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Dry Safe Oil Filler Plug Kit
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    • Part # 8500064
      Dry Safe Oil Filler Plug Kit

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      Caution! Our Dry Safe Oil Filler Plug Kit does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Dry Safe Oil Filler Plug Kit

    Put an end to the weeping oil filler plug, once and for all!

    The original oil filler plug of your bike screws into a plastic insert that's merely pushed into the valve cover. In most cases, it's not the oil filler plug that leaks, but rather the outer ring is the culprit. In addition, the original insert has a small tab that's supposed to keep the insert from turning in the opening. Often times this too fails. If the oil filler plug is accidently over-tightened, the tab can become damaged, resulting in the insert turning along with the plug.

    This part is perfectly machined of aluminum and anodized. A two-piece, o-ring sealed assembly replaces the original plastic insert. The parts are screwed together and further secured with screws, making this a very effective and permanent, leak-proof solution. The tamper resistant filler plug that we developed for the R1200 motor is then screwed into this assembly. The result is a great looking oil filler plug that will stop the annoying oil leak as well as would be vandals.

    Some facts:

    • Conversion from the leak-prone, sabotage vulnerable plastic construction to a threaded, R1200 type filler plug.
    • Absolutely leak-proof plus theft and tamperproof .
    • The oil filler plug can only be removed with a special key.
    • One-piece, indestructible filler plug.
    • Larger than original opening diameter for easier oil filling.
    • The assembly will not spin in the valve cover.
    • Beautiful, anodized finish.
    • The key includes a ring and can be used as keychain.
    • Special key is included and a spare is available (see under the Related Products)
    • Easy installation requires removal of valve cover.

    Please Note: The associated video contains slightly incorrect information. The screws used to tighten the threaded ring are replaced with set screws after the ring has been tightened. Please carefully review the supplied instruction manual or download it by clicking on the link above.




    Verified Buyer
    Dry Safe Oil Fill Plug
    Product seems well built and installation instructions were good. Rode about 400 miles and no oil seepage which was an issue with the poor BMW design. If the o-rings hold up I am happy with this product.

    Dry safe oil fill plug
    Well worth the money. Easy to install no more oil leaking from original oil plug which makes me very happy. Took bike for a long ride today did not leak one drop. Thank you Wunderlich!

    Verified Buyer
    Definitely worth it
    I got this because I didn't want oil getting out and having to keep replacing the plastic oil caps. It really is as easy as the video, just take your time and it's a relatively easy process. No more having to clean oil off my bike and getting my boots ruined.

    Bård Reil
    Verified Buyer
    Not at all as easy as in the video, impossible to tighten properly without destroying the valve cover. The seat is not tight, and I will probably destroy the valve cover the next time I change the oil. The inner small screw (of 4) is next to impossible to mount. I regret buying this. Still leaking.

    Larry Davis
    Verified Buyer
    What the factory plug should have been
    Very well-designed and fabricated piece, and what the OEM plug should have been. The instructions were clear, and the installation was straight-forward and easy for anyone with a basic understanding of the tools needed. The only fault I could find was the parts numbers for the gaskets needed, which were incorrect, but were easily found online.

    Verified Buyer
    Dry Safe oil filler plug
    Well made piece with clear instructions. Not a fan of the key (hence the 4 stars). Should be an Allen wrench which would prevent you from dropping another $11 on a replacement key when you lose the one supplied or the the little tab breaks.

    Brian Moshtagh
    Verified Buyer
    Certainly better that factory
    The factory filler cap (non-locking) is great, in a perfect world. Excellant finish that accents a well maintained R1150RT in the right way. I wish there was an actual locking version that was stout and solid that reflects the price. Some think there is no such thing as malicious intent towards beautiful things; it must be nice to live in such a delusion.

    Verified Buyer
    Dry safe oil plug
    It works but.. For the money there should be extra key and the required 1.5mm Allen wrench for set screw. They can keep the grease, everybody has lube, I did not need any. The institutions while wordy, are not good. The unit would not "pop" into place as in their video. They should recommend leaving the set screw out making sure to position one of The holes so that the set screw can be fitted with good access. It will go in any of the holes. Them adding blue lock tight is nice, everyone should have that anyway

    B Doore
    Verified Buyer
    The Rube Goldberg oil plug
    I've installed this oil plug -- the instructions are clear enough and the product quality is good. It does accomplish what is advertised, however, like other reviewers, I question the need for the special removal tool. While this might be a good option for people in areas where vandalism is rampant, I suspect that most people would opt for a hex head or other standard fastener. The key is tiny and not particularly easy to use -- especially on an faired model like my R1100RT. It is, frankly, also overpriced. While I can appreciate the R&D time, it seems like a lot for what it is. I suppose if these are cranked out in small batches on a CNC machine, then maybe the price is driven by that. All in all, I think manufacturing costs could be reduced by using an off the shelf (maybe even the factory) plug and simply concentrate on the retaining ring. I don't typically write negative reviews, and I suppose the plug does what it is supposed it, but it seems a bit Rube Goldberg solution to me.

    Charles Howard Sankey
    Verified Buyer
    Dry Safe Oil Filler
    Screws used for tightening are too flimsy and bent. Installation was completed and no leak so far but feel that the screws should be slightly larger provide more confidence in the install.

    Plug cool. Tool fail.
    First time I used the tool for an oil change the small metal piece that fits into the tool cracked off. Or fell out. I don't know but it isn't there anymore. It did not last long. I can't unlock the plug. The tool looks clean in the hole where the lock should be I think it was fitted and glued, not one piece . On the positive side; Leak stopped. Looks clean and flush. Negatives; the tool is a fail. Why do we need the tool ? Who would sabotage the oil? Can I use something else to open it? Is the tool guaranteed ? I emailed, yet to find out. I ordered it in November . Only one oil change! Should unlock with an Hex lock something I can easily replace. Getting rid of the plastic insert in the cyclinder was tremendous. That was was a piece of junk. BMW should have addressed this. There should have been a class action suit. Installing wasn't easy as the YouTube video indicated. It still leaked a lot until I put in a larger o ring.

    Jim Watts
    Dry Safe Oil Filler Kit
    This is an excellent solution to the problem of the original BMW oil filler plug. The comprehensive instructions are such , that even I could fit the item with complete confidence. The new plug has completely eliminated any traces of leaking oil. This replacement oil plug is what BMW should have designed from the very beginning.

    I like the looks, but it still leaks
    So I bought this to replace a badly leaking stock cap. Going in on the chrome valve cover was a beast and a pain despite the video. Probably more my fault than anything on that one though. It looks great and it easy to use. It did reduce the weeping oil, but it is by no means gone. Not as bad as it was, but not nearly as good as I'd hoped for the price. Would I still buy it? Yes, but only because I do really like how it looks and not to stop the leaking.

    Weep-proof for first time
    Since I got the bike new in 1994, the oil filler cap has always weeped oil. A dirty annoyance. With this replacement installed, the weeps stopped and the engine stays clean...for the first time. Fit, finish and installation were perfect.

    Worthy Replacement Plug for your R model
    This plug kit replaces an older Wonderlich plug that slipped into the factory oil plug seal. However, this plug kit fixes the real cause of oil pushing out the filler - a better seal on the valve cover. Easy to install. I would suggest you remove the set screw from the lock nut before you begin installing the plug into the valve cover. Otherwise, the installation instructions are easy to understand. No buyer's remorse on this product. Thanks Wunderlich!

    bmw r1100s
    the install is a royal pain the arse, little screws and tight spaces for my large hands were nothing a few well placed and timed words assisted my install looks great and have had no issues with oil weeping. altho I still worry about it coming apart and all those tiny pieces messing up something, lol.

    Matt Moore
    The Moto gods have answered.
    A most excellent solution to a s^%$^y problem, that sould have been addressed by BMW in production. Install easy, thanks for the four button heads so as to tighten.

    Jacob Kukawka
    The end to dirt and grief
    Cost me $103.00. Money well spent. The problem gone once and for all. Today cleaned the oil and the grime from the left side of the bike for the last time. What a relief!!!

    Howard Fuller
    THE fix!
    This is what German Engineering should have been. A sanitary design that WILL stop the leaks from the over-engineered factory oil plug. Just remember to keep the cap key/wrench in your tool kit ON THE BIKE! Very nice product.

    Dave LaMorte
    Great Fix to a common problem.
    Installed as per directions (yeah waited the entire 24 hours for the Locktite to cure) during my last 6,000 mile maintenance. Very happy with the results - leaking problem cured! The BMW dealers kept telling me it was all about the "O" ring on the cap - heck they don't seem to know there is an "O" ring in the fitting the cap attaches to. Shame on them and kudos to Wunderlich for this product. BMW ought to send one to every R-type bike owner with an apology. Good engineering is what we buy BMWs for and the OEM oil fill plug and fitting is long past due for this type of upgrade. Ordering one for my wife's R-bike too!

    From Africa to California
    In 2005 I was on my 1150GS crossing the Mauritian Desert when my oil plug first started leaking. Over the last 8 years I have tried everything from changing the plug to new o-rings and nothing worked, the only temporary fix was the one I used crossing Africa and that was a healthy dose of teflon tape. Well last week my wife was in shock that after 8 years I finally found a permeant solution, literally she was shocked that it took me 8 years to find a solution to keep oil off of my leg. Needless to say the Wunderlich plug worked awesome. My only complaint is I wish they had an option for an allen fitting as opposed to the special key, I am not really worried about someone stealing the cap.

    Miracle on 34 th Street
    1 month later and bone dry. Nice

    Mr. Brown
    Eye Candy
    I purchased this part to hopefully seal my oil fill from leaking for ever. The pieces are very well made, fit nicely and look great. I do not care about having a tamper proof oil fill however. I would much rather have a no-tool access fill. I have this horrible feeling that I\'ll be on the road, far from home, and need to add a little oil, but will have misplaced or lost the special tool. I will probably end up fabricating a part to access without a tool before my next long ride.

    David Pope
    Easy fix
    Well well made, had to crank case cover off wasn\'t hard. Nice look!

    Endre Laszlo Bulbuk
    No more leaks anymore!
    Takes around 20 minutes to install,the hardest part is to push the top part in place,after that goes like "oiled"I did not opened it sice install,but will write more feedback after the first use(opening-closing the cap)very satisfied at this point!

    Bruce Marcus
    Dry Safe Oil Filler Plug review (1 year)
    After installing this item 13 months ago it failed with oil leaking all over the valve cover. Attempted reinstallation failed as well with the plug and locking ring refusing to seat securely in the valve cover oil filler orifice. Replaced OEM part. Not impressed at all with this item although it appears beautifully made.

    no leaks but not perfect.
    after installed there is no leak anymore. but it wasn\'t easy installing it, putting the adapter into place and fitting the small locating pin was not easy, I had to use a plastic hammer to push it into place. then the helper screws together with a screwdriver is not the best way to tighten it up. the small screw in the inside was almost impossible to handle. buy two the opening tool. the one I had was just tight to my keychain and the pin in it just disappeared and I couldn\'t use it and had to use a screwdriver to open the cap, had to order a new tool from wunderlich. I bought two this time, but now because I used a screwdriver the tool doesn\'t fit well anymore. I wanted to have a spare cap, only the upper cap, but wunderlich do not sell them separately. what do you do if you loose it?? you have to buy the whole kit again just to have a spare. and again, when installed its a very good solution to this leaking problem.

    No more leaks
    No more leaks. Just remember to bring the key with you. Getting my old factory seal out was a bear, but after that it was easy.

    David Collins
    Permanent OIL LEAK FIX!
    I have had two R1150R's and both have had issues with the filler plug leaking. I ordered what BMW calls their solution to the problem. I sent it back dissatisfied. The Solution from Wunderlich is the only real solution. Truly leak proof, truly tamper proof and easy to install. Thank you Wunderlich!

    dry safe oil filler plug
    I was using another locking oil filler plug that was leaking. This plug has not leaked since its install. Very nicely made; good install instructions...

    nice item
    works great, easy install, no more leaks! BTW, the rocker cover gaskets can be reused. Of course they are "recommended' to be replaced. I've done like 6 valve adjustments without replacing these gaskets and never had a single leak. Just rotate the inner round doughnut rubber sparkplug hole gasket 90 degree when its reinstalled to ensure a fresh sealing surface.

    Julian Ruiz
    careful adjustment of the adjusting nut
    after adjustment cap, should be done to force the nut to grip the screw cap and max can be given 2 laps which are sufficient for a snug fit.

    Joe F.
    Please Note!
    Looking to get this and upon reading the instructions, noticed 2 things: 1. Since the valve cover is being removed, its recommended to replace the gaskets, so you'll need to pick those up. 2. Because Loctite is being applied to the set screws, its recommended to let it dry for 24 hours, so don't plan on riding for that time. HTH.

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