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Wunderlich USB Charging Station
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    • Part # 21177002-202
      Wunderlich USB Charging Station

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich USB Charging Station does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.


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    Wunderlich USB Charging Station

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    Our thoroughly practical USB charging station fits all BMW's with the factory-side BMW navigation preparation (Navigator V, VI). It simply slots into the BMW navigation device holder in place of the navigation device, locks in place and it closes securely to prevent theft. The power is supplied via the contacts on the navigation device holder.

    Two quick charge connections USB A and USB C: The right side of the housing comes with two USB connections type USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C, which are compliant with the quick charging standards QC 3.0 and QC 4.0 (QC = quick charge). The activity of the charging box is displayed via a blue LED control light which is situated very visibly above the two USB ports. The charging box is designed to be protected against spray. The ports can be covered with molded elastomer covers when not in use, which seals and thus protects them against spray and dust.

    More than just a charging station! The front of our charging box is equipped with four screws. These are precisely positioned so that they match the standard-compliant bore profile of a range of attachment systems, such as that of the Garmin Zumo XT navigation device. This lets you screw the attachment systems onto the charging box in just a few steps securely and with minimal use of space, and connect the devices to the power supply. Sustainability without compromises – Wunderlich BLAU: In crafting the charging box, we use a hybrid material made of recycled plastics which we then reinforce with 20% glass fibers. The charging box is characterized by its low component weight and the high solidity of the casing. In this way, we help the environment and make no compromises when it comes to component stability.

    Additional Details:

    • Two USB connections type USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C
    • Complies with standards QC 3.0 and QC 4.0 for quick charging connections
    • Fits all BMW's with the factory-side BMW navigation preparation (Navigator V, VI)
    • Simply slots into the BMW navigation device holder in place of the navigation device, locks in place and closes securely to prevent theft
    • The charging box is designed to be protected against spray - the ports can be covered with molded elastomer covers when not in use, which seals them against spray and dust
    • Various attachment systems or navigation device holders (e.g. Garmin Zumo XT) with standard-compliant bore profiles can be screwed onto the charging box securely and with minimal use of space
    • Ready to accommodate our MultiClamp adapter or the SP-Connect adapter
    • Blue LED control lights for function control
    • Simple mounting in a few steps

    Technical info

    • Casing: Recycled, Fiber-reinforced, Hybrid Material
    • Protected against spray
    • Light and solid


    • Width 55 mm
    • Length 72 mm
    • Height 28 mm

    Electrical connections

    • Type USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C
    • In accordance with quick charging standards QC 3.0 and 4.0


    • Wunderlich premium product
    • Functional and integrated design
    • Made by Wunderlich
    • Made in Europe


    Please Note: Only suitable for models with BMW installed nav-holder for the Navigator V and VI

    Our recommendation: Always use the original charging cable of your smartphone. Quite a few accessory cables can cause longer charging times or are not recognized by the smartphone.

    NOTE, to hold your mobile device in place:


    Attention: If you are using a smartphone with a mechanical image stabilizer, we recommend the use of our additional vibration reducing module, Anti Vibration Module to best prevent possible damage to your phone's camera caused by vibrations from motorcycle engines. In case you still experience problems, please do not use the product in combination with this smartphone and contact the manufacturer of your smartphone if you are unsure.

    The Anti Vibration Module has been developed to protect the sensitive camera systems - especially the mechanical image stabilizer - in the latest generations of smartphone. The elastomer inlay designed specially for this purpose effectively suppresses vibrations in all directions for the spatial coordinate system and thus eliminates up to 60% of unwanted vibrations (e.g. from the bike engine) and prevents them from reaching the smartphone at all. The sensitive smartphone components are thus effectively protected. The inclusion is simultaneously constructed in such a way that in terms of vibration behavior, the insulation provided by the Anti Vibration Model supports readability of the smartphone when navigating with the app.



    Pat O'Brien
    Wunderlich USB Charging Station and MultiClamp
    I bought the USB Charging Station with the MultiClamp – Phone Holder for my 2020 R1250RT. The charging station and MultiClamp Phone holder fit great and look good. I like that the void in the middle of my dash is filled. I attached my phone and took a 300-mile ride. Freeways and back roads in Southern California can be less than smooth and this did not affect the unit. My phone stayed secure and it did not appear the road and bike vibration affected my phone. My phone stayed charged the whole ride. What I didn’t like. On my trip I stopped several times to take pictures. After taking the phone out of the clamp a couple of times the phone clamp became loose at the middle mounting screw (not the friction screw used to orientate the mount). I had to be careful the rest of the day because I didn’t want that middle screw to get any looser. With gloves on the friction lock on the phone mount was a little hard to use due to the clearance between the dash and the back of the phone clamp. Also, on the RT there is no way to lock the device to the bike (BMW problem) unless you buy Wunderlich’s Navigation Lock for Central Locking System device. The charging station and clamp work as advertised. I think they look great on the bike and the charging station certainly makes it easier to charge my phone.

    Peter Conway
    Worth it
    Both smart and clean. I like using Waze for navigating the highway. My phone fits perfectly and securely and looks like a factory installed product. I also bought the anti vibration mount and phone case.

    Don Buck
    Wunderlich USB charging Station and mount
    Wunderlich USB Charging station and mount. Excellent product that allowed me to me to install my Garmin Zumo XT on my 2020 R1250RT in the space where the Navigator IV would be installed. Looks like it belongs there. The Zumo Xt has a lot more features that I wanted over the Nav IV but until I found this product I had to mount it on a bracket attached to the top of the panel.

    Dan C
    USB Charger for ZUMO XT
    Worked as advertised. The only change/update I would suggest is a direct connect through the charger to the NAV PREP on the R1250RT--then it would be perfect.

    Paul Wilson
    tested, could be better.
    The issue I had on an R1250RS is that this, on top of the nav cradle, raises the phone too high and too far back and it conflicted with my tank bag. Additionally, I wear rx glasses while riding for distance and I'd rather have the phone a bit further way. Someone needs to make a device like this that replaces the whole nav cradle and in turn supplies power and a mount point for the phone. The cradle is extraneous with a device like this, but makes it easy to get power. If you made a version of this charger that had a pig tail, going off to the bike's wiring (plugging in where the cradle did) that'd be ideal.

    Good idea, did not work as expected
    So I really wanted to be able to give a great rating as I was actually excited when this product came out. When I first got my BMW with the Navigation package, all I could think of was “that is where the phone should go!” . . . feeling that GPS devices are pretty much obsolete and that my phone is WAY more powerful and flexible. And, the power and mounting are already built-in . . . After using it for a month and most recently on a 600-mile trip . . . I am frustrated and underwhelmed. The product is easy to mount and I use it with the SP Connect SP Universal Phone Clamp. But the connector (male end) on the charging station turns after awhile . . . therefore, unable to connect to the phone mount. This has happened several times. We were riding in 90-degree heat and I am a 2016 S1000XR (known for the buzz), but when this happens it makes the device useless. The SP Connector only “locks” when the female end on the phone clamp turns . . . very frustrating, I had no tool to tighten and had to go back to the GPS. All-in-all a really good idea, perhaps something wrong with the design . . .

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