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Integrated GPS Mount
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    • Part # 8600887
      Integrated GPS Mount

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      Time 45 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Integrated GPS Mount does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.


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    Integrated GPS Mount

    With this part you'll be able to place your GPS in plain view and without obscuring any of the instruments or display information. Without the need to make the dangerous move of taking your eyes off the road for more than an instant, even in complicated traffic situations, a quick glance is now possible.

    The two existing mounting points that we use to attach the bracket would normally not provide enough support for a GPS unit. Therefore our strong bracket design features a supplemental support that strengthens the mounting points from below, resulting in a rock solid integration.

    Other methods of mounting your navigator are often times a compromise, for example there's typically interference with a tank bag or access to the ignition key is hindered.

    Some Facts:

    • Your GPS is in the optimal field of vision
    • Better, safer navigation
    • Solid support for your GPS due to elaborate reinforcement
    • Easier reach to the screen and GPS controls
    • Adjustable: position your GP at any desired angle
    • Easy installation with no drilling or other modifications to your bike
    • Lightweight, anodized aluminum
    • Compatible with most GPS units: TomTom Rider I & II, BMW Navigator, Garmin Zumo, All units that utilize the claw adapter, Any PDA (combined with our Mediabag) Camera, video recorder.......
    • Compatible with a Garmin Nüvi 500 series in conjunction with the adapter kit, part number 8600808 (available under the Related Products.
    • Complete installation kit with clear instructions
    • Made in Germany

    Perhaps it's not immediately noticeable, but a great deal of effort was invested in the design and to make this part easy to install.


    Important fitment note: For 2010 and later models, part number 8600888 is needed. Available under the Related Products.

    Please Note: If you have a Garmin 660, please check the back of the cradle. If the back of the cradle is stepped where the power wire exits, you should additionally order 4 of the rubber mounts that are available under the related products. Alternatively, you can use 4 - 10mm spacers that you may be able to make or acquire locally.

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Jean Razzo
    Verified Buyer
    Impressive well thought out mount
    Fantastic mount. No vibrations. Solid and well thought out. Big Recommend.

    Michael Somerville
    Verified Buyer
    Easy Install
    I noted previous reviews that indicated some installation difficulties, but decided to purchase anyway. As others have noted, the printed instructions could be a bit clearer, especially regarding the exact placement of the support bracket. However, I figured it out easily enough, and overall it was a pretty simple install. I removed the windscreen for easier access which made the process almost trivial. It seems very well made, all the holes lined up and the fasteners were perfect, other than color. I would have preferred black anodized screws/nuts. Some nit picks for Wunderlich to consider. 1. Mount head could use greater range of motion. 2. The Felt adhesive padding could be pre-cut to fit the shape of the base of the mount. 3. The screws are too soft. Seems like everything nowadays ships with metal fasteners that aren't hardened. Screw heads started stripping out almost immediately during installation. Other than that, I highly recommend.

    Overall good mount, some issues with installation
    Installation required modifications to the support bracket. There was no way to get the support bracket to slide over the metal tongue even with just one thread of the M5x16 bolts engaged, I had to remove about 1/8" of material from the lip of the support bracket with a file to enable it to slide on. After that all was straightforward. Fairly solid mount, although there is some flex so the GPS (Zumo XT) does shake some when the road is bumpy. The XT mount fit without issues, lining up perfectly with the threaded holes. I routed the power cable from the inside through the plastic above the clear instrument cover. There is enough space to squeeze the cable through. Time will tell if there will be wear on the cable insulation.

    Keith D Rouleau
    Verified Buyer
    Integrated GPS Mount needs better directions
    My black and white photos were smudged and gray-scale pretty much made it difficult to determine where one part stated and another one ended. The photos were also difficult to see from a perspective standpoint. It would be great if you guys had a how-to video on your site. As it was, I went to the BMW shop and looked at a a bike that had one installed. Color photos soled the problem.

    Bruno Lavoie
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent mount
    Very well made mount, easy to install, places the gps in a perfect location and no vibration whatsoever. The only reason for the 4 stars is that the power cable on my garmin 396 is off to the side as opposed to the center and I had to cut a small notch in the bracket so the cable would fit throuh the bracket.

    Verified Buyer
    Well made - however...
    Hardware is well made, strong. Instructions are fairly clear. However, the bolts supplied that fasten the outer and inner support brackets together are way too short. I struggled trying to get the threads to bit for a while. The ones supplied are maybe 1 mm longer than the two OEM bolts. They need to be at least 5 mm longer. Luckily, I had longer hex head stainless steel bolts of correct thread to use. Once I tried the longer bolts I had it finished in minutes.

    Bob Wilson
    Verified Buyer
    Worth the Effort
    I based my purchase decision on Wunderlich's reputation for quality and on the claim that the location of the GPS on the bike would provide a safe, convenient, and unobscured line of sight once installed. The installation itself proved to be very difficult and took several hours. My problem was securing the support bracket that goes under the dash. There's very little room in that space for hands, tools and fasteners all at once. Getting the two fastening points to stay in perfect alignment so as to be able to insert the fasteners through the layers of dash trim to the support bracket was what took so much more time and effort than I anticipated. But once I got it finished, I was very pleased. This is a quality product, well made and thoughtfully designed. Nothing was missing, and nothing left over.

    Brian Wester
    Awesome mount
    I read plenty of reviews on this mount and did excessive reasearch on the best dash mount for my BMW Navigator 3 and found this one to be the best mount. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Easy to follow, color instructions along with high quality torx hardware they match the rest of the bike come with it. Some people complain that the screw heads weren't painted black, but the stainless steel screws provided blend in nicely with the rest of the bike. The bracket secures firmly and doesn't rattle around as it mounts to the sub frame beneath the plastics. The overall appearance of the brackets looks like a factory add-on and is everything you'd expect from a factory option. Very pleased, very happy and satisfied customer.

    Nice design but shows signs of corrosion
    Nicely designed and very good installation instructions. I'd give it a 5 star except I am seeing corrosion on one of the ends of the bracket. Dissapointed because this is a expensive mount bracket and a truly specific application. I guess at some point I have to remove it, neutralize the rust and apply a protective coat of paint. Maybe my particular bracket was not properly manufactured. Would I purchase this product again? ABSOLUTELY YES.

    Dennis Monk
    Verified Buyer
    GPS mount
    Very solid design. Instructions were very good, especially the color pictures. Only problem I had was mounting the support bar over the horn. Couldn't tell from the instructions which side of the support the little bracket piece went on, but there is only one right way for it to go.

    William Cline
    Verified Buyer
    Integrated GPS Mount on 2010 RT
    This is a well made accessory that works as represented. I did not give it 5 stars for the following reasons: The installation calls for two plastic washers that fit under the mount where it attaches to the fairing/cowl. But the package of parts do not include those washers. Really?? Wunderlich could not include 20 cents worth of washers to the parts supplied? Ridiculous. Second reason: the instructions are pathetic. I spent more than an hour trying to figure out how to mount the support that goes under the cowling. The image of how it fits is grainy, poorly reproduced, and black and white. And the method described does NOT work. It was so frustrating I though I might have the wrong part and spent more time online trying to confirm the part identity and get more useful installation instruction. Wunderlich needs to employ someone who can intelligently write complete instructions, and use more diagrams rather than photographs.

    Darrell Franks
    Verified Buyer
    Integrated GPS Mount
    Very good product! It fits nicely and mounted my BMW Navigator with no problems. I had to call customer service at one point due to my failure to understand exactly how it mounted, and the rep was courteous and helpful. One addition I would like to see is a matching "wing" bracket to mount a radar detector. I fabricated my own from an aluminum cookie sheet and bolted it between the mount and the GPS. It works fine, but I would have preferred a professionally done bit.

    Verified Buyer
    Excellent product
    I am very happy with this product. It allowed me to relocate my GPS to a much better viewing location and reduce glare while simultaneously expanding my tank bag options. I previously had another brands unit mounted in between the bars and was unable to use my favorite quick lock style tank bag that I use on my other bike. I installed the mount in about 45 minutes on my 2009 RT with no issues and removed the windscreen as suggested by previous reviewers. Excellent quality. Looks like a factory installed part. Very stable even at high speeds. I highly recommend this mount.

    Hundae Lim
    2010 1200RT Very good mount..
    The more genuine than the genuine pipe mount such type. I use as a 5-inch navigation equipped with a black box. Justify you attach the black box is mounted on the window instead .

    Darrin Morrison
    Perfect View
    I bought this to raise the Garmin up and out of the valley between the handlebars on a 2007 BMW RT. It does exactly as stated and it does not block any of your road vision. Easy to reach and a less glare. The bracket is very robust and has all the right holes for various mounts. The screws are plain "silver" or Chrome but you can just paint them black for crying out loud before you mount them, Hello! Or take one of those touch up paint jars and paint the head after you get it where you want. It works and you should buy one.

    david dixon
    I would like to say that this a fantastic product works on my bike great so easy to install very quick shipping well done

    Good product but...
    Good other than appearance. Easy to install and puts GPS in ideal position. Since it is prominent on dash, would look better with some sort of cover to reduce the "hardware" appearance. Or at least black screws and nuts.

    Chen Chang
    Very good mount
    I bought this mount for my 1200RT and it fits perfectly. It is nice and sturdy with no wobbles or jerks. Would definitely recommend this mount to other buyers

    Brian Davis
    2009 BMW R1200RT mount for Garmin Nuvi 265W GPS.
    The mount support is very strong and adjustable, and it places the GPS stably just above the instrument display.

    Joe Bloggins
    TomTom Rider For my 2005 R1200RT
    Well made mount and all parts worked well with my BMW and was easy to install. Instructions could have been a little more informative.

    Cheesy hardware...
    The mount is well made and is very sturdy, but I was disappointed that the hardware didn't match the quality of the bike's hardware. A trip to my dealer solved the appearance aspect of the hardware.

    kim rodgers
    2013 r1200RT gps brkt
    Fantastic! Looks great and Very clean. The position of the cradle is perfect.ord'd and got confirmation almost immediately with shipping info.had it mailed to Canada and rec'd it within days.great service.

    Roger Presley
    GPS mount 2010 on
    Very satisfied with product. I took my time, and it took me approx. 1 1/2 hrs to install. The hardest part was getting the mirrors off. It probably took 1/2 hr to get them off. I think better directions on how to remove the mirrors would be a plus.

    Oscar Fleury
    Suporte para GPS de excelente qualidade, muito bem posicionado e de fácil instalação.

    Jack Henry
    Great product
    I had been using the typical ball mount for my Garmin but I couldnt see my instruments clearly.This mount allows me not only to see them without obstruction but also has my GPS positioned perfectly for navigating my route.

    Tim Spangler
    nice mount
    2007rt Much better than the old setup I had. No vibration, totally out of the way of the instruments. Removed dash panel to install support bracket underneath. Wish they would include stainless hardware is my only complaint. Would definitely recommend.

    2013 R1200RT
    Overall I am very pleased with the product. It is sturdy and I like that if I remove it there are no holes or other alterations to my bike to contend with. Installation was straight forward - the instructions for installing the support bracket and tension system could have been a bit clearer, but after some trial and error it is not that difficult. A couple of issues; 1) the screws for the hidden tension bracket (under the dashboard) were too short to fit the bracket over the frame piece. I used the two longer screws to install the piece, then removed them one at a time and replaced with the shorter screws. Added about 5 minutes to the job, is all, but it saved me a trip to the hardware store as others had written about. 2) The screw heads are chrome. It would be a nice touch to have them in black to match the OEM screws that were replaced. The chrome heads against the black mount look after-market - ditto the four adjustment screws for the GPS bracket. 3) One issue I had was that the bracket mount for my GPS did not have holes to line up with my RAM mount for my Garmin Street Pilot 2720. I simply drilled two new holes and it works just fine. Quality and construction are excellent. The item was shipped quickly and when I had a question for Customer Support it was answered within a day via email. Top notch customer service. A good value.

    Greg Stott
    Outstanding mount
    Perfect placement for GPS utilization - best positioning in the line of sight without infringing on the view of the road. I don't think there is a peer at this time, regardless of vendor or cost.

    Great fit for R1200RT
    Was able to attach the bracket in 45 minutes, very solid!

    Mike Walker
    R1200RT gps mount
    The product works great. I had to go to the hardware store to longer bolts to mount this as the longer bolts provided were needed elsewhere in the assembly. Installation of the hidden support was not clear from the instructions, but I figured it out.

    Charlie Blake
    GPS Mount for 2006 BMW 1200RT
    Excellent product, Mounted easily once you remove the windshield, looks good, solid mount, mounts GPS in just the right place easily viewed without significantly removing your vision from the road and does not block your view of the instrument panel.

    Good stuff
    Does exactly what it should. Installation uses existing holes and feels very solid and secure. Much better location than my previous BMW Nav 3. Be sure to read the instructions carefully as far as which screws go where; long ones mount the bracket under the dash, and if you use the shorter ones there, you'll have to do it twice. Now come up with a sun shield for the Garmin Zumo. Maybe with a magnifying lens...:)

    2013 R1200RT
    Am very pleased with the mount. It's solid and holds the GPS unit well above the instruments where it's easy to see without having to take my eyes too far off the road. On my research before buying, some said it was more difficult to install because some disassembly of the instrument panel was required but I didn't find that to be an issue. I agree with a previous comment, removing the windshield, while not absolutely required, does make things significantly easier. The mount is solid and worth the money.

    It seems an original part of the bike.
    I spent a little more and took it to the mechanic to assemble. The result seems to be a genuine factory part. I do recommend.

    Nice product
    The mount is robust and in my opinion liks good on the bike. I just went through the installation on my 2012 RT. It was pretty much the same as on my '07. You really should change the instructions to tell buyers to take off the windshield. And the replacement dash screws should be black. Other than that things went smoothly.

    G bos
    Great integrated mount
    Purchased this mount a month ago. Installed without any issues, mates up with my ram mount adapter perfectly. Great mount!

    Jeff Kron
    Perfect mounting for the RT
    This is the perfect mounting for the R1200RT and much preferred over the mirror hole mounting I used before. Easy to mount if you take your time and take care with the installation. A couple tips: Spray painting the 4 mounting screw heads prior to mounting gives a nice factory install look. While the windshield was off and the top panel loose, I traced the GPS wiring through the windshield mount slot and concealed the wire behind the dash for a clean, custom look; then cable-tied the wire to the mounting behind the GPS unit to keep in securely in place. It stays put and there's plenty of room at the top of the track to avoid the wire being pinched. Highly recommended.

    Don Sholes
    Excellent GPS Mount 2009 R1200RT
    This is an excellent mount for my BMW! The install was a bit of a chore since the two long screws that fasten the supplemental support to the motorcycle hit the back of the speedometer housing which would not allow the holes in the GPS mount itself to line up. I shortened those two screws and it went on perfectly after that. Once installed it's very solid and easily adjustable. I would not hesitate to order another one should the need arise.

    Bob Keay
    Happy, happy, happy
    It took me a couple of runs to get the installation right but taking off the windshield was a great help. I was able to use the black screws from the dash again but it would help if Wunderlich supplied them up front. Took the bike for a run and got the angle right for my Zumo and I am more than pleased with the look. Great product but not the easiest installation.

    Chuck Lilley
    Great mount
    As noted on other reviews, remove the windshield .I had some trouble figgering out the clamp,but once in placeit went well.There were more els to remove than listed.this was placed on a 2010 RT.I routed the wiring to the battery,whitch means it is always on.A fuse block will correct this.A solid mount for my Garmin 660.

    Ricardo Dall Acqua
    Excellent product
    Bike: 2008 R 1200 RT - Excellent product. Perfect location for my Zumo 350LM. Relatively easy installation.

    Randy Stover
    2013 R1200RT GPS mount
    Very pleased with the mount. Instructions were adequate and overall installation was easy. Excellent position for GPS and very stable. I have already recommended it to several other riders. A little more expensive than some other mounts. But, you get what you pay for. A very good mount

    Robert Cargill
    Integrated GPS Mount to 2009
    I had this installed by my BMW Master Technician at Hopkins (MN) Hitching Post last week and paid for for exactly 1 hour to do it - including the electrical connections for the BMW GPS. Very pleased with its location immediately above the instrument panel, on the bike\'s center line - for optimum safety, VERY important! It is sturdy, yet it can be adjusted to minimize sun glare. No vibration. This is a great product!

    Excellent Product!
    Easy to install, all hardwre provided, easy to read instructions and easy to follow installation. It is easy to see and use. This allows you to tilt your GPS for just the right view angle. Paint and finish great. I do wish they would include one extra screw and washer for us fumble fingers.!

    Ron Weinert
    Just what I expected
    This mount was exactly what I expected---it was just what I wanted for mounting my Garmin GPS---along with a non-Touratech holder. I had to drill new holes to fit the Touratech Mount, but I had anticipated that the two items would not be compatible, having been so advised by a Touratech technician in a telephone conversation. The mount went on easily once I figured out the different parts and how they would go onto the glare shield. A few more pictures might have helped, but all in all, the installation was not a problem, and I am not particularly adept at mechanical installations. This is a good produce, and I think it worth the money. I am very happy with my setup, and will use Touratech products again in the future, as I have in the past.

    2011 R1200RT
    Super mount. Very secure and rigid. Looks good and easy to view GPS. Highly recommend.

    Nathan Monk
    Zumo 660 Mount
    The product is built extremely well and is functioning beautifully! There are two areas of concern in my opinion. First, the instructions with pictures should include more detail. I had difficulty figuring out which bolts were for what measurements given on the parts list. The pictures could be a little larger and more detailed as many of us understand better what we see than what we read. Also, the instructions for mounting should require that the windshield should be removed totally. This would have made my first attempt work. Now, as far as the bracket, one of the problems I ran into was that the square nut brackets that hold the nut in place on the arms came off. One of them did this with me, and I could not get the bolt to come out in order to redo the mounting job. The bolt with the nut attached just kept turning in circles. I finally had to get my electric grinder and grind the top of the bolt off in order to remove the arm. I was able to do this with little damage to the bracket and surprisingly enough without any to the bike dash. Otherwise, it is a great product!

    great product
    This mount installed very easily and does a great job. Nice clean install using factory mounting locations and no modifications necessary.

    Paul Encarnación
    Another great add-on from Wunderlich
    I installed the GPS mount from Wunderlich on my 2011 BMW R1200RT for my Garmin 350LM GPS. The install was straightforward with the provided instructions, and the quality of the mounting hardware was top notch. The mount is very firm and solid. It also provides a good surface behind the GPS unit on which to attach a toll pass, should you be so inclined to do so. The only minor gripe I have is that the kit comes with 2 screws to replace the ones that retain the dashboard, because the thickness of the mount requires longer screws to reach the bolts included in the support brace. But the provided screws weren\'t long enough either. So I had to go to the hardware store to get the longer screws. But this was a minor inconvenience, and for all I know, I did something wrong that resulted in the need for longer screws. I\'m very happy with the end result, and the mount places the GPS in exactly the right position above the other dashboard gauges, without obscuring any of the visibility.

    Jeff Chapman
    Excellent GPS Mount for 1200RT
    The mount is solid and in the perfect location above the bikes computer display and protected by the windshield. A few suggestions on installation -> remove the windscreen for easier access and don't forget to route your GPS wires before you finish the mount. I ran mine for a 660 Zumo under the mount bracket on the RHS, through the space in the bikes "dashboard" plastic and along the LHS of the speedometer to the BMW GPS power connector zip tied to the front of the frame. I am soooo glad I purchased this mount.

    Best GPS mount available
    This is a great mount.. it allows you to see the GPS easily without looking down, as other GPS mounts have you.. It\'s a trick to install and comes with clear, easy to read instructions.

    Great Mount*
    The mount itself is great. I've driven 12,000 miles with it in all sorts of weather, and I'm also hanging a ContourGPS camera off it too. Installation was a bit of a pain. I couldn't slide the mount in with the clamps installed as specified in the instructions. So I took the windshield off and loosened the front trim which made things much easier. Also I had to notch one of the plastic tabs (unseen when the dashboard is assembled) to install the screws. My biggest grip is cutting the rubber foam pad to match the outline of the mount. It's time consuming and irritating and it wouldn't be that much harder for Wunderlich to die cut the pad for you using the CAD drawings of the sheet metal. But now that it's on the bike I'm pretty happy with it.

    Frank F
    Nice mount - crappy hardware
    Agree with other reviewers that it's a nice and stable mount but I also have some gripes. What's with the cheap hardware? I would expect a $130 part to come with screws that match OEM quality. The BMW screws are T25 (mostly) - these are 3mm allen so one has to switch tools which I find annoying. The BMW screws also have tapered ends to make it easier to locate nut plates, which would help greatly to locate the plates in the under-dash support which have quite a bit of allowed movement. The supplied screws are flat on the end making this harder. Furthermore, the BMW screws going into the top of the dash have black surfaces and the supplied ones don't so they optically stick out more. Finally, the supplied screws are plated steel and may rust while the BMW ones are stainless. The instructions for the fairly involved install lack detail as has been mentioned. In my case it was impossible to get the under-dash support bracket to slip over the "tongue" with both screws attached to the supplied nut plate (no matter how loose). I had to loosen one completely and then finger around to get it to line up which proved difficult. For $130 I would also have expected the foam to be pre-applied instead of having to do a scalpel job on the provided foam strip Please enclose better instructions and supply high quality torx hardware.

    Lee Swinford
    Great GPS Mount for the R1200RT
    This is a great GPS mount for the R1200RT, with design lines that blend well with the design of the bike itself. It also performs this function without looking like a big metal storage shelf or an erector set.

    Rick Bratrud
    Great GPS Mount!
    Pretty easy to install, directions could have been a little better but once installed it works great!

    Tony B.
    Who needs a GTL?
    Installed during a full fitting of a J&M 2003CB unit, so installation was pretty easy. Only complaint is that I think I got a returned unit, as a trip to the hardware store was necessary as several fasteners were missing. It places the gps right in your field of view, so who needs a GTL? For you Garmin 550 users, go to Rick Mayer saddles for a special machined locking screw, and ditch the security screw and tool. Much cheaper than the Migsel, too! Sweet!

    Mr. Bugs
    GPS mount for BMW R1200RT
    This is a great mount. I had the dealer install it, but it did not look to be very difficult to install. Holds my Garmin Zumo 660 very solid and it does not vibrate. Looks very "clean" mounted just above the gauges. The GPS is a little closer to me than my friends with the mount from BMW. Makes it a bit easier to reach while riding.

    A Walker
    Solid support in the right location. Be patient installing.
    Patience is a virtue during installation. The orientation of components is not well described in the instructions, nor immediately obvious during installation. Once installed it blends nicely with the look of the bike, provides solid support for my old and heavy Garmin 2610, and positions it so my relatively short arms can reach. Be sure to bring adjustment tools on the first ride as four screws need to be loosened to change the viewing angle.

    G. Smith
    GPS Mount
    Perfect location. Close enough to let my Garmin 220 be visible, but not in the way. Solid and well designed. Don't plan on installing in a few minutes. The instructions are fine if you are familiar with BMW assemblies, if not you'll want to take your time. Well worth the effort.

    Jim Stroud
    The right choice!
    This is a perfect solution to the obstructive position that most dealers advocate for the Zumo 660, i.e. on the left handlebar interfering with the mirror. Installation is easy but don't rely on the instructions provided.

    Customer review of GPS Mount
    Bike: 2005 1200RT I have had a Migsel mount on my previous 1150RT but chose the Wunderlich mount for the 1200RT. Reason were mainly cost and the added support bracket inside the fairing. Installation was uneventful with all pars fitting as advertised. Due to the internal bracket bracket a strong sandwiched clamp, it seems to be stronger then a Migsel mount. Quality was certainly there for the cost of the mount and no scratches or missing parts. It simply comes to to this: Now that I have it....would I purchase it again instead of another product? Yes I would!

    Roy Wyer
    Integrated GPS Mount
    Installed this on my 2011 R 1200 RT, looks good and is a secure mount. I am using a Garmin 660 in a locking Tourtech Mount. This puts the GPS in the line of sight and you are still able to see all the gauges without interfering with the windshield. I am really impressed with this mount and Wunderlich's service.

    best gps mount
    I just added this to my 2005 RT. It is by far the best gps mount out there. I tried the handle bar mount and found it bouncy and the arm would obstruct the view in the mirror. This puts the gps right out in front at eye level giving you the opportunity to glance down at the upcoming road and watch your speed. They just need to add an attachment to be able to add my radar detector right next to it.

    Mark B.
    RT GPS Mount
    I have a 2005 R1200RT and was looking for a good mount that didn't require drilling holes.After installing the mount I was pleased with the position and ease of reach. The mount is very solid and with the additional 4 rubber mounts to work with my Zumo665 its very solid.

    Jerry B
    R1200Rt GPS mount
    Excelent mount. Have used other , more expensive mounts and found this one to be more rigid and offers more adjustment. Instructions are inacurate but you will figure it out very easily.Does however, take some effort to install Great product for the money.

    Bob from WA
    Forget the others, this is the one.
    I purchased this about a month ago to mount my Zumo 550. I am NOT a tool guy and had a friend help me with the install. We finished an hour after we started. The instructions are well thought out and the mount fit perfectly. The only niggle is that the bottom of the GPS unit obstructs the idiot lights. I can live with that. Easy to reach and program while riding. I give it two thumbs up!

    Michael Jenkins
    Quality lives up to the price
    Puts your nav in a great spot inside the windscreen, not down in front of the tank bag. Just beware a PROPER install is not for someone afraid or challenged at taking the bike apart. The interior brace is critical for stability of the finished product, and takes some patience. The instructions lead you to believe it can just be slipped onto the interior "dashboard" support, but the angles in that BMW piece make that impossible with the short screws provided. The clasp needs to started with one screw the piece installed, then you rotate the clasp into place and start the second screw to secure it. All this is done in tight quarters with the dash pulled backwards off the instrument cluster. The end result is well worth the effort, but this isnt a 30 minute RAM mount installation

    max van orsdel
    Very good solution for RT GPS mount
    First, this is the only mount that I've tried that doesn't vibrate or bounce around with the GPS (Garmin Zumo) attached. Installation is a little time consuming since the directions are pretty brief. With a little experimentation it went on okay. Watch the video to see how it mounts. The under dash bracket really makes it a firm set-up and is the principle reason it doesn't vibrate. This is a well thought out, well engineered product and in my opinion well worth the money.

    Glenn Stephens
    Glenn S. from Texa Hill Country
    Put this on a 2010 1200RT and had to file a notch in the bracket with the angle on it to even get it to go into place with the screws and special nutin place per the installations instructions, but other than that it is probably the best solution to mount a gps. I used another brand water resistant case for my TOMTOM GO730 we use in Europe, and the reflection from the flexible window on it is a slight issue, but with a dedicated weatherproof motorcycle GPS it would be great.

    Don Minkoff
    Perfect fit and line of sight on 2011 RT1200 RT.
    Looking for a way to mount my older Zumo 450 taken off a Honda Goldwing. Did not want to mount it on the handlebar off center from viewing. The Wunderlich mount was a perfect solution. Strong and easy to mount. The on line video's helped. There is zero vibration on the Zumo and it is even easy for me to reach.

    Larry Hollon
    Perfect Location for GPS
    The Wunderlich GPS mount puts the GPS unit in the right location to see the screen but not be distracted by looking away from the road. It is easy to mount and holds the GPS without a lot of vibration. The instructions showed a slight difference in the placement of the access hole for removing the mirrors on my 2011 R1200RS. I called and got clear instructions from the Wunderlich customer service rep. and got the job done without a hitch.Good product. Good service.

    Otto Leidreiter
    GPS is where it should be top and center
    After much searching, I finally found a GPS mount for my BMW Zumo that moved it from between the handlebars to above the instrument cluster. The Wunderlich item found on this page serves this purpose. Installation was pretty easy and was done within a half hour. It could have been 15 minutes if I didn't spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how to actually remove the dash cover. Seems it is hooked at the base somehow and I couldn't get it off (this is a BMW issue). Never the less, I was able to push it out of the way far enough to mount the support bracket. The other thing I puzzled over was attaching the support bracket to the plastic tab/tongue in the middle. I wasn't sure if the washers go over the tab/tongue or under. Eventually, I decided under since I couldn't get them to stay above and didn't seem to add anything. Other than these puzzlements it all went in very easily. One final note, once installed I had to tighten the the cradle mount bracket a few times over the next few days to keep the GPS unit from sagging. I'm thinking some form of lock washer might be more effective. Don't let the above deter you, the unit is well built and an attractive unit that performs its task as expected. I would recommend this item.

    Works Great on My 2011 RT
    I had my Garmin Zumo 660 on another bike with a ram mount on the handlebar. Although that worked, I always had to look down and to the left to see it. Now with the RT and the Wunderlich integrated GPS mount it is much better positioned. Installation went well, but the mirrors were a bit difficult to remove and then running the thick wire from the GPS mount down to the plug on the bike was a bit tricky. The instructions could have been a bit better in regards to what screws to use where, but all in all it went well. Looks and works great!

    Tim S
    2011 RT mount
    As it did on my 09, this mount for my 2011 was an easy mount job which puts the GPS front and center with very solid feel. I have not seen a better GPS mount out there. Highly recommended.

    Ian Mitchell
    Awesome GPS Mount
    Ordered for my 2011 RT. Install went fairly smooth. Looks very nice once in place and puts the GPS unit in the perfect position. Mounted a Garmin Zumo 665 and the bracket works well for the magnetic XM antenna as well.

    Robert Meyers
    Integrated GPS Mount 2010
    Purchased before vehicle delivery, and I had the Dealer install it when they did the final build out of the crate. The item looks good and does the job without interfering with the adjustable windscreen. I mounted a Zumo 550 I had previously installed on a Harley Road Glide, and it works as advertised. The position directly in front of the rider is a plus, as you never have to take your eyes from what is in front of you even if you elect to make minor adjustments while on the move.

    L. Morel
    The best on the market
    Easy too install, except for the "nuts braket". I've use the original ones instead Once it is install very easy too ajust for your eye sight

    Jim fox
    Wrong nut/clip, nut size
    Good product but had one problem with one of the nut/clips. One was not the correct size for the bolts. But being handy I took out one of my metric taps and tapped the nut to the correct size.

    Ronald Allen
    Great Mount for My GPS
    I have a BMW NAv IV GPs but it hadbeen mounted by the dealer with a Tourtech mount. The Tourtech mount fit to the handle bars and with the tank bag on the GPS was hard to see and the instruments wer partially blocked. The Wunderlich unit is a far superior unit. It puts the GPS up where you can see it easily. The install was by the instructions and was relatively painless. The only drawback might be for people with a short reach as the GPS unit is a long reach from the drivers seat, however this is not a problem for me as I have a long reach. For the money this unit is the best I have seen. You will like it!

    Great product-difficult installation, parts not correct
    Once installed, the placement of the GPS is much better than the old position below the ignition. I have a Garmin 4 GPS, and one of the hole patterns fit perfectly. The only installation glitch was that the directions stated there should be 3 different sets of screws, but there were only two types, and they were not long enough to install the support bracket over the center support flange as they are not long enough to allow the small threaded bracket to fit as per the directions. I was able to work around this by fastening the ends of the bracket to the console, first with one screw in the center support, then swinging it into place, after which you can remove the end screws and follow the directions.

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