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Grip Buddies
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      Grip Buddies

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    Grip Buddies

    Grip Buddies hand-craft the best quality, most effective Neoprene Motorcycle Comfort Grips that money can buy at a price everyone can afford! Each set of the comfort grips are made in the USA. We've all experienced the discomfort of a long ride: that numbness between your thumb and forefinger, tired wrists from holding a steady grip and kinks in our fingers from having to hold the handles too tightly.

    You can enjoy a more comfortable ride, though, if you're using the Original Grip Buddies. They use only rigorously tested, top-quality components, resulting in a rugged, long-distance hand comfort solution for the serious motorcyclist, which allows the rider to enjoy your bike to the fullest extent and to maximize personal comfort/safety.

    The facts:

    • Marked improvement in the durability/longevity of new SMARTSKIN™ TECHNOLOGY
    • Dramatic improvement in the "Feel and Comfort" of your hands on your grips!
    • Grips with "All-Weather" qualities. These grips do not absorb water!
    • A heightened sense of "Control" over your motorcycle due to a satisfied feeling of your hands finally being completely "filled"... just the right amount (enough, but not too much)! Material thickness is 38 mm.
    • A product you can easily and Quickly Install Yourself, over the top of your stock grips! Suitable for a handle circumference from 3.17 cm to 3.68 cm.
    • Grips that are "Heated-Grip-Compatible". You really feel the heat with these babies!
    • A durable, long-lasting solution that "Won't Migrate" like some other available grip options.
    • An almost "Baffled Feeling" that such a seemingly small/inexpensive addition, could make such a huge difference in your enjoyment of your motorcycle.

    For just about any motorcycle!



    Richard Blair
    Verified Buyer
    They work
    Have to admit that I was skeptical about these at first. Having installed and ridden a couple hundred miles with these I have to say that they're a welcome addition. Easy to install, they increase the circumference of the grips enough to where your hands have a comfortable grip on them.

    Ted Crum
    Quality, easy to install - try the thin ones
    These do exactly what they claim. They're easy to install and long-lasting. The manufacturer now offers a thinner version, which I hope is available here soon. They still ease the pressure at glove seams, make stiff (2004-2010 R1200GS) throttles easier to hold open on the highway and protect your expensive heated grips, without making the grips feel fat.

    Eric L Blaz
    Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Affordable option for your ride...heated grips work well and the larger grip circumference is invaluable on long days

    John Luff
    Verified Buyer
    Not a fan
    The product is as described. Very well made. I will keep them even though I have decided not to use them for now. I may in the future. I have arthritis in my hands and was hoping along with increased size better feel with out the death grip. Unfortunately I found the material too thick. They didn’t give me a good feel, felt isolating.

    David Moser
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent size
    I appreciate the size these grips offer for my size 13 hands! They are firm and just soft enough to feel like I have a firm grip. The adhesive and sewing to attach it is of good quality. Easy application!

    Bernie Camp
    Verified Buyer
    Grip wonderful
    This is the second bike I have used Grip Buddies on. Whether I'm using heavy gloves or light weight summer gloves this product reduced my hand fatigue. BMW GRIPS are of a very small diameter and transmit vibrations. With Grip Buddies it is much easier to keep my hand on the grips. As a bonus, they do not interfere with my heated grips. They stay in place and conform to my hand contours. I highly recommend this product.

    David McDade
    Verified Buyer
    Simple good solution
    Great economical solution for my narrow grips. These wraps stop my hands from cramping and also allow the heat to transfer through, albeit you will need to go to level 3 on the grip heater menu. Should also be good for summer and keeping hands from sweating

    Eric Campbell
    Verified Buyer
    Nice addition
    Just purchased a 2016 GTL and had to have bigger grips. For the price, they definitely do the job and do not slip. The only drawback is the seam. The placement is good and only sits under my thumb, but the velcro needs to be re-seated occasionally. Not a deal breaker, but the guy who solves that issue should be a millionaire. Have not used them with the heat yet, but overall a very good solution to the small BMW grips.

    Jack Cheasty
    Grip Buddies
    In 2015 I rode my '95 R100GSPD over eight thousand miles in the eleven day Iron Butt Rally, (finished 74th) and this single addition to the bike relieved the discomfort to my hands completely. I often run my bikes 1K mikes a day in rallies and have tried a half dozen grip covers. These Grip Buddies are the only ones I'll now use. They are easy to put on and they don't slip. Comfortable, and especially applicable on my '88 R100RS with its forward leaning position. Takes the pressure off the palms of my hands.

    Verified Buyer
    Great Product
    I have big hands, so the standard grips on R Nine T just didn't feel comfortable. I wanted to upgrade the size of the grips without loosing the heating ability, and have to spend $100+ on the upgrade. This product works well, but overpriced for wehat it is, and too much of a shipping fee for how small and light the product is. I'm still happy.

    Bill S.
    Best and most inexpensive accessory I have added to my R1200RT
    Rode a friend's K1200 GT with these and ordered some for myself. Easily installed in minutes. So much more comfortable when riding.

    Verified Buyer
    Good if you really need that bigger girth
    If you really need that bigger girth, I guess this is the best thing out there. I got them to try if it will be more comfortable for me with a bigger girth and also reduce vibrations. They do reduce vibration. In the thinner summer gloves the increased girth is ok but i just switched to warmer gloves and for my hands the added circumference is a bit too much. I'll probably end up removing them, at least for the colder month when I am wearing thicker gloves. Also, while it does transmit heat from heated grips, the heat is significantly reduced. I have a two setting heated grips. on the high setting it feels like the low setting in the thinner gloves and I can barely feel it on the low setting when the grips are installed. Also, i would point out that according to the instructions, you should figure out where your finger tips are on and install the grips in such a way that the seem is just past your finger tips. Indeed that is the best location for it. However, if you estimate where you finger tips would be by placing your hand on the stock grip, you will probably be 1/4 inch short (I was). That's because with increased circumference of the added grip buddies your finger tips wrap around differently; so my suggestion is two move the position of the seam about 1/4 inch away from you to a more down position/towards the front of the bike.

    Kim D.
    Verified Buyer
    Golf buddies
    Just bought my second pair after 60k miles and I like these. Offers comfort on those long rides. Easy to install

    Verified Buyer
    Grip Buddies
    Easy installation, great fit, wished I had known about these with previous bikes I've owned, very happy that I found these

    R. Brun
    Verified Buyer
    Grip buddies
    The grips are 5 stars. They feel great and are easy to apply. However $14.68 for shipping is RIDICULOUS!!! Unfortunately I didn't notice the local BMW dealership sold this product.

    Ira Chavis
    Verified Buyer
    My hands and shoulders feel better
    Grip buddies are a cheap way to make your ride a bit more comfortable, they are easy to install , just clean your grips with the supplied swabs and peel back the installation tape and apple to your grip. A lot of folks are concerned that the grips will interfere with the bikes heated grips. I've owned these for 3 bikes and never had an issue. They help my hands and shoulders absorb the road vibrations and also help with my occasion "death grip" of the throttle grip while riding. Only issue i've found is that the grips tape can loosen up over time or moves a little on super warm days when the grips heat up. This is one accessory you need for improved riding comfort.

    Dennis Adams
    Very happy
    I was concerned before I bought my "grip buddies" about how well the heated hand grips would do with them on. I was very pleased to find out that there really was no difference in the effectiveness of the heated grips. If anything, they may have been better insulated and actually were more effective. I have been impressed with the feel and comfort of the grips.

    Mike Anderson
    Grip Buddies
    This is the finest product of it's type that I have ever tried and have tried quite a few over the years. Install takes only a few minutes and is simple. They are extremely comfortable and have shown no tendency to come apart which is remarkable given that they are held on by velcro. I intend to order a pair for my Goldwing as well!

    nice fit
    I had used other products in the past that slipped on over the grips on my GSA. Not that it was hard, but it was more of a hassle to put on grip puppies, these grip buddies just wrapped around and was done very quickly and easily. Had it on for about 2 weeks now, been through a few torrential down pours and they seem to be holding up alright. I like the thickness they add to my grips, which is the main reason I bought them.

    The Best!
    Always use them on my Bimmers. Super comfortable.

    Nice Product.
    Grip buddies install easily and add an extra layer of deep cushioning to absorb stress and vibration transferred through your hands and wrists. Follow instructions, clean original handlebars with alcohol wipes as instructed and start with the left handlebar. Product will come out fine. Note, the two alcohol wipes that come with the product are inadequate, plan on a couple extras of your own and let the bars dry thoroughly.

    Pete Hemlock
    Nice fat grips
    Easy to install. Nice sponginess. The seam is noticeable but the recommended placement is ok. I have a bad tendency to leave the throttle open. They will require adopting new habits. Their girth is comfy and they mitigate some of the vibration.

    Tom Overman
    Grip Buddies
    So far I like the Grip Buddies a lot. The stock grips were causing some discomfort between the thumb and forefinger. The Grip Buddies seem to much more comfortable, and have all but eliminated the pain.

    Best value for money using this grip

    Bike Fitment

    Fitment not model specific.

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