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Ergo+ Handlebar Risers, 38mm
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    • Part # 41970111
      Ergo+ Handlebar Risers, 38mm

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      Time 30 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Ergo+ Handlebar Risers, 38mm does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Ergo Handlebar Risers, 38mm

    These handlebar risers both raise the bars and bring them back towards the rider, helping to provide a significantly more relaxed touring sitting position for the rider and a true "touring" feeling. Simple to fit in minutes with no need for any permanent modifications. The increased height allows more adjustment of the handlebar angle to further improve the sitting position.

    Bar Riser:

    • Height: 38 mm (increase in height)
    • Depth: 27 mm (closer to the rider)


    • Improved handling
    • More direct riding feel
    • Relaxed, upright riding posture
    • Added comfort and control when standing up on the bike
    • Individually machined from strong Dural aluminum
    • Complete with all needed hardware
    • Anodized silver
    • Made in Germany

    *Installation estimated at 30 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Michael Stewart
    Verified Buyer
    Ergo 40mm risers
    As described, look and feel good.

    Jim Sharp
    Verified Buyer
    Ergo Handlebar Risers, 40mm
    The Ergo Handlebar Risers, 40mm, greatly increased the comfort of my 2021 R1250gs 40 Year Anniversary bike. Before the installation of this component, the horizontal reach to the handlebars was too long for me.

    Verified Buyer
    40mm Handlebar Risers Part # 41970111
    They are as expected. Easy to install and perfect fit and finish. They put the handlebars up and back just right. Standing up has also become more normal with the location of my arms and shoulders.

    Verified Buyer
    As expected, no issues.

    Wes Fleming
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect height, super easy install
    After upgrading to a 2015 R 1200 GS and a Wunderlich tall seat, I found myself needing to raise the handlebars up just a bit. The 25mm height of these risers was perfect, and since Wunderlich supplied the necessary longer bolts and a bit of threadlock, installation was a breeze. Instruction sheet was thorough as well - a real bright spot in an age when many makers want you to go online and look at a blotchy PDF that is nothing more than an exploded drawing. Thanks for making a great - and simple - product for my motorcycle, Wunderlich!

    Scott S.
    Verified Buyer
    Ergo Handlebar Risers, 40mm
    These are well made and positions the handlebars perfectly for me on my 1250GSA. Installation was simple. Very happy with the product and with Wunderlich America.

    Mac Robinson
    Verified Buyer
    Handle Bar Risers
    Great product fast delivery service. Thank you

    John Wyss
    Verified Buyer
    Make ride a pleasure
    I'm 5' 9" which is about average for U.S., but maybe it's considered short by German standards. The default bar positioning to me always had me hunching over just a bit, and I like to ride in a very correct posture (sometimes called 'standard' or 'proud' riding) to keep my back happy. This component did the job for me--it moves the bars just a bit up and back perfectly.

    Verified Buyer
    Good product
    Great fit and finish, and the instructions are straight forward as well, and they come with torque specs.

    Tim Vann
    Handlebar risers for BMW
    I ordered these risers for my new 2020 BMW R1250GSA. Shipping was fast and item was easy to install.Risers work great for me.I am 6ft.4in. and the risers brought the bars back and up for a more comfortable sitting and standing position. There are plenty of less expensive risers out there but these are quality fit and finish and look completely stock.I highly recommended these for taller BMW gs riders.

    Jim MacDonald
    Verified Buyer
    S 1000 XR risers
    I had to do a little tweeking to make them fit into the mounts on the bike. It was no big deal. The difference in comfort was very noticeable. I would recommend them to any who need to reduce their reach to the bars.

    Michael Burnside
    Verified Buyer
    Outstanding quality and fitment
    I needed a little height to keep my shoulder blades from cramping. Also, when standing the bars seemed a little low. These worked perfectly on my 1250 GSA! The quality and fit is like OEM.

    Verified Buyer
    Easy installation. No need to reroute cables. Perfect fit.

    Brian Jacobs
    Verified Buyer
    Helped my reach a lot!
    I'm 6'1" and I felt the bars on my 1250 GSA were a little too far for me. These did the trick. Could have found cheaper, but you get what you pay for!

    Bill Richardson
    Verified Buyer
    2017 gs
    Easy 10 minute installation, no cable rerouting required. Improves riding position and eliminated hand/arm/shoulder strain. Looks like it came with the bike.

    Verified Buyer
    Risers for S1000 XR
    another fine Wunderlich product. The instructions failed to indicated there is a front, taller 'leg' that is different from the back 'leg'. Once understood, the risers fit properly.

    Verified Buyer
    Perfect Solution
    I was suffering shoulder and neck pain on longer rides. The bar risers were the perfect solution. It took me longer to track down a T45 Torx than it did to install the risers. Ordering and shipping from Wunderlich was as easy as it gets.

    Timothy McClure
    Verified Buyer
    These things are exactly what i needed. Just so everyone is aware you do not need to be a big guy for these to bring comfort to your ride. I have a 2017 GSA and I'm 5'6" and I ordered the 40mm risers and these things are great! So much nicer ride on the highway and as always outstanding craftsmanship.

    Verified Buyer
    Bar risers
    25mm risers look fantastic, fit and finish our perfect looks absolutely stock. The reach to the bars has helped my lower back problem. Couldn't be more comfortable.

    Adam Behnen
    Verified Buyer
    Ergo 40mm Handlebar Risers
    I just installed the Ergo 40mm Handlebar Risers on my 2016 BMW R1200GSA. The installation was very easy, and there was not need to reroute my handlebar cables. The riding position is so much more comfortable now. Excellent product and excellent quality.

    Verified Buyer
    2016 BMW R1200GSA
    Completely changes the riding position to immediately reduce any discomfort I had in my shoulders and palms. Highly recommended!!

    High quality product
    These are very well made and finished risers. The hardware, while not stainless steel, is at least Torx as opposed to the usual hex key type. Easy install and makes a big difference when standing .

    Verified Buyer
    Changed the bike
    Very easy install and changed the bike completely no more scapula pain at all. Very happy with these and the service from the company.

    Easy fix. The best
    The best handlebar riser I ever had . Thanks

    Easy fix
    No problems installing

    Preston McKee
    These were recommended to me by a fellow rider from Australia. I am not in the least disappointed. No additional modifications were required for installation. I am 6'3" tall and they greatly improved my riding position and has reduced neck fatigue. If you are a tall rider riding a BMW R1200-GSA I definitely recommend these risers.

    Adam Behnen
    Easy Install
    I installed a different saddle on my 2014 BMW R1200GSA, which raised my seating position. Consequently, I felt that my handlebar position was too low. I purchased the Ergo Handlebar Risers and installed them on my bike. They made a tremendous improvement in my riding position. The install was very easy, and I did not need to change or re-route the brake or clutch cables. Excellent product.

    Adds comfort by taking weight off my hands
    Installed on a 2015 BMW R1200GSA. By moving the bars up and back I can sit more upright and take weight off my hands. I'm 6'2" and need to sit back on the stock seat for proper legroom.

    Steven K.
    R1200GSW Risers
    These risers fit perfectly and move the bars up and back just the right amount. The cables are just long enough after moving the zip tie per the instructions. High quality machined parts.

    Handlebar Risers
    Works well and improves my position on the bike. Very good product - Except, the cadmium plated bolts provided are not equal to the BMW bolts they replace and will likely exhibit corrosion over time. Titanium or SST bolts would have been nice.

    no more back pain
    Just the right amount of rise for me. No rerouting of lines needed. Does not stand out like some of the more aggressive risers. Looks great. Eliminated upper back pain/strain.

    excellent fit and finish
    This is a quality riser and fit is spot on. These risers gave me a more relaxed feel and eliminated some elbow pain I was feeling after riding all day. No adjustment to the cables was needed. The instructions are not the easiest to figure out and I question if 19nm is enough torque. I am 6'tall with 35" arms and my bike is a 2015 GSA

    Scot Pleski
    No Hassel Bar Risers
    I discovered the Wudnerlich 40mm bar risers by chance when I was replacing a windshield screw at a local dealer. It is amazing how a 40mm offset completely changes the bike. And easy to install. It took me longer to sort through the eight bolts. Simplicity at it's best.

    Henry Famularo
    Easy Install
    These risers gave me exactly what I needed for my 5'9" body on a 2015 R1200GS WC. Very easy install, quality perfect fit.

    Jeong Soo .Hong
    The best parts.
    Your hopes up too comfortable position, is the best. - I didn't the best quality products and highly recommended.

    Russ Kliem
    Best choice over all others
    I had similar on my 2007 GS and added these to my 2014 GS and they are just right. Every other online example looked inferior, the fit and finish on these is a very good match for the BMW. These seem to be about the max lift and extension you can get away with before you need to fiddle with brakelines or such. Sitting up on my bike in perfect comfort with complete command of the road and it feels like I'm the King.

    Perfect !
    Easy to install, a bit offset towards the back unlike other aftermarket risers so the handlebars can still turn widely without hitting the windscreen, excellent product

    Pat from jersey
    Worked as advertised
    Installed on a 2014 GSA WC....Very easy install and made my riding much more need to lengthen brake lines.... Excellent directions.

    Jim Murray
    35 mm bar risers
    The delivery was quick and installation was very easy including moving the cables outside of the right fork tube. All totaled it took about 25min. Remember to have front wheel off the ground and bike up on center stand. What a difference in the comfort of the ride.

    25mm - Nice product, but..
    The bolts supplied should be M8 x 1 x 60mm with a TX 45 socket head (not 6mm hex). For the price, the bolts supplied should match what's being replace, just 25mm longer. These will be the only socket head hex bolts on my 2014 R12GSA. Still trying to source some TX 45 bolts before installing but not having any luck.

    John Detmar
    Good Product, but...
    I only wanted a subtle but noticeable change to my riding position, and these risers accomplished that, so I am completely satisfied with their performance. Nothing needed re-routing, and though there's not much to them, the quality of the hardware is high. The only problem is the lack of information in the instructions. The risers appear symmetrical, but there is a slight offset to them, which means that they only fit if oriented the right way. Wunderlich does not disclose this fact, and I was not smart enough to turn them around, so I wasted some time and aggravation installing and uninstalling until Wunderlich customer service told me the secret. For about $100, delivered, There should be no secrets.

    Just right!
    Easy install, just the right amount of rise and rear set, no cable issues. I did have to reposition my tank bag to clear the bars on full lock.

    An easy install!
    Product worked as advertised and was super easy to install. The only downside was they're a little pricy for 2 machined hunks of aluminum and 4 bolts, but everyone's risers are pricy.

    Carlos Henrique
    Perfect for GS 1200
    Great for my new GS and very comfortable.

    Teddy K.
    Great part for 2014 R1200GS LC
    At 5'8" and 33" sleeve length I felt that I had to lean slightly forward to properly engage the controls. I read the product reviews and felt that a set of ergo handlebar risers was just what I needed. With some hesitation not knowing how involved the installation will be I ordered a set. With the help of a fellow R1200GS LC owner I installed these today. I was very pleased to see that installation was straight forward, and in my case, no need to cut zip ties to pull up the cables. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that a notch on each riser which I thought were milling marks not properly polished turned out to be index marks to help align the handlebar angle markings to the proper position. After installation of the ergo risers my seating position was more neutral and felt more natural and steering felt lighter. I highly recommend this product.

    John Barton
    Good for folks with short arms!
    I have short arms, am 5'8" tall. I wanted the bars closer and just a little higher and these risers are perfect. A major plus is no need to modify cables. Plus they look good!

    Perfect Fit and Great Looks!
    These handlebar risers are exactly right. They bring the handlebars up and back just the right amount for us tall guys without damaging the cables or wiring and are well made.

    Great addition!
    Decided to plunk down on these because my riding position, on my new R1200GS/LC, at 5'8" was somewhat uncomfortable on my elbows as it felt there was strain on them from leaning forward. These completely alleviated this. Strange thing is, the up and to the rear is not noticeable in handling whatsoever. Very easy installation to boot! Best money spent!

    Alex de Quesada
    Best Investment!!
    I'm 6'2" and my driving position went from somehow uncomfortable to perfect fit. Best money invested!!!

    Tom Ferguson
    2014 R1200GS Liquid Cooled
    Worked perfect on my 2014 R1200GS

    Nice Fit
    Good instructions; nice fit; better riding position; very happy with the purchase

    Perfect rise and fit!
    I was a bit skeptical at the fixed rise and angle of these risers. I have a BMW 2013 R1200GS LC and these were the perfect fit. I'm 5'9" with a 33" inseam and Wunderlich hit the spot!

    Rob Owen
    Perfect for me on the new GS
    This was a perfect selection for me and my new GS. There appears to be less cable flexibility on the new GS for moving the bars, as compared to my 2010 GS. With more rise or forward position you'll likely have to do some cable mods.

    Karl Perlich
    best money spent
    installed yesterday, went for a ride, best money ever spent! riding position is perfect. easy instal no problems with cables.

    Glenn Morris
    35mm Ergo Handlebar Risers - All good
    I am 180cm (app 6\'0\") tall and found the original handlebar position was too far forward - both for standing up and for using the more comfortable part of the seat. The Ergo riser moves the \'bars up and back, which I find MUCH more comfortable all round. Well made product, easy to fit and matches the finish of the bike very well.

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