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Topcase Rack
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    • Part # 8161136-137
      Topcase Rack
      Available in: Black or Chrome

    • (4.1) 63 Reviews
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      Time 45 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Topcase Rack does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Topcase Rack

    Available in: Black or Chrome

    For the top case that's standard on the K1600 GTL and optional on the K1600 GT, we have developed a top case rack that is both good looking and practical. The rack offers another way to attach some extra gear or a good spot for those things that you really don't want inside the top case, like for example a wet rain suit. In designing the rack, we followed the shape of the top case and backrest, creating an optimal shape for full utilization of available space. Available chrome plated or powder coated black.


    • • Four sealed, strong attachment points 
    • Precision shaped steel tubing
    • Top quality surface finish
    • Optical highlight, compliments top case
    • Available in chrome or black
    • Supplied complete with all needed hardware and instructions
    • Made in Germany

    Please note: Installation requires drilling 4 holes in the lid of the top case.

    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    K1600 GTL20102016not suitable for Exclusive

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Arthur Hart
    K1600B GA Top Case Rack
    The rack was delivered promptly and in excellent condition as it was very well packed. As with any Wunderlich product it is very well made, the black paint, I'm guessing powder coat, is very good. All required hardware was provided and identified in the installation instructions. There were four flat plastic washers included that were not identified in the exploded assembly drawing and no mention was made of their purpose. The label on the plastic bag that contained the rack and bag of parts indicated that this item is for a GT/GTL. The included paper installation instructions are not very detailed; I also watched the installation video which provided a little more info. The installer instructs to line up the rack so that it is in the sweet spot. Since the GT/GTL top case is somewhat different than the Grand America it is more difficult to find the sweet spot. There is no reference made to the contours of the plastic liner inside the top case cover which can have consequences when locating the rack, drilling the holes and installing the fasteners. I felt the installation was a bit of kluge since the rack is really made for the GT/GTL case which is much flatter on top than the Grand America. Does is work? Yes, but for the price of the rack I feel it should be made to fit the GA top case.

    Rick V
    Fits perfectly
    We have a 2022 BMW GTL1600. We purchased the black trunk rack. It fit perfectly. It would be nice if it came with a mounting template. The email me when this item is back in stock worked well.

    Eric C
    Top case Rack - GTL
    Very well made, functional and looks great on my K1600 GTL. First transaction with Wunderlich and very pleased.

    Well made. East to install followed video instructions. Take your time on positioning like the suggested

    Armand Welsh
    Beautiful fit, well made, looks great.
    So, I ordered this luggage rack for the top-case and it fits great, looks great, and will serve its purpose well. The weakest part of the whole setup, will be the top ass itself. I only have two issues with the rack. The first is that there is no stencil, and the instructions do not provide guidance on best placement location. The second, is that apparently BMW has plans for a factory too-case luggage rack, as there are four hole guides on the inside of the top case lid. I really think this should have lined up perfectly with those, guide marks so that the rack could be a drop-in replacement and so that should the BMW rack come out and users prefer it, a new top case lid would be required to make the switch. Otherwise, I look forward to mounting my luggage to the rack and seeing how well it performs for me.

    Fits well, easy install but picky to locate.
    This is the second GTL that I've mounted one of these racks to and I like this one just as much. I chose the black both times for personal preference, I just don't think chrome should be dripping from a bike like this. Wunderlich loses a star because their instructions are very poorly translated (for some items, not at all). Also because a paper template for the hole alignment would have made locating the rack oh-so-much easier. Of course that would also require that the mounts be located and welded in precise locations. This does not seem to be the case but it still looks great.

    austin hutton
    poor manufacturing QA
    I've used this rack before on other bikes and have been satisfied with it. This is the exacxtly the same rack but the manufacturing QA is terrible. As installations go this is position, drill 4 holes, install 4 screws...not a big issue... UNLESS the cretins that applied the powder coating did not protect the threaded mounting studs and you have to spend 2 hours digging the paint out of the threads so the mounting bolts will thread in! CHECK THE THREADS BEFORE YOU START THE INSTALL

    Mike Farmer
    Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Perfect fitment to my 2014 GTL Exclusive as advertised. The Wunderlich YouTube video is a solid tutorial on how to install.

    Wade Engelhart
    K1600 rear rack
    I bought this rack received it, I had tomake some adjustments and run to the local hardware store. I used the rubber grommet washers under the top case attachment points. I used nylon washers with rubber back under the case points. Total install time was about 1 hour, hardware store trip included. I attached the beautiful bag to the rack. I have yet to ride, but it looks very nice and glad the install is done. My only complaint is the bag is not waterproof or it does not come with a rain cover...why is that?? Oh its abit pricey, but if it works I'll be okay with it.

    Verified Buyer
    Chrome Rack
    Mounting hardware missing

    Lee Hopkins
    Verified Buyer
    Poor Chrome job
    This is the second topcase rack I've installed on 2 different bikes. The first was in 2012 and it was flawless. The unit I just received for my 2018 GTL has rough, dimpled chrome on the rack. It installed easily and looks good. but if you slide your fingers along the edge of the rear center of the rack, it feels rough, like air bubbles in the chrome. Disappointing quality.

    austin hutton
    Verified Buyer
    This rack is not designed for a Grand America
    As the title suggests, the original fitment, the printed instructions and the video show.... this rack was designed for the GTL box and not the Grand America. Can it work..yes, but it takes some fiddling..something that should not be required of a $300+ piece of equipment. The rack should be level but it is not as it was designed for a nearly level GTL fact the rear mounts are 3/8" lower than the front...To level the rack required a 1/4" nylon spacer on each rear mounting peg and purchase of a longer mounting screw... No matter which way you install the rack, i.e. as shipped or with added rear spacers either the front or rear mounting screws will not be going straight into the mounting pegs...the GA trunk slopes that much. The installation came out well in spite of the above..but I wouldn't do it again...

    Charles Garalis
    I retract my previous "It's a Fail" review
    OK, my apologies. The rack DOES just barely fit the Grand America when you add the provided spacers. The front bar barely clears the top of the trunk. I am looking into the Kuryakyn spacers they have available. Not sure if they will fit, but if they do it should resolve the issue

    Charles Garalis
    Verified Buyer
    According to Wunderlich reps (online via chat) and the fitment it claims it will fit the Grand America. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK ON THE GRAND AMERICA!! The GA has a ROUNDED trunk, the GTL has a FLAT trunk. The rack is flat. So, it does NOT fit. Save yourself a HUGE headache. I know how badly we were counting on Wunderlich to produce a rack for us GA owners. KEEP SHOPPING!

    Bernie G
    Verified Buyer
    Top Case Rack, Black
    Looks good on. Easy to fit. Mounting hardware seems to be ok time will tell. quick delivery to Aus. Pricing a bit too high though otherwise good product.

    Jeffrey L
    Verified Buyer
    Beautiful, but not perfect
    Not only are the mounting supplies inadequate, as noted by numerous reviews, but one of the legs/mounting posts is not straight, thereby putting undue pressure on the topcase.

    Verified Buyer
    Mounting hardware replaced
    I read the reviews prior to ordering. I agree the zinc plated bolt and small size 6mm mounting supplies are inadequate, especially with regard to reports of cracking of the topcase lid. I believe the forces should be spread out more in order to avoid that problem. I purchased stainless 6mm bolts and larger diameter but 1/4" stainless fender washers and rubber grommets from my local hardware store. I am contemplating additional fiberglass or carbon fiber on the inside of the topcase to further put aside worries about cracking and possible replacement of the lid. Compared to other Wunderlich products, which tend to be over engineered, the mounting solution supplied seems focused on aesthetics and cost containment.

    Darek Danielewski
    Watch out for insufficient threads
    So the packaging states, the rack was made in Europe ... Well, it wasn't the Germans who made it because they know how to make good quality product. First, the paint job was so so, as parts of the rack had a very thin layer, others had a drop of paint hanging from the bottom. One of the mounting posts did not have enough thread, so one screw was lost in the process, and who knew that taping a piece of European engineering could be so much fun ?!? In the end, it arrived in time for another long haul trip, has been mounted, looks nice, matches original BMW colors close enough, so no long-term hard feelings.

    Verified Buyer
    2014 K1600
    This is a great looking Top Rack. Unfortunately some of the reviews are correct the washers are totally insufficient. For a few more dollars better hardware could be added. I feel sure I would pay more for it. I do feel these reviews fall on deaf ears because nothing has changed.

    Antonio Carrera
    Very Good Rack
    I think it is a very necessary accessory four long trips. It lets me add a 50 Lt. Dry bag with lots of stuff. I bought better washers to prevent cracks and after a year and a half, everything is in perfect condition.

    Verified Buyer
    Easy To Install
    Very easy to install and good build quality. Instructions also good but worth measuring a couple of times before drilling. Only took about 15 minutes to install. I got the black unit. My only critisim is that it cost 30% more to buy from the US as opposed to getting out of Europe. The European website would not ship to Australia so I had to order from America.

    Keith Koehler
    Great Topcase Rack
    As a longer-distance tourer, having as much extra space to stow stuff is important. This rack is good looking, and after the first 1700-mile trip seems to be sturdy and solid. It offers plenty of usable net-bungie options. I personally secure a waterproof bag for shoes, and dirty clothes. This rack did the trick, and it came with all necessary hardware included. No need for purchasing other washers, etc.

    Top case rack for k1600gtl
    Overall nice way to create some additional carrying capacity. Quality, in my opinion, is average+. Hardware is sufficient for its function.

    Top Case Rack
    Overpriced, poor chrome quality. The washers supplied are a joke. Need to purchase the washers from RocketMoto unless you want your lid to crack. Of course once you use the RocketMoto washers the supplied bolts from Wunderlch are too short and have to purchase new bolts. This was my first and will be my last purchase from Wunderlich.

    Black top case rack for GTL
    Order came as promised; had the dealer install. Rack looks good with the Dark Graphite color

    Top rack case...Average quality
    The rack is average at best. The washer diameters are to small and the threads in the rack are poor quality which makes hard to catch and easy to strip. This is the only chrome rack available at this time. Once mounted it does the job but just barely.

    Phil M
    Nice rack except for the hardware
    I bought the chrome rack for my K1600GTL and it looks good on the bike and works well. Unfortunately, the mounting bolts and washers provided with the rack were not adequate in my opinion. First of all, I would not use bolts that require a socket wrench for this application. Bodywork bolts should be stainless and have Allen heads. They look better and match the other body attachment hardware on BMWs. More importantly, the washers shipped were small in diameter and would not spread the load of the mounting points to my satisfaction. Like many other purchasers I bought alternative mounting hardware including much larger diameter, and rubber cushioned, top case mounting washers after seeing what was shipped with the rack. Wunderlich should stop denying this issue and just start shipping better mounting hardware. This is NOT a new issue.

    Mark Varley
    Top case rack
    It's a metal rack. It is exactly what I thought it would be. The washers that many reviews criticize are just fine. I am amazed at some of the things that are mentioned in reviews of such simple pieces of equipment. Need a luggage rack? This one is perfect.

    tour pack rack
    it works, nothing to rave about, I ordered different mounting hardware, the supplied stuff is insufficient

    Charlie G
    Great product
    This is as advertised. Great product. Scary but easy install. Nothing is fun about drilling a hole into your top trunk. Follow the instructions and TAKE YOUR TIME. Measure 3 times to be sure before you start drilling.

    Luggage Rack
    Beautiful chrome piece. Has been mounted and looks great on my BMW.

    Jim Shults
    Great fit, Minor Mounting Issues
    The Top Case Rack is an excellent addition to the GTL top case, It's size and proportions fit perfectly and enhance the overall appearance of the K1600GTL. Mounting instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. It would be helpful for the instructions to tell the installer that the mounting holes drill through the inner & outer top case lid components with the fasteners visible from the inside of the top case when installed. My only challenge was one of the mounting legs was not tapped to its full depth and required the threads to be chased to get the fastener to fully tighten. Also this same back mounting leg was slightly off angle and required the mounting hole to be elongated approximately 2 mm to allow the fastener to be inserted. Overall I'm quite happy with the rack once installed. Installation time took 40 minutes total.

    gary poeppel
    poor quality
    I will not install that piece of junk on my motorcycle.hopefully I will get my money back

    Doug Sorchilla
    Topcase Rack Install
    installed your top case rack on my previous 2011 K1600 with no issues. Installing on my new K1600 Exclusive was more problematic as the film antenna is located between the lid inner shell and outer shell. Disassembly of the lid is a pain but doable. It would have been a Iot easier if you would of provided a mounting template to know where to drill the holes without lid disassembly and not drilling through the film antenna. Your website states the rack is compatible with the K1600 Exclusive but instructions do not show where to drill holes.

    Brian Goodhue
    nice rack !!!
    Rack is nice quality easy to install only thing was I upgrade the washers to some made by rocket moto which help reduce psi on top case cover . Over all very happy .

    Joel Fischer
    Topcase Rack
    I like your product. But it is the little things that reduce the rating. The washers are inadequate. I'm going to order replacements as suggested in many reviews. I think the product should be manufactured with corner tie down points.

    Steven J. Crabtree
    The perfect rack, but!
    Perfect rack for K1600 GTL Exclusive. The exclusive has internal antenna so instructions on how to miss when drilling would be a plus. Then there is the mounting hardware; frankly, no good. Have to go to RKTMTO they have the right stuff. However, you still have to go to the HD hardware and buy longer 6mm bolts.

    Good product but?
    Rack arrived on time and in good shape and appears easy to install; however, the supplied washers appear to be too small and might cause the top case to crack or otherwise be damaged. Suggest purchasing "Chrome Billet Washer Kit for Luggage Racks (set of 4)" from American Motorcycles Accessories, part no. AMA 2013.

    James Wohlleber
    Works well but washers are beyond worthless
    The rack arrived on time and was easy to install. However, as others have noted, the support/mounting washers furnished with the rack are completely worthless. I bought the Rocketmoto chromed washer kit and it is just fine.

    Robert Kenyon
    Topcase rack
    Seems to be high quality. Styling goes excellent with bike and installation was simple. Very useful item and would definitely recimmend it.

    Better washers would get 5 Stars
    Quality of the rack is great. As others have said the washers are lacking. Bought third party (RocketMoto chrome luggage rack washer kit). It's a shame to pay top $ for a Wunderlich product, and then have to spend another $35 on specialty washers - and also have to buy longer screws to make the "new" washers work. If the Wunderlich washers were sufficient, I would have given 5 stars. Hopefully, Wunderlich will pay attention to the numerous comments regarding their washers...

    Exactly what you would expect
    It does exactly what you would expect and it looks great. Super fast delivery which came just before I took a long trip. Worked out perfectly.

    Dan W
    It's just OK
    lightweight, hollow chrome-plated. I'm not expecting it to last long. I concur with other reviewers that larger washers above and below would disperse torque and reduce likelihood of cracking the top case.

    Nice Rack Does the Job
    Nice design, good workmanship but like everyone else. Why did they not include bigger washers. I purchased chrome and rubber washers from a Honda GL dealer, at the very least Wunderlich America should off them as an option.

    David Oinos
    Top case rack
    Very nice looking and functioning product. I did install using larger washers for better weight distribution. Have traveled over 1000 miles with about 5 to 10 pounds on rack with no problem to case lid

    topcase rack
    I ordered one of these racks for my 2013 GTL. It seems to be a sturdy device and I had it installed by my dealership. My only complaint is the mounting hardware, namely the washers supplied. One should not have to go out and buy better, wider washers to mount this product without having to worry about cracking the BMW topcase lid. My dealership had some extra (larger) washers and installed them. I might order a washer kit from another vendor that was suggested on the K1600 forum because I\'m not pleased with the small rubber washers fitted to the top. That\'s my only reason for giving it 4 stars. Wunderlich, step up and include a better mounting kit.

    Tommy Zeringue
    K1600GTL Top Case Rack
    Quality of the rack is somewhat lacking. The joint welds have a rough texture to them and will probably rust. The angle of one of the mounting feet was not true and I had to drill the hole a little bigger in order to properly attach the screws. There were a couple of spots on the rack itself that needed to be waxed to remove them. I added larger mounting washers after I read about cracks in the top case from the small mounting hardware included with the rack. Overall I would say that the rack is not worth what I paid for it.

    SFC Larry Stafford, US Army, Retired
    Works for me
    Quality item. Easy to install. Functional addition. Should be a BMW option.

    Raynald Lortie
    Added washers will hopefully prevent cracking
    The topcase rack is designed relatively well, considering the constraints of the topcase lid. On other Web sites I read several comments indicating that the top case lid cracked after the rack was used. I was able to find chromed washers, stainless steel fender washers and rubber washers that will widen the anchorage points to the case lid. I hope that this will prevent cracking. Finally, I find that the bike looks better with the installed rack.

    Bill MacGuffie
    Chrome Topcase Rack
    I haven\'t had a chance to try it out yet. Went on easy and looks great. I am looking for a bag or suitcase to fit it. Any ideas?

    Jot Burke
    Beautiful finish
    Just finishes off the overall appearance of the GTL! Beautifully made and of a high quality. (I have taken note of the larger washers in previous comment. I'll probably make a "mod" and install 'chassis washers' ...)

    Bob Simpson
    Luggage rack for topcase
    Love the rack. Installed easy and looks great! Fantastic product!

    James Deliefde
    Inadequate mounting hardware
    Just returned from a 1300 mile tour with newly installed rack. Luggage weight on rack was under 15 lbs. Case cracked at three of four mounting points. Standard attachment hardware is totally inadequate to properly distribute weight. Should have a center attachment point at very rear of rack to reduce flexing of case/rack on bumpy roads. It is hard to believe this rack was thoroughly road tested before going to market.

    John Turner
    The necessary accessory
    As any bike tourer to add more \"stuff\" is always a good thing. This is a good accessory addition for the K1600GTL. It is good quality and the mounting was probably the easiest I have attempted for any topcase rack. The trick is proper position, proper marking, using a masking tape like Scotch \"blue\" to protect the finish during location and certainly drilling. Use a high speed drill an make sure you use a sharp self centering drill bit to keep the bit from \"walking\" before drilling. Hardware was of good quality. It would have been helpful for the manufacturer to put torque specifications on the hardware tightening. You don\'t want the hardware too loose. But you certainly don\'t want it too tight either. That topcase is plastic and can deform or crack with too much elbow-grease.

    John doe
    Great Rack As advertised! YOU NEED ONE! ITS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!

    Chuck Currier
    K1600GTL top rack
    I found this rack to be of very good quality and goes very very well with the overall design and look of this motorcycle. I took the recommendation of some others and used larger chrome washers and rubber spacer washers with this to spread out the load and it helped. I had one hole drilled a bit on an angle but the larger washers gave me plenty of grace allowing bit bigger hole than normal to allow me to correct the off-angle one hole I drilled.

    Dale Brandt
    Skeptical wife won over
    I just installed the top rack tonight. It is everything I expected it to be. The quality and finish are first rate. When I ordered it my wife was very skeptical and didn't think it would look very good. Tonight she changed her mind after seeing it installed and thinks it looks very classy. I agree. I agree with one of the other reviews in that it looks like it is a BMW part that came on the bike.

    Thad G.
    Cracked my topcase
    Just spent 20 days on the road giving this product a test with over 7k miles logged. The initial installation was not easy and the posts were not symmetrical after trying to use a ruler to measure the drill points out. Once installed with a bag attached to the top of the rack the top case, during our trip, the painted top case started developing cracks, one inch long on both sides of the holes closes to the rear of the case. To spread the weight over the case top the rack should be better designed or redesigned. The top case bounces forward and back a lot which causes the rack to bounce up and down when it is loaded up, which causes cracks. The top case cover currently costs $310 so mine will now have to be replaced.

    Richard Harvey
    Topcase Rack, Chrome
    The quality of the rack exceeded my expectations. Not only was the rack well designed but the chrome was well done. I do know that Wunderlich returned at least one order back to their supplier because it did not meet their requirements and expectations. The item that I received was indicative of good design and outstanding quality control. Communication from Wunderlich was very good. Installation could have been easier if the instructions noted that a "circle hole" was required in the Topcase Liner to accommodate the mounting hardware. There is not enough clearance between the liner and the Topcase exterior skin. A 1 1/4 Whole at each penetration took care of the problem,

    Looks like Factory equipment
    I was looking for a rack for my GTL K1600.. I did some research and found that this rack was by far the best choice. Price was higher than others but the fit and finish makes this worth the extra $$... I would highly reccomend adding a set of chrome base washers to this install. Really adds tot he look and makes the load barring much more spread out over the 4 mounting points.. I have gotten many positive comments on this rack. My brother is ordering 1 for his GTL also... Love the rack and the look!!!

    Mark M
    topcase rack
    I received my rack and it looks great. Fits very well, very well made, and easy to install. Looks like factory equipment and will add a place to attatch an "overflow bag" for my girlfriends traveling neccessities...

    Steve Lawing
    K1600GTL Top Case Rack
    Ill have to admit, I was more than a little worried about how this rack would look. I reviewed all the pic's and decided to take a chance. My chrome rack arrived today and was relatively easy to install. It looks great. I'm serious, it looks like an original part - follows the lines of the top case and passenger back and head rest. It's low profile and I couldn't be happier.

    Alan Kanter
    K1600 top case luggage rack
    As they say in other circles, it was "worth the wait." The rack perfectly follows the lines of the K1600 top case with passenger backrest, and was easy to install with the supplied hardware. Going from my Road King with Tour-Pak to the K1600GTL meant accepting a 15-20% reduction of overall luggage capacity; this is now an acceptable issue with the added capacity afforded by the new luggage rack. I chose black so it would disappear without making a fashion statement, and am very happy with the fit and finish.

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