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Brake Lever Enlarger
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      Brake Lever Enlarger

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    Brake Lever Enlarger

    In its original form, the rear brake pedal is unfortunately rather small, which all too often presents a safety risk. If your boot is resting too far towards the edge of the footrest, you have to bend it awkwardly to reach the brake. With this lever enlarger installed, a wet boot slipping off the lever tip or treading on thin air are things of the past.

    The extension means that it is almost impossible for the foot to slip off or to miss the lever altogether. The K1600 GT is also enriched by the addition of another visual highlight.

    The enlargement is precision machined to fit accurately on the original brake lever and is attached at the underside using a counter piece, so that once installed, the assembly "sandwiches" the original lever, making it impossible for it to fall off.

    You'll learn to appreciate this innovation once you've tried it out.

    The facts:

    • High-quality workmanship, machined of solid aluminum
    • Durable anodized finish
    • Quick and easy fitting

    To place an order for that part now so that you may receive it as soon as available, please order part number 8500922 under the Related Products.

    Tip: Place a drop of thread locking fluid on the screws so that they do not fall out. If you don't have any, you'll find it under the Related Products.

    *Installation estimated at 10 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Robert Howard
    Rear Brake Lever Enlarger.
    If you want only top quality items for your BMW always buy from Wunderlich America. The rear brake lever enlarger is easy to install, works perfectly and looks great. You will not be disappointed with any of their products.

    Thomas L Komon, Jr.
    Enlarged brake surface.
    Good fit easy to install and large surface makes it much easier to brake with lowered pegs.

    Verified Buyer
    Excellent After Market Piece
    A fantastic add-on. Provides peace of mind, eliminates the sheer terror experienced when stomping around for the small OEM brake pedal while hurdling down the boulevard toward a stop light. Well-made and good fitment, doesn’t appear to be cheap Chinese junk. The pedal adapter greatly increases the surface area of the OEM brake pedal quite nicely. Easy enough to install and more importantly has remained secure after much use.

    David Dietzgen
    Brake pedal enlarger for BMW K 1600 GTL
    I've had my GTL for 3 yrs now. And living in the great Plaines when I missed the brake pedal occasionally was not a big deal. But recently while riding in the Blue Ridge mnts. after coming into some corners too hot and trying to trail brake some speed off I missed the rear brake pedal completely. So I purchased this product and am completely satisfied. It's easy to install and a little bit pricy but totally worth it. Should have gotten one sooner.

    Gray Rider
    Verified Buyer
    The tiny stock lever needs this upgrade. Large feet, large boots equaled no tactile feel of the lever. This part solves the problem.

    Manros Nickens
    Verified Buyer
    Easier to find brake peddle
    Easy to install. No issues with installation. Make sure each screw is tightened equally with blue lock tight. Enhances the beauty of the bike while providing an essential safety feature. Try to cover the entire paddle (inside) with the foam pad. I cut off a small trim for the space that one strip didn't fit. This enabled the entire brake extension to be balanced equally on the original brake paddle.

    GDM in Texas
    Verified Buyer
    A nice upgrade
    Easy install and makes a difference. I figured that this would help ensure no drama finding the brake when really needed. Looks good and does the job.

    Duke Nguyen
    Verified Buyer
    Nice, but...
    Looks nice and feels solid. One problem with installation is if you overtighten screws, the two pieces start to get offset from the brake pedal. I felt it was kind of tricky because the longer screw just kept wanting to turn and tighten more and more causing the offset.

    Verified Buyer
    Well made and functional
    This brake extension corrects one of the very, very, few shortcomings of the K1600 GT; the tiny rear brake lever. The only complaint I have with the part is the fitment is a little random, and the edges are sharp, but some light dremel grinding smoothes that out. Overall attractive and functional.

    Margaret Glendis
    Verified Buyer
    I installed this after having the peg lowering kit put on. The installation was very easy. I can find the brake pedal now without feeling around for it. Appearance is nice too.

    Michael G
    Verified Buyer
    Just what I needed for k1600
    I felt I needed a brake extension after a couple of panic stops on my K1600GTLE. Having to crank your knee and toe in to hit the factory brake lever just wasn't natural in a panic situation. I watched the YouTube video on this product and thought it would be the best fit. It is. Quality workmanship, and easy to install.

    David McDade
    Verified Buyer
    Great solution
    Easy to install and gives much better access to braking

    Russell Cox
    Verified Buyer
    Brake Lever Enlarger GTL
    Exactly what is needed to extend the brake peddle. Fit perfectly and a snap to install.

    Verified Buyer
    Brake lever enlarger for K1600 (2018)
    Wunderlich parts are high quality and a bit pricey. You get what you pay for as they say. I had it on my bike in a few minutes and it fit great and adds to the function of the foot lever. One issue worth mentioning, most riders will need to adjust the lever position due to the added height which can be tricky. I figured it out and adjusted mine as much as it allowed and it's just right but would recommend letting the dealer do any work involving brakes. If you go too far the brake will not fully disengage from the rotor. FYI. Enjoy!

    John Devlin
    Brake pedal
    Easy to install. Quality design. Makes finding brake so much easier.

    Watch the outer edge
    Love the quality of the product, great improvement over the stock little post they put on the 1600. Installation was straight forward , only reason it is not a 5 star I from my perspective is the extremely sharp machined edge on the outer part of the brake pad, it is so sharp that it actually tore up the inner side of my brand new Sidi $360 Goretex boots while I rode without knowing, some softening of that edge is needed

    easy and works great
    The application time to install was a couple of minutes with a perfect fit. Works great with the your riding boots and makes in a no effort for stops on my GTLe 1600

    DC in NC
    Brake lever enlarger
    Very nice - fit good - looks good.

    Gary W. McCoy
    Brake lever enlarger
    I get a much better feel for the brake pedal, instead of feeling air I feel something solid.

    enlarger brake GTL
    Very nice product,easy to put on and works great. Very Happy with product.

    Gary M
    Does exactly what I need it to...
    Easy to install, and does exactly what I need it to do.

    Dave Brown
    Just what I was looking for!
    I have the peg lowering kit on my bike, put on a shift extender due to how much the peg kit moves your foot out from the bike, but need one for the brake. This is a good design, easy to find, non-slip surface, matches the bike well and is not a destraction from appearance of the bike. Excellent material and workmanship, easy to put on.

    K1660 brake extender
    K1600 bikes either GT or GTL have a rather small foot brake lever, Wunderlich enlarger soles this problem High quality product

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