique ParaLever takes on a high tech, yet elegant appearance plus gains in usefulness due to the added adaptability. A technical eye-catcher with unheard of dynamic properties. Precision machined from solid aluminum, titanium anodized torque arm, with blue anodized adjustment eccentric and laser-engraved scales. With TÜV approval and all required fitting parts. Made in Germany.

    Note: Please see the Installation Instructions for additional information and images.

    R1200 S owners please note: This part is not compatible with the optional wide rear wheel.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    R1200 S20062008not with the 6 inch rim

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Verified Buyer
    A very nice addition to our 1200s. Beautifully machined and anodized finish. A little costly but it is a great addition to the shorter shocks that help lower the bike for my wife . Also the eccentric makes it infinitely adjustable .

    Brian L Goetz
    Verified Buyer
    Vario Paralever Arm
    As other reviewers have said, "Wow!" Great product and a perfect addition if you want add "flexibility and function" to the handling and/or height of your bike. I have a 2009 R1200GS with (aftermarket) low suspension. I like the low suspension because of my short inseam, however, sometimes when the bike is heavily loaded for touring and I ride a little aggressively, I occasionally have scraped the side stand or foot pegs. This was the perfect solution in that I did not want to shim my suspension or respring it (and thus shorten travel and it is already perfectly sprung for my different loads). So if I'm going to load up the bike, I just adjust the Vario paralever and get up to 7mm lift. It literally takes all of two minutes! But the real bonus of having this installed (as others have said) is the ability to change how the bike handles (as you are effectively changing the length of the wheelbase when you adjust paralever length.) You either get a super sporty feel for the twisties or rock solid stability for the slab. I'm currently 6K miles into a 11K mile ride and installed this arm a couple of months ago. On a particular day early on in my journey, I had a 35 mph crosswind on the interstate, I'm heavily loaded and the semi's and the wind are really whipping me around. Pretty squirrelly. So I pulled off at a rest stop, adusted the paralever (lengthened it) 5 mm, got back on the fwy and bamn! Rock solid stability! The difference was truly amazing. Honestly. Its a fair bit of cash for this farkle, but I was "sold" that day in the wind. Then, as I reached my mountain destination later that day, I raised the bike (shortened the wheelbase) and had a ball as the motorcycle felt more like a mountain bike. If your the kind of rider who doesn't really balance/tune your suspension or tinker with things, this may not be worth the $$. But if you are interested in changing things up now and then, I doubt you will be disappointed.

    Paul End
    Greatly improves handling
    I was aprehensive at first due to the cost , but after It was installed (I adjusted arm to shorten wheelbase)My K1200S handling improved greatly.steering was quicker without losing any high speed stability. Handling is now on par with a Yamaha R1, Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX14R ect.Dont get me wrong, with the K1200/1300 weighing in at 570/580lbs at the curb dont expect to be dicing with the likes of a Aprilia RSV4 or Buell 1125R/1190RS but the vario paralever arm is DEFINATLY worth the money. PERSONALLY I AM INSTALLING THE MBE SLIPPER CLUTCH , VARIO FLOATING ROTORS.AND .... FG GUBILINNI GRIP PRO WHICH IS THE NET BEST SET UP TO MOTOGP SUSPENSION ELECTRONICS... LETS SEE IF THE MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRIES LATEST AND GREATEST SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CAN OVERCOME THE f1200/1300 570/580 LB CURB WEIGHT .

    Vario Paralever Arm
    Functional Art ...!! it works...

    Paralever Arm
    Very well made item. It does what it is supposed to do. I got this as I wanted to be able to lower the bike a bit(R1200GS) when I ride around town and raise it when I am going for a ride. I don't notice the change in steering geometry but I have not fully tested it out in that regard. It is expensive but once you see it you can understand why as alot of thought went into the design and fabrication. It is probably not the best use of $350.

    This bike should come standard with this.
    Very well made and enhances the look of the bike. Easy to install and adjust. Taking the weight off the back wheel by chocking helps here. I use a length of timber so I can lever the wheel up and then adjust the ride height.

    Makes the bike feel more sporty
    All I can say is wow!!! The K12 feels easier to move and now it feel more closer to sportbike. I know you guys thinking well if he wanted a sportbike why not just get the bmw 1000rr? 4 reasons....first I ride back and forth to work and I ride most weekends when i'm off so the K12 is very smooth and comfortable for distance especially if your riding 2 up,2nd I love the back roads and sometimes I love it more at agressive pace like when I had my 05 cbr1000rr, 3rd the K12 was one of the few bikes I liked that had more power and 4th it stands along when I come across a bike night :D As far as the arm it was easy to install and it made the bike's handling 100 times better! They should add this as a stock item!! I'm now closer to the edges of my tires as I still continue to grow and learn how awesome the K12 really is compared to my RR which I had with over 40,000 miles on it before I sold it.Again this is well worth the price and it brings the confidence to the rider who installs one. If you need more info contact me

    Vario Paralever Arm
    I own a R1200GSA and it was a little high for me, but I love the bike. When I found this adjustable Paralever Arm I had to try it. It has made the bike more comfortable since it lengthened the wheelbase and lowered it at the same time. It looks cool to. If you feel you ride is a little tall this is the answer.

    I bought this unit for my R1200S, it is gorgeous in the "flesh" BUT, it doesn't fit a bike with the optional 6" rear wheel. I was running the optional sport (6") rear rim with a 190/50 rear tire (stock spec for that wheel)and the tire was solidly in contact with the arm, so much that it wouldn't rotate. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. I would have thought they might have figured this out given the fact they "redesigned" the old version, which actually did clear the 190 wheel (a friend has one). If it would have fit, I would have given it 4 stars, only because it is a bit industrial looking.

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