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Screen Reinforcement Set
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    • Part # 43520232G
      Screen Reinforcement Set
      Set: Both Left and Right

    • (4.6) 25 Reviews
    • $149.90

    • Screen Reinforcement Set:
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    Screen Reinforcement Set

    When riding on bumpy roads or off-road, the original screen can bounce around and clatter loudly. Wunderlich has developed a solution for this to snugly and securely fasten your windscreen to prevent it from banging around, even on the roughest terrain. Loosen the Wunderlich reinforcement knob, adjust your screen to the desired position and tighten the reinforcement knob again. Now the windscreen is supported on both sides and the screen movement is kept to a minimum.

    • Additional bracket to stabilize the windscreen
    • No restriction of the adjustment radius (the additional bracket moves in the same circular arc)
    • Elimination of vibration and rattling noises
    • The adjustment knob is designed so that it will not fall off, even if left loose
    • Can be easily adjusted via the adjustment knob
    • The adjustment mechanism and the windscreen are protected and vibration cracks are prevented
    • Fits with original - or aftermarket screens


    • Fits with stock or aftermarket windscreens
    • Powder-coated steel
    • Fine tuned adjustment via the adjustment knob
    • Easy to fit

    Important Note: if you intend to use the Cross Support and Navigation Holder, you only need the Left support, available separately in the Related Products below.



    Tom Heller
    You Need This!
    A quality part throughout. I recommend this for any screen larger than the stock GS screen; even for the GSA screen. Adjusting it on the fly is not that difficult and if you engage the cruise control, recommend if you have it, it’s a snap. Works as advertised for sure!

    Judd Emerson
    Very solid, great kit
    I needed better windshield support on my 2017 R1200 GSA. I have a spoiler installed on top of the OEM shield and at speed, it moves around a lot and the windshield will actually start pushing back. So, I bought this kit (both left and right) for better stability. I'm very pleased as it is rock solid. Sure, the windshield isn't as easily moved up and down as it was before but it is still adjustable. I also like this kit because I was able to retain the Wunderlich powerlet adapter mount.

    Michael Burnside
    Verified Buyer
    Well built, looks OEM and was exactly what I needed to relive shoulder pains. Recommended 100%

    John Read
    Verified Buyer
    Works very well!
    Can I amend my previous review (#3 above)? This piece works exactly like it should and fits very nicely. The problem I ran into was with the Reinforcement Cross Support hitting the GPS mounting bracket. Once I rearranged some of the pieces everything fit fine. I think the key is to reassemble everything loosely and check for fit and adjustment before tightening everything down. The combination of the Screen Reinforcement and Cross Support really anchored my windshield. Very pleased!

    Miguel Leotta
    This product in my opinion is a must have when you purchase the ERGO Screen Marathon II. Does a great job stiffening the windscreen.

    Verified Buyer
    Works GREAT !
    Wanted to reinforce my windshield and this item did exactly that, install super easy and worth every penny

    John Read
    Verified Buyer
    Does the job, but.... (2013 R1200GS LC)
    This device definitely stiffens up a windshield and I agree that it's a "must have" for aftermarket shields. But on my 2013.5 R1200GS LC the bracket conflicts with the factory GPS mount when trying to run the screen at it's lowest setting. The arm of the Screen Reinforcement bumps into the GPS bracket and a little pressure is needed to force the arm around it. It still works, but makes on-the-fly adjustment of windshield height impossible because it takes two hands to push the windshield down past the conflict with the GPS bracket.

    christopher huerd
    Verified Buyer
    Not sure yet
    So being stationed in Oahu, HI i cant go the speeds that i would notice the windscreen bouncing around but the few times i'm behind a semi and get some wind buffeting only the upper most part of the screen shakes instead of the whole assembly. you'll always have some play but this really sets it in place. I'd buy again i just need to be able to go faster to really tell you if its legit.

    Verified Buyer
    Good product!
    Added this when I went to a Puig screen on my GS. Glad I did as the stock mounts would never have been enough. Still get some wobble on the upper right but not too bad, and I rarely go over 70MPH so I don't know what happens at higher speeds. Would I buy this again? Yes. Do I think it would be better with a right side support as well? Yes. Was it worth the money? Definitely.

    Gustavo Demetrio Selent
    Verified Buyer
    Uno de los mejores accesorios para la gs1200 adventure LC- Lo compré con el refuerzo, lo que hace que el parabrisas quede muy firme. Fácil de colocar. Incluso el funcionamiento es perfecto. La terminación del producto es impecable. Súper recomendable!!!

    Alvaro Hernandez Dominguez
    Verified Buyer
    Works great
    It does the job, I bought this and the screen and the cross reinforcement. But they really have to work with the instructions. I have to discard the instructions and use my common sense in order to install properly both reinforcement.

    Verified Buyer
    does half the job
    hold left side very well but right side of screen still wobbles. it would be better to sell this item with brackets for both sides for better hold. I actually returned this item to buy same concept from other brand with brackets holding both sides

    Jim Beaudin
    Verified Buyer
    Screen Reinforcement & Cross Bar
    Having an aftermarket windshield from Puig and it reccommended a cross bar suppport for going over 70mph. I couldn't find anything to meet what Puig was referencing until coming back to Wunderlich which has had unique items before. Sure enough this Screen reinforcement and the optional cross bar provides excellant support to these larger windshields. Went together well and is not in the way of anything else on my 2015 1200 GS. It is not inexpensive, but well built and expect to help with a different larger, windshield in the future!

    Verified Buyer
    Works great
    I would say it is a must have item, as the WS has a lot of vibration at HWY speed without it. Worth the $. Easy install.

    Peter Curtis
    Great item- installation instructions not so much
    I eventually threw away the directions and thought logically. Glad to hear they have been upgraded.

    Steady as she goes.
    I bought a Puig windshield that works better for me as I am 6'2" but the added stress at speed alarmed me. The Wunderlich screen reinforcement put it back under control on my ride to Bike Week.

    Great addition to aftermarket wind screen
    I have a Puig windscreen and it would move all over the place at freeway speeds. The bracket solves the issue and was very easy to install. I also purchased the reinforcement bar which connects the right side which helps stiffen things up because the OEM adjustment mechanism didn't provide enough support.

    Andy B.
    Very useful and effective
    I just purchased this piece along with the windshield and it really does help to stop the vibration that the factory shield had. This new windshield even though it is larger than the BMW one, is now much more stable at speed.

    Windshield Reinforcement
    The wind screen on my R1200gsa flopped around a great deal which was very distracting, especially at highway speeds, but that was prior to installing the reinforcement. Works like a charm and easy to install. No more shaking and movement. Buy both pieces or the right side of your windshield will still move around a bit.

    Tom Zirbel
    Screen Reinforcement
    I first purchased the Vario Windscreen with the "spoiler/wind deflector". My first day out I thought the entire screen was going to end up in my lap every time I was near a pick-up or semi in route to a two lane road.The movement of the windscreen while in the low position was probably 2-3 inches. I ordered the support bracket and bingo, it works like a champ! They should sell the entire package together.

    Jim Mayton
    Winscreen brace
    Works perfectly, easy installation, puig windscreen very solid.

    Jim Whitmoyer
    Works great, but wish it used torx instead of allen bolts
    I have a Puig windscreen installed that would move lower and lower when riding on the freeway. Frankly the old GS windscreen was better because I never need to adjust when I am riding, and it was pretty to easy to change...which I rarely did anyway. The bracket solves the issue and was very easy to install. Not sure why others say the instructions are bad, because I didn't need them. My only gripe is the use of allen bolts. This is a common issue will all of Wunderlich's products, and forces me to carry extra tools "just in case."

    Wunderlich comment: This new version and the available related accessories are now supplied with TORX fasteners.

    Definitely stiffer
    The piece was easy to put on after I saw the instructions on the web site. The screen definitely feels more secure. I would recommend it.

    Good product. Needs better instructions.
    I purchased the reinforcement to go with my Puig touring windscreen on my 2014 R1200GSW. This was a recommendation from someone on the internet. The product works fine and really solidifies the windscreen. The instructions, however, could have been more explicit. The location and use or not of various spaces was not entirely clear, and it was only after I got it installed that I was able to interpret the pictorial instructions - they were correct, but rather opaque.

    Wunderlich comment: The instructions have been updated and there is also a video showing the installation procedure.

    Mark Hutson
    Works Great
    I purchase the screen reinforcement part to stiffin up my wind screen. It works good and the operation is easy, but my 1200GSW does not have GPS prep and I had to shim out the bracket to avoid two bolts. Simple fix and worth it!!!

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