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Helite Buckle with Ball
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    • Part # HE-BALL
      Helite Buckle with Ball

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    Helite Buckle with Ball

    The Helite lanyard system uses a multi-directional key-ball trigger; this is a proven and safe system. The lanyard must be fitted correctly in order for the air jacket system to work correctly.

    Key Features
    • Multi-directional key-ball trigger
    • The motorcycle lanyard is standard across all Helite motorcycle products
    • We strongly recommend that you get one lanyard per motorcycle; leaving the lanyard securely attached to each bike

    Fitting your Helite Lanyard ** THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
    • The canister must be fitted correctly in order for the air jacket system to work correctly
    • Keep it away from anything sharp or abrasive that could damage or weaken the strap.
    • Keep it away from hot elements that could damage or weaken the strap.
    • Never attach the lanyard to the handle bars.
    • The lanyard would ideally be attached under the seat around a robust tube of the frame
    • You should make a loop with the buckle at the most convenient location on the motorcycle
    • The closer the lanyard is to your center of gravity when seated on the vehicle the better
    • Try out the length and adjust it until you reach an optimal length
    • It should only be tight when you are standing up
    • If the length of the strap is too long the inflation of the airbag jacket could be delayed



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