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Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars
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    • Part # 20380101-103
      Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars
      Available in: Black, Silver or Chrome

    • (4.5) 41 Reviews
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      Time 40 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars

    Available in: Black, Silver or Chrome

    With these engine bars, we've applied our extensive experience in Engine Protection Bar design and once again hit a home run. This completely new design, developed especially for the R1200 RT, provides outstanding protection in more ways than one. Not only does it protect the valve covers from damage, it also protects the sump. The engine guard securely mounts at six optimally placed mounting points which share the load and protect from serious damage in most tip over situations. Cornering clearance is not compromised and all routine maintenance can be carried out without the need for removal. Installation is easily carried out with basic tools and no cutting or modification of any type is required. The engine protection bar is available in either a chrome finish or powder coated silver. The bar looks great and integrates perfectly with the RT's design.

    Check out these facts:

    • Even load distribution
    • Protects cylinders and fairing
    • Protects sump and oil filter
    • Strong mounting system
    • Removal not required for maintenance
    • Precision steel construction
    • Cornering clearance not compromised
    • Easy to install
    • No modifications needed

    Also have a look at our cylinder bar mounted MicroFlooter auxiliary lights under the Related Products tab

    Please note the following:

    These bars are not designed to be compatible with the Original BMW accessory valve cover protectors.

    On the chrome version, center support and bottom carrier are silver powdercoat. Only the protruding bars are chrome plated.

    Not compatible with Remus header pipes due to tight clearances.

    Please Note: The video for this product shows a bike that also has the saddlebag protection bars installed.

    *Installation estimated at 40 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Andrew Fodor
    Great product, minimalistic yet protective
    I considered other engine protection bars but really liked that these do not interfere with service access to the cylinder heads. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

    Brian Eirschele
    Crash bars and highway pegs
    Just installed both on my 2018 RT. Installation was easy enough, very nice quality overall. The highway pegs are especially well made and really allow a nice positioning of my legs. Hope there are no issues with puncturing the head on a fall.

    John Choby
    Verified Buyer
    Very pleased with these bars
    Very pleased with the quality of this product - both the front and rear protection bars. I was surprise how fast they arrived after my order. Installation was straight forward and the on-line videos on the Wunderlich site provided a few good hints. They look great on the bike!

    Tom P.
    Do Not Instal Highway Pegs with these Bars
    Dealer installed rear & engine protection bars plus highway pegs in 2017. Recently the bike went over hard. The engine guard bent enough for the highway peg mounting bracket to pierce a hole into the Cylinder head cover, with significant oil leak. Don't know if the bars are not strong enough to take the impact of the fall or if the concentration of force at the peg mounting hardware did not allow the bar to dissipate the force of the impact, allowing it to bend and pierce the cover. I suspect the latter and removed the Hwy. pegs.

    Karen M Fiffy-LaPorta
    Verified Buyer
    Engine Protextion Bars for BMW R 1200 RT yr 2016
    These bars came in 3 days was great shipping ,my husband was able to put them on in about one hour. these work out great where i like to have highway pegs on my bike to strech out my legs and they where great bars you could put the pegs in several places . Bars look good and now the bike is also protected.

    Ron Torres-gatherer
    Verified Buyer
    Protecting The Trooper
    Miami this time of year is hot, humid and i'm in the in the courtyard beginning the installation of the engine protections bars. I viewed the video several times and assembled the required tools. Once the body panels were removed i began what i thought would be mounting the bars to the top hole on the right side of the engine. the top and rear mount holes fit with out issues but, the last hole, the front hole was a full hole diameter off center. that is i viewed two holes with the circumference tangent to each other. Not like a Venn diagram with overlapping circumference. i quickly realize the i would not be able to muscle the bars into position and insert the screw and thread it into the threaded hole mount. I would suggest that the bars undergo a insoialat test to see of they can be mounted to the bike i question before they are stocked to better incur the correct fitment. The left side was better being only a radius value off center.

    Verified Buyer
    engine protection bars
    perfect, what I wanted, fit perfect, could not be happier

    Verified Buyer
    Almost but not Quite
    I purchased the Dakar Valve Cover protectors first. They were an easy installation and very good looking. However, after an accidental garage tip-over, I felt I needed the additional protection of some engine protection bars. So I decided to install them in addition to the valve cover guards which required the purchase of a kit with longer bolts / spacers. Installation on the right side of my RT was easy except for a small section of the lower fairing which rides directly on the protection bars which I don't think (hope) will not do any harm. The right engine guard was another story. Fitment was so tight that several tries were necessary to get all the bolts installed and they only went in if you installed them in a certain sequence. They also made contact with the valve cover guard (even with spacers/longer bolts) so I decided to remove them entirely and only use the engine protection bars by themselves. I had concerns about ordering the black finish because I have a set of rear side case protectors from another engine manufacturer in black and didn't know if the black finish on both the engine and side case protectors would match. No worries. They match perfectly. The engine bars are now solidly mounted and they look very nice. I'd like to rate them 5 stars but because of the difficult right side installation, I gave them only 4 stars.

    Rod Hilton
    Verified Buyer
    Completely Satisfied and Happy
    Delivery was faster than expected. Arrived with all parts and instructions. The online installation video made everything very easy and as planned. Took me an hour for the front engine guards, about 45 minutes for the rear guards. 20 minutes after install, dropped my bike by accident. Cannot be happier I had these installed. I strongly recommend this product.

    Thomas Komon
    Verified Buyer
    Engine protection bars
    These are very well made and fairly easy to install. They are the best protection bars that I have seen in my estimation and they do not interfere with the ability to service the engine.

    david wilson
    engine protection bars
    would of been nice if you had stated on your site they will not fit if you have the optional bmw head protectors now in stuck with something i cant use

    Look Great - Not too hard to install, but some slight complications.
    No difficulties installing these, and I am not a good mechanic! Upper fairing does not snap off as easily as the demo would suggest. There are useful tips in the reviews, I would read them before I began. The tabs on the top of my left side top fairing measured 1 mm thick, (almost criminally thin!) and were broken already when I started. I took a 10 mm piece of clothes hanger, cut a shallow channel with a Dremel,.and epoxied the piece where the tabs were with JB Weld epoxy, and it worked perfectly after curing overnight.

    Ira Chavis
    Verified Buyer
    Great protection and easy installation
    Picked up a pair of Engine Protection Bars for my 2014 R1200RTW. One of the things i liked was the fact i did not have to buy another set of light mounts for my BMW Auxillary LED lights. Installation was a breeze , follow the advise of the video and tighten up the bolts loose to ensure fitment , i had a to pull the bar a bit to get it to wiggle into shape but otherwise the video and instructions will lead you though the process. Glad to have a piece of mind that the engine covers will be protected. While at the BMW MOA rally i met this other rider who's RTW fell over and had these guards, aside from some minor paint scratches on the guard, the bike was protected perfectly. Hope i don't have to find this out but great to know.!

    Tom Buckley
    Realy cheap insurace when your bike falls down
    As I write this I'm on my third RT. My 2004 1150 was blown down on a windy day in a parking lot, having me to file an insurance claim for $1500.oo. The 2011 1200RT I had was very top heavy bike making any kind of slow speed riding impossible, high speed sweeper curves scary as the bike wants to turn sharper than your intended path, and with the suicide side stand that would let you think it had locked down into position would actually come back up, and over you went when you would lean the bike over. When I traded this bike in I paid over $850.oo for a new set valve covers. I've learned my lesson the hard way, $1500.oo insurance clain, $850.oo replacement valve covers is a lot more than $500.oo for a set of these bars.

    You do NOT get what you pay for......
    Wunderlich continues to spam my email for a review, so here goes. I have 2015 San Marino blue and ordered the chrome bars. The bars do look great on the bike, however I was disappointed that after paying just under $500 for the bars the Wunderlich wants to nickel and dime another $25 out of me for shipping! As others have mentioned, they supply cheapo hardware - not even stainless steel. My right side bars are within a hairs width of the side fairing and I am concerned that over time it may begin to rub. I also found a raised bump of an imperfection in the finish that is annoying since I discovered only after installing. Not worth the hassle of removing and then paying yet again to ship the back to Wunderlich. Lastly, each bar section had a small hole towards the bottom likiely used to hang them when chroming. They already showed signs of rust when I received the bars. Pretty sloppy not to have filled those in with a patch weld or something. I put some clear silicone in them. These would be great $300 bars, but they are not $500 bars by any stretch. I have been happy with wunderlich products in the past, they have always been high priced but the quality matched the price - a big fail though in this case.

    Mike Ladwig
    Perfect fit
    2014 1200RT No problems, easy installation and look great. Silver a good match. Only had to remove bottom tupperware on right side, contrary to video. That said, video was still a great help.

    great product - easy to follow instructions
    Great product and yes I held off buying them till a older driver backing up tapped my Bike and over it went - My advice do not wait .They look pretty good,By the way many years ago I went down on a Bike that had crash Bars your legs willl Thank you .Ride Safe

    Slow and easy
    Great quality bars I bought the chrome bars. I watched the video and u tube , before I jumped in and made sure I had all the right socks and tex . Be careful when taking off the front side panels , not to break off the small plastic tabs on the top of the panel , you must pull and lift up on panel after all screws removed. Don't pull the panel straight at you the small tabs will break off then your screwed and have to be creative with epoxy and steel tabs bent to fit. I did but it works fine. Afternoon job.

    Raymond Fox
    Great Bars
    1. Quality-4 stars Fit is excellent, chrome finish is very good but not triple plated. Easy install on both sides…just be sure and follow the directions. 2. Quantity-5 stars Received all the well packed with correct parts. 3. Timeliness-5 stars Placed my order on-line and received product in just a few days. 4. Cost-4 stars I thought $475 was a bit high but with my 15% BMW MOA membership it more accurately aligned value. Overall, I am really happy with these bars and especially like the design that allows for good placement of highway pegs.

    Easy install- less than 1 hour. I don't have the Aux Lights--only had to remove the bottom fairing on both sides. The video is a great help. Got the silver--good match

    Richard Szpin
    short and sweet
    Chrome bars for my 2015 R1200RT Sweet...classy...quality !! That's it in a expeditious...will deal with Wunderlich again

    Boxer fan
    Engine protection bars
    Easy installation and perfect fit. I chose the silver so it would blend with the cylinder head paint not stand out - now that it's on the bike, it's a close match so I'm happy with that choice. If you want more bling, go with the chrome.

    Dan Nelson
    Better than expected.
    Ordering was simple. They arrived in about a week. Installation was pretty straight forward After reading the instructions. Only took about 30 minutes to install both sides. Look great. Quality is very good.

    D. Dyer
    Good quality product, poor instructions
    I like the build and finish of the bars, look like they will hold up well for tips and slides. Instructions were 'weak', but the video was a big help, especially if you haven't any practice 'dismantling' your machine. Would also help to have a stand to do the work, like in the video, as lying on the garage floor trying to line things up is not ideal! And I agree with other reviewer, the fittings should be stainless steel, not the poor quality ones provided with the bars.

    Norman LeFevre
    Great product
    The guards were relatively easy to install. Straightforward. I only removed the lower fairing to do the install. I like the way there is no bar crossing the front of the engine. I feel very secure that, in the event of a tipover, the guards will protect the engine well. Hope not to find out.

    John E.
    Wunderlich Chrome Bars for BMW R1200RT
    I really debated over whether to buy the chrome bars or the silver bars for my BMW R1200RT in Calisto Grey. I decided to go with the chrome bars and I am glad I did. They look great! A few weeks later I saw these bars in silver on the a similar bike to mine and silver did not look as good. The silver is slightly different than the silver parts on the RT and as such had a slightly duller look. The installation was fairly simple if you follow the video instructions. The printed instruction were a lot harder to follow and didn't include any torquing numbers. I gave the bars 4 out five stars as there were small, unsealed holes in ends of the bars which will allow water or road debris in. (These holes are likely used for the chroming process.) If plugs were provided or the holes were sealed I would have given them 5 stars. I would still highly recommend the Wunderlich bars if you are looking to add them to your RT.

    Dave L
    Installation was a snap
    Installation was a snap after reading the germanglish several times to understand what they were talking about. Great mounting option now for driving lights. As the previous comment says, I hope the hardware holds up to northern weather.

    Work Great but overpriced
    These bars are easy to install and work great for mounting highway pegs but, like most accessories, are way overpriced.

    Bruce B.
    Removal for Maintanence?
    Description says bars do not need to be removed for maintenance. Previous poster says he cannot remove valve covers for maintenance while bars are attached. I bought these bars because I thought they looked good, would hold highway pegs, but most of all...would not have to be removed for maintenance. Very important to me. If this is not true, I will be asking Wunderlich to take my bars back for a full refund, including shipping.

    Marc Parnes
    Can not remove valve covers!
    The bars look great and install without too much difficulty. The description says they do not interfere with maintenance. The only maintenance in the area of the bars is adjusting the valves. I can tell you after much sweat and tears that there is no way in hell to get the valve covers off with the bars installed. Whoever wrote that is sadly misinformed. So, expect additional maintenance cost if you're paying the dealer or additional hassle if you do it yourself. I tried!

    Mark Damiens
    Engine protection bars
    Relatively easy to install. The sliver is a great match. I was expecting more difficulty but not too bad. Instructions with some better pictures would be helpful.

    2014 R1200RT
    Great bars, Installation was easier than I was anticipating. Just take your time, have a little patience and follow the directions. Only issue is on one bar the tupper wear touches the bar slightly.

    david turner
    Saved me already! One week after installing, foot slipped and feel over. Bars did their job and save the cylinders and the bodywork. Thanks for a great product

    W-L BMW crash bar installation
    The bars came well protected, and all of the bolts and washers were there. The instructions are not as complete, and required that I go back and install some spacers etc. Because of the tupper ware on the RT's, it does make it hard to access with tools some mounting points, and I had to modify an allen wrench to get at the upper right hand bolt, if mounted on a GS it would not have as many difficulties.

    Nice complement to the bike
    These well-designed bars fit tightly and complement the bike well (silver bars). They bolt on solidly without much drama (the removal of a T50 torx screw the biggest challenge). The hardware was complete and definitely adequate (as it is mostly out of sight), but for the price point, stainless steel would be expected. Overall, very satisfied with the look and feel of these bars.

    Terry Hinkel
    Silver engine guards
    Easy to install. Easy removal of two plastic panels on either side of engine, then direct bolt on. I wanted the silver color so the bars wouldn't stand out too much. The color is similar to the engine paint so it looks ok. At this price I would have expected better attachment hardware. Stainless would have been nice, the provided hardware looks like it was dipped in a pot of zinc! Incorrect hardware was provided, too many "short" fasteners, not enough of the longer ones. So, in addition to having second rate hardware I had to provide some of my own. Fit is good and I think they would hold up in a tipover or slide.

    2014 R1200RT Engine guards
    Nice bars. Instructions could be better. Like before you assemble remove this bolt and loosen this bolt from both sides. You do not discover this until you follow the instructions and discover this little detail missing. You have the un-do the work done. Having said that, bars are great color match is great too. Seem sturdy enough. Too bad with the BMW recall we are not supposed to ride it!

    Hamid Pishehvar
    My 2014 R1200RT WC
    I purchased the engine protection bars and the rear bars in silver. They both arrived in a short time and nicely packaged. Right out of the box I noticed deep scratches on 3 of the bars, these are heavy duty bars and well designed. Installing requires some heavier duty ratchets for the bigger bolts and some know how, I did notify WL of the scratch issues. Great product to protect your RT!

    Michael Leach
    Engine protection bars for 2014 R1200Rt wet head
    Arrived in a timely manner. Very easy to install. Look good and allows for mounting highway pegs. Should provide excellent protection.

    Good Protection!
    The version for WC RT is better than previous version in that the two sides are two separate bars, and they are firmly mounted to the bike. The criticism that I do have is with the hardware provided. At this price, Wunderlich should have provided stainless steel hardware instead of the painted (hopefully with Zn-rich paint) carbon-steel screws and galvanized carbon-steel washers!

    These install easily. Look good when done too, at least my silver colored ones do. The instructions, could be a little bit better. Like, do not assemble these to bike without 1st removing the forward Torx head Frame bolt before you do the install the bars as the instructions say. On my machine I needed to "loosen only" the rear torx bolt too as the frame was bound and could not reinsert the new bolt from the kit. This occurred on both sides. I am referring to the rear mount of the engine guard where it attaches to the frame. When you hold up the bars to the side of the bike you will easily see. 2. There was no way I could install the left side without first removing/ loosening the frame bolts as described above and the lower plastic body support and pushing it down and out of the way. 3. I do not have the factory driving lights on mine as I will install Gerbings so I am sure those of you that do will run into issues not described here. 4. Over all, an easy install. Now for buying & installing road pegs! Richb2

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