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Mirror Flash
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      Mirror Flash

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      Caution! Our Mirror Flash does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Mirror Flash

    These are ingenious mirrors with several adjustment possibilities. If needed, they can be folded completely out of the way. This solves several problems such as moving in traffic or when parking, also when off-road riding (not in the way when riding standing up) and in case of a fall the mirrors are better protected. In addition, the 75 mm (~3") length adjustment range of the "Flash" mirror ensures the rider can always see what's coming from behind. In case of a fall when the mirrors are in the regular position the angle adjustment joint and the built-in "clutch" allow the mirror to fold and rotate, this usually prevents damage to the mirror and attachment points. The aspherical (2 planes) mirror surface widens the field of vision and reduces the "blind spot", a problem associated with the original mirrors. The special mirror glass incorporates a light blue anti-glare layer that reduces sun and light reflections to a minimum.


    • Stepless angle adjustment, folds away if needed.
    • Length adjustable (75 mm range)
    • Built in "clutch" between mirror and attachment bolt protects mirror and attachment points in case of a fall
    • Easy and fast fitting to bike
    • Mirror can be fitted to left or right side, sold as a single mirror unit.
    • Suitable for all models using an M10 x 1.5 mirror thread

    PLEASE NOTE: Sold Each - order two for both Left & Right sides

    *Installation estimated at 30 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Verified Buyer
    Thanks to customer service
    Merci au service à la clientèle. J’avais un problème avec un miroir Flash. Leur soumettant photo et vidéo pour leur démontrer la défectuosité, ils ont changé mon miroir au complet sur le champ. Sylvain Île Perrot, QC Thanks to customer service. I was having a problem with a Flash mirror. Submitting photo and video to them to demonstrate the defect, they changed my entire mirror on the spot. Sylvain Île Perrot, QC

    Paul Diambri
    Verified Buyer
    Doesn't Fit 2009 R1200RT
    They must have redesigned this mirror. It was supposed to fit in the mirror holes on the 2009 R1200RT. No way. Looks different than the video and pictures. Talked to Casey in "fitment" and they are revising the website.

    Verified Buyer
    Great looks
    They must be installed with Part # 3272971Mirror Adaptor, LC. on the 2016 R1200RT. The shell looks great, but I expected a better “rear view” from the flat mirror, on an overall pricey element. I just installed them, I hope I can positively update this review in a few months.

    George Karl
    Verified Buyer
    Not sold just yet
    Ok... yes these are CRAZY expensive for what ends up as being cheap plastic in my opinion. Very disappointed in the quality feel of $100 mirrors. These appear to me to be $15 mirror quality... plastic plastic plastic. Glass mirrors edges are unfinished and seem to be cheaply cut glass without finished edges. Not sure about durability or longevity. Need tools for any adjustments unless you leave them loose enough to move by hand but then wind may move them too. They obviously work as mirrors but I’m not sold on keeping them just yet due to all the cheap plastic. One would expect machined parts for a price of $100 EACH. They work but less expensive alternatives likely exist.

    Konnie Blaze
    Great mirrors
    I installed these on my k1200r. Way better then stock. Clearer image, nice rear view. Adjusting is a bit of a pain but it's worth the effort. Look better on overall appearance as well.

    James Broz
    Verified Buyer
    Pricey mirrors but they work
    It's taking me a while to get used to these mirrors, partly because the stems inevitably block a portion of the stock mirrors on my RT. Maybe they will grow on me in time and with more adjustments.

    Jill Coert
    Verified Buyer
    Sent them in back - using 2014 R1200GSA Mirrors
    Mirrors look good, fit well. I sent them back because they can only be adjusted using a wrench. I tried my husband's mirror's on and they worked like a charm (very similar looking to these) and you can adjust them without using a wrench. Problem solved. I ride a 2017 r1200rt.

    Roger H.
    Verified Buyer
    Petforms as advertised
    Satisfied. Adds to appearance of the bike. Easy to install and adjust.

    Francisco O Rosello
    Great mirror
    Easy to install, perfect for dual sport bikes. Can be used on and off road. They can be folded all the way in for real off road trips. I am very happy with them !!!

    Raymond Fox
    Great Mirrors
    Since my new 2014 BMW RT mirrors do not provide a safe view of traffic, I researched alternatives. Found these great mirrorseasy to install, adjustable, anti-glare, low vibration, tapered design doesn't detract from the bikes design, great price and last but not least improves safety by giving you a great view of traffic. Notes: From a safety standpoint BMW should produce the bike with these mirrors installed. I use the OEM mirrors to view my blind spot.

    Igor Heifets
    Mirror Flash on R1200GSW
    Very nice product, much more adjustable and steady then the OEM mirrors. My only complain is the luck of the rubber boot to cover mounting hardware to create a cleaner integration look

    Russell Levine
    adjustment issues
    love the adapter...hate the mirrors.....nonadjustable on the fly...put them on...took them off...going to be returned. Wondering If I should keep the adapter and fit GS mirrors on them.

    Richard lohiser
    I purchased one of these "aspherical" mirrors with the hopes if lessening the blind spot on either side. Despite doing a quich head check frequently, I gain added confidence from a second source. I'm disappointed. I was expecting a more convex curve to this mirror, and although it does have a small rounding to the tip where it narrows the benefit gained is hard to see.

    Really help see behind you.
    After I installed these on my R1200 RT, I can really see what is behind me very well. Once I installed them, I really came to see how inadequate the fairing mounted mirrors are. I am still fine-tuning the adjustment and there is a little low speed vibration, but having the enhanced rear view is great.

    Ron weinert
    Check six!
    Excellent mirrors to remove the RT blind spot directly behind. These are very necessary on these models. I may be a bit dense, because it was not clear to me that the 2014 RT had to have additional adapters (another $80 or so). I ordered the mirrors, then had to order the adapters separately. Other than a wrong part sent with the adapter order, it all came out OK. Mr. Plam made an effort to make things right with the order.

    The mirrors are a great addition to an RT (2012). The stock mirrors give a great view of your hands. I have these configured for a wide angle view, and the stock a narrow angle.

    Almost five stars
    Great for folding up when lane splitting, my only wish is that the mirror was adjustable while riding. Once I got them adjusted to the right position they're great.

    Doug Evans
    They are difficult to set up but they will rotate up and down while on the highway so for me they were adjustable. They do vibrate at low RPM's but at highway speed are fine.

    Jon K.
    Not what I had hoped for
    I purchased the Flash mirrors after a riding buddy got them and raved about how much he loves them. After instaling my mirrors and heading out on the highway, the first thing I noticed was how distorted the image was due to vibration. I moved the mirrors to their shortest length and still had a very distorted view. The stock BMW mirrors are much better, and in my opinion offer greater safety.

    Don Minkoff
    Does the job
    I bought these after test riding a new K1600GT. The stock mirrors on my R1200RT were dismal. I could never see the car directly behind me. Forget about any blockage from carrying items on the seat. Also, I did not like having to avert my eyes down every time I needed to look in my stock mirrors. These do the job. Yes, it was a pain to setup and adjust properly but once you dial in the setup you can forget it. A bit of vibration but I am still pleased.

    Jim Stroud
    Gain some, lose some!
    The purpose for this purchase was to provide rear vision when I carry camping equipment on the luggage rack. The original mirrors are blocked if anything is carried across the luggage rack. These flash mirrors certainly provide excellent rear vision once properly adjusted, however they basically make the original mirrors on the R1200RT partially useless, as the stalk of the new mirrors obscure the vision of the stock mirrors. I changed the field of vision on the stalk mirrors to a much wider stance in order to pick up vehicles lane changing into my side. The flash mirrors are very steady at speed.

    Sergio Guillen
    Not recommended
    This is the only product I have purchased from Wunderlich that I would not recommend. Installation is simple, but even minor adjustments require wrenches (forget the minor adjustment at the traffic light!). This is great inconvenience every time you load the bike differently. The price is lower than BMW mirrors, but quality is also lower. To hide the nuts at the mirror mount, you need to purchase the rubber BMW cover like the ones used in the GS bikes. I would recommend purchasing BMW mirrors for GS motorcycles instead.

    I Can See
    Outstanding quality and they perform so well. Couldn't believe what I was missing if you're riding an RT they are a must

    Bob Meyers
    Mirror Flash
    These mirrors completely make up for the lack of function of the fairing mounted mirrors. They are easy to install once the original clamps are replaced with the mirror adapters. They look like they came with the R1200RT from the factory, and once they are installed, the fairing mounted mirrors can be adjusted to give clear unobstructed views of the traffic approaching from the rear in the left and right lanes of traffic. Approaching vehicles are visible in the mirrors from directly to the rear until within my peripheral vision with only a slight turn of the head. One of the best safety devices that can be purchased for the R1200RT. Also the Flash Mirrors give an excellent view to the rear when a wide bag or case is mounted on the luggage rack, something that could not be done comfortably with the the fairing mirrors alone.

    blur flash
    These mounted fine but a wrench is needed to make any adjustment which is not to handy while rolling down the road. On my R1200RT they vibrated to much and have a strange field of view. Just did not make the grade for me. YMMV

    Robert Charron
    Nice Added Mirrors to the R1200RT
    Very easy to install with the added adapters Mirror provide plenty of adjustment (IN-Out, Up Down) to make them perfect for your rear vision.

    Chuck Costa
    Nice Mirror
    Excellent mirror. Works best on the right side of my 2011 R1200RT. Keep bumping into it on the left side when dismounting.

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