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Tool for Oil Filler Plug
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    • Part # 8500126-T
      Tool for Oil Filler Plug

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    Tool for Oil Filler Plug

    This is a replacement or spare tool for our safety filler plug.



    Ron Gawer
    Verified Buyer
    High quality tool
    I bought an extra in the event I lost my first one; this is a very well made item.

    Verified Buyer
    Got a spare to attach to my key because the dealership couldn't find the original under the seat.

    Tool Fail
    First time I used the tool for an oil change the small metal piece that fits into the tool cracked off. Or fell out. I don't know but it isn't there anymore. It did not last long. I can't unlock the plug. The tool looks clean in the hole where the lock should be I think it was fitted and glued, not one piece . On the positive side; Leak stopped. Looks clean and flush. Negatives; the tool is a fail. Why do we need the tool ? Who would sabotage the oil? Can I use something else to open it? Is the tool guaranteed ? I emailed, yet to find out. I ordered it in November . Only one oil change! Should unlock with an Hex lock something I can easily replace. Getting rid of the plastic insert in the cyclinder was tremendous. That was was a piece of junk. BMW should have addressed this. There should have been a class action suit. Installing wasn't easy as the YouTube video indicated. It still leaked a lot until I put in a larger o ring

    Nice but unnecessary
    The fit and finish of the "locking key" are fine, but the cap assembly should have been left without a "lock." Just something else to lose and create a hassle. The cap can still be opened without the key, so it is totally unnecessary. In 50 years of riding, I've never heard of anyone who had a problem with a vandal accessing the oil filler.

    Joseph Malin
    If you buy the Wunderlich plug, buy this tool too!
    If you do buy the Wunderlich secure oil filler plug, maintain your sanity by buying a spare tool. Put it in your toolbox at home. Life is crazy enough as it is!

    Redundancy = good
    I added the Wunderlich oil plug a year or so ago. After a 5,000 mile trip this last summer I decided I should probably carry a spare \"key\" for it, along with my back-up ignition key. You never know....

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