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Footpeg Lowering Kit
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    • Part # 31410101
      Footpeg Lowering Kit

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      Estimated Install
      Time 25 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Footpeg Lowering Kit does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Footpeg Lowering Kit

    The original riding position of the R 1200 RT-LC is not universally comfortable for all riders (tall riders have different requirements than smaller riders). As part of our "Ergo" program we provide the components for each rider to "fine-tune" the riding position and posture to his/her own personal needs. The rider set will move the footrests ~ 30 mm (1.18") down and slightly forwards. The change in footrest position will increase the knee and hip angle, a benefit especially when touring. Better blood circulation and less cramps will make a full-to-empty tank ride much more enjoyable. The kit is made of CNC machined and silver anodized high quality aluminum alloy and comes with all components needed. TÜV tested and approved.

    When lowering the footpegs, the gear shifter and rear brake lever need to also be lowered accordingly. Our kit includes the hardware necessary to lower the rear brake. The shifter is lowered by adjusting the shift linkage.

    The facts:

    • Relaxed seating position.
    • Suitable for R 1200 RT LC.
    • TÜV Approved with ABE certification.
    • Reduced knee angle.
    • Machined from solid aluminum and anodized.
    • Doesn't require any modifications to the original support.

    Note: Fitting any footrest lowering kit may cause reduced cornering clearance. Please ride accordingly!

    *Installation estimated at 25 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Tomislav Marincic
    Verified Buyer
    Peg Lowering Kit
    I had to install a low seat, because I'm getting too old to reliably keep my R1200RT upright at stop lights on tippy-toe when it's loaded with camping gear. That solved one problem but created another; my 32" inseam legs were cramped on the stock pegs. I installed the lowering pegs, thinking that they would scrape, but that's the price of growing older and continuing to ride. The pegs are great quality, the instructions are perfectly clear, but you need to spend a little time with them before you reach for the wrenches, since they apply to several different models. There are Chinese knockoffs available for a quarter of the price, but they don't come with a TÜV booklet certifying their quality. I stand on my pegs sometimes to relieve strain on the road, and I'm not going to risk injury to save $150. I took the bike out today on some winding mountain roads in Vermont. Great news, the pegs do not scrape in some fairly aggressive riding (for a touring bike.) The brake pedal is well positioned in relation to the new peg location, and is easy to access for trail braking or parking lot maneuvering. The only issue is that the pegs move outward as well as downward, and after you adjust your shift lever for height, it will still be a little too far "inboard" of your left foot. Turning your foot on the peg to access the shift lever gets a little old. You might as well order the Wunderlich shift lever extension #8160432 at the same time, because you will probably want it.

    John S
    Verified Buyer
    Foot peg lowering kit
    Foot peg lowering kit. Great workmanship on these CNC components. Well worth the money and it makes the bike a lot more comfortable on longer rides.

    Verified Buyer
    Peg lowering kit
    Not cheap but the quality of the kit is top notch and after watching the YouTube video the installation was simple and straightforward. As advertised by lowering the pegs a little greatly reduces the angle of the knees and makes for a much more comfortable ride. I don't have to switch from the pegs to the highway pegs near as often. Well worth the price.

    Barry Chapman
    Verified Buyer
    2021 R1250RT footpeg lowering kit
    I felt that the shifter lever, despite being at its upper adjustment limit, was still too low to comfortably get my toe under for up-shifts. I searched all over for a different shaped shift lever to remedy the problem. This kit solved the problem, dropping the peg height to a level where my boot would comfortably be positioned for up-shifts. This is awfully pricey, yet the components & hardware are top quality. Due to how it’s engineered, be aware that it will also move your pegs outward about 1” on each side. I don’t find this to be a problem. Great instructions. Springs can be tough to get on.

    Randall Jacobs
    Verified Buyer
    Very Nice once installed
    Wunderlich installations for these foot pegs is out of date for newer models. You need to do a video with a person actually speaking for the newer bikes. Bikes with power shift need better instructions, because adjustment of the gear shift takes some trial and error. The paper instructions indicated that the brake pedal needed to be modified. Unnecessarily removing the brake pedal from my bike added 1-2 hours to the installation process.

    Verified Buyer
    Exactly what I needed - Ecxellent
    This product is well built and easy to install and exactly what I needed for my 2021 R1250 RT.

    Verified Buyer
    First a warning, be aware if you have a kickstand shoe it may interfere with the shift mechanism. I found myself stuck a lights with no way to downshift. After up shifting the shoe slipped behind the lever and locked the lever in place. It works fine without any shoe. It takes some getting use to as they are a bit wider as well as lower. I am 6 foot and it did reduce the strain on my knees during long rides.

    Jimmy V
    A good investment for me!
    Fairly straightforward to install and make a great difference in the riders geometry on the bike. I'll be adding the rear brake lever enlarger next!

    Verified Buyer
    Simple improvement.
    Installed Footpeg Lowering Kit and it helps relieve the angle of my legs and knees due to my 6’4” frame. High quality components. May seem “pricey” but I am glad I purchased it. I had considered the floorboards but was unsure if the angle would be comfortable or awkward.

    David Spight
    Lowering Footpegs
    After watching the video, super easy to install. Helps very much with the hip discomfort I was having on my 2021 R1250RT, and the quality of the product is second to none. You get what you pay for here.

    John W
    Verified Buyer
    R1250RT Footpeg Lowering Kit
    Extremely easy to install, typical Wunderlich quality, improved ride comfort as described. Haven’t had on fast mountain windies yet so not sure about clearance.

    Mark Hopkins
    Verified Buyer
    Foot peg lowering kit.
    Very good product. Excellent craftsmanship. It is very East install until you have to install the foot peg spring. I recommend installing the spring after the lowering kit is installed. This is a great add on for taller riders.

    Verified Buyer
    Lowering kit
    I installed the pegs and found the springs gave me the most trouble. The instructions were easy To understand.

    Ed R Taylor
    Lowered pegs 2018 RT
    These worked out even better than I expected. I appreciate that the new brake peddle position was considered along with the obvious adjustable shifter. I also like the tightening adjustment screws that take the wobble out of the top of the fitting. I had a special need that I needed to consider. I am 5-5 and need a lower seat. This puts me closer to the pegs to begin with. Because of knee replacement surgery, I have trouble keeping my knee tightly bent on long rides. This solved the problem. One issue, The Eclips that are described in the documentation were missing apon delivery.

    Richard Boyd Harris
    Verified Buyer
    R1200RT LC 2014 foot peg lowering kit
    It’s well made, assemble foot peg to lowering mounts before mounting to bike will make the install go easy. It made the bike much more comfortable, l have long legs. The downside is the crazy cost

    Verified Buyer
    Rider Footpeg Lowering
    Perfect in every way. Hard to believe such a small change can make such a big difference.

    Antonio I.
    Big improvement
    When I ride the R1200RT lc, I feel that my knees are too bent, with this kit, it is only 3cm down, but it is a great difference in comfort. Great quality, easy to install, except for the pin and the OEM spring fitment, that I found it easier to assemble first, the footpeg, the pin, the spring and the "E" clip to the lowering kit, and once assembled, install it to the motorcycle. I only gave it four stars because they are ridiculously expensive.

    Jack Whitehouse
    Verified Buyer
    Shift issues
    I had the same problem with pin figment. Had to use a rat tail file on the holes to ease pin installation. Brake lever ended up right where I wanted it, no other adjustment needed. The shift Side however was another story. That being said I'm pretty sure its my bike , that came with the proshift option. I would like to be able to lower the shift lever a bit more. Unfortunately when I try I end up unable to engage first gear as the pro shift mechanism interferes by hitting the engine case. Again the kit quality and build is very nice. If anyone else has run into this shifter problem please post a review and explain anything you may have come up with to ellimanate the issue.

    Jim Howard
    Verified Buyer
    Fitment tight, but excellent comfort improvement
    Nicely increases comfort riding on my recently-acquired 2014 R1200RT-LC. Fitment (on my particular bike) was quite tight-fitting: the dowell pin to attach new bracket onto original OEM mounting point needed a rubber mallet to seat into place - no excessive force needed, just a bit of an interference fit. Stock footpeg attaches to Wunderlich bracket securely and easily.

    Verified Buyer
    Works for me!!
    I'm a bit vertically challenged, so I opted for a 2016 R1200RT with the low seat. Reaching the ground works, but too much bend in the knee when on the pegs. Installed the lowering kit and it's perfect. There are other kits out there, but these come with a brake master cylinder bracket that lowers the brake pedal position to match the lowered pegs. Only issue was that the tolerances are really tight, and I had to remove a small amount of material from each bracket to fit them into the bike mounts. But overall a great product that makes my fit on the bike much better.

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