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Active Comfort Seat - Standard
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      Active Comfort Seat - Standard

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    Active Comfort Seat - Standard

    The new generation of ERGO seats: Well-thought through at every step of the design, with many innovative solutions. The original seat suffers from an unfavorable form which places undue strain on the tail bone, and the angle of the seat leads many riders to adopt a bad pelvic position. To counter this we use a foam core with completely new contours and a unique fabric, developed with great care at no little expense.

    The Facts:

    • Distinctly shaped (concaved) seating area.
    • Relief of pressure on the tail bone and optimized weight distribution across the whole seat.
    • Improved pillion contour for improved hold to the front.
    • Progressive double-layer construction with soft upper layer and rigid core for even distribution of forces.
    • Uncompromising durability for long distance use.
    • Non-slip, anti-perspiration material combined with ultra suede cording.
    • Seat height:"Standard" - 800mm (31 in.)
    • Strong "RoburC" shell of our own design.
    • Classy recessed "cut" seams.
    • Seams glued and heat-sealed on modern PFAFF hot-air welding machines for 100% impermeability.
    • Design by Nicolas Petit (Paris).
    • Made in Germany.



    Verified Buyer
    Initial impressions of the Active Comfort Seat
    Having recently received the new Wunderlich comfort seat for my 2013 R1200R Classic my first impressions are of a well made product. The fit conforms to the bike very well. It in fact closes the gap-to-tank dimension of the factory seat on my bike. The only element that is a little off is the rear curvature of the new seat as it fits against the existing rear plastic tail indentation but it is not terribly noticeable. The new seat is elevated a bit more in comparison to my factory seat but at 6 feet with a 33 inseam it really is a nice ergonomic change to be a little higher. The cost of the comfort seat is a bit high but given where it is coming from, the quality/design and of course a profit margin I can see the argument for the expense. The design of the seat really transforms the bike and enhances the look overall. It’s a great compliment to the Wunderlich fairing I installed last year. Thumbs up on all accounts.

    Steve R
    Verified Buyer
    Love it except for the price
    Very high quality seat that has the perfect level of firmness and ergos for me. Only flaw is the gap between the front of the seat and the tank. Very pricey as with most Wunderlich products. Seat height is high, not standard, but that’s what I needed a anyway.

    Too High but Nice
    I had to return mine. I ride a 2012 BMW R1200R Classic. The bike came with the Low Comfort seat and this was too low so I bought the Wunderlich saddle and while it looks great and the finish is excellent it made my ride height increase by about 4 inches so it messed up this rider's center of gravity and basic ride feel. The nice folks at Wunderlich took it back no questions asked and informed me that it used to come in a lower (seat) height but they stopped making it owing to lack of demand. Shame. That would have done me nicely. I ended up buying the BMW sport seat which fits me fine but squeaks a bit as it does not fit on the bike as tightly as the Comfort Seat. I'd recommend the Wunderlich seat if you are about 6'/5'11". I think it would suit a rider of this height just fine but anyone any smaller might struggle with feet on the ground issues. Overall the quality of the saddle was great but I am docking it one star cos it was sort of hard to get on and its over priced.

    Review of Active Comfort Ergo Low Seat
    My first impression after unwrapping the seat from the box was WOW. The built quality is good and the stitching is excellent. The contour, colour and texture of the seat cover is great. Immediately I fixed it on my bike. It makes the bike look better with 2 tier seating arrangement with the pillion rider seated higher. The white stitching gives character to the seat and the word WUNDERLICH stitching stands out. I love it. Upon future inspection, there is a slight gap 2-3cm between the fuel tank and the new seat. The seat is generally broader than the original BMW high seat. It feels comfortable and grips your buttocks neatly. Being Low Seat, I am seated about 1" lower to the ground which gives me better and bigger footing coverage. If the seat is narrower at the front (near the fuel tank) it would give me more bigger footing. After a 800km trip on the new seat, I feel much better and my butt don't feel too sore compared with using the original BMW high seat. Once I have found the best riding position on the seat, it was a comfortable ride all the way. Other than the 2-3cm gap, the seat is well built and I would recommend this seat to all riders for more comfortable long rides

    video doesn't apply
    the video attached to this seat description has nothing to do with the R1200R, they covered every other model except it. Wunderlich get your act together.

    Glenn Christensen
    ERGO Seat, Standard Height
    I purchased this seat about a month ago to replace a standard height BMW Comfort seat (optional on the older R1200R). The BMW seat was comfortable, but the Wunderlich ERGO is much taller, allowing me more leg room (I am 6 ft & 185 lbs) so that I no longer bark my shin against the left throttle body. Despite the additional height, I can still place both feet flat on the ground if I need to back out of a parking spot, etc. The ERGO profile is flatter front to back so that I can change positions closer or farther from the tank, whereas the BMW seat locks you into one position. Like the BMW seat, the ERGO is firm, but is slightly narrower with more rounded sides. Passenger feedback is that the pillion design is more comfortable than the BMW Comfort saddle and provides a greater feeling of security thanks to the dished shape and fabric texture. The seat pan is very rigid, and does not fit quite as tightly as the BMW pan (the BMW Comfort seat required a whack while turning the key to remove). As another reviewer noted, there is a gap between the tank and seat (~5mm) that I don't see as being a problem. The tool roll is secured with two O-Rings which hook over cutouts under the seat pan. I would have preferred the BMW system, since the O-Rings can be easily lost. Otherwise, I can highly recommend this seat; it fits me perfectly, seems very robustly built, and looks great. This is the seat that the factory should have designed for the R1200R.

    Paulie G.
    Snapped Right On. 2011 R1200R. Good to Go Brother
    Im 6'2 with a 31.5 inseam. I had that torturous low seat and used an airhawk. It worked fine for the first 4K but I had to make the move to the Wunderlich Standard. You def sit higher and It was a welcome 2" belive me ! Seat snapped right in. Absolutely no issue. Just line it up and click it down. The seat has mega grip. you dont move on it your jeans stick to it like glue. Very Nice Seat and very comfortable. I don't need the airhawk anymore. Thanks Wunderlich ! Everything went very smooth. Very nice and worth the price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this seat. No worries. Order with Confidence. If your 6'0 or taller it' should work just fine for you. any shorter and you are probably in trouble. go with the shorter model.

    Comfort and Quality
    These reviews were really mixed when I ordered my saddle. But the OEM was systematically wedging my pelvis bone apart. So i had to try something. I agree that my effective riding position was raised by 2". Fitment to the bike was perfect. Overall quality is excellent. Clearly made to last a lifetime. The tactile surface is very convenient as you stay in place better. The firmness offers a different type of comfort; not what you would find on a Goldwing. The platform is wide and not curved like the OEM. I am no big fan of aftermarket saddles - usually anything will work for me. But in this case a huge problem was solved. With all respect to the riders who would not agree, I would highly recommend this saddle.

    Tom Marincic
    Premium Quality Seat
    I replaced a custom-made Rick Mayer saddle with the standard-height Wunderlich. The quality of construction is comparable to OEM, and much higher than the rather shabby Rick Mayer seat. The grippy material is terrific, and my wife enjoys riding on the back without constantly having to press backward to avoid sliding into me. It's a firm but wide seat, and you can shift position on the broad, flat center and not find yourself "locked in" to a single spot like my previous saddle. I'd say that the standard saddle is slightly taller than the standard saddle that came with my bike. I have a 32" inseam, and I can't place both feet flat with the standard height seat. Fit wasn't perfect: I had a hard time removing the saddle after the first time I snapped it in. I had to spend a few minutes with a file adjusting the place in the seat pan where whe locking mechanism engages. Now it fits perfectly. Expensive, but comparable in quality to the rest of the machine. I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

    John Turnbull
    Wunderlich response?
    I would like to hear back from Wunderlich...the second review has stopped me ordering a seat...

    Eric Walburgh
    Comfort Seat
    Nice seat, but had to return because it raised my seating level almost two inches about that of my OEM Comfort seat (2011 R1200R). Seemed nice enough to now have the low seat version on order.

    Elliott Sharon
    Dissapointing New Seat
    I recently purchased the new R12R Wunderlich seat in a standard height and found it to be very disappointing. I thought the seat had an attractive overall design; they used a suede-like material that looked nice and which would keep the rider and passenger planted firmly in position. This should stop the annoying occurrence of the passenger sliding forward when you brake. It's also extremely firm. I didn't like the riding position that it established. The contour and form of the seat felt like it was intended to create a bucket beneath the rider, and then was pitched into a position that was too upright to be comfortable. It felt awkward and sort of like I was riding my old Harley, but this time with my feet positioned underneath me instead of instead of in front. The new seat was also much higher than the stock BMW seat of standard height. I'm 5'10" and in the stock seat I'm able to place both feet securely on the ground at a stop. But with the Wunderlich I could barely get the tips of both toes down. It was that much higher! Probably the most disappointing aspect of all was its fit on the bike. It locked securely into the factory latch mechanism after the second or third try, which was good, but once in position there was a huge gap left between the seat and fuel tank. There are rubber bumpers attached under the seat similar to that of the factory seat and which are designed to press firmly against the fuel tank once the seat is locked down. The seat fit so poorly that the rubber bumpers never touched the tank, and the gap that was left between the tank and seat was so large that the battery mounted underneath was too visible and exposed. While we may all have different opinions about what we like in our saddle, one thing all BMW owners share in common is a demand for a well-engineered product. Wunderlich needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

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