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Mirror Adapter, 5mm
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      Mirror Adapter, 5mm

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    Mirror Adapter, 5mm

    Since the introduction of the R1200 RT, one single request for improvement from our customers that stands out above the rest is that of an affordable improvement to the mirrors. Though the original mirrors are well placed to provide wind protection, they are not in the optimal spot for a clear view of what's behind. We had an easy and very popular solution for the RT models up to 2009, involving the installation of supplemental handlebar mounted mirrors, but no way to offer a similar solution for the 2010 through 2012 RT.........until now!

    These adapters replace the upper half of the lever perch and are threaded to accept a M10 x 1.5 mirror stud. The 10mm size is fairly common and you can mount a variety of mirrors, including the BMW mirrors for the R1200 GS for example. The mirrors that we recommend for this application however are our Vario Flash extending mirrors. The Flash mirrors have a unique angular shape that compliments the lines of the RT. Additionally, they are length and angle adjustable, so that you can achieve the optimal position and avoid interference with the windshield.

    Please download the Installation instructions above for more information and images. Please also check out the video for this part.

    ** Sold Individually

    Important ordering information, If you want to install mirrors on both sides, you will need the following:

    • Two - mirror adapters
    • Two - mirrors (suitable versions can be found under the Related Products)

     32 72 7 673 917

    Important Note: These adapters will only fit R1200 RT's 2010 through 08/2012 production date. These will not fit 2013 and later R1200 RT models! The 6mm adapter that fits late 2012/2013 RT's, please order part 3272246.



    C. Brown
    Verified Buyer
    Mirror 2009 R1200RT
    Great addition to stock fairing mounted mirrors. Fit in the 2009 model year handlebar blank location with a few strokes of a round file as described in the Wunderlich video. Greatly increased rear view for added safety.

    Paul Encarnacion
    Verified Buyer
    Great safety add-on for my 2011 R1200RT
    The mirror adapters are costly, but well worth the value of the safety they add to the bike by increasing the field of vision in my rear view. The description says they β€œ... are threaded to accept a M10 x 1.5 mirror stud. The 10mm size is fairly common and you can mount a variety of mirrors, including the BMW mirrors for the R1200 GS for example.” I purchased the mirrors themselves from a third party that said they were 10mm studs, but they fit very tightly, allowing only a few turns to thread in, and would not seat all the way down. Nevertheless, they are secure enough and I am going to live with it, not knowing if the sizing issue is with the adapter or the mirrors. I suspect it’s probably an issue on the cheap mirrors. As usual I am very happy with the Wunderlich quality.

    Lobstah and buttah
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect match and fit
    The title says it all. Fitment to my 2002 R1150R was perfect. Just like an OEM mirror in style and fit. Quick delivery as well. All around, a great experience.

    Gregory Kunz
    Verified Buyer
    Black Mirrors for 2007 R1200RT
    I purchased the mirrors for my 2007 R1200RT. They were delivered in the scheduled time and well wrapped. The installation was easy and fast. The right mirror fit as a factory part and a small amount of sanding was needed on the left control bar. They greatly improved my backward vision in the area of the road behind the bike. That area has alway been a blind spot with the original BMW mirrors. As suggested I adjusted the four mirrors to covered my full side and back field of vision. This wast the best safety improvement I made for the bike. I highly recommend this produce for any 2007 R12RT.

    Verified Buyer
    A very safe addition to my RT
    The 2 mirrors arrived well protected and with a little, very little, filing on the left, clutch side, the mirrors attached as if from the factory. I ride two-up and the view is so much better now with this addition. A very well made mirror and we will see haw long they keep giving me a safe and needed view of the road behind! Thanks for a great solution.

    Verified Buyer
    Same here
    Just as most have said, the left side mount needs a little filing to get the mirror in, and they fit well with the custom nuts. I have vibration in both mirrors, but that is not the fault of the product. Would like to know if anyone has had any luck cutting down on the vibration by adding lead shot???

    Don Stauffer
    High value upgrade for my 2008 R1200RT
    I knew the stock mirrors in the fairing were not the greatest, but after I mounted a pair of the Wunderlich mirrors, I realized they were downright dangerous! Traveling two up with a BMW soft bag on the back, there is almost zero visibility with the stock mirrors. The Wunderlich mirrors were a perfect fit, drilling out the left side a bit was necessary as indicated, but took about 60 seconds. The mirrors look great on the bike, clear the windscreen and tank bag, and were half the cost of OEM mirrors that I priced. Highly recommended.

    James Broz
    Verified Buyer
    expensive but well made
    $80 for two simple parts is insane, but they are well made and did the trick. Needed them to fit supplemental mirrors on my 2010 RT

    Verified Buyer
    Left or Right Mirrors for a 2009 R1200RT
    Mirrors are constructed of heavy grade material and really give you a great rear view. Holes in the handle bars appear to have small burrs that need to be sanded off. I used a dremel type tool and it took less than a minute for a perfect fit. A rolled up piece of sandpaper would probably achieve the same result.

    Verified Buyer
    These mirrors fit my bike without any issues. Received them in a timely manner, and would recommend them. Overall this is a great product.

    Bob Q
    Verified Buyer
    Great product - matched the original on the left side. Now I am complete.

    Awesome necessary product
    Without this product it would be difficult to install accessory mirrors, which are very much needed, to the 2010-2012 R1200RT. These adapters make the process seamless and they appear as though they were a stock item, which they should have been.

    Why did it take me so long?
    My bike is a 2004 BMW R1150RT. I have always been aware of the holes in the control assemblies that were obviously meant for additional mirrors but nobody ever seemed to carry compatible units in stock. As I was preparing for a 3 week tour with my wife I decided that it was time to do some research. I found these and, after reading the reviews, decided to give them a try. I had read about some issues with fit and was expecting to have to modify the holes to get these installed. Though they both fit fine into the existing holes, the right side switchgear required a small amount of filing of the plastic on the bottom to allow a straight-on mounting of the nut and washer. Once that was done I attached a piece of masking tape to hold the washer and nut on the allen wrench so I could reach up into the housing to start the nut. It grabbed relatively easily and I tightened it down snugly. I saw the recommendation to use Loctite so I did put that on prior to the assembly. The left mirror nut access was a piece of cake. I adjusted their position to suit my preferences but found out later that when my electrically adjusted windshield is in the low position and I am making a tight maneuver, they will contact. No big deal, I just need to remember that. We have put 1500+ miles on the bike since these were installed and neither of them has loosened in the least. I use these almost exclusively now and rarely look at the stock mirrors anymore. They are a bit less clear than the stock ones but are mounted in such a way that I can actually see the traffic around and behind me. They do what I wanted them to do and I couldn't be happier. I'm very glad I bought them!

    Richard Samuels
    Well Worth the Money!
    Recently purchased a 2009RT. Love the bike but had some serious lane changing concerns. Purchased tow mirrors and had them installed in 10 min. Great sense of security now that a major visibility problem has been solved. I'm also impressed with the quality of the product - very well built. Finally, I appreciated the on time delivery of the product. Nice job!

    Bill Fleming
    Mirrors for R1200RT
    Good, well made and easy to install. Needed to enlarge hole on left side - as many others have said. Great supplement to stock mirrors on my 2006 1200 RT

    Ben Quinn
    Mirrow for bmw k1200lt
    This product worked great in the blank stem mirror holes on my BMW K 1200 LT. The OEM mirroors are to low and cuts out a lot of site.

    Good Upgrade
    I just put these on my 2007 R1200 RT. They look great and give me the rear view that the stock mirrors are lacking in. I do have to agree with the others that Wunderlich shoud have these fit out of the box. I do have a dremmel but not the right bit to cut the metal to widen the hole so it was a trip to the hardware store to drop 11 bucks on a bit. The left side was pretty easy there is good clearance but the right side was pretty tricky due to the throttle wires. Also i put locktite on the nuts on the suggestion of other reviewers. despite those two issues, I do recommend these mirrors.

    Easy to install mount
    The mount is high quality construction and installation is very straightforward.

    Ron Havens
    Works great on 2005 1200RT
    These fit the available holes in the RT handlebars quite well, although the bottom holes do need to be enlarged slightly. I needed to use some Shoe Goo glue to hold them in place after I got the stems in the right position because even a slight bump was enough to move them out of alignment, i just could not get the nut tight enough to do the job well. I LOVE these mirrors and almost never even glance at the original mirrors, these give a great view to the rear and side, just as effective as the ones on my GS.

    Michael Howard
    I see you back there
    I can finally see what's behind me without bending my head over and pulling in my elbow. I ride with the top case all the time and it usually blocked half of my view. These are great and now I dont know how I got along without them. Had the same problem a few others reported with one of the holes being to small. Wrapped some sandpaper around a small dowel and in a couple minutes it was fine. Very small amount of vibration above about 65 but not enough to blur the traffic. Maybe couldn't read a license plate but that was about it I definitely recommend these

    Steve Anderson
    Doesn't fit
    Even though Wunderlich claims these will fit my bike, the threaded rod is too big for the existing mirror hole on my handlebar. The web site advises that I can fix this by firing up my Dremel. With all due respect, I consider this a bogus answer. Why couldn't they just make it fit in the first place?

    Kenneth Monner
    Accessory RT mirrors
    I purchased a 2006 RT 1200RT new and have taken it on many Western United States and Canada tours. One had to always be deliberate in checking the mirrors due to their placement on the bike. After reading reviews in BMW ON I decided it was time to try these mirrors. They have improved my ability to be more cognizant of what is going on behind me and, I am sure, be a safer rider. I would recommend these mirror to anyone who asks.

    Steven Ernsbarger
    Improper Fit
    A year ago I purchased mirros P/N 8410053 for a 2005 R1200RT. They fit well and provided a greater rear view. This year I exchanged the bike for a 2011 model. Eager to salvage the mirrors and not generate extra cost buying new mirrors I went back to Wunderlich. The web site advises of the following for these mirrors: R1200 RT 2010 - 2013: These mirrors will not fit your bike however, we do have an option that will. For our mirror solution for the 2010 - 2013 R1200 RT, please see the Mirror Adapter under the Related Products tab for more information. That link will explain the particulars and direct you to the correct parts. I went to the "Related Parts" tab which advises teh following: Important Note: There are two versions of these adapters available. The difference is in the size of the bolts used to attach the adapters. Please order based on the following information: •5mm: Both left and right sides an all 2010 through 2012 model year R1200 RT (up to 08/2012 production) and in some cases the clutch side perch on 2013 model. (read on if your bike is a 2013) Important ordering information: If you want to install mirrors on both sides of your 2010 or later R1200 RT, you will need the following: • Two of either the 5mm or 6mm mirror adapters, or one of each depending on the model year of your bike. Based on the web site it appears the mirrors can be used with the adapters. However, I had to return the adapters as their perch thread diameter is bigger than the stem thread diameter of the mirror P/N 8410053. Therefore buyers be aware. The web site explanation is misleading.

    Scott Van Malssen
    Adapter and mirror
    After a 12500 mile 7 week trip on my 2012 RT and struggling with rear vision I found the answer at Wunderlich. Bought the adapter and mirror and found out what I was missing. Just got back from a week of riding in the mountains of NC and recommended these to 2 other RT riders, who are probably ordering theirs right now. Well done.

    Jus as advertised
    Our '09 RT's mirrors were woefully lacking in direct rear view so prior to our road trip to Montana I ordered the (one) mirror and thanks to timely shipping it arrived in time to install the night before we left. As mentioned in the installation video I needed to do some modification to the mount but it then fit perfectly. My view of rear approaching traffic was exceptional and made the trip, I'm sure, much safer. It looks just like the stock mirrors on my '12 GS and is of identical quality. It does detract from the RT's flowing lines but I'll be able to live with that and maybe order another for the right side.

    Richard Bauer
    Wunderlich rear view mirrors
    The Wunderlich mirrors offer much improved rear visibility compared to the stock mirrors on the R1150RT. There was no problem in installing the mirrors in the factory holes in the handlebar mounts. I used Locktite to prevent loosening and loss of the nuts. The only problem is some image blurring due to engine vibration at certain speeds. Overall they are well worth the price for safety and peace of mind.

    Scott McIntyre
    Objects in the rear view mirror can finally be seen!
    Two-up and fully loaded with panniers and a bag slung across the topbox mount, my R12RT has about zero point zip rearwards view. After trying to solve this with small stick-on convex mirrors, I had a pair of Wunderlich\'s mirrors freighted to New Zealand. Much success! Finally I can see what is behind me. One of the few grumbles about the R12RT has been easily solved. The left mirror needed a small amount of metal removed from the mount for it to fit, but it is a SMALL amount, so don\'t go too crazy with the filing. I\'d also recommend using some threadlocker (Loctite 222 or similar), as the nuts are BMW originals and worth $10 each.

    Yeeha! Stephen
    Arrived as Advertised
    I used the adapter as a Ram mount for my radar detector. Works great. Should've bought 2 so I could "Ram" the other side.

    Steve Collett
    Worthwhile addition for a late model BMW RT.
    Adaptor would have rated five stars if it was the same width as the BMW part it replaces. Could not be easier to fit. The mirror I mounted was, I believe, from an R1200R which came with it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s own threaded fittings compatible with the adaptor. No vibration issues and a worthwhile addition to the RT. Wunderlich provided a very efficient service.

    R Vilim
    R1200 RT mirror
    Improved view over OEM mirrors, had to use a file to enlarge to hole but otherwise a no fuss installation

    Just as Advertised
    I'm very pleased with the purchase of these mirrors. They were easy to install and seem like they are of good quality. There is a little vibration in the right side one but not bad. I don't detect any additional turbulence at normal highway speeds. The added visibility is great, just what I was looking for. I would recommend these to anyone looking for improved rear visibility.

    David Miller
    Excellent product
    The mirrors do just what they are supposed to do. Easy to install, looks like a factory product and greatly improves visibility. Every R1200RT should have a set of these.

    Robert Cargill
    Mirror #8410053 - Flawed
    The improved visibility, construction and price are fully satisfactory - except for one item I would call a \"defect\": Other reviewers have noted this problem, but Wunderlich has apparently not responded to fix it. The mirror can easily unscrew and come loose; mine has done that thee times since I purchased it only a few months ago. This time, the \"special nut\" fell off and was lost - making the mirror useless! You can BUY the special nut for $10.00. Also, you can BUY a tube of Lock Tight for $6.00 - something that should have been included in the initial shipment with instructions for installation. Bumping the mirror is the most common thing in the world to do. Even adjusting its position for visibility might cause the nut to start to unscrew. Therefore, a problem like this should have been solved at the beginning of the product\'s life, but it is still not too late.... Having a product with a built-in problem really not up to Wunderlich-USA\'s high standards! (It is a great company.) I hope they correct the root problem for future purchasers. R Cargill, Minneapolis

    There okay, but.
    It would be nice if the arms were a little higher and longer. I get much more wind with them on, in fact it drove the rain right up my sleeves which I have never had a problem with before.

    Don Minkoff
    Mirror Adaptor on 2011 R1200RT
    These replace the existing covers, however, they are a bit on the narrow side. Works as advertised but esthetically not uniform with the rest of the holder. Works as advertised with the Flash Mirrors.

    Del B
    Mirror adaptor for Flash mirrors on R1200RT
    The adaptors are excellent, easy to fit and works as an excellent holding bracket for the Flash mirrors on my RT which has enhanced the rear view, leaving the RT mirrors to observe the bikes blind spots

    Now that I installed them on my BMW R1200RT I find myself using them more than the factory originals. They work and look great on my bike. They are at eye level which makes it easy to focus on them. Whereas with the originals you have took look down some and refocus.

    2010 R1200 RT
    They were a super easy install. Directions were fine and they look like they came from the factory!

    Michael Boardman
    Excellent mirror
    This mirror fit my stock 09 R1200RT with no modifications necessary. Excellent form, fit & finish. Very good service from Wunderlich, and the best price I could find on the Net. The only thing I would point out is the mirror is very slightly convex, which is not mentioned in the product description. Regardless, it complements the stock mirrors on my RT nicely and I'm glad I bought it.

    Sergio Guillen
    Excellent mounts.
    These mirror mounts are a little smaller than the stock mounts, but are effective (they look more like what you would see on a GS bike). Installation is simple and value is good. I would recommend this product.

    Biker with MBS
    Mirror, Black Left or Right
    A must-have accessory if you own a BMW R1150RT or R1200RT. I have owned both of these models and just purchased a pair of these mirrors for my 2005 RT. With these mirrors, your view of the traffic behind you will be extended because they sit way above your grips. They are made to look and fit like they are part of the bike. Reasonably priced. Easy to install and no tools required.

    Good, but too expensive for what it is.
    So far, I can't complain about the quality of this product, but it is awfully expensive for what it is. One word of caution: Even though the hole is designed for a 10mm stud, it has a fine thread which limits its use to only certain mirrors. Generic 10mm mirrors won't work and even the BMW OEM mirror for the 1200GS won't work, without an additional adapter.

    Lou Siegel
    BMW part
    Exactly the OEM part I needed at 2/3 the price. Quick delivery. Thanks.

    Supplemental Vision for RT
    Very satisfatorily adds additional rear visio to mt RT, both when loaded and when riding solo. I can see behind much more easily. My eyes don't have to look as far down, either.

    Pricey but needed for the additional mirrors. Top quality no complaints

    Bob Meyers
    Mirror Adaptor
    Function, fit and easy installation all rate 5 stars. Downgraded to a 4 star because of appearance. Adaptors are not as wide as the OEM clamps they replace on a 2011 R1200RT. However, that being said, once they are on installed if you hadn't seen the original clamps, you would be unaware of the difference.

    Supplemental mirrors
    Much better vision than the factory mirrors. Quality is good. Fits as advertised with some slight modification to the holes in the grip. Please note that the fastener for the left mirror will not work with the horn guard provided with the Urban Tour tank bag 1250159. I had to machine my own fastener solution for that combination.

    Tim S
    As expected.
    These appear to be well made and fit like a glove with a simple install. The " Flashmirrors" ? Not so much. Vibration and view shape are not the best. The search for a solid set of mirrors continues.

    bill walker
    rt mirrors
    very good product, but had same problem as the other reviewers, had to file out one hole [very quick fix] but on our trip to maine right mirror came loose, needs a lock washer with packaging and or locktite or both.

    Dave Jones
    best fix
    After riding my RT, I could not believe how difficult it was to see to the rear with the stock, but "stylish" mirrors. After some short research, I ordered these mirrors and now have the perfect view of what is behind me. More at road level, so not looking away from the road as much. Had the fit problem at the left, took me longer to find a piece of sandpaper and screwdrive than to fix so no big deal. Minor vibration here and there, but a small trade off for rear vision. They are on a stalk. Get them. Good price here.

    Good product, looks good & improves visibility rearward, but you might want to consider using LockTite on the mounting threads....for whatever reason, the left side mirror's hex nut kept vibrating loose and finally fell off somewhere on I-10, rendering the mirror useless. The right side mirror has no such issue yet. And the space for nut attachment underneath the grip is quite limited so you can't just go to a hardware store and buy a nut off the shelf...

    Robert Charron
    Bracket to add mirrors to R1200RT
    Very easy to install and add mirrors on the R1200RT

    Art Spain
    It's OK, but ....
    This is basically the same product that came on the motorcycle, at least when I bought it used. I wish I could find it in something other than plastic. This is the second one I bought. I got a hole in a brake line and it sprayed brake fluid on the mirror. Brake fluid will melt the plastic and no more mirror.

    Chuck Costa
    Nice Product
    Nice little product to add mirrors. I found it works best on the right side with the recommended mirror. When mounted on the left, you tend to bang into the mirror when parking and dismounting. Perhaps a shorter mirroro would work better on the left.

    David Odegard
    Improving Rear View Mirrors on the 1200RT
    Exactly what I was looking for to improve the rear view capabilities of my 09 1200RT. Installation was very straight forward with only a minimal amount of working on the hole to allow the mirror to slide in freely. Very impressed with the bolts provided with the mirrors, gave a very clean finish to the job. With these upright mirrors I have improved my rear view abilities and I use my lower stock mirrors to view the blind spot lane traffic.

    Charlie Breeding
    R1200RT mirrors
    I installed these mirrors on my 2009 R1200RT. They worked great. Much improved vision to the rear. As described in the installation instructions, the left mirror hole did require a little work with a round file. Highly recommended for the R1200RT.

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